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  1. Edo

    Class 121

    Eh .....In fairness to Noel - the 121 in your picture would generally be considered Black and Tan.....with SuperTrain in the first coat of 70s Orange and black strip in the middle.....? A touch Pedantic at the mo I know ...but handbags have been drawn for far less here!! Noel - there will be SuperTrain and Black and Tan.......whatever they are called on the packaging😁
  2. Great finds Ernie - that 40s to 60s Irish Collection is coming along nicely - fantastic resource - thank you very much.
  3. Ah here now - GM - Im an Arts Grad! - this sounds like work! - I was looking for an "off the shelf" solution!!!! In Fairness - it looks absolutely class - I know yours is 0 gauge is it not? .....would I be able to get a similar level of realism from 00 gauge without the need for optical surgery?! Its definitely something to look alright - I assume its easy enough to pick up the components and gauges and the rest reasonably easily if you know where to look?
  4. This picture of Macmine Junction demonstrates what Im getting at the best https://www.flickr.com/photos/110691393@N07/11448187214/in/album-72157638438035474/ the 2 types of track side by side
  5. Another question My forthcoming layout requires both Bullhead and Flatbottomed Rail - its going to be 1960s era and there'll be a mix of the two - Bullhead for the "mainline" and flatbottomed rail for the barely used "Beet branch" and sidings. Ok - first thing - its going to be 00 gauge - well at the start anyway - as a returning modeller I'd love the challenge of going 21m - but I've spent too much on a couple of cracking J15's from 00 Works to turn them into paperweights so 00 guage it is for the meantime - but I do want it to be as realistic looking as possible so I'm going to go finescale on the track as much as possible in the "visible" bits anyway From what I can see and reading here and looking around , Between Peco and C&L - I think I'll get what I need for the bullhead side of things - however I really need some advice on the flatbottomed rail to go alongside the Bullhead without looking it completely off the wall.......ie there will be one long stretch where it will be bullhead on on side and flatbottom rail on the other and I'd like the sleepers to look like they came from the same Solar system at least! All advice, criticism and commentary welcome Ed PS - I've probably caused cardiac Arrest in the purists here - Im not sure if its not really the rail I'm differenciating - but the ties - ie between rail that is held in chairs and the rail held down by pins....... looking at a lot of pics from the 60s and 70s - the mainlines seemed have a lot of rail in chairs - while the weed infested branches soon to close had their rails held by pins ( or mud ash and dandelions it would seem)
  6. Edo

    Class 121

    Fair enough - i dont think anyone has an issue with ventilators and health equipment being at the front of the queue.....the 121s can wait in grand scheme of things Its getting very real today guys - stay safe.
  7. Expect that picture to radically change by Saturday Noel. Airline are fulfilling their last obligations and closing up shop....for example - Ryanair flight to Alicante from Shannon today had 8 pax on it going out...the return tonight will be full....expect that to be replicated for the rest of the week.....Shannon will be one big airplane car park by the middle of next week and closed to passengers. The downside is my employment requires passengers so I 'll probably be out of a job by then too.....i have some interesting conversations with the bank amongst others ahead of me....
  8. Edo

    Class 121

    Asked same question a month ago - tis all very quiet. Personally I would dial back expectations of anything soon - with China only starting to get back to limited production - id say it will be the end of the year - anything sooner a bonus.
  9. Edo


    Just a quick one to wish /hope everybody is doing alright in these crazy days.... hope ye all have sufficient bog roll , arent sick of pasta already, and havent accidentally superglued themselves to the roof etc etc. Stay safe - stay sane Ed
  10. Was really looking forward to a couple of weeks "self isolating"...cos I work a lot in Airports ........no such luck...Hq sent me a case of hand sanitiser and instructions on how to wash me hands.....b^stards...🤬 .
  11. All they have to is throw in a packet of toilet roll with the carraige and the sky is the limit....😉
  12. Yis are all ancient!! Then I had a young lad in the shop today who took the last ever 20 punt note from a customer and put it through the till as a sterling note!! ( " I though it was one of those Northern Ireland /Scottish banknotes"....).....................had never seen one before - then again he's 18 years old..................Im feeling more on the ancient side now!
  13. Edo


    the hysteria is going to cause 100 times more damage than the actual bug itself. Claire Byrne deserves a kick up the bum for that OTT hysterical show last night - appearing in a quarantine tent and going on about to how to survive in it at home...............F.F.S.!!! 9 people were killed in totally preventable car accidents over the weekend - but we're not banning cars, restricting their speeds or banning driving on particular roads.......not even having that conversation..........................people need to get a grip.. Just wash yer hands properly a couple of times a day folks and be mindful of your actions and how they might impact others - some hope of that when you can buy 2 tonnes of jacks roll and freezed dried pasta and spend the night talking sh^te about the end of the world on the internet with people you don't know. Im based for work at Shannon Airport a couple of days a week - I am mindful that im in a high risk category even tho Im in a back office role as opposed to a front customer facing role - which my wife is - luckily no sign of anything here yet and no direct flights to Italy or China out of Shannon. Our nearest and oldest neighbour fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago - breaking a pile of ribs, some vertebrae and puncturing a lung....ie the grumpy old git is still lucky to with us -he's a tough old chap and happily he's on the mend - we went in to visit him yesterday evening - but we both had showers and thru on the sanitiser before we went - given how weak he is and where he is ............... The internet is truly a double edged sword - fantastic for sharing knowledge and getting in contact with like minded people and those whom you share interests - like here .......on the other hand - it has truly ordained a new age of stupid in giving a platform for a multitude of awful fecking gobsh^tes who know little enough to be truly dangerous....
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