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  1. 250 euros......too rich for my taste...
  2. A fount of knowledge as always! Thanks JHB
  3. Pretty sure thats Borris Station with the passing loop in the foreground and the (still standing) goods shed down to the left.
  4. Sounds Great Leslie - would love to be at it!
  5. Jaysis - if I was "liberated" in Gowran - I'd leg it out of there pronto too.....
  6. Hi Guys Im looking to identify the Goods wagon in the Engine yard on the right of the picture above - also the "office/canteen" on the extreme right of the picture - what type of carriage was it ? Many thanks Ed
  7. Thats a good deal for anybody looking for more bubbles.
  8. Looks better on every viewing - splendid!
  9. Edo

    Class 121

    Evening At the risk of getting the head pucked off me for having the temerity to ask: "Are we there yet"? Im just looking for an update - i totally appreciate that there were unforseen difficulties with the model and that PM wants the model to be the best it can be - Im assuming Christmas delivery has slipped - i 'll wait as long as it takes! Just trying to juggle the finances timeline - ie - if no 121 on immediate horizon - then Fert bundle is viable 😉...... This is not to be construed as any kind of criticism - just a polite request for information - I'll be looking for same update on A Class aswell. Let there be no knicker twisting - but if anybody has anything to tell - it would be much appreciated! Thanks Ed
  10. Keep em coming😁! Thanks Ernie!
  11. Thats great Ernie - thanks very much Its mad how fast that building ( old station house?) on the right foreground went to ruins inside 3 years if you look at the RBAI tour picture above. Thanks again - im slowly piecing together the station and yard is it was before it closed - a picture down the line and yard from the Western bridge would complete things!
  12. Indeed - Im sure Leslie McC of this parish , mentioned to me that he was on the RBAI Tour 1963 in Roger Joanes Photo above - the very last train to run down the line in its entirety from Bagnalstown.!
  13. That would be lovely Leslie! Unfortunately Warley is not on my radar this weekend - very envious of all those going - enjoy - sounds like it will be a great show. I'll just follow the directions on IRRS.ie and sign up there. My weekend is "babysitting" my nephews and niece who are completely obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine and Friends and dinosaurs ................I'll be setting up the Thomas set on the living room table and the weekend will be about how many triceratops can fit in an opens good wagon....and would somebody move that T-Rex off the main line.....................the joys of being young!!! Ed
  14. Ernie - thanks a mill - that is just brilliant - love that photo ! Ive been meaning to sign up to the IRRS for some time now - I'll get that situation rectified soonest I have the DSER book on order now aswell thanks guys Ed
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