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  1. A couple of pictures of Big Boy.
  2. I have noticed that while trying to view some of my older orders on IRM, that the items details for what was on that order, is missing. It seems to have for orders that were placed before 2019. I am only wondering if this is to be expected or if there is going to be a fix for i?
  3. Did the 46% Nitrogen (Urea) bag pallets have more in weight than the normal bags like the 10-10-20 and the 0-7-30? I remember as a teen them having more weight per bag, and also the pallets may have been a little bigger than the normal ones? If there is an option for pallets, would these be considered? I am not sure who produced them, something tells me it may have been IFI. Did the ferts also transport the huge bags? There was 4 of them on a pallet as well as an option other than the smaller bags. There was another bigger bag option available to farmer that was also on a pallet, specifically in the 90s
  4. As the Chicago area is popular enough for Irish to visit, an interesting development I noticed on the Big Boy tour is coming to the Chicagoland area, so I will be trying to pop up to see her in all her glory in July: https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm In case by any chance anyone else will be in the Chicagoland area about the 27th of July, is when she will be about 45 minutes west of O'Hare airport. It seems to be furthest east that she will be coming as after the few days she is in this area, she seems to be making her way west again.
  5. I would be interested in getting a few myself as I would like to add to my stock but with the 121 coming this year and I still wanna order more A class locos, it's a rough year for the credit cards but for the models coming out, for sure is exciting.
  6. Seems a slight update on Murphy's website
  7. In case anyone is coming to Wisconsin in early July, http://www.internationaltoytrainexpo.org/
  8. Is it possible to run it in DC rather than DCC as a test? If it does not run correctly in DC then it will not work correctly with a DCC decoder in it, that should tell you if the decoder or the loco is at fault
  9. Wish she was coming to Illinois... https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm
  10. It is not right, he has done so much for the Irish RTR market with his fantastic models, I am thankful for all his efforts and also anyone that is able to bring Irish RTR models to the market. I bet it is a lot more difficult than what people may think. Without him we would not have had the fantastic baby GMs, 201s, 071s, cravens and mk2s and the upcoming 121's give the man a break.
  11. For the bundle deal, how does one place the order for that? Man I was thinking nah on the slate Grey but man those pics of that livery, has me thinking..
  12. mmie353

    Project 42 Update

    Hi everyone, I am curious to know anything in relation to pricing. And idea as a rough guess when we can order? I am prepping to place an order for a couple of the A's. My heart is set to get 4 of them as a min but I also am looking to see besides the 121 what else is on the cards for release this year. We are spoilt today for choice and thanks to everyone for all efforts to bring products to the market. If it was mentioned here in the past, I am sorry, been a rough week at work, 8 hours sleep since Monday night and boss told me rest until the morn. Joy world of IT. Mark
  13. I think if Hornby were to go, it would have a huge impact on the hobby. They have produced some lovely models through the years. I for one would hate to see them go under. Besides looking to see what news on models from IRM, I also make sure each year to check out and see what Hornby have on offer when they announce their new releases for the year. Were they technically the first company to have a form of DCC with the Zero 1?
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