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    total allthingstrainmodelling newbee, on steep learning curve.
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  1. I was hoping for lenz type feedback decoders on your ESU sound decoders?, anyway, theres plenty of time so, for me to finish the block occupancy, all the turnout motors and the rest of my track work, I can wait as long as it takes for thats the story of my layout, with just two weeks off each winter to work on it, its all slow.
  2. this could be a bogus seller, no ebay shop exists for this, 'shop = trustdeal-for-you' New listing Murphy Models OO-gauge MM1533 Irish Cravens open coach in orange & black livery
  3. its so trains, i had to share this poster, I believe the 1881 coal miners strikes inspired the pennsylvania coal strikes, which in part lead to the establishment of the Trade Union movement of America and else where, especial;ly as so many Irish from Castlecomer ended up working in pennsylvania before the coal strikes. I did a google search for 'castlecomer mine and quarry union.pdf' nice page, includes great photo of mine with rail track. indeed it looks much like my layout today, now thta i am rewiring the power blocks into occupancy block and installing current dectors and more. the poster is from a 1912 coal strike, as it seems there were many strikes.
  4. skytv? other options for channel 5, use, button on right on top,
  5. I need advice please. is it better to allow the software to stop the train, or install the short isolated sections at each end of occupation blocks what are the best lay out options for automation of occupation blocks, to slow loco down and then stop them...other than driving the train to a sudden stop, what choices are there other than choices below? I can use any range of sensors, even mixed types depending, cant find one that does everything, infr-red suits some places, so, until i decide, i think its best if i cut or make isolation gaps on both rails and not return a common -, neg bluewire, instead, each occupation block will be on its own power block for ease of fault finding, , as my turnout layout allows 14 longer sections of rail, without any turnouts, 5 x these are over 8 feet, long , and some shorter ones, but as the shorter are on d slower sections of my lines, slowing and stopping wont be so 'lurchful'l for my passangers and cargos. so it to the longer sections i address hte question, is it better to allow the software to stop the train, or install the short isolated sections at each end of occupation blocks in particular, in option 3 with pic is my drawing correct. I am sub dividing up DCC power blocks into 'sensored tracks' occupancy blocks, and non sensored power blocks, In 'sensored tracks' occupancy blocks -- i intend stopping trains in exact positions, from the web, i seem to have options, number 3 below, I saw on youtube but cant find the video again....its my preferred choice, 1. measure track measure all carriages and loco, enter data to software. (i will do this for rakes i wont often be breaking) but kids use the layout, and they like 'breaking trains' 2. visual judgement where i can see the tracks (short trains) 3. installing short isolated tracks at ends of occupation blocks, , as per attached drawing, (mixed freight, passenger lines, where train lengths will be dynamic based on cargos collected enroute, and most likely will vary on each journey see attachmnet, the red marks are both rails-gapped sections, the two short occupied gapped sensor'ed blocks are where the train stops at either end. the middle section will have speed limit, if the train is due to stop in block. I referred to https://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=sensors, A helpful page, where i realise i need to describe above in terms of.. note: Three Sensors, = system like my drawing With three sensors, enter, pre2in and in, the train decelerates to V_mid4) at enter and to V_min at pre2in. If one sets V_min quite low (practical value: 10 kph), then the brake setting of the locomotive does have a limited influence only. All locomotives will stop quickly after arriving at in. This leads to the very exact stopping point. The divergence lies within clearly less than 1 cm!. In addition, the pre2in can be in a way abused to allow shorter trains an earlier stopping point: To achieve this the respective locomotives are set to "stop at pre2in" in the locomotives properties. Now for these locomotives the pre2in has the function of the in-sensor. Accordingly these locomotives decelerate to V_mid5) at enter and stop at pre2in. One Sensor, = If only one physical sensor is used - e.g., for cost reasons, or to hold the wiring expenditure low - this sensor is defined as enter2in. The physical sensor generates the enter-event and starts a timer which generates the in-event after its expiration. The train decelerates to V_mid6) at enter and if the timer is elapsed (in-event) it decelerates to a halt. The timer (event timer) is found in the Routes Dialogue of the block properties and is valid for all routes of the block equally. Moreover, the timer can be set individually for each locomotive in the Locomotive Details. For standard section blocks with low demands for a precisely reproduceable stopping point this is one very well applicable configuration. Even a stopping exactness of few centimetres can be achieved by fine adjusting of the locomotive decoders, in particular the deceleration time (CV4). However, it must be made sure that the train comes to a halt position within the block borders. If a more exact stopping point is desired, however, an own sensor for the in-event should be used. https://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php?id=sensors_and_blocks-en
  6. WaYSidE

    Project 42 Update

    re page 5, 'items sold out', may I ask, a simple question, is there a limit to how many of the same items one can buy? I got mine, but I ask cos maybe those with deep pockets bought so many container wagons or whatever sold out fast, that other loyal and regular buyers cant get them, should an upper quota be set?, clearly clubs and the like would get more. But if someone pops up on youtube with a rake of fifty and fithy more full boxes on shelves waiting to sell at some future date, is that not letting the side down? I fully understand the need to sell product to keep the show rolling, and it may look like either the finance or marketing team got the numbers wrong, (i said 'look like') yet it could all be down to a few buying so many, its unfair to everyone else.
  7. until
    SDMRC Model Railway Exhibition 2019 The popular Dublin Exhibition returns to Blackrock College this year hosted by South Dublin Model Railway Club. The show boasts a large selection of model railway, static and other modelling exhibits. Traders from across Ireland and the UK are onsite for visitors to make purchases · Hosted by South Dublin Model Railway Club www.facebook.com/events/blackrock-college/sdmrc-model-railway-exhibition-2019/340702606653580/
  8. Tender: 156704 - 7234 - MTU Powerpack Maintenance Services Publication date: 06-09-2019 Response deadline: 11-10-2019 12:00 Irish time Procedure: Iarnród Éireann - OJEU Negotiated Procedure (Electronic) Description: Iarnród Éireann (IÉ) operate a fleet of Intercity Railcars (Class 22000) which are fitted with MTU 6H1800 Powerpack Units. The 234 vehicle fleet are maintained in Portlaoise Railcar Depot. In 2013, a 7 year contract was awarded to the incumbent service provider and this agreement is due to expire in June 2020. The contract involves both on-site (running maintenance) and off-site (heavy maintenance) as well as the provision of warranty support. This procurement process is intended to result in a replacement contract award in advance of the expiry of the current agreement. A contract of 5 years duration (with an option to extend by a further 12 months) will be awarded. Buyer: Iarnród Eireann-Irish Rail
  9. WaYSidE

    Class 121

    my bags are packed with your trains In ireland, i am charged taxes on some importid items from USA, ,, charged by postperson at my door. wont a hard brexit mean Tarrifs on luxury items,? to UK, as there is to USA, NZ etc. but not to EU. as for vat in EU, intra EU Vat is only Zero rated to businesses who can reclaim on Vies and Vat return, if you are not vat registered, you pay Vat in EU. as do all private customers. there used to be vat re-claim but i think thats all gone, non EU, tourists can reclaim vat, on purchases made here, so bring large suitcase and ship home with air luggage for cheapest rates. I am willing to personally deliver them To you in USA, if you pay my fair, time and 3 weeks r n r in Washington state. i will even make irish accent station recordings for you at that price...
  10. why why not, ? indeed i'll have one of each please.
  11. 153439 - 7307 - MARKET SEGMENTATION RESEARCH Publication date: 01-07-2019 Response deadline: 31-07-2019 12:00 Irish time Procedure: Iarnród Éireann - Non OJEU Negotiated Procedure (Electronic) Description: Iarnród Éireann wishes to develop a detailed segmentation study aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour, characteristics and needs of Intercity rail customers and non-customers who travel to / from areas where Intercity rail could meet their needs. The research could include the following; • Identifying the core customer segments • Re-establish the size and potential value of the segments identified • Understand what affects each segments’ decision making process, motivations and barriers to use • Identification of products or services to suit the needs of each segment • Identify the most effective marketing and communications strategy for each segment • Identify areas of potential growth Buyer: Iarnród Eireann-Irish Rail
  12. its a watch, n glasses, use my phone to run trains
  13. while i can't critise the quality of your models, the new logo looks flat, the 'railway' white outlined text is very poor, and the entire logo takes up far too much web space, especially on tiny screens.
  14. until

    https://youtu.be/ObI_yv5qGtM if you cant wait try this wexford video
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