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  1. Hi guys, & thanks, now I’ve been looking at these sets of tracks again, ! & im convinced that the sleepers on the track on the other side of those two “ lads “ is different than the sleepers on the nearest set.! So what’s your opinion on this, TIA BTB
  2. Hi DJ, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Santa’s gone..... BTB
  3. Great stuff Arran, & well done, glad to finally see what’s going on in C-RAIL, now about those containers, there AWSOME just AWESOME & I’ll be contacting ya about some of them in the near future, Regards BTB
  4. Skinner75 said: “ So if Ebay gives the VAT to the UK Gov, then when the item hits Irish Customs, they'll be looking for the Irish VAT if the item is over €22, and duty on top of that if it is over €150 “ So if the item is sold off EBay to a buyer in UK, who then sends that item to Ireland, how does the Custom man know the Vat that’s to be paid...!! BTB
  5. Hi there NIR, what was being introduced, by EBay..! or Gov..! TIA BTB
  6. Hi guys, only recently, very recently found out that EBay is charging us Irish, as a result of BREXIT, V A T on ítems we’d be hoping to sell on there eBay site,!! Anyone heard anything different,!!! TIA BTB
  7. Well guys, having said that, which one is best suited for the IRM Weed Train...! And if ordering from SF do you have to specify exactly which one you would prefer, & is the year in any way relevant. ! BTB
  8. SCAHALNE SAID : “ This is the kit I got from Silverfox last week. Its very different from yours..no flush glazing and added door details etc. It looks like they're producing two versions or am I going mad! “ Hi guys, any chance of a comparison photo of these two coaches, TIA BTB
  9. Hi & many thanks Noel, but which track is O gauge, the near or the far & what gauge is the other one, & is that all Wooden..! because one of those tracks is really life like...!! tia Paul
  10. Hey guys anyone on here know anything about this set of tracks, the ones nearest to camera, as there’s an obvious difference between the two sets, & btw, if I’ve used someone’s photo without permission I’ll just have to apologise here & now, but it’s innocence on my part here as I do not know who’s photos this belongs to,TIA, Regards BTB I THINK THIS BELONGS ON A DIFFERENT PAGE ANYONE MODS ETC WHO CAN REFIT THIS TO WHERE IT BELONGS...!
  11. Ya mean the way this one did, & all the way to Noo Yawk, into Fitzpatrick’s no less....! BTB
  12. Absolutely Awesome, & a Lower Level, Jesus, I haven’t a hope... BTB
  13. Well done Noel, they look the business, & Irish made...should look mega on any train, whatever the length, now don’t forget to tell us how to fix them on... Paul
  14. OK GM, you worked on the railways, go on admit it, no wonder those loco’s are all in line, pulling traffic up & down, there real loco’s aren’t they, aren’t they... still can’t pick you out in any cab..... BTB
  15. I’ll echo that sentiment to one & all, A Very Safe, Peaceful, & Happy Christmas.. BTB
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