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  1. Hi Jhb I have code 75 in the scenic area of my layout - transitioning to code 100 for the fiddle yard etc etc.... No problems with any of my MM stock, IRM stock, 00 Works stock...etc etc.....anything after the mid 80s should be fine I got a Lima Gwr King Class with 4 carraiges and some freight stock circa 1970s/80s from the father in law to clean up and they wont clear the code 75 sleepers without the wheels being replaced with modern stock. You should be fine
  2. Feb update On the face of it - not a vast amount done since Christmas. I had a bit of a rethink on the underlay - for the better I think. Also changed the lift out section in front of door into a hinged bridge section - its functional - i can see it being refined as time goes on. The Bagnalstown yard track is pretty much cut and fitted - just the engine shed and yard to be completed. The Palace East branch is in place as are the goods shed and sidings....im going to take advantage of the fact that Bagnalstown had 2 rather long sidings/headshunts on either side of the passing loop (os
  3. My very first Train set -1 year saving up after which we went the whole way up to Dublin after Christmas ( on the train!) to purchase in British Home Stores back in 1970 something.................memories! I'm another of the returnees to the hobby after decades away so am playing catch up - my preferred era would the 1950 to 1980 - the age of the snail and the roundel. So really its end of the steam era and the early to mid -peak diesel era - from the J15 to the 071 class ................so lots and lots of variety in there. I understand that Im still in a distinct but growing minori
  4. Just fantastic Noel - you are going great guns there - more power to your elbow!
  5. From Conrad Natzio's Irish Steam in the 1960s..... He mentions that j15 No197 had been subject to a further oil burner trial as late as 1954....most of the others had been during the "emergency "...but converted back to coal afterwards..... Below is no197 back burning coal in early 60s on a beet run to Palace East....
  6. Hi Murph Heres a few photos of peco code 100 and code 75 side by side and piece of transition track ( from 75 to 100) to join them. As much as i'd love to go down 21mm route and make my own track ala David H, GM , JM et al....im just not at that level of modelling proficiency yet and i'd like to get something built in the near future....so im building a layout using code 100 in the fiddle yard and non scenic areas and code 75 in the scenic areas.....all modelling is about compromise to some degree - all comes down to the resources, skills and time you have or have not to spend....
  7. He's on to us lads!!
  8. My final Post of 2020 - what a year - and a happy new year to all. This year was the year i finally got the finger out on the layout. Progress so far has resembled the year - stop start - waiting for stuff - juggling the finances etc etc .....however im happy enough with things - all things considered. Im still awaiting a last delivery of track from Marks when the Peco delivery finally lands to finish off the track network - the layout is now really in 3 zones - 1) the permanent layout through the bookcase area 2) the display area of 3 removable 4 x 2 ft modules which is the station,
  9. Its a great book - i have the Western Corridor one too!.....put me down for your next one.....Limerick to Rosslare and all lines attached??? Got this from the sister in law......im expecting railway related pressies now for the next decade now that layout is up.....
  10. My neighbour got me this - great pics
  11. Edo

    Class 121

    All my 121s have arrived and running great- poor B121 needs a little bit of tlc after a de-boxing malfunction - nothing that can't be sorted with a bit patience and glue!
  12. Im pretty sure a very dirty CIE train appears in one of the Pink Panther films as one of the bad guys escapes from the train via a helicopter......was it the Mullingar - Athlone line? Just looked - definitely an A class - dont know about the carraiges.....The Pink Panther Strikes again (1976)
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