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  1. I saw an amazing pic of a Brit southern loco made from card, must have been treated with layers of something as it looked like metal!...I could use plastic card, but I really prefer the idea of metal, being as I've done a lot of metal working in 12in to the foot scale!.. and it makes it more of a real proper engineering job somehow. Wagons, particularly Irish types, I reckon card would be good for, if you could find a really decent card to work with, in some ways it's more like wood than plastic is!..I've also thought with scratch building wagons, in larger scale, why not use the real wood itself! ..Stuff like I remember as a kid as cigar boxes would be about right ( i didn't smoke cigars when I was a young 'un btw! )
  2. I was gutted when IRM seemed to have suddenly died..( I even had a quick word with St Patrick as he's also the patron saint of engineers ! ) anyways, whoever fixed it..Top Man.!😁
  3. As to cardboard btw, as you can see I've only been using rough bits off envelopes and stuff, what's a good card to use for models ?....I ask because after playing with this,( i know its only a rough) I would like to try some card scratch building of wagons, (even the Alphagraphix kits would need a decent backing) and would need a type of card that doesn't tear up and go fuzzy..just a thought.
  4. Following the good advice earlier, I've been making a cardboard mock up sticking photocopies on to card to cut out etc, it's been interesting, card's a bit less rigid than metal so harder to keep all square, but I'll persevere as it'll be good practice for the real thing..and the big scale is great to work with!... I know it probably looks a bit like a kid has done it tho..!
  5. Jeez.. I was getting worried that the forum had died, I've sure missed it!..seems like ages, ...anyway funny you should put up a pic or two of your unimat, I've been looking around on fleabay etc for small lathes, and just got a slightly battered one of those Peatol /Taig things ( its not arrived yet) , I remember these from back in the 80s, a lot of lads in the states like them and do all kinds of mad stuff on them. It will no doubt need a bit of TLC but should do me for wheels and axles and odd stuff anyway. I haven't done anything on a lathe for donkeys years, I've possibly still got a few tool bits etc hiding somewhere !
  6. Sounds good! ....I'll also likely get rid of all the 00 gauge BR stuff I've got left, and go totally 7mm Irish NG with an occasional bit of 'supersize' madness like the subject of this thread..😉
  7. That's going to be 7mm scale I guess ?
  8. What loco are you thinking of doing, out of interest..?
  9. Hopefully the 2 books don't just say the same stuff over again, but I thought the tank loco book was worth having as well ...as my real interest is Irish narra gauge, so it's all tank engines really !
  10. I've certainly seen the Simon Bolton book when I've been looking around, looks like it'd be good.. I'll do my usual thing and try to find a used bargain copy ! Ok got that now too...!😁 ( the first one that is...) Ps you fellas will be the ruin of me, I've got the other one now too..! Still i guess €25 for both books isn't too bad !
  11. You're spendin' all me cash yer divil..! Just got the Ian Rice chassis book off evilbay anyway, 7.50 GBP seemed a reasonable price .....bookshelves?.I've already got railway books piled up high on a table beside me, ( occasionally the dog or the cat, knocks the whole lot on the floor...) I still fancy my chances at wheel making, as there's really nothing I've seen so far that looks the part at all...what's annoying is I just missed a little lathe on ebay that went for about 50 quid !
  12. I take your points Eoin, ...I've already been thinking about just getting rid of all my 00 stuff and doing bigger things, it was 7mm I was first heading towards, in fact I've got a body only white metal kit of the same typeT&D loco that I was going to copy as it's in bits, (2 for 1 kinda thing!) hence the drawings I was fiddlin' with, and hence the error that made me think it'd be good fun to build the bigger ( 10mm as it turned out) engine. As I've mentioned, I've been doing engineering type stuff in me real life, welding and the like ( even some on the real railway) and building old cars, so making stuff with metal is something I've always done really. But, I've never tried building a loco from scratch so it's a learning curve like they say, and its likely to begin as a simplified build....I have to say it's great that you fellas are being so helpful, for which I'm really grateful ! I was thinking, if i did make this loco run able, it might be easier, to start with, just to ensure all the motion and stuff runs ok, and push it with a motorised wagon or something, .....tho I've only had one 'tender drive' loco in the past which I thought was Crap! A slight snag with Richie's drawings btw is I can't do A3 printing, the Mrs only has a little machine that does A4 and there's no where I could easily get it done.. I just checked out the Walsall industries stuff, very nice to be sure, I saw they even do so called T&D drivers! however these are 45mm diameter so way too big at my 10mm scale for this one!
  13. I certainly wouldn't object to the 32 mm gauge business, like you say it's only a mm each side..! As it's a bit of a rogue model anyway I'd be tweaking the build to suit as it progresses.. I've had a look at Slater's wheels, there's nothing that obviously fits with ten spokes, calculating up from 7mm you'd be looking at wheels quoted to be maybe 4ft 2ins or something, (in 7mm) pity they don't just give a straight mm size as well. These locos have inside frames and the wheels are quite visible. I'll probably experiment with my mad idea of making wheels, I'll try a couple, if I make a pig's ear of it, then I've only lost a few slices of steel...! I hadn't thought of a layout particularly, this big loco build idea came about accidentally like I mentioned at the start!...I was planning a 'little' 7mm Cavan & Leitrim set up and have an Alphagrapix Ballyconnell station which I was thinking of maybe butchering into a Ballinamore template !
  14. Nice one Richie, this drawing you'd say was a better start point then?...I'm pretty sure Inchicore changed the chimneys for taller ones at some point on these locos, so perhaps the drawing is of an earlier incarnation, no excuse for dodgy measurement tho !...I've not cut anything out as yet so it's all possible to change, a cardboard mock up is a brilliant idea btw !
  15. On a bit of a tangent I just purchased the 1890s original of this, it's the arrangement drawing of the 2-6-2 loco, its apparently 11" x 14" so a nice big piece, maybe this one will be the next build after the 2-6-0 ! For 8 GBP for a nice drawing of a classic Irish loco I thought it'd be rude not to grab it, will be goin straight on me wall !
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