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    Fresh eYes.. ....Mid 50's with 5 kids from 8+ to over 20
    Living in southeast midlands.
    total allthingstrainmodelling newbee, on steep learning curve.
    interested in industrial history and a lot more, occasionally work on railsides and infrastructure as subbie


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    irish rail for now, used to have many more until santa brought the train set


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    parent, farmer, contractor, materials supplier & more.

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  1. its a watch, n glasses, use my phone to run trains
  2. while i can't critise the quality of your models, the new logo looks flat, the 'railway' white outlined text is very poor, and the entire logo takes up far too much web space, especially on tiny screens.
  3. until

    https://youtu.be/ObI_yv5qGtM if you cant wait try this wexford video
  4. at 32.30 mins are those white or grey cement bubbles?
  5. Ballyglunin Update 2019, Dave, somethings happening, they have start buying stuff for Ballyglunin, we got an order today for products for the landscape of the train station, could be tidy town group, when i told them you were building model of same, they didnt know. but someones up to something.. ..to misquote, 'Get of your train and drink your milk'
  6. i noticed, but she wouldnt fit in the letterbox, so i spent me readies on the new plough.
  7. do i see ragwort growing beside he cement bubbles? its a noxious weed, the department of agriculture will be breathing down your next soon, youll loose the area aid payments
  8. in 2015 when I bought my kids a train set in portlaoise, i saw for the first time the glass shelves loaded of lord Murphy Models, that's exactly what inspired me to buy one and get into trains in the first place and end up here annoying the rest of you on IRM. Every time i run his models i find happiness, they masterpieces. who are these internet trolls bad mouthing mr M.??? i will tie them down on my 00guage and run high speed over them back and forward with my very powerful silverfox 121, i wouldnt waste the power of MM 201 on such fools... Murphy Models are wonderful.... thank you Mr Murphy, thank you IRM for carrying the baton on.
  9. i dont have many searches for train stuff, but i have heaps of searches and alerts for other stuff, its often the case the items i looking for dont appear in my searches, i still have to go looking for them, with strange key words, indeed, in past 4 years some of my murphy models came from unspecific searches for model rail, or black n orange, i got a great deal with a toy train search some years back, bought a big box of cravens for very little.
  10. see also same seller, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CIE-BOGIE-VAN-No-2555-AT-AMIENS-STREET-DUBLIN-5X3-ARCHIVE-PHOTO-1968-N-D-MUNDY/372650853773?hash=item56c3b8c58d:g:RX4AAOSwZVpcsKkg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CIE-NON-CORRIDOR-COACH-No-845-AT-AMIENS-STREET-DUBLIN-5X3-PHOTO-1968-N-D-MUNDY/372650853804?hash=item56c3b8c5ac:g:gQYAAOSw8-lcduup https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CIE-BOGIE-VAN-786N-AT-LIMERICK-IRELAND-5X3-ARCHIVE-PHOTO-1969-N-D-MUNDY/372650853952?hash=item56c3b8c640:g:EdYAAOSwAdhcduvJ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CIE-FOUR-WHEEL-VAN-142-AT-LIMERICK-IRELAND-5X3-ARCHIVE-PHOTO-1969-N-D-MUNDY/372650853975?hash=item56c3b8c657:g:QaMAAOSw1dxcduvM
  11. You be glad to know, i just ordered a grey set, to make a set, set me straight, i paint my white ones gray to weather and my grey ones white to weather?
  12. i wonder, were not the old wagons not more numerous, in 1860-1890's? i dont know, but i imagine, there must have been multiple wagons to transport goods given the amount of lines and lack of roads. anyway,,, cost e1000.00 = 30 wagons would be 10 sets of 3 per set at over 100.00 per set, wow, i better start bullied'ing the partner for the ready's plus two A's to pull them, 400squid, and weathering paint, yip.. its a millionaires hobby.
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