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  1. For Kaydee Fans Enniskillen Model shop have them on the shelves there. when I talked to the lads they said call and they will post no bother, No customs fees. £10.75 a pack. Modellers Corner
  2. Defo not a clandestine Parcel that one, was sitting on the kitchen table for all to see in my gaf! No questions were asked though. but yes top quality wagons for sure. should look ace weathered up.
  3. You have been hanging around Mr Larkin too long! The West Cork has infected you big time!! Looks good Cathal! They would look great on the wider rails too.
  4. Got mine today, the Grey ones are peach. One for IRM. given the relatively small size of these flats you could get a lot more in the box they come in. Maybe 6 TBH. I am wondering would not 4 wagons in a box make better use of the box space or is it to keep the sell point under 100 buck to tempt more folks into parting with cash?
  5. Fab night in Bochum last year in possibly to grottiest boozer I have ever come across! hope they arrive soon worth the wait!
  6. crikey these are out too, Gotta intercept the postie before he hits the font door bell!
  7. Hi lads, Question for IRM boys, I Missed out on FS pack 1, Are Marks Getting some stock of these wagons as I could get it in there hopefully if they are?
  8. Mine Arrived today, Weighty little buggers! The floor is diecast and cold to touch!. The Brake gear finesse in itself. Pushed it along a flat surface and running is free an smooth! Sprung buffers too and lovely metal wheels. Unfortunately no permanent way just yet to give them a run. Gotta hand to the the folks putting these together as there is not a hint of a drop of glue or residue on any of the separate detail pieces. I would hate to have an dexterity test for that factory! No tools to hand to fit a kaydee to so I will leave that off for the fear of damaging the detail but a comparison pic attached when paired to a Hornby MN tender. Micro difference really nothing to worry about. 10 outa 10 in all fairness. It certainly is quality for the price. Downside Forgot to order the Earlier FS variants and one pack already sold out!
  9. well that good news then,no bodge needed at all, I picked up some Kaydees in Enniskillen Model Shop the other week and so will check too. More I see the silver the better it gets as a livery, I can see why they chose to paint them like that in the 1st place, Sparkles for a moment....
  10. And if there is duty payable that gets added to the invoice cost + Freight cost and then the total x 23% Vat.
  11. Is that 3 class 60's on the market so? Hornby, Cavalex (Announced a year ago) and now an AS one, plus the early Lima model. Got to wonder why another is needed? Good luck,I expect the UK Diesel lads will love it. PS: shoot the person that choose the music.
  12. New announcement due tomorrow, Lads in the UK getting blasted each week with new stuff these days!! lucky them.
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