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  1. My goodness. Marvellous stuff. Like others have said I might order another one! I quite like the IR supertrain for some reason.
  2. Hi folks, made some slight changes to the layout in order to extend it in the shed, but it still can function as a seperate 'module' . I've picked up a 121 and I've added a station area. The boards are shallow, hence the low scenic amount, but most of all it works. I have a detachable loop that runs outside the shed for when it's not raining !
  3. Ah ok , thanks Noel. I notice my locos take an extra little bit of time to stop as opposed to a DC dead stop, I wonder have I inadvertently turned on momentum
  4. Hi Noel, I know I could just dig out the manual to find out, but what is the actual function of the Momentum button? I've always thought it has been placed in a very prominent position on the controller.
  5. Yes the 201 are also an excellent model. I have only one and I happened to run it yesterday. So smooth and powerful too.
  6. Thanks very much Noel, I have a 121 on it's way, but the decoders are out of stock. Means if it gets here tomorrow I can have a test run over Christmas ,
  7. Hi folks, apologies if this has been asked before, I searched up but couldn't find it. I know it's not recommended but do any other 21 pin recorders fit a mm 121 ?
  8. Love it! That looks great. Lockdown allowed me to build a small shed/workshop/potting shed to keep my micro layout in. I had an old double glazed window and apart from the roof panels, was able to build it with wood I had about , including old fence panels. I'm planning a small outdoor extension to the micro , to add a little more running space. I'll put some pics up soon , but I've actually found myself busier lately !
  9. I happened to watch both other Galway Gen Van items . Perhaps I did let my one go for too little , they could have got it for £60 less than these... . Here is a shot of the bidding on both
  10. Same two bidders as the last galway gen. I put one on myself, it sold for decent money (to fund a guinness liner pack for meself :-)) but it did not attract these two bidders, so sold for much less. (Although still a lot more than my original purchase price so I'm happy believe me!) Just wondering, though.....
  11. Gen Vans appear to be out of stock everywhere, perhaps leading to the higher prices
  12. I noticed these auctions too. It seems a little odd.
  13. With the dough I've saved on diesel over the past two months I can grab one of these. Just curious, is there a vague release date for the various liveries? That'll help me budget.
  14. Thanks David, still a lot of neatening up to be done of course, but that's the basis, and most importantly I have a working model with point motors etc - being able to just flip the small board to fit them was great!!! I am going to make another 'scene' on the same size board, which I can join in a modular fashion to either side of this one. I'm just delighted that it works well and I can now get the balance right between build and operation! It is also interesting how much you can do with 3ft x 8" .
  15. I did indeed. Made a very nice model, I'll take a pic tomorrow. I know they used to do s good few kits . I haven't been on the pulse of the scene for a year, so I dont know if they are still active
  16. Excuse the test wagons! I ballasted the track and added the basic scenic details , I dont plan to add much more as keep it simple is my new motto so that I actually achieve a functioning railway !
  17. I like the black and silver, also the grey. There I said it! (Dont get me wrong though, orange and black is just Irish and that's that)
  18. Thanks folks. More to come! I'll be detailing that building a bit more. I'm trying to fit some electro magnets for Auto uncoupling. Does anyone know if they would be powerful Enough to work through 6mm ply ?
  19. This layout amazes me. I used to work very near there, about 25 years ago, remember cycling those very streets . It is like a time machine for me. Thank you. This layout amazes me. I used to work very near there, about 25 years ago, remember cycling those very streets . It is like a time machine for me. Thank you. This layout amazes me. I used to work very near there, about 25 years ago, remember cycling those very streets . It is like a time machine for me. Thank you.
  20. This is looking great! I wish I had picked up 112 (the happy face engine!!!) A few years ago, but I opted for a couple of IE and later liveries. Your layout looks like it will offer a lot of running options.
  21. I got plenty done this evening, after working from home all day. After I tested the points ( i had to try to off-set one as it was too near the edge - it is working for now) and general running, i was happy to proceed with adding the back scene and sides. I will make an overall cover eventually i think. I then made my first cassette for my simple fiddle yard. Also, as I'm recycling things , I am sorting out a nice Faller cement works kit, adjusted a little to fit. I also made another building from a coke can, some old sprue and the sheets of ties from cheap sandwich bags to make a corrugated building. It's a false entrance- trains wont be able to go through. That's about it for now tomorrow I'm going to work on finishing the buildings I think.
  22. Ok, so it will be a very small 'inglenook' type shunting layout with an extra fiddle yard/board . I also ran the track from board edge to edge at the back so that I could make another section at a later date. A modular idea - as I have several of these ply wood sheets ready cut. But that is for the future. (In the past i have always moved on to more and more and then never actually completed a layout , or close to complete anyway!) I'll try to attach a plan.
  23. Hi all. It has been quite some time since I've been on here. (This has been down to some general fatigue and aches and pains, along with a hectic family life, new job and just not having much time) . Any way, I felt less and less like going to the attic, so I took the decision to run down the attic layout and work on a simple micro layout that could be stowed away easily. My mind was made up when my father in law gave me a stock of wood off cuts including a number of ply boards cut to about 8" by 3ft , and some more a little shorter. As soon as I saw them I started thinking "layout, layout". I'm recycling most railway items from previous efforts to keep the cost down. Here's a few snaps of work so far:
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