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  1. Very nice details there, Tony. This layout has really matured into a show piece. I really like the small details such as the spare crossing vee in the yard, etc. Well done. Ken
  2. Looking good David. Getting the right finish to the ballast / ash / clinker is more difficult that it first appears, however once done really finishes a layout! I have a lot to do with my layout to settle the ballast down, but your comments above give some good ideas. Ken
  3. Hmmm.......If this is correct, I may need to change the detail, as my modelling era is 20's to 40's. I have some photos of the signal boxes further down the line which I can use to modify the model. Thanks Guys - this info is much appreciated and helps with accuracy. I'm getting very used to the track guage - it just looks right, although not without its challenges. Ken
  4. Was doodling with the signal box earlier, but there is still a lot of work needed. Windows have been made up in brass & will need paiinting before fitting. Corner trims will also be needed to finish the look. Nothing has been done on the platforms, but that will probably follow fixing the signal box in place. That way platform fiinsh will dress into the building without seam lines. Got a little work done over the weekend; not much, but getting some trees in is starting to help the barren look. Footbridge piers to be made to dress the bridge & scenery together. I may open that end to allow for a sliding fiddle yard for display purposes. Looking back to the station with 495 & the goods wagons. 423 with a goods train to set the scene. A lot more scenery needed to blend the foreground into the backscene. Trees are very bright green and will need toning down to look a little more realistic. Coming together nicely though! More as time permits Ken
  5. Hello All, Would anyone know what colour station trim such as windows, doors, facia / soffits, bridge & railing ironwork, etc would be? Any thoughts? Ken
  6. Lovely looking model and the valve gear looks great. Flange depth on wheels is rather deep though. How is it driven - I don't see any gears on the loco. Is it tender driven, or by chance is it driven through the valve gear? Ken
  7. Ok - so a lot later. Work getting in the way of modelling so have only made a little progress. Track has been ballasted, however ti does need some tidying up. Scenery has been cut from packing material - closed cell type plastic material - don't know the name, but it is a spongy material and was cut with a fret saw to give some profiling. Static grass added & glue is still drying, which explains the white undertones. Station bridge just sitting on timber blocks for the moment to get a feel for how the revised station backdrop will look. Gap in the scenery at the end to allow insertion of bridge stone work - the gap can then be dressed into it. Veiw back to the station. View back towards the pedestrian bridge end. Toning & colouring of the grass needed to blend together. Overhead view. Platforms have been added, but apart from stone edging, there is very little work done here. Signal box to be constructed to set the bridge in place, so hopefully can make some headway into this over the coming period. More as time permits. Ken
  8. This is certainly an alternative if your up to it?? PS - I recommend you wear welding gauntlets.........
  9. Yes, yes.........that's what I'm doing at the moment with my layout - Visualising.........just imagining what it wouild look like, if I ever got a chance to do some work.........☺️
  10. Coming from the engineering perspective, I much prefer If it aint broke, it doesn't have enough features!
  11. A little more progress on the layout. Think I have the point rodding sorted - albeit after a few "doh" moments; angle cranks the wrong way around! Short siding catch point picked up. All connections brought back to the signal box. Added a few rods and cranks for the points on the North end of the station which adds a little interest. Detail of the rodding back to the platform ope where the signal box will be including the completed platform bridge. Made a start on signal wheels at the signal box end. May leave the signal end until I get some signals installed. Next up will be platforms & then ballasting, Starting to take shape! More later. Ken
  12. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    So, Corrected the problem with stopping short with the rods, they now run to the end. A floor added and back section connected. The DSER bridges have an interesting support which runs clear of the underside and then turn up at an angle to the top rail. Adds a nice touch. Trial positioning with some timber blocks for now. I haven't detailed the back cut - a few lines on the backscene will probably suffice. Back scene for this area will be prototype photos (hopefully). Got to work on the footbridge at the other end. This is the same structure as the platform bridge, so I'm not going to go through the construction details. A quick shot with 495 and a few wagons to set the scene!!
  13. Hello John, I work quite a bit in brass & bought the RP Toolz Photo Etch Bending Tool - see link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RP-Toolz-18cm-long-Photo-etch-bender-tool-RPT18/192932372777?hash=item2cebaa6129:g:HUcAAOSwNndctxPi For working with etch kits they really are essential - it is possible to do with a vice and steel rules etc, but that can get tedious and not always so accurate. They are pricey but do provide the crisp edges you are looking for, and make the difference in kit building. Hope that helps. Ken
  14. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    As mentioned in the layout section for Wicklow South, I intend to use the two footbridges to enclose the scene. The main footbridge over the platforms and a smaller one spanning the single line further south from the station. DSER constructed very similar footbridges along their network and for quite a few they were integrated with the signal box - meant only one stairs rather than two, so a certain element of fiscal efficiency. Prototype take recently. Rather that make the sides by soldering individual pieces together, I decided to draw up a plan for the base side in CAD & use the mill to cut out. It also made it easier to drill the uprights for the horizontal rods which will be much more accurate using CNC than by hand. The sides were cleaned up and t-section added top and bottom which soldered joints on the inside. Front side was kept clean with some rivets added. The uprights were a little fiddlier as threading through 6 no. 0.5mm brass rods took a some time being sure not to deform the uprights. It was worth the effort, as when uprights were soldered into position top & bottom, we ended up with this, which is starting to look good. Alas, I stopped too short with the rods as I was thinking the last section tucks into the signal box - it doesn't, so I'll have to amend that bit before ti gets to the model. More as time permits. Ken
  15. Transport box suggests movement. Could we see Barrow St. displayed somewhere in the not too distant future??? Ken
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