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  1. I picked up this truck at the SDMRC show last weekend. I repainted the cab and crane, and altered the ramps at the back of the bed. Also applied some dry brushing to the bed. New registration plates were also applied to both models here.
  2. Set C still available, I will be at the SDMRC show in Blackrock again tomorrow.
  3. Any visitors should be made aware that the opening of the Wexford Festival Opera is on Tuesday night, with fireworks on the Quay at 19:40. The Quays will be closed to traffic from 17:00 - 20:30. There is parking at the WMRC club but it may be in demand.
  4. I've looked before and I didn't find much. I'd go for murky and dark like this one in Moyasta. Also have a read fo this US site http://gshsignal.blogspot.com/2011/07/whats-on-inside-of-those-water-tanks.html
  5. Hi Tony, I 3D printed this crest earlier this year. It is a bit rough but it might interest you.
  6. I like these ones... https://twitter.com/IrishRailExcuse/status/1028538827328167942
  7. Excellent, what products did you use?
  8. Bachmann flat and round top are the same except for the flat top. The Irish ones are round top, and the flat tops can be converted with some styrene and filler before painting. Lots of decals on those models!
  9. Paddy had 3/4 other cab samples, with the windows above the bonnet
  10. Inspection car 723 travelled over the South Wexford line in June - possibly the last ever movement across the line.
  11. RobertRoche


    Just like anything else there can't be one rule for some and a different rule for others.
  12. Great detail!
  13. Indeed I would take a few
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