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  1. Mmm. Hopefully the new announcement won't be that modern!
  2. ooh I loved Linlka back in the day, Nice building there too.
  3. Did not get any myself!, Not too worried, I imagine they will be round again at some stage. Looks like I'll be building Whestys ones for the time being. For lads that may be stuck Is there any being allocated to Marks?
  4. Glacial progress here too. Managed to bang in about 7 cobalts and tidy up the birds nest of wiring I had underneath once I had everything working. I had issues when a short occured and 5 of the cobalts each kept dropping thier addresses. To combat this I stuck is a PSX-1 circuit breaker which came with a Mamoth Manual but it was preset to a certain AMPs to stop the short and hey presto it works too no more lost addresses and the points are now on a seperate bus. Over the week end I buit up the tunnel lining which being on a curve and presented its own problems! When the ballast is laid and the 3rd rail stuck in on this part of the layout the tunnel will be stuck in place and the scenery started on this section first.. I also stuck in some under the track magnets and had some fun with kadees with my 08 and class 24 moving wagons about. all good fun though.
  5. Did some MIR Bogie Cements Recently..
  6. Evening chaps. whilst off Recovering over the last six weeks I managed to nearly get this done. One of the last kits I bought before I left Marks Models some 5 years ago! I picked up an etched set and a laser cut deck which is the dog you know what. Altogether a nice little model but a lot of Scratch built items to give it that big ship look I will set this into the foam and make a sea dio for it eventually.
  7. Turns out they were perhaps not Irish After all. I still believe you Amdaley!
  8. Did someone sneakily laser scan there Ex ol Dolls By any chance or is this a new IRM under the Radar Release? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HO-Gauge-4-naked-irish-standing-woman-for-Hornby-train-layout/233388461320?hash=item3657094d08:g:4BcAAOSwgV1dpHR8
  9. Vids dont work for myself, I get a Message looking for some code for £0.79, Can hear the sound though. I'll wait til Monday, Looks like I'll be bringing my own sandwhiches. G
  10. Looks like I can't afford it then....
  11. Whats your price then Dave?
  12. I'm Intrigued by the Closed in Arched area just before the main good shed. What was the purpose of that at all, was it an orginal building that was partly knocked down and the Larger shed built? (The Wagon of Wood Stands in the Area I am on about) Great modelling BTW too.
  13. All I can say is glad I did not fork out for the J15, the SECR liveried engine is only just georgous and I have sinned and pre ordered one. Just hope it looks like the model in the pick below (O gauge though)this, the 4 and 6 wheelers then from Hattons. Man Alive this never stops!! The partnership of Dapol, Rails of Sheffield and Locomotion Models have today (15th October 2019) announced the release of a brand new OO scale model of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway D Class 4-4-0 locomotive. This is the first time that this locomotive has been produced in OO in ready to run form. It has been produced using the preserved No.737 locomotive in association with the team of expert contributors from the museum and specialist modellers. Six versions are available to Pre-order through Rails: 4S-027-001 Wainwright D Class SECR Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.488 (Pre Grouping Silk Finish) 4S-027-002 Wainwright D Class Southern Lined Maunsell Olive Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1730 4S-027-003 Wainwright D Class BR Sunshine Black 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31731 4S-027-004 Wainwright D Class BR Lined Black Early Crest 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31574 4S-027-005 Wainwright D Class SECR Grey (Scraped Beading) 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.726 4S-027-006 Wainwright D Class Southern Sunshine 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1734 The models can be pre-ordered from today for a deposit of £30.00. Delivery is expected in Q3 2020 and our aim is to produce the model for less than £200 (subject to £ / USA $ exchange rates on delivery) The first EP sample already here and is currently under review. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER Models will have NEM coupling pockets, Next-18 Decoder socket, ‘pullout’ PCB and solderless speaker (plus provision for customer to fit Bass reflex speaker in tender). Locomotives will feature a firebox flicker effect. Another feature is the drawbar between the locomotive and tender which is of a new ‘pinless’ type carrying the electrical connection. Dapol are the first manufacturer to use this type of drawbar on a British outline OO scale locomotive. To couple the locomotive to the tender it is necessary to connect on it on a straight piece of track to enable them to be pushed together.
  14. Jesus that some price. just might flog mine!
  15. Airfix are re issuing a lot of their older kits under the Vintage label so lads who would of like to of built some unobtainable stuff are now getting the painful chance to do so so unless you got a HMS Canberra, Ferguson tractor or that Dune Buggy you wont be getting rich too soon. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/by-brand-1/airfix-vintage-classics.html Dave take a few pics and stick em up here of your stash.
  16. Some BR pre 60's stuff may bring you just deserts lads, Just hinting that's all and don't want to be all Grampus about it.
  17. What controller are you using?, if it is a Hornby Trainset on you might of overloaded to Transformer as those transformers are rubbish and it may of not been aboe to take the 2 locos.
  18. Time for Des to make some Etch Replacement ons perhaps although they will be slightly flat but better than nothing.
  19. Looks to be a cracking day chasing trains later today. Unfortunately I won't be able to see this due to being sliced open a couple of weeks back and on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing some photos
  20. yeah the ol Fella got a MNR from Accucraft. By the time I got the Garden Railway done his health plummeted so the out door railway ain't any use anymore. Hard ol work TBH. Might need a Tracking lifting train to move it to me own garden which was suggested by me Dad! mor !Accrucraft
  21. A Cull as a good idea but what to leave go!, I'd be tempted with an electric Blackrock and Passge Loco for sure though.
  22. 2 Dics DVD set of the Wesk Cork Railway can be got here: http://www.modelvillage.ie/index.php/tickets/dvd-s/the-west-cork-railway Well worth the price, sit down with a Glass of Malt and try to fight the tears. The Old station area in Albert quay is going to get a 'Fantastic' new development. Looks like an awful location to live with the link road below https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/property/fast-track-planning-permission-being-sought-for-17-storey-apartment-tower-in-cork-city-943814.html
  23. Few snaps from Sat and Sun. What a superb locomotive! wow, the new development really enhances the area. Congrats to Developed to turn this area into a Sh!t pit same ol same type building.
  24. Hi lads, Out in the sticks here west of Banteer since 10am, no sign of the Steam so Far. Any of you lads in the know what has happened to delay it and if there is new timings? MTIA George
  25. Cricky thats some program, Any idea if 85 will be Chimney 1ast out of Cork or not on Saturday? showing Sun on Saturday too! tks for sharing.
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