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  1. Not everyone wound have predicted how successful IRM offerings have been with progressively larger runs. Product availability is the first thing that will tempt the potential modeling.
  2. I enquired about this several years ago at IRM. I got a firm no because if the intricacies involved in creating the track and the points and there was some discussion about prototypical crossings. I have been planning a larger layout and was procrastinating about narrow gauge versus 21mm. No sign of 21mm track and finally resigned to having to stick to 16.5 even though I have one or two steams locos guaged to 21mm. I need a lot of track and cannot see myself building it AND converting the stock. The latter I would do if I had flexitrack, a long express point and a shorter points for ya
  3. Seemingly from the RMWeb discussion the momentum button can be disabled ( in the manual apparently )
  4. @irishthumpThanks for that. I'm not an DCC expert so I want to be sure that I have a compatible decoder for that bespoke PCB
  5. Which ESU V5 Loksound chip is appropriate fro the 121 and 141? I was looking at this .... ESU 58419 LokSound 5 DCC/MM/SX/M4 21MTC NEM660 LSP 11x15mm
  6. There were some photos on one of the threads but I don't recall where? Regardless of how compatibility with 21mm reguaging was worded, some modelers seem to have experienced some issues with the chassis on the bubbles (and ballasts) not being wide enough to accommodate that without filing down the plastic on the inside to accommodate the wheels at at the correct back to back setting. The ploughs of course were not retooled, nor the gypsums I imagine. Since these were designed to be sold in rakes, there will be some work involved depending on how many you need to do. I'll post th
  7. Phil @murphaphis there any possibility you might post the relevant eSU file and the horns? After shelling gout for three Wt projects I'm looking for a alternative way to contain costs for future 121 and 141 sound decoders. I know you're in Germany. Where are you sourcing your chips? The LokSound V5 in the US and Australasian markets are V5 DCC chips which have some differences (most notably that they cannot be run temporarily on DC)
  8. Probably no advantage to the sound aspect per se as they'll use the same or very similar prime mover sound files but there may definitely be some advantages to having your headlights and marker lights work independently and more advanced motion control options as you become used to the driving characteristics. I had planned to purchase the 567 and 645 chips and waited for them to come in stock. They did and the 567 rapidly sold out again at IRM and Marks while I was procrastinating about buying some more Supertrain and BnT 121s. Since I've nothing else to order from IRM at the moment
  9. Aaah! I thought it looks like a (very) short generator van. Thanks
  10. Anyone know what this is at York Road, NCC 3099? https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishrailwayarchive/50736845218/in/photostream/
  11. I cancelled my order of 4 locos with Hattons as they had no timeframe for me and I'll repurchase with another model shop in Ireland as soon as they ever get 567 chips which were supposed to arrive yesterday but no sign of them as yet
  12. Looking very well, John. Any idea on price point yet? What era would it be suitable for and hence any further liveries? A couple in grey would be on my list and maybe some in a later livery also depending on how long the 20T lasted (looks great in the grey with FS actually)
  13. Marks told me during this week
  14. Yes, indeed. Didn't do him any harm. Recently passed aged 97. RIP
  15. That's also how mine is running. So does anyone know for certain if the 121 prototype had 2 or 3 FUNCTIONAL front white marker lights when delivered please?
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