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  1. I've just purchased from TeeBee Models a 009 scale 2-6-0T Kerr Stuart, based on 4T on the Tralee and Dingle. I deliberately chose this scale to suit the Chivers Hunslet models I have. Now trying to get 009 / 3mm version carriages printed so interested in this cost debate,
  2. I spoke with the author many times during it and gave him the caption for the image of 6T on the C&L at Tomkin Road. T&D book out next year that I'm quite involved in. Our own steam loco "Nancy" features among the Ironstone railways. She will be the first 3ft gauge iron stone steam loco to run in preservation and was very much akin to a Barry rebuild for us. We have spent £160,000 to date and she will return in February to Dromod. Further details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/irishnarrowgauge/ For those of you who wish to donate click here: https://sites.google.com/site/thecavanandleitrimrailway/-nancy (we are still fundraising transport for her return)
  3. I wonder is this the shade of GSR grey I saw mention by JB sometime ago
  4. Murphy came to Dromod to measure the cab we have, apparently it was different from the last drawings he had! I'd imagine from the constant rebuilding
  5. That is a Schull and Skibbereen van, the only one in existence I'm aware of! Looks in great condition! Would love to see what the condition of the underframe is!
  6. The only Dingle ticket I've seen!! Incredible gem!
  7. The attached is (C) William Ford taken at Cushina Works The green in the photo I've taken is on a poor quality phone camera, in reality it is quite dark and is Andrew Barclay green and although missing some of the lining below I am very happy with it.
  8. Hi All, I am a novice to modelling anything, I have a large stash of 00 gauge bits. However I have always had an interest in narrow gauge railways particularly the Tralee and Dingle. I also volunteer on the Stradbally Woodland and Cavan & Leitrim Railways, along with being a co-ordinator for the Avonside "Nancy" Restoration Project. I recently purchased a minitrains boehler 0-4-0WT and sent it away to be customised by James Hilton (available on Google) into one of the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0WT locos, the results are astonishing! I'm tempted to go and form a small BNM outline layout with a few turf wagons. Any suggestions would be welcome. I have just sent away two partially built Chivers Tralee and Dingle Hunlset loco's to be modified and detailed for me, will update you when they return.
  9. Hi All, Particularly aimed at Narrow Gauge enthusiasts, the Cavan and Leitrim appeared at the Alan Keef Open day on 22nd September to display our own Avonside 0-6-0T Nancy. She has been at Keefs since 1999, 20 years later and £165,000 she will be steamed by year end and will return home early next year. We have fully funded her restoration but there are some additional costs such as a chimney and other parts, including transport to Ireland. (link to funding page on paypal below) Some pics below: the whistle comes from a Lough Swilly big giant 4-8-4T loco, when steamed we will hear a lough swilly engine for the first time in generations!
  10. The whistle from one of the Lough Swilly big giants will be fitted to our Avonside loco "Nancy", a lough swilly engine will be heard again for the first time in generations! link below for funding, we have fully funded her restoration £165,000 in all, we just need to fund her return home!
  11. Lovely narrow gauge scenes! Your model of 4 and 6 look like T&D Kerr Stuart number 4 or 4T, where did you get this?!
  12. I have to find the time and space to get started in 009! I have several Chivers T&D whitemetal kits completed, or partially completed. I have Hunslet number 5 2-6-2T, and 4 of the 2-6-0T's. I do know the difference in height etc. however my aim is purely demonstration and a feel not complete accuracy. Parkside Dundas have just released 009 T&D van kits that are relatively easy to assemble (plastic)
  13. 009 heaven by Bachmann! Great to see them!
  14. Hi All, A quick question, I have several T&D Chivers 009 model kits bodies assembled and would like to add handrails and knobs to add more detail to the loco. I have Alan Gibson short knobs and brass wire, but very little experience as to how to go about it. I even have a small hand drill to cut a hole in the whitemetal body. If anyone can assist let me know Here is 5T seen overlooking Slea Head and the Blaskets, surely the furthest a T&D loco has gone!
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