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  1. https://www.museumsassociation.org/find-an-object/object-detail/?id=17ceee4f-51fb-eb11-b76a-00155d079965 Handy to make a few quid for Train BNB
  2. It works for us pretty well over the last while, just a bit of Bad luck you got caught in the Strike. Don't give up bud! Could be worse and stuck in a ship in a canal somewhere
  3. Good Stuff , We were waiting for those Slash hooks for ages!! Bout time!
  4. Fair play for waiting about for an LMS yoke tp appear. Never liked the Scots TBH.
  5. Nothing to do with me! If you moved with DB Schenker I could of pulled a few Strings Two chances of that, I don't even get a poxy discount on the trains.
  6. I trialled that with my steamers, no go, The diesels were fine but the Steam locos did not look good.
  7. Some nice Gift ideas here if you have any coin left after all the new stuff, I have the Fermoy Viaduct one and pretty nice it is too. Two for you Dubs. https://www.harrisartanddesignstudio.com/postersofireland/posters-of-ireland-range-posters-of-dublin-city-pearse-railway-station-poster-by-gerard-harris https://www.harrisartanddesignstudio.com/postersofireland/posters-of-ireland-range-howth-tramline-poster-by-gerard-harris One for the NI Lads https://www.harrisartanddesignstudio.com/postersofireland/craigmoreviaductbygerardharris-32 One for the Cork Boys https://www.harrisartanddesignstudio.com/postersofireland/fermoyrailwaystationbygerardharris-18 Wicklow lads:
  8. "Maybe someone in customs don't understand the parcel labelling properly or do not like Hattons parcels" Customs don't to the Customs entry, it would be the guys in An Post to input the details and send it down to Revenue for the Duty and Taxes. What An Post do is put into their data into their entry, Send it to the customs system which then will calculate the costs and return the Vat and Duty costs. Rubbish in Rubbish out.
  9. Hi folks, IRM Going from Strength to strength it seems! I never saw these in the Flesh so to speak so would these 3 packs (1-2-3) be run together in a Rake? Would the Driving trailer also be pulled in the rake by a 111 Class? Where would the Similar Lima Liveried coaches fit in with these?
  10. It Certainly is until the time you turn around after getting distracted by her indoors and just after sticking the Decoder in and say 'Now where did I put that roof" !!!
  11. "What I've never seen but would be a nice addition to DCC projects would be train braking sounds as an rake of coaches come to a stop and the cascading break screech runs down the length of the train as each coach comes to a halt. The sound of a rake of cravens or laminates coming to a stop was iconic. The mk2 and mk3 coaches were not quite as screechy" It imagine it will be a matter of Time when coaches will get say mini speakers in for just that effect Noel.
  12. Blimey, all those functions, I have difficulties remembering what 10 did on the early ones, Not a hope with this one. I'd be selecting Guards Whistle and some Dub accent pops up to tell me I am going to sligo or summit and fans, compressors come on etc....I'll try me best!
  13. sounds fab, Only visited the Island once, Lovely Spot. Nice 02 as well, Is that one of the EFE jobbies or original DJM one. I got a DJM one , runs nice too.
  14. Small bit more done and the more bits that came in from Cornwall model boats enabled me to start the rigging. BTW did not get stopped for any customs so lucky again! The Main things are the splinter mats on the handrails and the gun platform supports. And the Mast has been glue in and the rigging started.
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