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  1. Edo

    Excellent Prospect

    If I reneged on all the rolling stock that I've committed to over the next 12 months or so....i could make a serious offer 🤑😄
  2. Evening All I'm looking for information on Palace East Station - one of those typical Irish junction stations in the a*@e end of nowhere - in the middle of County Wexford. It was where the GS&WR branch from Bagnalstown met the DSER from Macmine Junction ( another one!) to Waterford line. In Particular Im looking for pictures of the station - I've seen the James O'Dea Collection and a couple of random images on flickr - they are all from roughly the same angle - from the top of the bridge on the Macmine Junction side looking down on the station. I was wondering was there anywhere else I could look for photos and records (if they exist) looking in the opposite direction and around the yard generally....any collections anywhere? libraries? I appreciate that this is probably a big ask - in fairness - the James O'Dea photos are great and give a great idea of the station to folks like me who have only ever seen a forest on the site of the old Station - I'm in advanced planning to do a fairly accurate model of the Station as it closed in 1963 based on those and OSI maps etc - but there are a few details that are still a big vague for me - ie what design were the 2 bridges that crossed the line , bookending the station yard -what were they made of? - I've a fair idea that one was of iron construction but Im clueless of the other one. Maybe the some of the...ahem....more experienced members of the crew here who might have passed thru Palace East might be able to recall a detail or two? many thanks for any info or pointers in new directions for same Ed
  3. Im in awe of that Weathering job Eoin - as u say - all that is missing is a bit of sh^^ty straw peeping out underneath the doors......fantastic.
  4. Not really Its more " well you were part of the group that initiated this , were part of the consultancy group that spent probably the best part of a decade formulating it - your ministers signed off on it , your meps voted and amended it and your own parliament discussed and voted for it ......what are the chances you might put it into action along with everybody else" The EU commission is like quality control or a standards body - they are there to enforce and check that u are doing what you said you were going to do - they issue directives to enforce the minimum standard that all 28 member states signed up to and without which a single market with open borders simply cannot function. Unfortunately there has been a tendency to nationalise success and stuff we like that the eu does and europeanise failure or anything we dont like or that might construed as tough politically.....all member states politicians and media do it to a degree - tho nothing as extreme as the lads across the irish sea - which is deeply ironic as the single market and all that has flowed from is very much a British conservative construction - go figure as the yanks say....... This railway directive is just a box ticking exercise that our poor overworked civil service havent got around to doing yet😁......it wont effect anything on the ground as Ireland is barely railway country anymore......The Greeks probably had more pressing issues in the last decade - tho they are building new railway - the old narrow guage Pelloponessian railway that i used everyday when i lived in Greece many moons ago is no more and gradually being replaced by a standard guage "modern " railway and all that entails......
  5. I was going to say his wife deserves Sainthood - then again when u marry a traindriver.........
  6. Edo

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    It was " Albatross" fertilizer in New Ross Ernie - passed it every month on the way to my Grandad in Waterford in the back of my dad's bright orange Ford Avenger......yes it was the 70s.....yes the only thing louder was the geansai i was wearing....
  7. Edo

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    Yeh - just iconic - Supertrain A Class with a rake of ferts... I'll be purchasing - the visa card will be in an ICU by Xmas....
  8. Looks great - well done Sir!
  9. Im sorely tempted - even tho Im more a GSWR/DSER /GSR /Early CIE man ....ie anywhere south of the bog of Allen before 1979 - tho as Mayner has stated - these beautiful beasts were known to be seen in the southern system for the beet season ( also the GNR 060's - anybody doing them?) So would be right up my alley.... In theory i've no problem with the price - limited edition virtually handcrafted product .....more a matter of financial logistics for me - I'm committed to certain numbers of As and 121's - aswell as at least of one of each of IRMs' forthcoming wagons , not forgetting a good amount of Provincial wagons present and future catalogue and a not inconsiderable bit off IFM and Silverfox over the next 18 months as I'm starting from virtually scratch....while I have a few bits and pieces - there is still track , control and scenics on top of that I guess what Im trying to say is- yes - but give me some time!.... I'm just going to be an awkward Sea Trout about this ( yeh - i'm hooked - but if ye think I'm coming in easily.....😀) I'm totally interested - more than anything because its Irish Steam and that doesn't happen everyday Mayner - give us a Euro price approx and an an approx delivery time ( Oct 2020 would be ideal!) And I think we could defo do business! ( i'll be in touch by next week!) Don't be to put off by the price lads - Irish Steam is not on the radar of the larger producers at the moment - a limited edition of this rarity and quality should be quite a catch and little piece of history. My two cents Ed
  10. Edo

    Class 121

    You might be aswell to give them a call - in Greenoge on 01-4124829 - they've opened a "buke" for the 121 orders - they'll take ur name and number and what ur after and will get back to you when they have more details.
  11. Edo

    Class 121

    So the advice would be to reserve asap?
  12. Edo

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Ye know, that B&I container looks really well in " real life" Its not really my era or the lines im going to model - never saw one in real life like the Bells and CIE ones.... But,but,but ......i might just have to acquire a few ...........this "collectors" streak has been awakened in me.....😮
  13. Edo

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Jaysis......any chance of some kind of IRM Clubcard scheme eh 😉
  14. Absolutely interested- wasnt on the scene when they first came out and now they are rare.. Would be interested in black and tan and cie supertrain livery - probably a couple of both...... However....late 2020 would be good for the finances with the A's and 121's arriving this year!
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