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  1. What the hell is this ? German WWII smoking Haus for soldiers of Dubious morals?
  2. I'll do up a short 50 Minute you tube video on fitting this if it suits folks.
  3. Wow look a the white band going over the raised details not even a bit of overspray, Remarkable.
  4. head up if you like! Just over Dundrum heading north.
  5. Sweet , Normally anything in a Fancy box does not last too long on my house but this one surely will! Looks Fab BTW.
  6. Cheatline done, Was worried this would bit come off giving the Curves, Lumps and bumps, Used a Pencil on a Square and ran it around the hull to get consistent height, but it has turned up very nice indeed , Very happy, used anthracite grey instead straight black.
  7. Hull Grey and the Red done, The Masking lines for the Black cheatline is done also so at Lunchtime I will start to mask this up, Should make it pop then. Test Fitting of a lot of the deck bits also. Looking the bizz now! Hopefully on the water at the end of next month! Bit below the bow are from the Albatross which came to Grief Tuesday night due to Receiver issue. took off and then nosed in from 30FT. Shame as it was a lovely Flyer and Parkzone don't do them anymore but I will have to replace this as it was me Dads one! Dynam do a slightly bigger one. Hope he wont notice.
  8. Thats Frans one! just making sure it runs ok for him They must do Ping Pong At lunchtime with that table!
  9. Way too short Noel! top work though.
  10. thing is I have to plan a Track bed in there too Eoin with anyone noticing!!
  11. Hi Lads, The Finishing line is coming up soon I hope unless the misses pushes me to lay a patio out the garden but we are in situ now for 20 years and never seemingly needed one till now. In Ireland we would use it for about 3 days I expect a year so complete waste of good cold cash, Pond enlargement would be better! Anyhow a quick visit to Halfords last weekend before another a climb of Ireland highest mountain and which was Probably my 3rd retail visit over the past 8 months was taken to get some primer for the hull this was sprayed on and any blemishes dealt with. Next was the Pre Shading of black and white to take the boring flat grey scape off of the hull. another cost of the Red needs to be done yet but took her out in the natural light to see what needed to be done and the pics below are the results. This was all done by Airbrush. A Badger 155 Anthem I have had for years. Looking up at O'Sheas Gully Looking at the trail up from Cronins yard. Onthe way down the Zig Zags.
  12. No idea I expect Weld as Super glue would of clouded the glazing?
  13. Halfords do rattle can primer white and grey.
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