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  1. @Georgeconna Sorry to hear all that George! Just by way of prevention, bad things coming in threes and all that, microwaves have a HIGH voltage capacitor that will need to be discharged other than by plugging it out! Careful fixing it please, we'd almost be as shocked as you would! 😧
  2. The even older logo in flanges photo above is from the 70s I would think. Also seen on the containers in this thread
  3. Incidentally, does anyone know when the logo change from the plus to the ampersand (B+I to B&I) (seems yo be very late 80s from what I can decipher) The other Cu na Mara just out of interest before I get too far off topic..
  4. It is simply beyond me how cameras can be effectively mounted on roads and motorist penalized by mail and this cannot be achieved at LCs. Bonkers!
  5. Very Cool @Galteemore Wish we had more reference to earlier in the Irish railway scene on the forum
  6. Actually I think the shade of orange is wrong, ... the green too actually .....
  7. It's still hard to believe that the iPhone has been around for just over a decade. I was asked by the probably 20 year old in 'customer service' for an email address; " .......@mac.com", I replied. "How do you spell that?" "Ahem, I beg your pardon, young man, I meant @icloud.com" I guess age like all things is relative
  8. 🎼It's the one that you want (the one that you want 🎶) Flu, 'flu, 'flu (honey)
  9. There's also an older CIE container unless that is the side of a Scammell mechanical horse, which it might be (between the legs of the crane behind the B+I). and another B+I or Freightliner in the red livery on the top left (unfortunately partly obscured also)
  10. Its a long time since I looked at these but one of the others has a more sandy/beige/yellow stone but I don't recall exactly
  11. Likely crossing the Rory O' More bridge near Guinness brewery in Dublin ("Robert Daglish Junr. St. Helens Foundry Lancashire")
  12. Same could be said for certain railway models, split decision always on this forum though. Same has happened during genuine natural disasters with people selling $1 bottles of water for $20-40 in a developed and 'civilized' society. Honor, humanity and shame in all in short supply.
  13. It's identical but the stone color and doors might be different...
  14. Drew McDonald et al. book "A Decade of Steam: on CIE in the 1950s" (1974) written 25 years before that official history also refers to the emblem as being 'popularly' known as The Flying Snail
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