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  1. Excellent stuff, as always Eoin. Glad you got to this as I have a few of these coaches to mke up & I was holding off until you posted more!!!
  2. Looking excellent, David. I have been steering away from those raised footplate details for the reasons you allude to. The most tricky I will attempt at the moment are the steped footplate detail with the curve between the two. Think GSR 670 Class. Just a quick note on the tab type retainer for the front footplate. I like this arrangement, however on 458 I ran into a problem when adding the hook to the buffer beam - it was impeded by the tab holding the chassis which needed a slot cut to allow the hook through. Bit difficutl to explain, but hopefully the photos may explain bette
  3. Excellent work David. Very tidy soldering - looking good. Always nice to get a good rolling chassis - great milestone in loco building.
  4. As Galteemore said, that's quite a bit of work. Vrey nice looking frames, and I'm very interested in the split frame idea. I have always made frames as a single unit to maintain strength, so I'll be watching this with interest. I note from your drawing, it appears the rasied frame under the smokebox is part of the front frame? I have tackled this in two ways in the past. For 458, frame extensions were added afterwards, which made for a large flat footplate to work with, whilst 670 was built with raised frames with infill pieces. Once things are complete it is very diffictult to tell
  5. Little bit more progress. Some finishing touches to the front building & roof. Link building for bridge developed, however bridge is still to be completed. Started playing around with some backscenes to help set the layout in a larger secene. LHS is quite good, however RHS water is too smooth & the wrong colour, so may look at other photos to fill this in. Bridge will be much lighter that originally designed, so I thought I would re-purpose another building made before. I figured the guys would like to get a drink after work, so added
  6. Puffers did make an occasional foray over to Ireland, and from recollection there is the remains of one over the Glaway direction. I had intended making a model of one, however I was gifted the drifter instead. It suits my purposes as a drifter was used as a supply ship for the Irish Navy in the 40's, (MV Shark) hence why it is making an appearance on Port Bréige. Scalescenes do a model of the Puffer which is quite detailed and would work for a static waterline model. It is in 4mm, however with judicious use of scaling on a printer, it may be possible in 7mm? If you want t
  7. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    As mentioned in the Port Bréige post, I needed some additional rolling stock for the port, so a quick and easy wagon would be an open, and one I was planning on making was the DSER 7 Ton mineral wagon. These were ex-private wagons bought (or rather sold by Parnell Quariesy) when the work dried up. 12 in total made it through to DSER, GSR nad on to CIE, so quite long lived. Photo courtsey of Shepherd & Beesley book on DSER. Drawing drafted up in CAD and cut files prepared. Cut, grooved and drilled two sets of frets on the mill to allow me make two. A min
  8. Some progress to report. LHS building is virtually complete, some snags to complete, but starting to look well. Re-purposed building got a face lift with new covering and red brick arches to blend in with the rest of the scene. The high roof will help to hide the back area over the sector plate. Another small building will be needed to tie the front scene to the rear using the bridge as a view block. Sea effect got some paint and a first coat of varnish - many more to go!! Bit more gloss over the pai
  9. That's a level of sagacity that must be admired, and in your case, appreciated! Looking good there.
  10. The photos were superb - this brings it to a whole new level. Fantastic!
  11. Ok, so a bit of progress. Some work done on the LHS building. Still more work to finish out the roof, etc. What does need work is the central column on the LHS buidling to accommodate the wider loading gauge; the point & track build makes the space for he front covered wagon too tight. Cutting the column back & recovering (thanks to being able to re-print the cover) solved the problem, howeever the doors will not fit - leaving them off is the easy solution! Sea detail is as per MarklinofSweeden (youtube) tutorial using PVA glue and toilet roll t
  12. I wondered if the Wharf micro layout possible in 21mm. It is!
  13. The brief discussion on micro layouts in the "Irish Models" section got me thinking. I rather liked that Canal Wharf micro layout by Scalescenes and decided to take a closer look at it https://scalescenes.com/product/ly02-canal-wharf-boxfile-layout/ and at £10 I though, why not? Question was, could it be done in 21mm - as it turns out, yes, and proves to be quite a shunting puzzle. The Scalescene layout in the box is of limited operational use, however they do recommend using a sector plate or traverser to provide some level of operation. I opted for the sector plate and incorporated i
  14. Seriously impressive work. The detail and accuracy in the cutting and filing is laudable. You must have fingers of steel - I have been cutting card recently & my fingers are aching!!! Well done.
  15. They do some very nice buildings - I have purchased quite a few of their models over time & while they take some time to make up, they are very well put together & look quite convincing. They have two micro layouts; an industrial layout and the dockscene you mentioned. https://scalescenes.com/product/ly01-industrial-boxfile-layout/ https://scalescenes.com/product/ly02-canal-wharf-boxfile-layout/ Good value, and once you purchase the files, you can print them off as may times as you like, so those building could be use in different scenes. I would imagine with
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