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    Left Ireland to marry my now American wife, buying a house and want to bring my collection from Ireland and set it up over here. It is in good hands at home so no fear of it


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  1. Hi everyone, I am curious to know anything in relation to pricing. And idea as a rough guess when we can order? I am prepping to place an order for a couple of the A's. My heart is set to get 4 of them as a min but I also am looking to see besides the 121 what else is on the cards for release this year. We are spoilt today for choice and thanks to everyone for all efforts to bring products to the market. If it was mentioned here in the past, I am sorry, been a rough week at work, 8 hours sleep since Monday night and boss told me rest until the morn. Joy world of IT. Mark
  2. I think if Hornby were to go, it would have a huge impact on the hobby. They have produced some lovely models through the years. I for one would hate to see them go under. Besides looking to see what news on models from IRM, I also make sure each year to check out and see what Hornby have on offer when they announce their new releases for the year. Were they technically the first company to have a form of DCC with the Zero 1?
  3. If anyone that missed it and has a chance to view it online and using a VPN (for outside UK), you maybe able to watch it if you missed it, https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00030wh/james-mays-big-trouble-in-model-britain-episode-1
  4. https://www.ebay.ie/sch/andy13052004/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= a lot of items here, 141s and 181s and other bits as well as UK
  5. Interesting line on the description, "This is an opportunity to get your hands on a very unusual, highly collectable piece of model locomotive history that appears to be sold out everywhere", Locomotive???
  6. Came across this on facebook, had to find it on youtube.... at Heuston station
  7. Congrats to all at IRM/Accurascale. well done to all.
  8. I would love another run of Ivory with Irish Cement logo but them Slate Greys would look as nice... dying to see what the result is from this one
  9. Being curious, how many votes per item would you need to consider another run?
  10. Hi Fran, Just wondering in relation to the Ploughs if there is an update on the decoders for them? Mark
  11. mmie353

    Vote for IRM!

    Done and interesting when you can use different IP addresses for voting........ only saying!!
  12. HI Fran, When will it be on the website on the new model announcements? Sorry but due to location, I will not be able to attend. Thanks, Mark
  13. Stumbled across this from 1967 from Charleville to Patrickswell -
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