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  1. Crickey, Never heard that, Just what was he thinking! Must of been a rainy day! The L&B remind me of the VOR Engines. always fancied those too (yes I know GWR!) all that Brass!
  2. No doubt the triple pack will be back with different numbers in the future some time, Man I never owned so many flat wagons!
  3. 190 is a Manning Wardle, 762 is a Baldwin new 2017 build as the original one was scrapped , both lovely engines, Heljan make the Mannings and Baccy are doing a Baldwin, Peco have done the rolling stock so you can have your own piece of glorious Devon in your house!
  4. That ebay seller is a shop Noel and that how they sell stuff, Nothing stops them from buying off of Murphys and flogging them that way? "Along classic Lines is an online Model Railway retailer, Our E bay shop sells Model Railways old and new in a range of gauges and outlines. From the menu on the left select the gauge you are interested in and explore our range, we are friendly and approachable and are happy to answer your questions. Please add us to your list of favorite sellers and come again. Thank you for looking. Martin" 157 snots, Tennor dearer than the box shifters but 29 pos
  5. He not a chap called Grant by any chance?
  6. Could do with a Tan", Preferably not a spray one though!
  7. Humbrol matt is like that now, Its shit. throw it away and get some alclad Matt coat. you could paint a light dusting of thinnned gloss over the grey areas it may get ride of it and re do with Alclad. Poxy Paint manufacturers are doing me head in.
  8. Rumbling along on this one, most of the work being done outside as the model is so big. Deck supports mostly in, Motor and shaft Secured, Battery and weight tray has been made, I will be able to slide batteries along this using the guides on each side. Deck and superstructure just plonked on for a test fit. Note the 071 for Size comparison
  9. cannie see any piccy there Eamon, just sound!
  10. That's good news. I don't understand how is it current customs requirement when rails sent a box today with 2 x 121's to me with no value on the outside. My Radio control bits from Cornwall last week Similar and over 150 notes. invoice inside the box. There is no customs requirements currently for UK - Ireland value on the boxes. Mine came though RM and An Post and same mode for Rails and Model dockyard. I understand for DJ that he needs it for where he is and it is handy for him and stuff maybe scanned optically for clearance. Hopefully this can change as I did have stuff left ou
  11. Mine RPSI one Arrived today . Thanks Lads Looks much better in the Flesh, In fact Superb but by god it is delicate, You can see the hours spent in getting the detailed nailed by Mr Murphy. I still don't get the attraction of the Grey livery TBH buts that just me! I Did not run it yet as I need a Decoder so probably will save running one till the IE version comes into the hand and a sound chip whacked into that. The Hand rails are certainly a bit bendy on my one and need to be straightened somehow and 2 supports detached in 2 min of light handling along with the Vacuum pipe which p
  12. I do confess the grey and yellow looks a whole lot better in this Video then the pictures I have seen recently. Looking forward to getting one!
  13. This is what I meant! down the road in the lovely Royal Tunbridge Wells, once a haven of Model shops. I think around 5 back in the 80s. Mostly gone now
  14. Sweet, I must say the kings look good in Blue, and I do confess to getting a GWR king in Easons in the 80's for a Birthday, Tender drive, Still goes too, even chipped it and badly weathered! Surprised you did not have a date with Sir Keith Park Leslie this weekend.
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