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  1. There usually a Man that knows a man that can help you man. stay tuned!
  2. Marks Still have them so no panic if you did not get them from IRM. https://www.marksmodels.com/?pid=3981 Got mine at a Very Reasonable cost a few years back.
  3. Have you sold you soul to the devil then! That is some amount of Work involved! Sounds Fab though but you are gonna just be stuck to running Irish stuff. nice to have a bit of Variety too?
  4. YEP Done also good luck. I wonder if is it based on volume of votes as the UK Lads wont vote for Irish stuff really.
  5. Orders opened up today, just placed one for a lined grey version. Certainly something different to the normal Steam and Diesel!
  6. Give me working from home anytime. The Money I am saving is unreal instead of typically throwing it into the car and burning it on the 50 mile return commuting journey plus the environmental and health benefits from lack of Exhaust pollution, Noise and Tyre wear pollution and those f********** that continue to throw their litter out of their cars indiscriminately, remarkable decline in that though the country side is ruined by it. Lots of opportunities to rock out of the gaf to get some air. Interesting to see if this will actually happen as quite a number of firms etc have decline
  7. what time during the show does it come up please?
  8. Yep I would support this Venture Certainly looks the business Robert. Well done.
  9. It certainly has come out very well Is there an Option for a Platform mounted on with less high supports?
  10. Cool sure keeps the mind occupied anyhow! Nah a Noel from Ireland popped on Britmodeller so just wondering if it was your good self"
  11. You being quickly sucked into the 90's no Noel. I'm getting worried for you. C,mere your not on Britmodeller per chance too?
  12. aha Good thinking! I'll tune in now to see what 'Canvas' you are going to lay over this beauty!
  13. Very nice work, On the roof planking would you actually see that through the canvas cover? Some set up you have there Eoin now. Some of that gear I did not know even existed!
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