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  1. Thats a fair price - I would say the RRP will probably be that or close. As much as I would like to order from your good selves - I've pre-ordered from another Irish outfit last year and I'll stick with them to share the business around when I can. BTW - I assume the A's are proceeding as scheduled?
  2. Jaysis - Leslie will be delighted! Looks Fantastic Noel - more power to your Elbow!
  3. my money is Ballymote on the sligo line. the Shelter on the Left Platform is quite distinctive - it and the Water tower are all that is left today from that picture - CIE have long got rid of that unique Signal box and goods shed at the end of the main platform - the loop is lifted and the track has been re-aligned. Check out Google maps at street view on the bridge on the other side of the Station................I thought it was Cloughjordan on the Ballybrophy - Limerick branch at first - same gentle sweep into the platform - but nothing else tied in. Ed
  4. The problem is that the dollar always gets stronger in times of global turbulence and crisis ..............the dollar being the world reserve currency of choice - how long that situation will survive the Tango Kid is another question - but that is the situation for now. China demands payment in dollars - which are costing us Eurozone and sterling dwellers more now. Also throw in the fact that transportation of any means is selling at a premium too.............. I had budgeted about 200 yoyos per model from the start - so Im not surprised - it not that much more - they'll sell grand anyway
  5. I've pre ordered 3 - probably this time last year😃 - I might give them a bell on Tuesday to see what the craic is.....no change on the website yet.
  6. the good ole Arrows - fab job! I used to get them every morning/evening for about 6 years in the late 90's/00s from Ashtown to Pearse Street/Grand Canal Stations and down to Grand Canal Basin for work................In all that time I'd say I experienced the actual seats about 5 times - they were jammers at rush hour!
  7. Noel - the demand will be there. According to Fran - the Kegs are already 65% sold - already ! - that is a bigger run than previous and still they are selling great. Obviously - the market is out there and growing. It also helps that the standard is so good. When it comes to eras - Im the same as you - my preferred era is 1950s, 60s and 70s ...but I will purchase at the very least.... one from every release that IRM are doing and will do regardless of era - a little because I like to support Irish businesses when possible - but mostly because they are producing crackingly good models.....up there with the best ..............I had some Hornby stock out on a tailchaser set up on the kitchen table a couple of weeks back - there is no comparison in quality - it was very clear who were producing the toys!.... There does seem to be a growing market out there for the Irish scene. Im looking at a MM141 on the "Bay" at the moment - there are 25 of us "watching" a used MM141 that will probably cost the guts of 200 yoyos all in to get it in my hand.............I'm struggling to justify paying that.....but I'm probably a double Jack daniels away from pressing "Bid" because they are so hard to come by at the moment and I don't have one ......................but it will sell in the end no bother - the demand is there. PM's 121's will sell out in under a year at the most - likewise the A's and Im sure the rest of the IRM offerings will sell away grand too ......... OK - there will be a CV-19 effect to a degree - especially if we're still locked up / back in lock up after the summer - which I doubt - but I think the IRM lads and their considerable investment will be ok - its niche - its great and growing reputation and the desirability ( is that a word?) of their product - even my wife thinks they look fantastic...she was positively cooing over the Liners.....which was a bit freaky....but thats for another day and thread!!! My main hope - coming late to the Irish rail scene is that PM or IRM or whoever might see their way to another run of 141/181s and early cravens!.....if the demand is there - it will happen eventually. Well done guys Ed
  8. Edo

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    They'll be on the proverbial slow boat from China eh! Just shows how mental our world has gone in a couple of months. Thats grand - they'll be here about the same time as the 121s I m looking for
  9. Female Flesh eh? - Im sure Just Eat can supply a Roast chicken or something similar straight to your doorstep............... If its female flesh of the human persuasion....ie wimmin...............well take the parenting controls off the internet and google whatever floats your boat...... If its the real life talking version...............after nearly 4 weeks 24/7 stuck in the same 4 walls as the wife - highlight of my week is going to the Recycling bank on my own..................I can see the advantages to your situation - trust me!!
  10. Edo

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    They look fantastic guys - they really do. The attention to detail is something else - as usual!....well done and so looking forward to the As in the autumn.
  11. Thanks for the input JM Yeh - ambitious - yer right - probably too ambitious for the space involved to do justice to either. Im still ruminating big time over what exactly I want to do - Well - I know I want all of the above Stations and the Branch line - Its just how and where it can be done. I know I really don't have the space in this particular room. However the attic would be far more promising spacewise and would accommodate both stations and the branch line with ease - the plan always was to hide the "mainlines" out of the both stations and concentrate on the borris branchline which was the scenic line compared to the other 2. that "plan" above was last fiddled with last summer......TBH my thinking has changed quite a bit since then and could be summed up as follows: I want the layout to be portable as much as possible because the Attic will probably come on line in a few years after revamping and I want to be able to move the layout easily - who knows...if they turn out anyway decent somebody else might want to see them in action too! I want to do all 3 stations - Bagnalstown, Palace East and Borris - they are 3 very different and distinct stations , both in set up ,location and Architecture - therefore Im tending towards assembling the stations individually - in modules to some degree - this would enable them to run individually - but also fitted into a longer running space with them all joined up, Again - ambitious - but long term dooable So, with that in mind , like your suggestion above - I am now contemplating rejgging the set up in the Den (space shown above) to just having the layout on the large wall ......and have it fed by a fiddle yard and a single line around the walls of the rest of the room for continuous running.......It would also allow me throw a proper workbench in there - much more comfortable than the draughty shed outside. Appreciate the input and info - I'm on your wavelength in regard to being realistic about the possibilities. I'll get back when I can with a more recent visualisation of what Im planning In the meantime - when Tango man isn't terrifying the living sh^t out of me - my TV watching is a crash course on the various railway modelling you tube channels - its very educational! Ed
  12. All quiet at the moment - i was kinda caught on the hop with the whole lockdown - i dont have any materials in stock and now there is nowhere open to get them!.......given that Im now unemployed for the forseeable - it will be a long time waiting for passenger aviation to come back - my financials are in turmoil as grateful as i am for the state assistance - the timing couldnt have been worse as my renumeration is largely performance driven - no performance - no squids!....so the " toy train" comes way down the list of priorities.... Anyhoo - all that said - I do have Leslie's kits out on the table - and i did manage to get some glue - so I have challenged myself to get at least one built this week! Lastly - here is the first vague outlines of my plan for the layout - its kinda puke on a page at the mo - very very ambitious with different levels and some lines disappearing and the other appearing etc etc .....its a start! Ed
  13. Happy Easter....I think
  14. Edo

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    Thanks Fran Ordered a pack - they'll go grand with my couple of Taras on the "specials" train! Ed
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