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  1. It is a big layout to plan and it may be an idea to test some of these ideas before you commit to one. I do like the illusion of the train going somewhere or having travelled a distance. My layout will be more traditional but I hope to use an automated yard on one side to hold trains and make it appear that trains are passing through the scenic section.
  2. Would you consider constructing two or three distinct levels rather than a continuous gradient? You could start in one corner with the first level until you get back to that corner, at which stage the track could continue at the same level back through the starting point or take the 'mainline' up a hidden gradient behind the scenery up to the next level to continue the journey. This would also increase the length journey for a train. You could provide hidden staging in this manner also. You may also consider some peninsula style build-outs of space permits which could provide scenic break
  3. I think that the Mark 3 and Mark 4 coaches may be different, but this is how I changed the couplers on the Mark 4 coaches with Bachmann 36-026 couplings.
  4. Thank you to everyone for the comments so far. There is a lot of interest which is great and I appreciate the support! I will keep you updated on progress. I am not taking payments at the moment, as a few people have kindly asked.
  5. This little building represents the weighbridge at the beet loading area in Wellingtonbridge. While I don't intend on printing whole buildings, this one was small enough to fit in the printer. Some layering is visible at this close distance. The interior will be detailed and lit when I have somewhere to put it.
  6. Thank you for your kind comments and observations. I did consider at least creating parts for both the 'C-shape' layout and a 'Z-shape' layout but I thought it would be good to keep it simple to start with. I wanted to gauge interest and to see what people might want. Thanks, it certainly is iconic...they're everywhere! Thanks George. Certainly something I can think about!
  7. Not sure about options Noel, it's certainly noted! The width between the sets of stairs is about 145mm at the moment.
  8. Thanks. The width is based off the Hornby straight track geometry. The green Hornby footbridge is significantly wider to deal with curves and other situations. It would be good to get some feedback on widths as it is something to definitely think about. Yes it's a good image! I'll let you know how I get on, thanks!
  9. I am seeking expressions of interest in a simple kit of my Irish Footbridge Model in 4mm scale. The model will be 3D printed in Ireland and comes in three parts. The model is based on the footbridge at Wellingtonbridge, Co. Wexford and is fairly typical of similar footbridges which can be seen across the network. Another example of a similar footbridge is at Athy. The footbridge will be suitable for use across a double track platform or across a double track mainline at grade. Please note the following dimensions: Clear width below centre span is 145mm. Clear height of
  10. I might be able to help if you are looking for modern Irish registration plates.
  11. An easier option in this situation might be to draw a rectangle on the top face of the tank and offset 0.1mm. Extrude this out the bottom of the body which will cut it in two, forming a second body. Use the move tool to move the top of the tank up and clean up afterwards.
  12. I'm not entirely sure what you mean but I assume that something is changing when you don't want it to. My methods in Fusion are pretty brute force so you might know better than me but you could try the following; Make a copy of the body that you are working on and turn this new body off. Do not move the body. Extrude and remove everything away on the original body except the part you want to change. Turn the original body off and the new body on. On the new body extrude/remove the part that you want to change. Now when both bodies are turned on you should have individual pa
  13. Thanks for the comments Robert. That's good advice! I thought about doing the heavy weathering before applying the decals. Thanks, they are kit C036 - easy assembly.
  14. Oil Tank Wagons I have the oil tankers painted with decals applied. The next step will be weathering as they definitely require toning down. I 3D printed the reinforcement strip down the sides of the wagons and 2D printed the ADR panels. I have fixed the 'Fuel Oil' decal in the second picture using some Micro Sol and a sharp knife.
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