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  1. Don't forget the Train & Toy Fair is on this coming Sunday.
  2. PP At the last Train & Model Fair one of the chaps said it 'was like luggage'....😀 Eoin
  3. The baseboards transit system, here are a few photos of what I have settled on for the moment- 2 no. base trays and 2 no. lifting handle plates;- 9mm birch ply base tray to take two of the baseboards, with M8 T-Nuts set in at the centres of the baseboard dowel system- so that two boards bolt to this tray through the dowel holes. The base tray and lifting handle plate have a 9x20mm ply spacing strip down the middle and 9x20mm edge strips (9x40mm on the handle plate) to hold the boards snug n tight when all is bolted up. With the second board bolted onto the base tray the lifting handle plate is installed and secured in place with M6 counter sunk screws into threaded inserts in the baseboard frame. Two of the boards ready to go....... Eoin
  4. @patrick Try Des in Studio Scale Models, I think I have seen him issue them in the past! Eoin
  5. Sorry Leslie It's one of your SL&NCR's, I was able to squeeze in some top-hat wheel bearings also. I'll take 4 kits Eoin
  6. Hi Leslie I'll be picking up a few at Blackrock also, I've been working out some weathering details in anticipation- here are a few shots of the cattle wagon left in a siding gone to hell! Just about finished except for a straw bedding flowing out the sides mixed in with a bit of dodo!! Eoin
  7. JasonB I would love to have a space like that, dying to see how you fill it up....... Great work on gutters and flashings- you have added years to its life. Eoin
  8. Hi gph2000 As far as I know Silver Fox gives you all the parts for the model body and chassis, but Worsley gives you the body and chassis etches and no castings- not that it needs much castings to complete it, i'd go for the brass kit, but it is a more complex build needing a few self made parts and more figuring out.... that's the fun bit! Eoin
  9. Don't run it any-more until you have a good look inside! at a guess I'd say one of the gears is stripped and that's what's what making the grinding noise- most likely the worm gear in one of the bogies is riding over the wheel gear under and is stripping it's teeth?? Eoin
  10. Hi @David Holman I got it on the Scale Model Shop website;- https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/?s=nutter But looks like it's out of stock at the moment! Have a look at their other tools though- very handy stuff on here.... Eoin Hi @Mike 84C That's the problem with rivets- drives one to drink Eoin
  11. Nuts & rivets can also be done with the 'Nutter' a very handy tool for pressing out nuts & rivets in lead sheet for sticking on to your model;- and the above rivets added to door straps The tool comes with tools of your scale choice and different scale tools are supplied separately. Eoin Eoin
  12. PP You could use Postpal if he refuses to send to you- with the American address Postpal you have to register for 'home delivery' which costs a bit more but one does get the parts! Eoin
  13. PP Here is a very helpful web site for the lathe with many links to articles on mods and parts- it may help;- http://www.cartertools.com/ Eoin
  14. PP There was a plan to build a port in the West near Achill back in the steam days, but the ship would have to have big steam paddles on the sides and the containers made of wood😀 Eoin
  15. ...otherwise radio control model ship kits is another source, the ship that IRM now sports in their new facility was built by baseboarddave from one of these kits Eoin
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