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  1. So on the weekend I decided to look in my copy of Shepherd and Beesley's DSER in which I thought there was a rather comprehensive listing of rolling stock including conversions (and back). How hard could it be to find one of these buffet cars surviving well into the steam to diesel transition. That coach seems to be 19D or more likely 29D on the better quality Flickr original but there seemed to be little in the restaurant/buffet section at all let alone a match even in the brakes. I'll have another look
  2. Just as IRM did it, .... a prelude to the ferts 😁
  3. Some caution advised in giving the wife too much fertilizer 😏
  4. In the 'antiquated days' the signalman would not have allowed you into the station until it was clear to do so, nor the guard out of it if a passenger was running down the platform. So what happens now, the road is set all the way to Cork with greens set all the way by the CTC?
  5. It might be possible to find a donor motor/chassis that you can 'drop' the body onto. The axles are asymmetric on the Es so most likely you won't find an exact match, but it might be possible to move an unpowered middle axle fairly easily. I know this E/421 is in bad shape but the chassis is seen pretty well apart form the bases of the wheels themselves
  6. We need them by March 😉 https://www.flickr.com/photos/152343870@N07/26278229928/in/photolist-2arjFys-2ddJqoK-G37NeN-ejt8FF-KkZPRP-R53JLj-24oZQkA
  7. Volume 16 starts as N0. 99 Feb 1986 thru No 107 October 1988 so maybe No 104 or something. Someone associated with the IRRS might be able to help @leslie10646 or if a member has these volumes (unfortunately, I do not), maybe somone would have a quick flick through and see if there's an article in there that would interest you
  8. There is a clustering of reference to MK3s in Vol16 pp. 360-364 but I am not sure if that article is specifically about that MK3 coaches. The June 1985 is a nice cover with the Mk3s in the ST livery and the 071 in original (incorrect, as delivered) color and incorrect CIE roundel 🥰
  9. Great shot! Two separate 20" containers, 1977?
  10. Following this thread with interest, John (hoping I can make one 😃)
  11. A couple more oddities, 20ft Lyons tea And some which are just crackers Unfortunately no evidence that these were transported by rail, at least not the 1980s 40' containers
  12. There is some great detail in those photos, buses, bridges and interesting rolling stock. Shame to see the bridges etc discarded now. Thanks for posting, Dave!
  13. The instanter couplings (modified three link) keep the buffers under compression in transit and won't go round tight curves in sidings like at North Wall without creating slack by turning the vertical center link horizontally. This is normally performed by a shunter with the hook but should be done on all couplings to prevent them coming under excessive strain
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