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  1. Hotter. much Hotter!!
  2. had to double take there!!. "is over 20% sold out already" Should not 'Sold out' be Left out and just have 20% sold. Jeekers my heart.
  3. Bit closer WB, its an Island alright and begins with T.
  4. Corr!, I made a loud gasp when I saw the piccies. Having made a few of the MIR jobbies I can say these are outstanding and light years ahead or what was previously on offer. Hats off to ye lads.
  5. A LMS 3F aint far off that, would it be just as handy to bash one of those into Submission. I baulked at the J15 cost, Settled for a Class 47 with sound instead + what Mr B says....Way too much coming down the pipeline presently irish wise.
  6. You can ask the Wife Dave the next time you see her as I have no idea, Maybe Guineys. Just waiting for the Carpet to be delivered next. Cheap As chips.
  7. Banged this together in a month, Sea Harrier FRS.1 and A-4 Skyhawk. This Particluar Harrier Shot down 2 Skyhawks. Nice little Project to get the juices flowing after a long winter of notbeing able to paint.
  8. Hi All, Well a spurt in good form and some Overtime meant I had a few Euro to spend on some more wood last month and 13 digital Point motors from my local model shop . My first effort of laying the track was crap TBH. I first laid cork tiles and when I had used those I pruchased another set which was a MM higher than the fist set. Iafter months of just running trains with shims under the track I decided to rip the cork back up and relay the lay completely so I should have a nice smooth track to run on. The Bachmann H2 really showed off the switch back I had laid. Bit of a knock back but hey ho. Then I managed to resin in a load of bolts to the wood that should not of been stuck fast so had to rip parts of the end base board up. Arrgh!! Anyhow from the piccys you will see the fron side of the layout has a nice frame where I jigsaw out the land profile,I had also started out with some Scenery which is made from Polysterne from washing machines etc. Handy to use and light but by christ messy. I have learnt new skills as well with the hoover being used quite a bit with the missus looking for it. I am assembling the Retaining walls this week and need another set of Terraces houses which are from Superquick and they are quite nice too. Any how here are some pictures. I hope to maybe have this down to Wexford for 2020. How I am gonna get it downis another matter altogether as I have quite a it of a lea{}Yrning curve building this.
  9. The Black one does look nice, much nicer than the grey. I know these are very limited but €324 for a Loco. Mind you I could get rid of some of the excess I have to fund one if I put me mind to it.
  10. Nice to see the Anti Trump Protestors leaving there mark in Shannon. Seen This Saturday am. They really Care. A Disgraceful sight in front of Dromgeely Flats.
  11. Sorry only seen your request a few mins ago. Here you go a taken few months back , just have 1 life boat to do but as usual I am flicking around between models trying to get stuff done. tis weathered up a bit now. 588_8896 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8864 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8862 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8858 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8858 by Georgeconna, on Flickr Supermarine Attacker done a few months back. Trumpetor Kit 1/48 588_8868 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8869 by Georgeconna, on Flickr 588_8868 by Georgeconna, on Flickr
  12. Wow, Playstation and phone consifcated...Some punishment. If I did that when I was that age I am sure I would not be able to sit for a few days with a well deserved walloping....
  13. Have to laugh at the 'Foot' bridge being quite a long walk or wheel up the platform from the station entrance. Great being disbaled eh..
  14. Georgeconna

    CMAT 2040

    Plenty of Rail stuff 'to happen' around Cork for those that want a read. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gkz3Exyv1WyRTOnBGsCp9CM9PKZ8_XJq/view On the other hand this was flagged from Simon Coveny so could be a complete work of fiction - ala the Cork Events Centre. https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/specialreports/cork-events-centre-will-it-still-be-on-with-the-show-or-back-again-to-the-drawing-board-900459.html
  15. Ouch!! Those markings came off very easy so....good word or Warning though...
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