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  1. Some BR pre 60's stuff may bring you just deserts lads, Just hinting that's all and don't want to be all Grampus about it.
  2. What controller are you using?, if it is a Hornby Trainset on you might of overloaded to Transformer as those transformers are rubbish and it may of not been aboe to take the 2 locos.
  3. Time for Des to make some Etch Replacement ons perhaps although they will be slightly flat but better than nothing.
  4. Looks to be a cracking day chasing trains later today. Unfortunately I won't be able to see this due to being sliced open a couple of weeks back and on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing some photos
  5. yeah the ol Fella got a MNR from Accucraft. By the time I got the Garden Railway done his health plummeted so the out door railway ain't any use anymore. Hard ol work TBH. Might need a Tracking lifting train to move it to me own garden which was suggested by me Dad! mor !Accrucraft
  6. A Cull as a good idea but what to leave go!, I'd be tempted with an electric Blackrock and Passge Loco for sure though.
  7. 2 Dics DVD set of the Wesk Cork Railway can be got here: http://www.modelvillage.ie/index.php/tickets/dvd-s/the-west-cork-railway Well worth the price, sit down with a Glass of Malt and try to fight the tears. The Old station area in Albert quay is going to get a 'Fantastic' new development. Looks like an awful location to live with the link road below https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/property/fast-track-planning-permission-being-sought-for-17-storey-apartment-tower-in-cork-city-943814.html
  8. Few snaps from Sat and Sun. What a superb locomotive! wow, the new development really enhances the area. Congrats to Developed to turn this area into a Sh!t pit same ol same type building.
  9. Hi lads, Out in the sticks here west of Banteer since 10am, no sign of the Steam so Far. Any of you lads in the know what has happened to delay it and if there is new timings? MTIA George
  10. Cricky thats some program, Any idea if 85 will be Chimney 1ast out of Cork or not on Saturday? showing Sun on Saturday too! tks for sharing.
  11. Looking at the prices of the showmans you would be better off getting an Oxford one ready to go. Less fun though as they look like nice models. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/fowler-b6-showmans-locomotive-the-lion-anderton-and-rowland-76fb6001?_pos=13&_sid=2fa6c842e&_ss=r I have a few of the oxford tration engines, a bit of matt coat, sprinkle of coal and pick out some of the motion in silver brings them up to nice little models.
  12. Hotter. much Hotter!!
  13. had to double take there!!. "is over 20% sold out already" Should not 'Sold out' be Left out and just have 20% sold. Jeekers my heart.
  14. Bit closer WB, its an Island alright and begins with T.
  15. Corr!, I made a loud gasp when I saw the piccies. Having made a few of the MIR jobbies I can say these are outstanding and light years ahead or what was previously on offer. Hats off to ye lads.
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