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  1. He has no shop and sells them through outlets like Hattons and Marks so how pray tell do you buy them from the man himself - Just Ask?
  2. The Steps up beales Hill and the cutting is Sublime!!
  3. Or watch it on you tube, lovel P class and Terriers. The red brick Building is Exquiste.
  4. Hi lads, I enjoyed that program especilly as it covered Railways and Plastic kits. However I notice a quote above 'Hornby is no longer relevant to the model railway hobby' IMHO Thats a bit Daft to say that. A quick check on my layout reveals loco wise a Q1, Black 5, 2 Schools Class, Merchant Navy, Oringial condition West Country and an H Class Push Pull set. From Baccy a Brighton Atlantic, Standard 4 tank,Class 20, 4-CEP and 24, From Kernow and 02 and Bulleid Diesel so from my Point of view Hornby are producing quality stuff not to mind the other locos and stock they are producing which is up there with the best. A Lord Nelson to replace my Bachmann ones is my next purchase along with Oringal condition Merchant Navy.Coaching stock and Wagons are more of less on an even footing. Having worked in Marks for 2 years or so Hornby were the go to for people starting off into this hobby so Hornby were and are still reveleny but obviously not to the Irish scene. nomatter how much you pointed at Bachman it did not cut the mustard in their eyes. Have a look at the 2019 range and the New stuf coming out. some fab stuff indeend. The only problem I have is how to fund all these flipping Models. https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/new-for-2019-steam-locomotives.html cheers George.
  5. These large tokens seem to Tarnish, rust easily enough, I have 2 from the Youghal line, Is it worth buffing them up a bit to make them a bit more presentable?
  6. Just passing back into Cobh Junction now. Blue 201 in the front.
  7. Just passed over the bridge to Cobh there now. Nice day for shots if your out and about. I Imagine it is the Track Measurement / Checking train, Cant remember what its called. cheers G
  8. Georgeconna


    LOL, A Standard 4 Tank got the honors with two wagons.Too Lazy to Scramble around looking for me chipped 071's. I Wondering what the black Caps were in the Packet, Me eyes are gone to pot, A Magnigfying glass confirmed they were for the ends of the axles! Anyone spot the Real metal Springs under the wagon. nuts altogether for Detail and those little Stars on the wagon side the red printed bang on. If your spot any single ladies in China give em me number but I'll have to trade in the current wife first!
  9. Georgeconna


    Mine Arrived at work today, Yippie. Will dig out an 071 nopw to do a few loops with em!
  10. Nice or what!!. Is the Track to scale though underneath?
  11. It does look better in the 2nd shot. I think I'll wait till I see a review here when someone gets there mits on one before I part with the Hard Earned. Looking forward to seeing what you lads have to say. Maybe it is the all over grey makes it look rather plain. A green pne like Noel Mentioned would be easier on the eye. Did you get a Merchant Navy Leslie?
  12. Just got an invoice for this.. €360.00 odd it looks to be. I might get killed for this but TBH it looks a bit Clunky, The Tender , Bolier area looks a bit rough and those springs on the tender just seem blobby and lack Finesse. Maybe it is a test sample. Mmm, I might plum for a H Class Push Pull set instead and wait for Accruascale to bang out one along with the 800. Just not sure now.. G
  13. No Malachite Green option though . Later Edition I imagine..😁
  14. Cricky 250 ain't bad for a sound equipped bells and Horns. No Moving axles box covers !!😉
  15. Hello Ranger, Sorry but all these are now gone to new homes. tks George
  16. Cracking Box Art. Worth a frame too. Love Mk.1's on the cover, Surprise Mk.2's inside.
  17. Will there be a 1968 version of A16 in Luggage Van disguise in the not too distant future. Twould save few lads tooling up a conversion set and would sit nicely with the J15 due.
  18. Half Expecting the drivers window to slide shut when the train sounds the whistle.
  19. all you need is the wirring sound of a cine camera. reminds me of the West Cork Railway DVD. Lovely.
  20. Thats nice Noel, I imagine those kinda 3D things will come out fully coloured to at some stage!!
  21. Thanks IRM for the info. Tired to get to the Museum twice, 1st time the missus ending up getting food poisoning and the 2nd time I ended up in hospital with a nose bleed from hell! 2 years time then!
  22. I looks a bit smaller than the previous one I saw. I think there is a mish mash of everything from US, Continental,Irish even a Chinese Loco if I am not mistaken there!. He has way to much stuff then don't we all it seems.
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