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  1. @LM186 Yes that would be correct, if you build a lateral beam with brass channel like the Bull-Ant type you can then hang the Spud and the third axle frame from it. Eoin
  2. Hi @LM186 Tenshodo motor bogie also known as the 'Spud', Branchlines in the UK have the best price on them Eoin
  3. Some more photos of the old Fry layout at this link;-
  4. Yes, really is a shame, not much of that stuff will ever been seen again, nor a Gauge O layout of that size- very sad, I believe an opportunity lost....... Eoin
  5. Mike Sharman stuff;-
  6. My favourite of the Fry Models has to be the D&KR Hibernia Loco and coaches;- Eoin Edit;- 'R' for 'W'
  7. My own little 185th year celebration for one of the first locomotives on the Dublin & Kingstown Railway;- Eoin
  8. Hi Colin R Studio Scale Models do a brass Class S kit. Eoin oops! narrow gauge I see in the title, ignore me!
  9. I calculate it out at a scale difference of .8875 so 6.11mm = 1ft?? But I have to agree with Galteemore it would be far easer to make 5'3'' track than it would be to model in 6.1 or 6.26mm scale, it even knocks out kits, everything would have to be scratch built. Eoin
  10. Talk to Diarmuid in Weirpark he may be interested?? Eoin
  11. George Weirpark Books, Kieran the Soldier-man & Edward White to name three do plastic kits, there are a few others that have kits sometimes but I don't know their names. Weirpark & Edward can be contacted on facebook to check their stock Eoin
  12. Will be going for the Rocket myself
  13. @scahalane Go for an ESU V5 chip, something like a J72 would probably work- Peters Spares have a good range of sound chips. If a model has been opened by the end user most manufacturing warranty are voided! Eoin
  14. murrayec

    Train & Model Fair

  15. Happy New Year to all Train & Model Fair patrons and IRM members, our flyer this year is sporting DART no. 1, 1980's livery. It also includes future dates up to 3 months ahead, and please note the February date is on a Saturday due to availability of the hall.
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