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  1. Love it JHB.....the whole turntable piece is particularly arresting...just eeks of the atmosphere of a long gone era.
  2. Getting better and better ...all yer missing is the lovely overhanging misty clingy rain that hangs around for days here in the mid west!
  3. In fairness I did note that and I do consider it excessive alright - it does put it out of the reach of most Irish modellers - bleedin Brexit again.
  4. In fairness 00Works are about the only gig in town for RTR Irish Steam these days.................they produce tiny runs of Irish Steam -the price asked is about the average for them......when you consider these factors - its alright I've have 2 lovely J15s from 00works a couple of years back.............if her indoors knew what I had paid for them.............carnage. Now if IRM decide to do Irish Steam......... Its better value than the 370 quid and rising asking price for 141/181s on ebay at the moment..........
  5. The 2 black A's were the first two I ordered waay back in 2018?/early 2019 Delighted the run is selling so well
  6. Edo

    Class 121

    I will make it to Bray one day - just not on the 19th - its the Ma's birthday - I like trains - but I also like like keeping the nagging level in my life at acceptable levels ............when the missus finds out I've ordered 8 A class that quota is going to get used very fast!! Anyway.........I know a man............who is getting me sorted - thanks Wrenneire.
  7. Edo

    Class 121

    Does he know anything?
  8. Edo

    Class 121

    Afternoon all a couple of questions for those people here who know "people"! whats the latest score with the 121 Sales?..... roughly what percentage of the run is sold any idea whats left and what is sold out completely? - I see the Black and Tan B125 and B131 are sold out all over stocklists websites - interesting that given we're told many times its a bit "old" - see the same with "A" Class on IRM ... is just the livery that looks great! Just asking for a friend ..... who left it a bit late to get a B131 ......on pre-order with Hattons now....will they get it into stock?
  9. Ah here now......this is getting a bit sleazy Whens the top comin off...boom boom!
  10. Love it Rob - more power to your elbow!....i've spent 4 months procrastinating over what type of point motors to use on mine.....time to get a move on!
  11. Their site is pretty much built on top of Banagher rail yard - you can the alignment taking off from the back of the current business site. Totally agree re Silverline - the father in law,has a boat on the Shannon - we've tied up there many a time.
  12. Edo

    Suspension of IWT Liner

    So Iarnrod Eireann should properly develop Rosslare Port and use the waterford link for access to rest of country and leave Dublin port to its congestion.....
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