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  1. Excellent, what products did you use?
  2. Bachmann flat and round top are the same except for the flat top. The Irish ones are round top, and the flat tops can be converted with some styrene and filler before painting. Lots of decals on those models!
  3. Paddy had 3/4 other cab samples, with the windows above the bonnet
  4. Inspection car 723 travelled over the South Wexford line in June - possibly the last ever movement across the line.
  5. RobertRoche


    Just like anything else there can't be one rule for some and a different rule for others.
  6. Great detail!
  7. Indeed I would take a few
  8. You could try pre-wired SMD LEDs. Several sizes and colours available from evemodeluk on Amazon.
  9. Hi Robert, these parts are scratch built with styrene, and probably oversize for the MK2...choose a smaller diameter tube! Styrene is easy to bend using a gentle heat.
  10. Expanding the fleet and working on some details.
  11. 1 set of IRM Cement Bubbles Set A (SOLD) 1 set of IRM Cement Bubbles Set C for sale as I have duplicates. €125 each. Collection in Tallaght/Wexford.
  12. Everything here is much too clean.... Grass is photoshopped 🌿
  13. If it does not work on DC with the blanking plate then it may be the internals, broken motor wire perhaps? I had an issue using the MM chip with the Hornby Elite where the sound would work but no movement. It stopped working on the Hornby system for no reason, no firmware updates etc. Both sound and motor worked fine when tested on the NCE DCC system.
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