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  1. The Waverly does get about. Some years ago she operated off the East Coast and was operating tours from Wicklow down towards Arklow. Very nice ship!
  2. Seriously impressive fiddle yard David. Great ideas & some eclectic collections not seen elsewhere. I agree with the sentiment regarding building yourself. The realisation you can build it if you can't buy it, really opens up the older eras of the hobby. Well done & keep up the good work.
  3. Large Eire sign in Dalkey. One of many found around Ireland during the really dry spell back in 2018. Die back of vegetation due to drought highlighted these signs which date back to the "emergency". Their purpose was to provide a guide to flyers who may be "temporarily unaware of their location" particularly returning from atlantic escort duties, or to dissuade errant Luftwaffe bombing missions. Quite impressive from the air & clearly visible (on good days anyway!)
  4. Lovely looking locomotive, that said, I do have a soft spot for the 2-4-2 tanks. Really like the checkrail details on the crossover - very realistic.
  5. Whilst not exactly RTR, with some 3D modelling (should read a lot of modelling) and 3D printing, it is possible to develop a basic 45' straight, and a B6 point. Developed to P4 standards with the 1:20 incline inwards using code 75 bullhead rail results in this: Points proved to be a tricker prospect. Ensuring gauge widening, check rails, crossng vee and closure rails was a little more difficult. Easy to print a continuous line through the vee, but more challenging to get the vee in place, soldered without damaging the sleepers below. The compromise was to prin
  6. KMCE


  7. The court of public opinion need not adjucate on the merits of a project so well executed with a quality thus demonstrated. A tour de force, methinks! The reality of the particular era these coaches were extant is recored in grainy and poor quality phoots with only text desrciptoins of what they may have looked like. To see a modern rendition of these, to me, breathes live into the past. They look fantastic, well done.
  8. I really like that chassis solution. Very clever in its execution - it should allow quite tight curves to be negotiated. I might borrow that idea for some 6 wheelers in the future. Lovely work as always. Ken
  9. Fantastic looking loco, David. Detailing is one of those elements that seems to take as long as the building itself. Well done.
  10. Correct - scaling is a very simple matter in AutoCad. Generating a file for printing would take slightly longer. Printhing time would be longer, but not excessively when compared with scratchbuilding. As per my workbench post, I commissioned an etch for the DWWR ballast wagons which cost for photo etch, metal (330 x 230mm), and shipping c. € 75 (4 wagons). A reprint of the same etch was € 27. So 8 wagons cost € 102. Add to that wheels, axle boxes, springs, and buffers to complete. Still not a bad price €12.75 per wagon etch? Ken
  11. I stand corrected....... I appear not to know what I'm talking about. I'll get my coat.
  12. It's very hard to see how rail freight could ever make a comeback in Ireland. The country is just too small & most goods are palletilsed and loaded / unloaded into containters or trailers at the manufacturers. It makes no sense then to drive that trailer / container to the nearest train station, wait to have it offloaded (including paperwork), load onto the train, wait for the scheduled departure & then reverse the process at the other end. It would take days, and when quite a lot of freight is moved on a "just in time" basis, waiting around for you local train just won't make the
  13. Murph, This site may be of use - http://www.norgrove.me.uk/points.html for building points. I know it's rivet & ply, but the track work would be similar. I found this very useful and a good tutorial. The area that took me some time to finalise was the stretcher holding the blades & tension necessary to keep the blade against the rail. I ended up using this technique which is simple to do and works quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXGEjuDhwhY&t=1s Hope this helps. Ken
  14. Thankfully they have done so to date!!! You know how it can be.....
  15. Wow, that sounds like my job every day!!!!
  16. That is a fine looking model and print quality is very good. Can you advise what printer you are using. I have used Shapeways in the past to print, but also to buy models designed by others and found the quality poor to shocking. Ken
  17. If it is a wagon plate it is most likely from a 12 Ton Open wagon, built in 1904 by Grand Canal St. Works. Ken
  18. Perhaps, these may help? 458 Class DSER 13'6" Covered Wagon Armoured Train DSER Goods Brake Latest to the Yard - DW&WR Ballast Wagon Happy New Year to you all.
  19. Very nice. Beading is one of those things that sounds easy but in reality is very difficult to achieve cleanly. I really like the former idea - that would be a big help, but may need some fine tuning for tank locos. I may try that on my next loco as it will elimnate a lot of questionable vocabulary!! Boiler bands are another one of those "sure how hard could it be?" details that take quite a bit of time to get right. Very well done, as i know how much work goes into this type of detailling.
  20. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Very good idea. For context the €1 coin is the same diameter as a £1 Coin. Hopefully this puts it in perspective? Ken
  21. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    OK.. As alluded to above, the strap detail for the ends was too light to remove and tidy without distortion, so I fashioned straps from 1mm brass with rivets added. This allowed me to complete the ends and move on. The prototype has a nice metal retainer holding the sides on which was shaped up from 0.5mm wire, however the end loops are a little oversize, but should look OK from a distance. More of an effect than strict adherence to prototypical. Buffers were turned down from old loco axles which were too short for 21mm gauge which rendered the short buffers rathe
  22. KMCE

    KMCE's Workbench

    Well the Christmas project has commenced, and progressed rather nicely. There are some problems with small elements of the detail which became apparent as I built; nothing major, but if I order another etch, I will make some changes. First up, axle holes were reamed out to take waisted point bearings for the axles. Rivets were punched through using the holes as guides. Then began the fold up of the side of the chassis which is where the first gotcha showed up. I didn't allow for the final wrap aound on the chassis ends to close the box - not a
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