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  1. I know that this company local to me ships international - https://www.trainsetsonly.com/ they have no store only a warehouse I think, but they are listed as a dealer for ESU products and it maybe because of Covid-19 that stocks are low, at the moment so it maybe worth keeping an eye on them to see if they get more over the next few months. They did have more items on the website than they have right now
  2. Finally after waiting since my order was dispatched on June 17th timeframe, they finally arrived today. I actually thought I was not getting them.
  3. @Noel Actually since I posted, I did reach out to Wheeltappers and I was advised on the DCC decoders, I will be wanting to get them for my locomotives and I will look at slowly getting them but I am trying to get them here in the US, the issue is that the North American market have a different DCC decoder that is available in Europe and hence I have to get anything in the US re-blown and I can get the files from them. I was trying to see what the difference is as I was provided the part numbers for the European ones but of course, I cannot locate them here in the US. I am still wondering, what is the difference between the US and the European ones and I will need to work with Wheeltappers once I get some. I am not sure the way things are going if this will be this year when I start this or next year. I was actually looking again last night on sound decoders as I cannot just go to my local store as they advised they do not carry them but i have to meet the owner to confirm as they are listed as a store you can buy them on the ESU website. Later all Mark
  4. Cool if they developed a DCC sound decoder for this, support it would require a exact replica to be made of the real one to record the sounds from.. Well they did make a couple of locos in the UK like Tornado so who knows what the future will bring...
  5. @DiveController thanks dude, I was looking at the Peco gauges and I am going to get them, I may have to get them on Amazon but we shall see, must get some track and get a plan together. From what you and Murrayrec have advised, I may stick with going 67mm between the rails.
  6. @DiveController may have a point but this year is the year where I am finally trying to get a layout together. Got my room finished where it is going so I am hoping to get to the store this weekend and get me some plywood. Still one can hope that a Big Boy will arrive...
  7. @Garfield Yeah the Athearn would have been the one that I was targeting but with the 121's and I pulled the trigger on the sound decoders for them, and I want to get a couple of more A classes, plus I am going to try and get sound decoders for them also, and other items as well as trying to get my layout started this weekend, I can't do it this time round, but the Big Boy gets released every few years so I will hopefully then get one at some point. For now, trying to get as much Irish stuff as I can.
  8. Well I was hoping for a Big Boy model this year but it is beyond me, especially at the price for this Trix $1,000 model, but the detail is awesome -
  9. Lol I am in the same boat, except I use my credit card and she has her own so she does not know exactly how much I have spend on models over the years... I got away so far with murder on that
  10. @Warbonnet is there any chance of paying off every so often for the full rake? To pay back in a short period of time that would be.
  11. Found out that the distribution centers here in the US are operating on 50% capacity at the moment. To get something quick to the US would need to be dispatched 1st class.... uggghhh not sure how much that would be but it is like strange as I have a delivered 201 last week that was like normal expected time to be delivered, unless I was lucky on that one...
  12. What the heck? What were the Royal Mail up to? Nuts dude. I hope that you get your order delivered. On a positive note, I did get a 071 from DC kits delivered without tracking 2 and a half to 3 weeks after it was shipped, it turned up on my door about 3 weeks ago.
  13. What is really getting me mad is I am being given "incorrect information" is the nice way I am putting it. My local post office telling me that, it is held at customs, and now on I reached out to them on a PM on Twitter and I am told "there is a large backlog at our distribution center in CT, and to please wait a little longer". I am still being fed more garbage, " it could be a barcode issue that is causing the delay", I think I need to give someone a good yelling at so lets wait until morning and see what happens.. Someone at USPS may get an unpleasant call. It takes a lot to get me mad, but being fed "incorrect information" only makes me worse. I have had a 201 shipped after the guinness wagons and that 201 was delivered last week, with another 201 that is somewhere between New York and Chicago but that shows movement in the right direction.. for now... @DiveController dude, I am sorry that you are also waiting for yours. I hope once yours get shipped you do not suffer the same problems that I am having at the moment with mine
  14. And almost a month later after they arrived at the US east coast.. still no movement and USPS are as useful as a pain in the head.... the wait continues...
  15. I heard late July or start of August and if that is the case, any day now..
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