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  1. richrua

    Class 121

    Just shared the photo because I thought people would like to see it. Not endorsing a particular shop in any way but that's me told.
  2. richrua

    Class 121

    https://www.hattons.co.uk/454197/Murphy_Models_MM0127_Class_121_127_in_Irish_Rail_livery_Price_is_estimated_we_will_notify_you_if_pr/StockDetail.aspx Indeed it is
  3. Looks to me like it was a repair wall or replacement at a much later date. You could finish that section in stone to match the rest I'd say, if modelling an earlier period maybe. I wonder what was there before the repair / rebuild ??
  4. That's great David thanks I'll give it a look
  5. Here is the building in situ in the new more modern end of the layout. I built a container crane too but I'm starting to think it would overwhelm the scene. I might put a picture up for advice. Next I have a lot of scenic work behind to finish and some track adjustments around the corner from this area. Keep me out of trouble.
  6. The finish is a scalescenes sheet ashlar ?? printout in black and white and then I washed it over with very thin black tinted wash to dull it down. Yes I based it loosely on kingscourt. I'm planning a small cement facility for the right hand side , which of course was not at kingscourt.
  7. Hi guys. The layout has undergone some remodelling and rethinking to make it more accessible. I've made room for a small container yard . Here is a modern grubby office i made for the yard. More pics of the changes to follow layer.
  8. Which of these liveries would have had the longest time span would you say ?
  9. I sent you a private message there Rosslare Ranger
  10. Hi Glenderg. Do you still want this a class kit ? Thanks R
  11. For sale, six JM design CIE coach sides. To make 3 coaches. Partially complete. Sold as seen, in green with an eau d nil stripe. One not yet started. Partially completed bodies included as shown. I can't find the rest of the donor dapol coaches. If I can find the roofs etc I'll throw them in too at no extra. £40 + £ 5 postage ireland/UK. Elsewhere at cost. Paypal for payment please.
  12. Hi folks. I have a partially completed A Class kit . It has some brass detailing from studio scale models applied and is undercoated. (Note it is the body and bogie sides only, these kits require a class 55 chassis to complete.)Sold as seen (but it is in good condition). payment via PayPal please. £30 + £5 postage ireland/UK. Elsewhere at cost.
  13. I stuck one of your flyers up on my bedroom wall. The wife is not happy.
  14. Wow. Look great alright. I'll hopefully order up gradually over the next few months.
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