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  1. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    My understanding is that it was only finished in works grey and never got a coat of paint. From the few photos I seen, it only ever appears to be in unmarked works grey. I kept the chassis dark, as this came from one of the DSER tanks (No. 64) which was quickly plated in the works to work the train. The wagos appear to be standard DSER 13'6" box wagons with some plated added. There does not appear to be much information on this train, so it's the best interpreation I can come up with. BTW, many thanks to all for their likes and comments. Ken
  2. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Bit of weathering done & loads added to the flat wagons. Few more details & we should be there. I kinda figured that the loco would not last too long in works grey so dialled up the dirt on the loco. Material on the wagons is just a random load of timber, sleepers, chairs, chains etc.
  3. Thanks Eoin, that method would work & could be done quite quickly. May redo the connection on the 458 as it looks a bit poor. Ken
  4. Anyone know where to get a 4mm scale fitting for the steam pipe connection to the smokebox as per the image below. It is basically a cast elbow connecting the pipe from the cab to the smoke box. Difficult to do with brass pipe as it kinks when bending to such a tight bend. Thanks in advance. Ken
  5. KMCE

    Class 458 Build

    458 got a lick of paint whilst painting was on the go. Photos really do show up some items that need some attention. Although it does not show up very well in the photos, I have started weathering lightly with the airbrush to take the edge of the new paint and to tone down soem areas. Ready for some washes & weathering powders to get that lived in look. More as time permits. Ken
  6. Funny that - I've been using Vallejo Panzer Dark Grey for locos recently - comes up a nice dark grey with a blueish tint as if rubbed with oily rags. Add a bit (a lot) of weathering & you start getting to that level of filth @jhb171achillis rather fond of
  7. I'm just going to leave this here....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWs4WA--eKU&t=1s
  8. David, Seriously impressive detail, and I'm with you on the "should I mould & cast" as I thought the same with the wagons on the armoured train. I ended up making both from brass, and perhaps it worked out better as there is a much better weight in the wagons. These will make (already are) very impressive wagons - well done. Ken
  9. Jonathan, Many thanks for that - great help,. It will be back to the paint shop however, as I painted the ends & roof black Ken
  10. @jhb171achill - Been searching through the archive here to get information on GSR Coaches in the 30's and this seems to be the most comprhensive I have found thus far. I am finishing out an ex GSWR 6 Wheel all third and have gone for the deep maroon colour, but now need to look at lining. Any advice on what lining this type of coach would have hadi, if any? Im assuming by this time, these would have been relegated to branch lines, and possibly commuter routes, so may not have been as "aesthetically pleasing" as mainline stock? An assistance would be greatly appreicated
  11. Very nice buffer beam & I like the safety chain detail. That rivet press is an impressive looking tool. Makes my Kettering model look like a toy!!. Ken
  12. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    So, finally made it to the paint shop. Have to confess, painting is not my favourite part of this hobby. Having said that, I think the results are not too bad. Wagons got W-irons replaced with SSM compensated units as I could not seem to get the wagon to sit level with the RCH units from Scalefour shop. These units will also not take 14mm wheesl, while the SSM can with a little bit of tweaking on the compensated axle. Springs, axle boxes, brakes and sprung coupling hooks added to finsh the wagons. Loco got vacuum pipes and sprung coupling hook. The intention is to run this as a
  13. I generally follow your work out of a morbid sense of curiousity Seriously though - looking good, and it is a nice sense of satisfaction in creating something from nothing! Wagons are coming together nicely, however I suspect there is some work to go - I find you make great progress initially and then things slow down as the detail starts to build. Quick query on your axles - are you splitting & sleeving to get the "correct gauge"? I may need to do this now as i have ran out of 28mm axles, and cannot remeber where I got thiem from. Have loads of 26mm, so may sp
  14. KMCE

    Brake vans

    Excellent brake David, a masterclass in understated excellence. The lettering is nicely done - are you doing by hand, or stencil? Ken
  15. Jonathan, Good to meet you too & many thanks for your kind comments. Comments such as those expressed here and in other posts, provide considerable encouragement - thanks to all who have liked & commented. Ken
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