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  1. "I had hoped to hear an announcement by now on spares for them" That's the worry I have with the Irish Locos, Not really much of a Back up, Same for the other smaller runs like rails, Hattons etc and I have a good few now. When the model goes tits up where are you gonna get the spare to keep it running! lots of Shed Queens I reckon.
  2. What duty? VAT ya mean and that will get taken off the price in the UK, get it to come in with Royal Mail and a good chance you will get a nice cheap 121 if it sneaks past the Vat man those Dodgy ones and a bit much really, 10'r less then a new one.
  3. On offer in Rails, today only.
  4. Eh? Probably right there Noel bout the cost too.
  5. "local farmers have burned off the heather and replaced it with grass" = Greedy Bastards. This Practice has to stop.
  6. I should follow my own advise sometimes!! there are seriously fab looking. I used Shawplan on some Mk.111 to replace Lima Glazing, Even with a few coats of paint the glazing would not go in the fit was so tight!
  7. Will you be doing them in Gull Grey then at some stage?
  8. Very nicely done Bud.
  9. Crickey some differences in the blue there, Solid blue to faded show here.
  10. Que Eamon sticking a mine now on the Bog Road
  11. Are they 3 or 2 rail Dave? Maybe looking for a Daycent steamer (German) and a few wagons, 4W coaches. Just for a small layout. any kinda train packs?
  12. grand, Well keep it in the shed so much better for the Kerry Council Do they pay storage on this I wonder?
  13. Was this not build on Standard Gauge formation or is it some deviations near the new roads, Not that I don't believe you but how is it too tight, Around the point areas?
  14. flipping Ireland has a right ar$e about T!Tway of doing things...
  15. You might get the drive it one Day Derailed!
  16. Crickey that address on the letter is in the middle of Nowhere, Is this where the loco was planned to end up?
  17. I lowered to 440kb and it worked.
  18. Hi all, Well I got back the Offending points motors but upon opening the box DCC concepts replaced them with brand new ones, Unreal Customer service there for sure! Also came through with no checks which is even better. Great to see a Company looking after there customers like this! no I could of done with vertically challenged person to be include in the box to get under the boards to re fit them!
  19. LOL! My usual ones! Had no issue before.
  20. Anyone Else getting an error about uploading pics? This worked as it was a Snip and drop into the mail but uploading pics from the Laptop I am getting the error shown here?
  21. On the IL-62 any one east side might get a glimpse Heading Strumble Head
  22. Morning Chaps Should of been in SNN right now watching an ultra rare IL-62 to take off which is happening in the next few mins but instead listening and watching on Flight Radar, Bit Lazy this weather Some update again with the Depth Charge Rack near nearly done and a bit of weather on the anchor Winch.
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