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    Fresh eYes.. ....Mid 50's with 5 kids from 8+ to over 20
    Living in southeast midlands.
    total allthingstrainmodelling newbee, on steep learning curve.
    interested in industrial history and a lot more, occasionally work on railsides and infrastructure as subbie


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  1. WaYSidE


  2. blog, track laying update - nov 2020, after long summer, finally got time off to finish the track block occupancy wiring and set up. with over 100 tracks to re-wire to the digikeijs dr4088cs Loconet current sensors . having tested sections and got the digital side software working, i moved on to spreading buckets of washed fine sand as ballast, which made the uneven base board easy to level tracks on, much like laying patio slabs, one could say the construction works are very prototypical or indeed proto-topical ! even got to unbox some limas and a few hornby models to tes
  3. DCC where to start??? within the next month or so i am about to finish 4 years of building my DCC track layout, i only have spare time in winter, so its on /off build, returning each october to pick up from last winter. it took all last winter to rewire to block occupancy. the layout hasnt run since nov 2019, nor do i have good broadband so i will not be live streaming , unlike RULE1 in Waterford, as in this video uploaded October 24th 2020 DCC ??? i started with a layout that I tested on basic DCC wires, Z21 an DR5000 control options. once my entire layout (part1) wa
  4. I was watching these great videos explaining an Irish made show layout with UK trains in waterford. Top class running, Rule ! will be on my fav's list if ever i log into youtube. https://www.youtube.com/c/Rule1ModelRailways/videos
  5. Hi, i been busy since march, havnt had time to look up if either irm or murphys trains arrived, i placed an order with Irm and Marks models, didnt hear from either, i suppose there all sold now, and they forgot . i even think i paid for them on line
  6. At this price we will all be selling https://www.ebay.ie/itm/OO-Scale-Irish-Four-Wheel-Open-Plank-Wagon-MIOB-LIMA-305617W/153938542810?hash=item23d773c0da:g:4BkAAOSwPEhccmiQ €10.oo
  7. 168687 - 7498 - Infrastructure study for BEMU operation Publication date: 27-04-2020 Response deadline: 22-05-2020 12:00 Irish time Procedure: Iarnród Éireann - Non OJEU Negotiated Procedure (Electronic) Description: Iarnród Éireann - Irish Rail has a requirement for a consultancy service to provide all studies necessary to, and produce the cost estimate for 1. Life cycle costs of BEMU vehicles 2. Life cycle cost associated to BEMU operating infrastructure – battery charging system, sidings, turnouts, maintenance, etc Buyer: Iarnród Eireann-Irish Rail i suppose i can rip up
  8. NEW Lima L149437 Irish Class 201 Train Pack with 3 Coaches CIE Black & Orange
  9. Is This Train Car Carrying ‘COVID-19’? The facebook fake. "It's puzzling why more conspirators aren't caught when they operate so brazenly" by David Mikkelson Published 14 March 2020 https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/covid19-railroad-tankcar/ conclusion to page, david writes: Most obviously, a tank car labeled ‘COVID-19’ makes no sense, as COVID-19 is not a term that identifies a virus or any other physical thing that can be carried. COVID-19 is the name of the coronavirus disease caused by a particular virus, so a tank car marked to display that it was carrying ‘COVID-
  10. Is it a bird ? not murphy, nor IRM. its IFM https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Iarnrod-Eireann-Tara-Mines-Wagons-x3-Murphy-Models-etc-Excellent-condition/264687533262?hash=item3da09b3cce:g:FqcAAOSw35ZehiK8
  11. WRENNEIRE you better order 10 of these, at that price youll be rich https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Lima-L305347-BR-mK1-Corridor-Composite-CIE-orange-black-mint-boxed-cond/264506709031?hash=item3d95d41427:g:0cMAAOSwE-9drfx7
  12. thats it...... Leo n gang saw this entire post and decided to lock us all away and confiscate Daves last face mask, as its the only one left in the whole of Ireland. 845pm,,,to-nite 27/3/2020 total shut down in Ireland for Cov-19,,,,, 9.05pm Garda arrive at notorious train robbery in Santry, 9.30 Dave arrested for hording IRM models, for having 30 boxes of cements. 10.30 pm dave released, Garda realise he will never do good behavior.
  13. whats this, stall of books at station?
  14. Hi George. even on farms where biodiversity flourish, some hedgerows have to be cut back. but the newspaper piece argued that due to destruction of nature, whats left is forced into tighter communities and virus cross between species, then wild animals get eaten , bought in wild meat markets and disease spreads. hence why we need to protect biodiversity as opposed to shooting all the crows, for a functioning natural environment, would have such problem so often as now a days. have just divided up my layout into many blocks, using nearly 100 Isolated tracks for current sensors, iso
  15. thanks , after reading the guardian article I sorta feel everyone gonna rush out and shoot crows, or worse, all the crows, so much biodiversity is lost, stuff that we could have used in global healthcare... even the amazing biodiversity of track side in the past century is gone, fires from locos, used to control vegetation and created a diverse transient flora, much of which is gone, what remains on old railways tends to be woodland flora in shade and gorse/furze or shrub in sun., the short term grassland meadows, filled with colorful annuals and biennials is gone. I notice irish rail
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