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  1. I've been hacking away on the baseboard...... This is a photo of the jigsaw plates all now fitted. Trimming and fitting the track boards to their corresponding ends at the plates. Boards done and glued, now setting up the track to check again in prep for the 3mm underlay foam. As the sun passed the window of the room I noticed the track boards took on a wobble with the heat! So I decided that intermediate fixings along the boards would be required, and this is the solution I came up with to screw down to the foam deck- M3 threaded insert pushed into the foam, epoxied and covered over with a generous piece of Transpaseal to aid retention. So track boards fixed down all over, I set about sticking down the 3mm foam underlay. Super Elevation! .7mm card being installed under the foam on the outside of the track curves. CNCing out the PCB copper clad sleepers for soldering the track ends, these will be mounted on a 3mm MDF riser cut into the foam underlay. MDF risers and sleepers being installed. I decided to use the surface mounted Peco points motors as I had them in stock, though I did cut slots down through the track boards and foam deck if I should decide to install servo motors at a later stage. I wanted to keep the surface motor as low as possible so a modification was done to the points by adding a brass lever with a pin soldered in facing down. The motors can now be mounted on the track board and the points operated from their underside. With the track underlay foam installed I then started on the wiring of each plate and for the tracks. With wires installed I started to fit the track, soldered the rails across the coper clad sleepers, soldered the wires to the copper sleepers, and then cutting the rails across the joins. and complete and finally the first test of removing the plates to dissemble the baseboards.... I am now working on each board separately, completing the track wiring and setting up the points control system. Eoin
  2. The painting is in the processes- I have taken some photos and will post them up soon! Eoin
  3. I think popeye means colour not materials Take a look here for some colouring samples;- https://www.google.com/search?q=asbestos+roof&tbm=isch&source=univ&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiZl9XU44ziAhW8VBUIHS5hCtwQsAR6BAgJEAE&biw=1280&bih=891
  4. Station equipment & view from inside the loco with catcher deployed and token nabbed;-
  5. I'd say that's correct @flange lubricator, easier to get at. But all the locos would have to have them in the same position! otherwise the corresponding snatcher on the platform would have to be adjusted- height wise for the different locos, if, the snatchers were in different locations? It was a mad system! I wonder did anyone get hung up on one flying through the station? Eoin
  6. Back to the Baseboard. The track plan was traced onto the 3mm MDF sheets and I set about cutting out the track boards, the join 'Jigsaw' pieces were worked out and then the cnc machine cut these out. This is a photo of 3 of the units- 2 curved and a straight. The male parts will be glued to the end of the track boards and the female ones are the jigsaw pieces that straddle the baseboard join. M3 countersunk socket screws into T nuts will be used to fix these down to the plates in the baseboards. The two plates to the right in this photo are the fixing plates, one will be inset in that routed pocket in the foam, the other in the baseboard adjacent . The plates have routed slots to take the track wiring with holes down through to under the board. The rear track and sidings was a complex one! here is a sequence of it going in..... .....and the final fitting & testing of the track boards butting up to their end piece. One of the curves on the sides, and the straight on the front. Before gluing the track boards to their ends I set up the track to see if adjustment was needed- all good, so dismantled it again and out with the PVA....... Eoin
  7. The Fry Museum opening is getting closer. See the link below, a press release on the Co Co's website shows the official opening of the restored Casino House 2 days ago;- http://www.fingalcoco.ie/media/PRESS RELEASE Refurbishment work on Malahide Casino nearing completion.pdf Trains to follow soon. Eoin
  8. murrayec

    New home for IRM

    I'll bring me own mug! Great news Eoin
  9. Looking great @MikeO Looking forward to seeing that 121 up close Eoin
  10. Hi Wexford Model Railway Club Thanks to all who organised a very enjoyable weekend and thanks to all who came over to say hello, chat and comment on the DART models. I love @enniscorthyman's layout, I was opposite him at the show and enjoyed two days of it. Enda's layout is great to, he has great family stories attached to it, I've seen photos on fb but it's better in the flesh. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully my layout will be complete by then!! Thanks Eoin
  11. murrayec

    Train & Model Fair

  12. The date for the May Fair;- I could have a special DART on display at this one?? Eoin
  13. I finally got the baseboards finished to the point of starting to lay the track and test if the DARTs can get around it;- Undercoat going on, Setting up track based on the old system I used for testing models being worked on, but it was always to close to the edge of the board- OK at home but not for display. I took it to the last Bray Fair and found my display table support idea will not work to well, so Screwfix trestles will have to do for the moment. The Seapoint Martello Tower makes an appearance again! and the final solution, I think! all runs well the DART can go everywhere with no problems. Flexible track was used to tighten up the layout to get in from the edges. The track is set up on 3mm MDF sheets to mark and cut out track boards which will be screw fixed to the baseboards with a jigsaw inset track piece for the joins! I have a plan..... Eoin
  14. Hi dave182 Try here;- https://www.menzels-lokschuppen.de/ Eoin
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