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  1. I believe they're planning to use it next as a community centre or something, it has been a school previously..
  2. I get the impression they just found a few bits of old track and bits of sleeper, and threw them on the ground any old how, just as a token memorial, it wont be a section still in place. Where the track was going thru the station has been filled in to 'ground level'. Its just a flat area now behind the building.
  3. There's a little memorial stone and a few feet of track nearby..pic taken when over that way last year.
  4. The Ballinamore station building is still in good condition, and in use as far as I know (not as a railway station of course! ). I got the Mrs to take some pics recently when visiting relatives nearby..
  5. These pics and stories are gold dust JHB..!
  6. 1963 it Cost 3d. ( three old pennies!)
  7. This is brilliant ! ..I too haven't seen the thread before and just gone thru it all.. Some very interesting background and discussion in the comments too.
  8. Sounds great, I'd also be very interested to see pics....
  9. Could it be each shape is code for a particular type of wagon or load..?
  10. Ha! Is that you Spud ?...nice moves, nice shirt too..!😁
  11. Maybe it was the Murphy's, as he wasn't bitter.! 😁
  12. Now I've got four old cars, does that mean I've got Carownervirus....??
  13. Nah....looking for a decent supply of sardines.....
  14. Very atmospheric, great stuff ..!
  15. That's an admirable quality in a wife, the ability to cast some metal components for you whilst the soda bread is in the oven....
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