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  1. I bought bullhead rail a year ago just for this possibility of Irish broad gauge track -- 3-D printed or laser-cut sleepers. So looking forward to your testing and development.
  2. You might want to subscribe to the Groups.io discussion lists for OOn3 and also IrishThreeFoot. The group has a list of past articles in the "files" section. Alan Gee has published a good number of articles about his Donegal OOn3 layouts and how he constructed locomotive models. If you're not already subscribing to New Irish Lines, too, you'll definitely want to.
  3. Thank you -- the email address helps. Query sent to the gentleman. Now for a Schull & Skibbereen locomotive in 15mm scale....
  4. Would any readers know if Atropos Models still is producing large-scale kits of Schull & Skibbereen coaches and other Irish narrow gauge stock? The last reference I can find is an 11-year-old address at the 16 MM Association's list of vendors: 23, The Drive, Swinfen, Lichfield WS14 9QT U.K Also, did (or does) Atropos Models offer any Irish locomotive kits?
  5. M I believe most modellers of Irish narrow gauge do O 21mm gauge or OOn3 / 12mm gauge. https://groups.io/g/00n3modellers and https://groups.io/g/IrishThreeFoot. An Irish RTR narrow gauge locomotive in OOn3 would serve a noticeable range of available rolling stock kits. The OO9 Society offers a Tralee & Dingle cattle van kit in the members' store and Dundas Models offers several TDLR kits in both OOn3 and OO9. The comparable Nine Lines kits for County Donegal Railway Joint Commission vans in OOn3/OO9 are no longer being produced. Locomotive kits exist, but are hard to
  6. Four factors for a maker to consider: -- Sometimes an offering, well-researched and well-planned, then well-advertised (possibly by free word-of-mouth), creates or expands marketplace demand by attracting new interest. What changed in Ireland and the Irish diaspora between the advent of ready-to-run models in the UK, Continent, and U.S. during the 1950s and the advent of small-batch kit-makers in the 1970s-1980s, then Murphy Models, Irish Railway Models? -- Niche markets are only sustainable if potential buyers act upon their interests, or are able to act. Good intentions but no
  7. The Pullman Society of the U.K's newsletter PULLMAN No. 55 (July-August 2020), pages 5-11, includes an article about the four Irish Pullman coaches. Drawings of an Irish Pullman's side, end, and floorplan -- with numerous exact measurements -- appear on pages 6 and 7. A number of the photos in the article date from 1926 or shortly after and show the original as-delivered paint scheme with PULLMAN across the letterboard (including a coach being lifted onto the ferry boat for shipment to Ireland). The GSR Pullman coaches were wider than English and a few feet difference in length. So a
  8. Personally, I'd enjoy a rake of GSR Pullman coaches, to scale and exact in detail. Worsley Works makes etched brass sides as "scratch-aids."
  9. You might want to set up a poll for subscribers to vote. Maybe set up a few category questions for the first round: what time periods (1850-1879, 1880-1900, 1901-25, etc); major companies; major or popular locomotive classes for each railway. You might also want to survey for desired scale: 4mm, 7mm, 15mm.
  10. NorthWallDocker


  11. One could possibly determine the "dwell time" for the IRM web boards from Google Analytics -- and more probably from the IRM web board's "dashboard" for administrators. Usually, there's a calculated graph that shows the number of viewers per time period (a day, a month) that fit within durations. You can figure out who's reading, who stumbled accidentally and looked for a few moments, and "false hits." I'm near Chicago, so I'd be curious to learn of any modellers of Irish railways who are anywhere in the Midwestern U.S., or anywhere in Canada or the U.S. I've seen references to someone
  12. I'd definitely buy two 7mm J26 models in 36.75 gauge.
  13. @Majesitc_Trains: I <think> I have an extra new, unused locomotive in green, and possibly an extra coach. I'm in the States near Chicago. Feel free to send me a private message if you might be interested. I haven't considered selling the extra locomotive, but would be happy to look for what I have and consider selling it to you. Gents have been similarly helpful to me. If you're in Ireland, you might also want to ask @WRENNEIRE.
  14. @Robert ShrivesPlease post in the future if Wayne is able to experiment in producing Irish broad gauge (21mm) sleepers to thread rail, even if it's only straight or flex track for a start. There were 33 persons who responded to the survey (50 percent) who chose "yes, definitely," and another 19 expressed interest. That could lead to kits for regauging some of the RTR models to broad gauge.
  15. @RobertRocheFollowing up on my brief comments on FB -- I'd certainly be interested in at least one or two. Thank you for all your design labor and effort; wonderful talent. I wish I could learn this wonderful skill you possess. Perhaps you might consider how such an intricate structure could be easily harmed in shipment or handling. You might want to consider interchangeability for variations, too. Maybe consider these suggestions: -- separate the legs and their upper connecting frame (below the deck) into one piece; -- maybe curve the handrails and latticework for the crossw
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