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  1. Address pal has a few guidelines and prices depending on your drop point and if it goes over max size, I try use use this for everything now and it works well. Some UK Crowds wont take the address though, Track Shack and Phoenix Precision are 2. Anyone got any tips on Vectis, Bidding on 3 IOM 4 wheel coaches at the moment.
  2. Dunno if you know but Kernow operate a Loyalty Scheme. I am in that and its handy when you have some points built up so can take it some coin off the next big purchase. Check their website for more info. How does it work? Every time you make a purchase through your loyalty account, a point is awarded for each pound that you spend. For example spend £1 and receive 1 point, spend £53 and receive 53 points. Each point is worth 1p of loyalty credit. Once you have reached 500 points this is automatically converted to a loyalty credit. You can spend this credit immediately or you can continue to collect points and let your credit build. Please note that points are not awarded for postal charges.
  3. Too right or they will be shelf sitters for a bit after the rush of the people still working pick theirs up. I hope Dave's getting us ready and flying a kite for the future Mr Dyer stall Prices LOL! Best price will win my bid, here or over the water.
  4. July is fine, Bit of breathing space so to cobble a few bob together. Just need to figure out which ones to choose.
  5. Hi Eoin, Hope all god mate, Thats looks just perfect, Excellent flawless finish as usual and fab step but step.
  6. Crikey look at that Dirigible! Love the RE.8 underneath too. Is that a Scratch build jobbie. I take it it has just popped out of the Hangar on the left, any links to this Layout?
  7. Man Alive that looks like a torturous job, Take it they are computer cut out?
  8. The Dark Side. Well those light went in lovely! Just stuck in the spot light post shots, I was not going to but what the heck. You wont see these in daylight to be honest so these are a luxury. Stern lamp, Nav Lamp, Cabin Lamp and foremast light all in.
  9. LOL, there is a Superb Example which TBH makes my one look Like dog muck. However I have taken much from the chaps build but the fact the ol fella did 80% of this already I can really go back an wipe out what he had done as that was his stamp. The are areas I see that what once he would of done to prefection and I have seen his plank on frame stuff from the billing boats range he kinda rushed into the build without much thought about fit which is gutting for a fella that I certainly look upped to and still do! Pity I did not learn as much more from the man in my youth when I had the chance. This guys model as described as having more detail than the real thing. It is a work of patience, Art, Detail and pure model making but needs a mucking up! LOL If you care to have a gander here is the link: https://www.modelboats.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=101076&p=17
  10. The mans for turning. Watch the yellow stuff take over next!
  11. Managed to slide away Sunday with a very slight Cider hangover and decided to tackle to fiddle yard, I only had 3 cobalts left and can get anymore for the time being so only one point is operational and I have yet to do the left side. My Baseboard planning was not that great as I have lost about a 10inches on the right side due to the curve starting mid board on the 'live' side and a brace underneath had to be removed to get the motors in. Lots of cussing. Next time i will do this aspect a wee bit better. When done I should get 6 Medium size trains in there, Most trains will be of 3 coaches this being a Secondary route. I can get 6 coaches where the 4-CEP is sitting. Hard ol work this railway Modelling lark is.
  12. My Canon got a dump in the River last week after a buddy capsized the indian Canoe with two kids on it, Dried out now and working thankfully! Weathering has started now with the base down, gonna be a lot of learning with how to do something on this size and have it looking good hoepfully like the real deal picture below and the lights were fitted yesterday.
  13. Hi Lads, My packet if goodies came so the rigging is 90% done, just need to do the rat lines and source a suitable Cargo hook. Still need to have some 1mm cable or the winch to arrive and some black a white rigging thread and a few other bits n bobs to set it off. Leds going in tonight in the cabin area Heres the status at of Last Saturday,
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