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  1. No bother Fran......if u don't ask and all that!
  2. Quick question fellas Would it be possible to get 2 packs of ballast wagons and 2 packs of gypsum wagons...and a bundle rate?
  3. Holy Moley ! Time to have a conversation with Santa about some hire purchase deal...!
  4. Brilliant David - just fantastic
  5. Evening all A bit of a yellow "salute" in honour of the 5 year anniversary - hopefully pulled next year by an A class or 3...... About this time 3 years ago I was not in a good place mentally - working crazy hours and days , stressed to the last...essentially on a TGV to total burnout and meltdown....one evening I was halfway thru my near daily half bottle of gin and i saw something on the TV about model railways and it lit a fire..next day...i borrowed a unused set off one of my relations and just the simple act of setting up an oval and watching a GWR engine and 2 carriages whizzin
  6. Congratulations Guys - 5 years is a serious achievement. Hopefully many more to come aswell.
  7. I couldn't recommend them more Jason - The MM 121's are the business. Once you get them out of the box ( the most dangerous part!) - they just run and run.............even over this ancient warping Jouef track thats been sitting in dust in an attic for the guts of 30 years and probably never seen a track cleaner...........no bother to them.
  8. Thanks GM ....the track is Jouef H0 interspersed with hornby code 100 - its the very slight difference in height that gives the very satisfying /very irish pre mid 90's clikiddy clack......totally unintentional - but does raise an interesting dilemma ...
  9. Did a final running session with those great 121s running on over 90% irish made track (Jouef made in Shannon over 30 years ago) - borrowed off my father in law while I wait for my Peco order to arrive. Well the baseboard configuration is pretty much complete - now i will take it all apart to sand, varnish and paint the modules , reinforce the shelves and get it all secured back into place again......I'll post again when all that is done and there is real progress on the layout. 20201010_204948.mp4
  10. They'll be here when they are ready - just hope ye didn't get too burned financially lads....... Look on the bright side - after this experience - "C" class will be a walk in the park
  11. September isn't over yet................and Fran mentioned something about an A Class update early in the coming week..............
  12. Wow - its a small world alright Thats looks great Fergal - then again all you have to do is look out your window for inspiration! The Station is coming along great - you are miles further along than meself. Fair play - Good to know Sheas is back open again - hopefully with the minimum of plastic - I was talking to Niamh a couple of weeks ago and she wasn't sure if they were going to open or not. Keep the pictures coming of your progress when you can - the viaduct looks great Stay safe Ed
  13. Im going to pass this time - I think i've enough 42s in the liner bundle, fert bundle , spoils and weedspray ! Id say they'll sell out in short order anyway. The rest of this years budget will be going on infrastructure....tho that green lined A class is calling to me everytime I see it for months now...I might have to do something about that
  14. Thank you Paddy I missed out on the 141/181s so you can guess how the 121s are going down with me Anyway a totally chronologically garbled line up from me attached....but I love it! 20200918_223056.mp4
  15. New arrival on the Blackstairs.. 20200910_160402.mp4
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