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  1. Selling a Murphy Models' Class 201 (MM0209), Couldn't get it to post in the ads section here: https://www.adverts.ie/toy-cars-trains-boats-planes/murphy-models-class-201-nir-livery-mm0209-oo-scale/23939468
  2. Tried a few combinations of settings in-case it was something of my doing but keep getting this error ^^ Any help appreciated
  3. Today in cool but somewhat creepy tech - there's actually a machine-learning algo / application that can generate a full 3D model of any person from only a single picture (no scanning required!): https://github.com/facebookresearch/pifuhd
  4. Their revenue for the Hibernian was down nearly 30% in 2019 vs. 2018 even before Covid their filings show, seems like they were running out of Americans willing to fork over €1-2K a night. An interesting concept but I think Ireland is simply too small for 3-6 day trips to work - these sorts of things are best if the train is on the move constantly, only stopping for excursions.
  5. ShaneC


  6. That looks a great little thing - do you know was it self-propelled like the current iteration or was it loco-pushed?
  7. ShaneC

    Forum Use

    A good amount of them is probably web crawlers that emulate real users - the automated checking of new/updated pages by various search engines etc. in order to generate search results . Since a forum has so much content / pages you can often get multiple services each crawling multiple pages at once. Then there's the real people who just find a single post in search results that solves whatever they were searching for and then leave straight away.
  8. Enterprise catering in first is still real good - though not included in the fare as with many UK services. All that's included is the tea/coffee. One of my last travels before the pandemic hit - better burger than you'd get in many burger places: Seems the difference between it and Citygold is they use a different catering company, IR taking the cheaper tender offer vs. the better food quality / service.
  9. Hey, sorry to bump such an old thread. Wondering if you came across any concrete information on the colour scheme of Hibernia in your research @murrayec as personally I've found different sources to be conflicting.. There's at least 3 contenders: Contemporary illustrations & Fry's model use a dark green body & red running plates but I've found no sources for any locomotives of this time in Ireland having the red plates, seems like the other D&KR locos had green plates. A newspaper snippet that's not dated but supposedly from the 1850s, saying the body was unpaint
  10. For anyone else who may be looking for this in future, I've finally come across a plan of the original station ( as published in The Engineer, 18/08/1893 )
  11. Rapido have a whole bunch of videos posted of their factories over the years - well worth a watch to see what goes into these models:
  12. Don't want to get into this again but just saying - not all models are produced in China or the Far-East and the final product ends up costing about the same, maybe it's the margins that take the hit. On another note though - the Chinese region/city most model train factories are located in has some of the highest safety regulations and wages in the country, so it's not like they're being produced in sweatshops. Rapido said in 2018 (when they moved their factory elsewhere for these exact reasons..) that the wages they were paying to the workers there were close to on-par what they'd have
  13. Thanks, sorry should have read up
  14. Are you 3D printing these?
  15. Seems a lot of the really good results is people using the colourising algos to get a rough idea of the colours of the different componnets of the image and then essentially manually painting/editing those in with the same colours in a way that looks more realistic. So most of the real good ones have some amount of creative liberty going on.
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