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  1. murrayec

    Rich's Workbench

    Brazil Locomotiva nº 1 - Baronesa This may help with some proportions for the drawing, it's a William Fairbairn design which I suspect 'Victoria' may be based on, also the Grendon works had a connection in supplying a 2-2-2 loco to the London company working in Brazil?? There is a few dimensions here;- http://vfco.brazilia.jor.br/locomotivas/vapor-EFCB-Estrada-de-Ferro-Central-do-Brasil/pagina-01-locomotiva-Fairbairn-Sons-2-2-2-Baronesa-01-Maua.shtml Eoin
  2. @burnthebox WMRC = Wexford Model Railway Club.
  3. @KMCE looking great, I hope you bring it along to the Fair on Sunday so we can get a good look? Eoin
  4. murrayec

    SLIP coaches

    Dublin & Kingstown Railway operated a slip train system into Kingstown Station! Due to the time taken in turning a loco first and then it's tender on the original 10' table at the end of the line in the station, and with the later construction of the Carlisle Pier, the directors decided to pay for a larger table to be constructed at the foot of the pier, one that would turn the loco & tender in the one go, so the engine then would disconnect from the train just before the station and go off to turn around, the train would coast into the station with the tracks inclined aiding the breaking of the train at the platform..... Eoin
  5. @Galteemore yes, the book I referenced covers ply sleepers only, I had seen a copy of your book and wondered what's the difference- I'd say a lot of the info is the same except for the rail to sleeper fixing and finishing the ply.... Eoin
  6. I'm not sure I know the book your referring to, but it sounds lake a broad scope book on building a full layout? Whereas the book above only deals with building track the Rice detailed way.... Eoin
  7. Building Track / Ian Rice...... You have to have a copy of this;- ISBN 1874103003 Eoin
  8. What happened to 'Aussi Phil'? he was building an amazing BNM layout and stock;-
  9. This was my favourite Crew Car;- and I have a bit of Ex BNM Stock! A BSA C15T used by the works foremen in the early 60's;- Eoin
  10. Dependant on the quality of the cork, it can expand and distort when using pva for doing the ballast if not stuck down! If your not worried about the sound I recommend sticking it down.. Eoin
  11. @Georgeconna I just gave it it's first run and then back into the box, I plan to make a storage/display case for it with the four coaches and when this is done the driver n fireman will be attached. The box and packaging it came in is pretty good, so good at holding the models firm that I can see it getting damaged taking it in and out - A display case I think is the best solution and then I can look at it while stored on the wall😀 Eoin
  12. With the test track up today working through a few repairs, I took a break to run this fabulous little thing;- Eoin
  13. T-Cut can be got in a motor factors, it's a car product for cut restoring & polishing car paint. SSM can be contacted through their website;- http://www.studio-scale-models.com/Index.shtml A very small quantity of T-Cut is required, gently rubbed over the decals with the bud, no force is required and after a few minutes the decal will rub off. The T-Cut should be washed off and the paintwork buffed with a clean cloth to take the new decal. Eoin
  14. A dab of T-Cut and cotton bud will remove the existing numbers and SSM do decal numbers for this job. On hacking your own sound chips;- if your not a user of the ESU programmer- buy the MM chip and have an easier and less costly 121 life! The 'Experts' would have you believe it's easy! - capture this, edit that, and learn to program the thingie! 'Don't'...... Eoin
  15. murrayec

    Train & Model Fair

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