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  1. As regards hand coaling, in Ireland there was never a shortage of lads willing to do a bit of heavy shovel work for a couple of shillings..😉
  2. I had a Hornby 9f that the chassis was disintegrating a bit, i think it's something to do with inclusions of some kind in the metal due to shoddy cheapo casting practices, or so I've heard..? The recommended thing years ago for diy alloy castings was to use old pistons as I recall !
  3. It's likely to attract 'boilers' ....
  4. Probably better just going straight for the ..." you want loveplay.?".. It's a mathematical certainty that you'll get a yes eventually...😉
  5. Not heard it described as "loveplay" before..!
  6. This type of set up certainly makes it easier to lift the rail wheels out of the way and drive the motor normally..the other type your committed to running it on the track really, nice pic 👍
  7. Good plan, I reckon some lighting inside buildings always bring things to life...
  8. Brilliant to see Fintonagh in motion 👍 ! ...The WW1 set was an interesting one too..got me toying with the idea of doing a diorama with a flying column of anti-treaty volunteers ambushing a train..!!!
  9. Or would it have a top or lid to prevent it getting loads of dead birds and leaf debris in the water, and likely clogging up the outlet eventually..??
  10. Broken or otherwise useless drill bits are a source of tool quality steel to make 'specials' out of, now I've got the small lathe I can use up some of the bits I've saved to make various cutters etc! Eoin's holding jig things earlier in the thread look good too, I'll be making myself a couple based on those no doubt..👍
  11. I always use a blowlamp..😉
  12. Now, I could understand if it were march 17th....
  13. Quite right, some of the old Airfix kits seem to go for mad money on ebay..
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