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  1. You can pre purchase them as they aint in stock and they take the cash straight away!
  2. Still Waiting for the Sound unit so the deck cant be glue down, The Compass deck is mostly built, Need to put on another coat of paint and the windows and doors, The bridge about is made up along with the Bilge keels. White strips on side of hull, The plans along are 12ft long! The Font Gun platform Railings went on during the week. Some little issues when you cut out the printed sections and make them the end result ends up wrong, IE the Flag box on the green platform is too small and should but up against metal hand rails so will have to cut out and built correctly. Ti
  3. Well the good new 5 are on their way in 1 lot from ROS! Not looking forward to VISA in Jan that for sure as hell looking forward to playing with these babies with the IR ballast set behind them! YOUR DETAILS FOR ORDER WEB-399202-69450-************* Name: George Norman (georgenorman70@gmail.com). Delivery address: DB Schenker, Air Import Dept, Unit 2, Harbour , This delivery makes up part of your order: 1 item was previously dispatched, 1 item was previously dispatched, 5 items in this delivery, 2 it
  4. Got mine today Perfect timing too as the missues was out getting the weeks shopping of Aldi beans and bread. Hard times Sssssssshhhhhhh! Good fix for the few issues I came across talking with buddies with the Week Spray boxes falling open and the model getting damaged during Transit (happen to mine too but able to fix). A Small Sticky label too to sides would of done the job too ala Airfix but fair play.
  5. I used them as they have a loyalty scheme but they have a bizarre way of charging your credit card on ordering and then crediting it costing you money. I steered away on my last order over this arseways of doing things. They lost over 1K of business over not crediting me the difference in FX rate in the 2 days it took to do this maneuverer. I ordered the last batch of 121 from the old Boss in Marks....easier and with Brexit did not want to take the chance!
  6. That was nice, I got zero and I have requested the next lot be sent out as one and I got back the snip below. Bit annoyed with the lack of actual assistance for a customer that has spend a good few bob with them over the past while and then we I had that my order for the W1 was Cancelled, then the New coach to go with the rocket over the big H Spat was cancelled due to the spat with the red box lads. Got the Rocket coach in the end direct from Hornby. I was told then on an earlier mail that Apparently they can hold things for 8 weeks before sending but in the reply below they cant!
  7. nice one, Better ship my lot in one batch, They sent them separately the last time losing me cold hard cash. If it happens again I'll go to Hattons and use the Trunk option.
  8. It looks like demand is far outweighing supply. Yes certainly does on this occasion and the sales now doubt helped by stuff to stick behind them too from IRM. Is 504 now too low of a number to cater for the Irish Market or do you risk shelf sitters on a higher batch.
  9. Yep a quality No.4, 131, 171 ,85, 186, 184, 461 and even the little 2 numbers 3 ala the Hornby Peckett would be great for a shunting layout I'd say would disappear off the shelves, UK Steam head collectors would buy these up too. If I had the readies and all that I'd throw a few bob at it but easy for me to say. When the modern stuff runs out for IRM Horizons afar might call! . Plus you have lots of other options to produce with different numbers for each loco plus opens up coaches, wagons etc and a lot more poorer people! 171 for instance, Green, Black and Blue, imagine this tearin
  10. They A Class are ' Cheap' now as they are available to buy now. You can't compare the same with the 141 prices on ebay, I have said if before. If two blokes with endless wallets and there are a good few of them about then the chaps who are willing to pay max 200 slobs will loose out. My last baby someone offered 200 notes, it went for 350 in the end, I won't refuse the extra 150 notes at any stage. When the A's sell out then the same will happen to the value there hopefully. The 071s took ages to move from the shelves. Same as the 201s and tbh you could easily say a lot of pe
  11. Kaydee but the looks of it.
  12. afraid not Nov was the last Digital copy I obtained, If it comes in I'll let you know.
  13. N would be the biz in Irish Railways, A proper rake of M3 is waaaaaaaay too long for most layout along with long block trains like containers and cements, taras, I have a 12ft Scenic section and the Mk3's stretch across all of that.
  14. roughly 26 notes a wagon you cant go wrong! I have enough flats at this stage. More than the missus!
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