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  1. It will certainly be worth the wait!
  2. Got my liners out for a run this evening - must have missed an axle with the lube!
  3. Thanks, luckily I still have my own hair...for now 😋
  4. I have just put together a static grass applicator from 3D printed parts and a module from eBay. A quick test to make sure it works....now I just have to build a layout. Yet another project to start.
  5. I am oiling all of the axles on mine at the moment, all running freely afterwards so happy enough. I do appear to have one bogie which is too tight and is causing derailments so not entirely sure as I have oiled the centre pin as suggested and removed the bogie to scrape away any paint etc. A long run in may help.
  6. Happy Christmas to all! Happy to have received my IRM liners and buffer stops recently. I'm prototyping some new loads to go on a rake at the moment - awaiting some parts for my 3D printer before I print the full body. Some tweaks also required to the 3D model.
  7. I have found Micro Set and Micro Sol to be excellent when applying decals. A few applications of Micro Sol after placement really helps to settle the decal in. I usually brush over a coat of gloss or matt varnish to protect the decal.
  8. A bargain was had here: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/133270200327?ul_noapp=true https://www.ebay.ie/itm/133270200047?ul_noapp=true
  9. Don't forget to have a look at www.wexfordmodelrailwayclub.ie today 😃
  10. The Wexford Model Railway Club has a new website! www.wexfordmodelrailwayclub.ie will be fully available from Sunday 1st December. We will continue to post notice of our exhibitions and outings on the IRM forum as well as on our new website, along with other club news, photos etc. You can also follow the club on Facebook.
  11. I picked up this truck at the SDMRC show last weekend. I repainted the cab and crane, and altered the ramps at the back of the bed. Also applied some dry brushing to the bed. New registration plates were also applied to both models here.
  12. Set C still available, I will be at the SDMRC show in Blackrock again tomorrow.
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