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    Fresh eYes.. ....Mid 50's with 5 kids from 8+ to over 20
    Living in southeast midlands.
    total allthingstrainmodelling newbee, on steep learning curve.
    interested in industrial history and a lot more, occasionally work on railsides and infrastructure as subbie


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    irish rail for now, used to have many more until santa brought the train set


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    parent, farmer, contractor, materials supplier & more.

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  1. At this price we will all be selling https://www.ebay.ie/itm/OO-Scale-Irish-Four-Wheel-Open-Plank-Wagon-MIOB-LIMA-305617W/153938542810?hash=item23d773c0da:g:4BkAAOSwPEhccmiQ €10.oo
  2. 168687 - 7498 - Infrastructure study for BEMU operation Publication date: 27-04-2020 Response deadline: 22-05-2020 12:00 Irish time Procedure: Iarnród Éireann - Non OJEU Negotiated Procedure (Electronic) Description: Iarnród Éireann - Irish Rail has a requirement for a consultancy service to provide all studies necessary to, and produce the cost estimate for 1. Life cycle costs of BEMU vehicles 2. Life cycle cost associated to BEMU operating infrastructure – battery charging system, sidings, turnouts, maintenance, etc Buyer: Iarnród Eireann-Irish Rail i suppose i can rip up two winters work of wiring my layout and get the IRM battery version of the new BEMU. no wires i did say in a post some years ago, we should all change to batter op' model rail ditch the wires and all
  3. NEW Lima L149437 Irish Class 201 Train Pack with 3 Coaches CIE Black & Orange
  4. Is This Train Car Carrying ‘COVID-19’? The facebook fake. "It's puzzling why more conspirators aren't caught when they operate so brazenly" by David Mikkelson Published 14 March 2020 https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/covid19-railroad-tankcar/ conclusion to page, david writes: Most obviously, a tank car labeled ‘COVID-19’ makes no sense, as COVID-19 is not a term that identifies a virus or any other physical thing that can be carried. COVID-19 is the name of the coronavirus disease caused by a particular virus, so a tank car marked to display that it was carrying ‘COVID-19’ would be akin to a package bearing a label indicating that it contained ‘DIABETES.’ In furtherance of an alleged conspiracy to spread the COVID-19 illness, the tank car would carrying not COVID-19 but the virus known as “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,” or SARS-CoV-2 for short.
  5. Is it a bird ? not murphy, nor IRM. its IFM https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Iarnrod-Eireann-Tara-Mines-Wagons-x3-Murphy-Models-etc-Excellent-condition/264687533262?hash=item3da09b3cce:g:FqcAAOSw35ZehiK8
  6. WRENNEIRE you better order 10 of these, at that price youll be rich https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Lima-L305347-BR-mK1-Corridor-Composite-CIE-orange-black-mint-boxed-cond/264506709031?hash=item3d95d41427:g:0cMAAOSwE-9drfx7
  7. thats it...... Leo n gang saw this entire post and decided to lock us all away and confiscate Daves last face mask, as its the only one left in the whole of Ireland. 845pm,,,to-nite 27/3/2020 total shut down in Ireland for Cov-19,,,,, 9.05pm Garda arrive at notorious train robbery in Santry, 9.30 Dave arrested for hording IRM models, for having 30 boxes of cements. 10.30 pm dave released, Garda realise he will never do good behavior.
  8. whats this, stall of books at station?
  9. Hi George. even on farms where biodiversity flourish, some hedgerows have to be cut back. but the newspaper piece argued that due to destruction of nature, whats left is forced into tighter communities and virus cross between species, then wild animals get eaten , bought in wild meat markets and disease spreads. hence why we need to protect biodiversity as opposed to shooting all the crows, for a functioning natural environment, would have such problem so often as now a days. have just divided up my layout into many blocks, using nearly 100 Isolated tracks for current sensors, isolation is a term i have been very familiar with all winter, what most dont understand about many farmers is we mostly isolate through the winter, and most were itching to get out to the land to plough, or whatever, but its been so wet. no we can, we cant really socialize and tel each other how crap a winter it was..
  10. thanks , after reading the guardian article I sorta feel everyone gonna rush out and shoot crows, or worse, all the crows, so much biodiversity is lost, stuff that we could have used in global healthcare... even the amazing biodiversity of track side in the past century is gone, fires from locos, used to control vegetation and created a diverse transient flora, much of which is gone, what remains on old railways tends to be woodland flora in shade and gorse/furze or shrub in sun., the short term grassland meadows, filled with colorful annuals and biennials is gone. I notice irish rail is sowing wildflowers back into some waste ground instead of spraying it.
  11. i am still shivering from the time i met you last year. it wasnt the mask
  12. 166887 - 7474 - Independent support for Hybrid Project Publication date: 16-03-2020 Response deadline: 03-04-2020 12:00 Irish time Procedure: Iarnród Éireann - Non OJEU Negotiated Procedure (Electronic) Description: As part of Iarnród Éireann’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing towards environmental sustainability for Ireland, we are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified independent specialist technical advisors to assist in a key engineering project relating to our existing fleet of Intercity Railcars. The project will see a number of new Euro Stage V, EU Directive 2016/1628/EU, MTU Powerpacks being retrofitted into the existing fleet of Intercity Railcars. In addition, the project will also see the retrofit and trial of three Hybrid Powerpacks in 2021. Both of these projects will result in a cleaner and greener passenger service which will not only reduce fuel consumption but will also reduce emissions considerably. The successful tenderer will provide independent technical advice and support during the design phase which will extend to the following; CAD drawing services; Validation of engineering designs (FEA, FEM etc.); Noise, vibration, torsional and modal analysis; Standards verification and approvals (TSI, EN, GM/RT etc.) The contract will commence in Q2 of 2020 and will continue throughout the acceptance and commissioning process during 2021. Buyer: Iarnród Eireann-Irish Rail
  13. It turns out the kids santi set had 3 hornby pullmans, if ever i get to bashing/making the models, this is one conversion i could see my self attempting. if only matching the colour.
  14. oh dear, lima has a charm, no fuss, great for kids, i addressed lima 'trainism' b4 in another post. rant rant rant. its like the modeller with the real scale prototype railroad in his garden, everything done in small scale and plastic to them is also plastic 'cr or what ever your having your self'. perspective. peace and love to lima. the only trains to run high speed when testing tracks, if they tumble, no damage ever. so poplar r lima i oncd stood in front of daves bray stand to find two lima lovers, n Dave and me, thats nearly a lima club!
  15. as, DCC block occupation wiring is nearly finished, as i look around the entire room and find i am 360 surrounded by wires, i think i run an earth (unattached to dcc) up the outside wall of house to stop near height of the window. but away from window,i dont know enough about electrics, but if i dont attract it, by installing earth , if it does hit, at least it has an outside route to ground, as opposed to the sockets if i dont connect it to anything, bar the wall, i can expect lightning to hit there before this monster model rail of a lightning collector goes bang. i live in a lightning active area in uplands, often when fork lightning down the valley, we have low cloud fill with sheet lightning. i have seen everything electric blue in misty clouds, house, cars trees, people covered in glow. maybe i take up origami instead.
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