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  1. I got some for the birthday - there was i thinking " shure i can't use them in most places id want to .... i might aswell get something for herself"..... Now...now....NOW This!........well I hope she likes ferts....😁 Yis are terrible men!
  2. Yeh - saw the same one - from end of New Zealand to the other - mostly by train - but also boat and car. Absolutely no commentary or background music - the Beeb are good with stuff like that.
  3. Edo

    Malahide opening

    Well done to everybody concerned - it looks great and I look forward to sneaking out to Malahide on my next excursion up to the "Big Smoke"...
  4. Edo

    Malahide opening

    Agreed - that video of Mike Sharman's work was brilliant - awesome is a word used far too often these days - but his work qualifies for that description - that was a magnificent layout and the attention to detail was something else - inspirational!
  5. Great stuff Yeh - nothing says 70's like a supertrain A hauling a rake of ferts!....not surprised they are near the top so far. Delighted its working out so far - bringing out 17 versions was a serious financial gamble - much appreciated by us 60's heads modeling that earlier era - i hope when folks see how well they look that the blacks and greens will be snapped up in due course........ So ....when the C Class due😃....kidding....Im kidding!!
  6. 40% of the production run on order already .........according to the advert in RM - fair play - ye must be delighted. So - whats the most popular livery so far?....is the filter on the website correct?
  7. Afternoon all Just a quick update to thank the IRRS , and one IRRS member in particular , for hunting down pictures of Palace East in the IRRS archives for me.....yes there are a few of the holy grail of the Western yard and approaches - halleluiah!! .....he also very kindly told me how to go about getting hi-res reproductions of those photos from the IRRS - i'll be getting at least 5 copies to pretty much complete my 360 view of Palace east in its last years......brilliant!
  8. Thats interesting..thanks for that I haven't really looked very hard in fairness - maybe with the A's and 121s coming on stream this year - some folks with "excess" stocks might be tempted to cash some in for re -investment purposes.............maybe!
  9. sweet jesus - 350 sterling for a 111...... then again I did the blow the guts of 700 yoyos on 2 J15's this year so I won't be throwing any stones...... there must be a market for these models at these prices .......or is that the same one thats been sitting there all year? the lesson would appear to be to get in when the model is in the retailers after launch..............its a small market that would appear to be getting bigger in some aspects which should be great news for manufacturers - if a little frustrating for those of us trying to pick up past models at vaguely "standing in front of the missus and being within an asses roar of justifying this purchase" prices................ I would love to get my hands on MM 141 in B&T or Supertrain - but they are as available as hens teeth at the moment and when they are its hard to justify the inflation from original RRP.....then again - after this years splurge - I'm a happy meal away from bankruptcy so there will be little to no "train" purchasing next year ( the As and 121s already squared away financially). In a way this price inflation will hopefully encourage the production of more runs of models......we could have it worse!
  10. Just to say I picked up a copy of "Irish Steam in the 1960's" this morning - got some great images - in colour - of the beet campaigns on this line and those other lesser known branches - ie Ballylinan, Clonmel to Thurles etc etc - great resource for anybody looking at building station layouts before the great rationalisation in the 80's. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Irish-Steam-1960s-End-Era/dp/1780731469
  11. About 4-5 copies in O'Mahony's in Limerick when I was in there this morning.
  12. Edo

    Project 42 Update

    Arrived to Limerick yesterday - looking great. many thanks
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