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  1. Very well done Sean, that’s modelling in every sense, & for what it’s worth, there’s a tip on here somewhere about spraying & removing masking tape, that says to use a Blow Gun or a Hairdryer...!! BTB
  2. Many thanks Noel, but to demonstrate how ignorant I am regarding these “ Boards “ for want of a better word, or whatever they ar3, please tell me what WMRC stand for, & please say it has nothing to do with Women’s Rugby...!! I’m also wondering about Floorboards, ie pine or something like these that lie flat, is there something I’m missing about the these as well...😃 BTB
  3. Hi guys, thought I’d ask this as I know it’s early for me giving the fact I don’t have a layout just yet but if I can as much information as possible that will help me in the long run, and the question i have is this, what wood, type of wood is best suited for baseboards, TIA BTB
  4. I guys, & thanks, now what’s the difference, if there is a difference between Peco all Nickel silver code 100 & Peco code 200 Wooden sleeper, TIA BTB
  5. Is this not something to do with the proposed plans talked about about 2/3 years ago of a connection with Rosslare & Santander, it would be mega if it gets sorted, BTB
  6. Jeasus, lads, will someone position this photo correctly, I got a bit of a fright when I clicked on this, & I’m innocent,for a minute there I thought I was going somewhere else....!
  7. burnthebox

    rpsi B134 loco

    My order has been sent to IRM, well done to all, happy days, very well done to all at IRM & R.P.S.I.
  8. Hi guys & thanks for your suggestions, but I have to say I don’t think it’s a tamping machine, as if you close in on the left front I think I can just about make out the side windows of what I think is an A class.. !
  9. Hi guys, so any Hawk Eye on here that knows what this item is, I don’t know if it’s a Loco or not, but would like to get some info on it, TIA BTB
  10. Hi guys, got this reply from Peco, which may help myself & those who are encountering hiccups or whatever about Track, Flexi, Code 75, 100, Points etc. etc, BTB “ Thank you for your emailThe large radius turnouts are already available, and are due to be followed by the single and double slips plus a long crossing in the next few months. After that we will be starting on medium radius turnouts with these likely to appear early next year. “
  11. Hi Noel, I didn’t know anything about IRM / AS doing anything like this, & that’s down to the fact I don’t pay any attention to UK stuff, I just thought someone on here who’s got a UK layout might be interested..! There ya go, you learn something new every day, BTB
  12. Hi guys, Rails have this on offer,, BTB https://railsofsheffield.com/products/30611/bachmann-32-376a-oo-gauge-class-37-422-robert-f-fairlie-regional-railways-diesel-locomotive-weathered-edition-
  13. Hi Noel & thanks, yes I agree to go to that EJ trouble is worth it in the end, if you want to go that far, but I’m not looking for a professional display, but something that looks the business is what I’m looking for, so if I can buy Peco Streamline Code 75 Flexitrack, Nicole Silver with points & crossings, well that’ll do me, & I forgot to mention I’ll be running relatively new stock as at this minute the older items I have are UK & I’ll be selling any/all of that & I’ll be concentrating on Irish, with only the occasional run of something UK, I only started buying stock in or around 2004, ( would that be OLD STOCK ) but there maybe some rolling stock that might need sorting out..!!! Paul
  14. Hi guys & many thanks for all your help & suggestions, so tell me this, is Peco Code 75 Streamline & Flexitrack one & the same, as I’m thinking of using Peco Code 75 & has anyone seen what Everard Junction did by snipping the sleepers & spacing them to make the track appear more realistic..! It’s a long process but the end makes a difference, BTB
  15. Hi guys, don’t know if this is of any benefit here, but have a look at these models, there 1/50 scale, I think, might be of benefit,here’s a photo of one of the models & a link, I hadn’t heard of these before, BTB http://www.scale-vehicle-model-makers.co.uk/ringtons.html#
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