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  2. I haven't been on the site much for the last few months so apologies for such a late comment on these lovely photos. I don't believe that I have seen the bogies TPO in the silver livery before at least not in color. Smashing shot! This appears to be one of the 1906-7 GSWR-built tricomposite brake coaches with clerestory roof built for the Cork-Rosslare boat train. Its sister 861 is preserved by the RPSI and all were listed as secondary stock by February 1961 only 4 months after this photo.
  3. Not if they won't do it in 21mm gauge, that looks to be the 16.5mm version
  4. I have the same problem with forming the tumblehome so if you find any easy method feel free to post
  5. The problem is a lack of respect. ..... which is what you get for bringing a knife to a gunfight. Here's a rerun of 'gunning the red' at Coolmine LC
  6. Those of us that survived the pandemic will be, sure, but for those that did not, there will be no reopening at all Actually you probably shouldn't have. Everyone who has died from coronavirus acquired it from someone else, both parties being responsible for being irresponsible. Contact tracing being nothing near what it should be, many of us will have unknowingly passed virus to someone else often at their expense and not yours. NIR original's point was correct and the laissez faire attitude of many, more privileged individuals and feckless 'leaders' has allowed the SARS-Cov
  7. I do like the 6w variant of the 3153-6 series heating van although we''ll not see a higher quality version of it. There were only 4 of them iirc in an era that's not currently catered too very much. They weighed in a a whopping 21T on a 30ft body with twin boilers but ooze 60s era. Stuck behind a black A class, maybe even a yellow warning panel would be super class. I don't think the SF model probably does real justice to the width, profile and detail of the prototype but very nice to have all the same.
  8. Any chance of some 'swap bodies' of the magnesite then?
  9. Some views at 12:15 and an end profile (in the dark), not much help maybe but still an enjoyable watch
  10. Why on 47' flats only? Are the high Cubes predominantly 45' in length like P&O? (40' HiCube are being used on the 47" like ONE also)
  11. Not everyone wound have predicted how successful IRM offerings have been with progressively larger runs. Product availability is the first thing that will tempt the potential modeling.
  12. I enquired about this several years ago at IRM. I got a firm no because if the intricacies involved in creating the track and the points and there was some discussion about prototypical crossings. I have been planning a larger layout and was procrastinating about narrow gauge versus 21mm. No sign of 21mm track and finally resigned to having to stick to 16.5 even though I have one or two steams locos guaged to 21mm. I need a lot of track and cannot see myself building it AND converting the stock. The latter I would do if I had flexitrack, a long express point and a shorter points for ya
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