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  2. Its broad gauge, we have a member who inspected it
  3. Having been involved in what has been one of the most comprehensive rebuilds of any steam loco now in Ireland it most certainly wouldn't cost that but would be a significant amount. Some practical thoughts are that once it leaves Whitehead it to me would seem unlikely to be restored to steaming condition. The lack of a running line also presents a problem. Great work however and I'm sure will look great.
  4. Its funny about railway companies where records say X whereas an image says Y. Its a bit like the T&D carriage that wento to Leitrim it was listed as 22L (ex 5T) this according to Bristol's records was built in 1890. In recent years we recovered bristol carriage plates from outside ballinamore with CIE green around them. It is 99% from 22L as its very unlikely another exT&D carriage came this far north west. The problem is the plate is dated 1891...... Leads me to believe 22L was not 5T at all, probably 9T! This was the only brake dated 1891!
  5. The blennerville line closed in around 2009, they borrowed Jackie Whelan's loco, but it derailed. They had no equipment to jack it. As a result they had to bring in a heavy crane! They had't and still don't have a clue. I tried to help out get it going again back in 2015/2016 and there was quite a bit of interest and looked like we were going somewhere, I had a loco secured for the revival, after a few meetings with the Council I realised the project was doomed. I then moved onto Stradbally and now am involved in Dromod. Both open railways that need more people and resources. The main problems with Blennerville were the lack of enthusiasm, there was no voluntary arm or society. It was a FAS gang with no strategy. Also no diesel loco to take on quieter periods or take over from 5T. Out of all the lines in Ireland the blennerville line goes from somewhere to somewhere and has high tourism potential, the line had 40,000 passengers in its first year. Also if you know where to look you could create a vintage train. Just with the Council in the way (one individual) nothing will happen.
  6. Excellent pic JB. As has been stated here very similar scene has been recreated from this angle. Those interested should look at us on Facebook for more upto date information.
  7. Looks very CVR, GSR/CIE bought some ex CVR wagons and rail at closure I understand. Some wagons went to Ballinamore but were not used. Bord na Mona also got a lot of rail.
  8. That was Dingle, he was caught by Dick Mack who was in the local FCA. They allowed him to travel on passed tralee where he was "picked up". JHB they were all different as a result, the one that went to Leitrim 22L had external framing done at Limerick, whereas the one that went to Clare had external panelling. Also that image of Castle is superb! My grandad travelled on it to the Christian Brothers in Tralee. I have a 7mm model of the station building! Yes I know the loco is HO scale before anyone asks my sanity.
  9. Hi Jonathan, All the brakes that survived the civil war/war of independence were converted to cattle brakes with exception of 14T a 30' brake which was transferred to the West Clare, AND survived! Who knows it may well be out there.
  10. I have the two original carriage plates from 22L..it was rebuilt by CIE in its final condition (attached). Also some other T&D bits, my collection has grown though!
  11. We were proud to commemorate this by having Nancy being handed over to the Cavan and Leitrim Railway on 30th March 2019, bringing steam back to the railway. We also had a volunteer who drove number 2 at stradbally Friday and drove Nancy the following day! This has probably not happened on the narrow gauge in the ROI since the C&L closed as Ireland's last steam exclusive line. Follow progress here: https://www.facebook.com/cavanandleitrimrailway/
  12. I've just purchased from TeeBee Models a 009 scale 2-6-0T Kerr Stuart, based on 4T on the Tralee and Dingle. I deliberately chose this scale to suit the Chivers Hunslet models I have. Now trying to get 009 / 3mm version carriages printed so interested in this cost debate,
  13. I spoke with the author many times during it and gave him the caption for the image of 6T on the C&L at Tomkin Road. T&D book out next year that I'm quite involved in. Our own steam loco "Nancy" features among the Ironstone railways. She will be the first 3ft gauge iron stone steam loco to run in preservation and was very much akin to a Barry rebuild for us. We have spent £160,000 to date and she will return in February to Dromod. Further details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/irishnarrowgauge/ For those of you who wish to donate click here: https://sites.google.com/site/thecavanandleitrimrailway/-nancy (we are still fundraising transport for her return)
  14. I wonder is this the shade of GSR grey I saw mention by JB sometime ago
  15. Murphy came to Dromod to measure the cab we have, apparently it was different from the last drawings he had! I'd imagine from the constant rebuilding
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