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  2. The court of public opinion need not adjucate on the merits of a project so well executed with a quality thus demonstrated. A tour de force, methinks! The reality of the particular era these coaches were extant is recored in grainy and poor quality phoots with only text desrciptoins of what they may have looked like. To see a modern rendition of these, to me, breathes live into the past. They look fantastic, well done.
  3. I really like that chassis solution. Very clever in its execution - it should allow quite tight curves to be negotiated. I might borrow that idea for some 6 wheelers in the future. Lovely work as always. Ken
  4. Fantastic looking loco, David. Detailing is one of those elements that seems to take as long as the building itself. Well done.
  5. Correct - scaling is a very simple matter in AutoCad. Generating a file for printing would take slightly longer. Printhing time would be longer, but not excessively when compared with scratchbuilding. As per my workbench post, I commissioned an etch for the DWWR ballast wagons which cost for photo etch, metal (330 x 230mm), and shipping c. € 75 (4 wagons). A reprint of the same etch was € 27. So 8 wagons cost € 102. Add to that wheels, axle boxes, springs, and buffers to complete. Still not a bad price €12.75 per wagon etch? Ken
  6. I stand corrected....... I appear not to know what I'm talking about. I'll get my coat.
  7. It's very hard to see how rail freight could ever make a comeback in Ireland. The country is just too small & most goods are palletilsed and loaded / unloaded into containters or trailers at the manufacturers. It makes no sense then to drive that trailer / container to the nearest train station, wait to have it offloaded (including paperwork), load onto the train, wait for the scheduled departure & then reverse the process at the other end. It would take days, and when quite a lot of freight is moved on a "just in time" basis, waiting around for you local train just won't make the
  8. Murph, This site may be of use - http://www.norgrove.me.uk/points.html for building points. I know it's rivet & ply, but the track work would be similar. I found this very useful and a good tutorial. The area that took me some time to finalise was the stretcher holding the blades & tension necessary to keep the blade against the rail. I ended up using this technique which is simple to do and works quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXGEjuDhwhY&t=1s Hope this helps. Ken
  9. Thankfully they have done so to date!!! You know how it can be.....
  10. Wow, that sounds like my job every day!!!!
  11. That is a fine looking model and print quality is very good. Can you advise what printer you are using. I have used Shapeways in the past to print, but also to buy models designed by others and found the quality poor to shocking. Ken
  12. If it is a wagon plate it is most likely from a 12 Ton Open wagon, built in 1904 by Grand Canal St. Works. Ken
  13. Perhaps, these may help? 458 Class DSER 13'6" Covered Wagon Armoured Train DSER Goods Brake Latest to the Yard - DW&WR Ballast Wagon Happy New Year to you all.
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