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  1. Georgeconna

    rpsi B134 loco

    Nice idea by the RPSI but I can't help but think another loco on top of the already heavy release forecast along with incoming rolling Stock is pretty crazy. Good news on being able to take a Credit Card too as this makes it much easier unlike the cravens release. Fingers crossed I get some Green Backs for the big 50 next month!
  2. Port to Port approx 2K these days , add on locals delivery clearance etc.
  3. True Enough Robert, had bought some weathered stuff myself that were poorly done, Delighted then to find out they were Powders. Quick wash and bobs your uncle
  4. Tis like a Dirty Protest rather than a weathering job. Love the way the hook is untouched. You could just weather up the Bubble a bit more to get over that one.
  5. oh, Thats knocked the price down on those two. Novel Double pack too.
  6. I'l check that tomorrow, only have US Rates to hand right now, a 20ft is about 300 bucks cheaper than a 40ft from the US.
  7. "40ft box about €1,500". Try double that from East cost and Add on locals for clearance and Delivery.
  8. Wow! https://krmodels.co.uk/collections/oo-gauge/products/bulleid-leader
  9. Just one the Body Noel, Leave it overnight, old Toothbrush to get the paint out of the indents etc. Maybe to goes at it should do the trick.
  10. This is happening to me quite regular now to the point I am nearly giving up painting Models. It is really hit and miss if the paint does not pull off or not. It causes loads of extra work and time these day. Get a Large Freezer bag and Some oven cleaner and the paint will come off for you no bother.
  11. Got my final one 5152 in Marks Cork yesterday, nowt wrong with it.
  12. You actually get a buoyancy aid one free with it! (well they say its free). Perhaps I am getting soft if I am getting rid of a loco!
  13. Fab Stuff, Personally Delighted with this and the person buying it obviously thinks it well worth it too and will get a pristine untouched unobtainable Baby GM. Proceeds Going towards My 11 Y/O Daughters Kayak for her Birthday!
  14. Get rid of the slower sellers first I suppose.
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