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  1. Excuse me Mister, where do I get the train to see the model railway one please...!! .. .. ...AWSOME, JUST AWSOME
  2. Hi Eoin & many thanks for that, so as I read it, the 26mm axel is fixed, no matter which manufacturer’s wheels are used in whatever wagon, OO gauge, BTB
  3. Hi guys, anyone on here who knows about wagon wheels, is there a difference between the size of wagon wheels on Bachman, Hornby & Dapol, by difference I mean from one side to the other, not the circumference of the wheels, but from one track to the other..! Hope I’ve explained this right..! Oh & yes I’m talking about OO gauge, TIA BTB
  4. Congratulations to all in IRM on a job so exceedingly well done, that was a very quick 5 yrs, but you guys didn’t hang about, every model you’ve produced is of a level not witnessed in Irish railway modelling before now, & long may it continue, as to a favourite model, I have to say that the Taras are just awesome, so take 17 bows, you deserve it, Paul
  5. Hi guys, here’s something that might help display colours or not, BTB PS Take note of the container on the back roofs colour
  6. Damm it sir, there AWSOME very very well done, BTB
  7. Hi murphaph & very well done sir, you’ve got a lot going on there, plenty of action, & if I’m correct it looks like you’re operating foreign locos, so this guy might be of interest to you, he’s the guy in Spain I got some Craven coaches from a month ago, & it was free postage...! BTB https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwJZJdCJfXwTSpNqjWqgWLQwRhV
  8. COVID-19 Restrictions... Horse-racing can also take place behind closed doors. Big Doors...!!
  9. Very well done sir, that’s a great idea, so take 17 bows, well deserved, & yes I do have a number of items which I’ll be putting on that page, now I won’t have to go dawn to any vaults...!! Paul
  10. Hi guys, anyone on here done a service on an 071, 141 / 181 & is there a video, TIA BTB
  11. Sorry about that, DC, putting links etc on is not as easy as before the site changed..! once you get your vote in that’s all that matters... & yes, I did vote... and while I’m on here don’t forget, vote early & often...
  12. Hi guys, I think the voting for your favourite is now open.. so what’s keeping you, BTB
  13. Many, many thanks for that Broithe, believe it or not but I’ve spent the past hour + on HORNBY’S web page trying to get the name of that item as I’m in the process of updating the number of attachments that go on it, to cater for a bigger loco, I could not remember the bloody name of it & I went onto HORNBY’S web site & tried every name I could think of, repair track, service track, maintenance track, loco track, etc. Etc. Regards Paul
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