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  1. Yep, I remember watching the 'survivors' serial thing as a kid, didn't the intro have airport arrival travellers sneezing and dropping dead as i recall!...Armageddon virus type theme is certainly a popular vehicle for film and tv drama..
  2. I'm sure we'll all go extinct at some point, everything does....but nevertheless, the media do like to whip up a scare, just my own view is that life's too short to go around worrying all the time about being hit by asteroids, aliens or the plague or whatever !!..😉
  3. Have to say this is a new one on me...they do this scare every few years don't they..a while back we were all goin to die of bird flu, then before that it was pig flu or something !
  4. And don't kick the fire irons about either...
  5. PorkyP

    Malahide opening

    That is astonishing in it's sheer scope...great to see it!
  6. I wouldn't be taking that boat out on the water if i were you!...
  7. I had a jouef clockwork set as a kid, as Noel alluded to, a bit naff & not a patch on the proper Hornby electric sets my mates had, and the 'funny' small scale didn't mix with 00 stuff realistically, it did provide fun tho..seem to remember remorselessly 'shelling' mine with those Britains artillery pieces that fired projectiles, and similar abuse !
  8. If someone ordered a 'black and tan' (ie the drink) and one jumped up from behind the bar brandishing a rifle.... maybe Foil, Arms and Hog should do a Monty python esque sketch... ..I'll get me coat...
  9. Then he checks out the papers and picks up a lottery ticket at the station kiosk..
  10. Many decades ago we did the reverse with a band I was in..we put on a bunch of huge wigs, borrowed some dresses and were a very dodgy "all girl band" as the next act..luckily no photos survive!!..,😉
  11. More inspiration...I've got an old suitcase full of ancient 00 gauge track, much of it 'realistically' rusty !! 😉
  12. Now that is truly outstanding! The overgrown platform with the red van looks just like the bit of concrete behind me house! 😁
  13. Great stuff! Inspired by this, i might even dig out the few odd bits of brit 00 gauge stuff I've got left and do something with them !
  14. I was hoping that she could get some nice pics straight on like you were surveying it for measurements & scale, most pics online are from oblique angles...luckily its in pretty good condition and you can walk right up to it from some angles, tho as i recall not entirely from the field at the back that used to be where the track was..
  15. Fantastic model, most impressive!.. The C&L is my main model interest too. Coincidentally the Mrs is visiting family over that way right now....I must get her to take some straight on photos of the Ballinamore station building, I've got an alfagrafix Ballyconnel station as a starting point that I'd like to 'convert' into Ballinamore !
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