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  1. The Latest bit done were the, bow cable drums, Rear Stove Pipes and the Rear Mast with brass rod and a Top of an old aerial for the middle bit and gun deflectors to the sides. Also the depth charge rack was made, about 2 days work on and off along with the depth charges. Coming together nicely now.
  2. Thought instead of Separate entries just add in any articles you see in Mags here from now on. In this months Rail Express Irish Article about the Partition and the effect on the Railways. and this:
  3. Dunno, Most people I'd say have Multiples of 071s, I would not be in a market for any more MM Diesels TBH. They took a while to shift too if I remember from my time in Marks, IRM was and is a big help in shifting locos now with the Rolling stock. As Murph said, If I wandered into a LMS and saw a coach for 100 notes which some of the Baccy ones are now reachingI would of said Nah Not for me.....OO anyhow, O Gauge a distinct possibility instead with Less stock Needed.
  4. It will have to how a Cast Iron Plate stating Robert Roche Iron works 2021! hidden somewhere! Ala:
  5. To be honest have not done anything weathering wise for Yonks railway wise I was using the phoenix Paints and can't really get them sent over to me I have a bash at some stage for sure!
  6. Georgeconna


    Some Excellent Work there Sailor man.
  7. Seen this come in earlier on email, bit Lazy TBH, Sprayed over the Windscreens with no Wiper Effect and some other not really great coverage. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=rm&ogbl#inbox/WhctKJWQpvbxlmLXQlTlMrHrkgxmFrrZTshjbnJKgKZlcmPhclgSVCBctMJWXHDtFmmvQPL
  8. Excellent, Well Done Robert, Cemented you place in Irish Railway Modelling history!
  9. Been Beavering away still, Never seems to progress there is so many little bits to do! The Carley float was a crap resin mold and the ropes were sanded smooth and replace with real rope and I also weathered the winch and stuck to rope on it too
  10. Sorry just seen this now, I got posted a packet of Washers from Dublin for the fix.
  11. Seen in Old Glory Mag this month
  12. Yes 1986 , Me Dad took me Mam for a spin on it. I was not invited!! It was only 2.50 for a spin, That would of been 12 mars bars. She can't do in now as it is classed as an international voyage and need more stuff onboard to cover insurance and safety than would be worth it. Shame.
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