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  1. Slow and steady it has to be without a banking engine
  2. The lack of suitable track remains an impediment to building any thing in 21mm. I think modelers would be inclined to do loco and stock conversions (and even that can be a little tedious), but building your own track is most for smaller layouts for most
  3. I also have no personal experience of these locomotives but Hirsch & Doyle's 1979 book quotes that tractive efforts of the A class as only 46,000 lb/f with the EMD 12-645 when downrated to 1325hp from 1650hp to improve reliability of the associated auxiliary components. This suggest they pulled well regardless of the installed engine (when operative). The C class of course were vey underpowered with the original engine but actually would have been very decent locos when re-engined and upgraded to Class B (800-1100 hp) locomotives
  4. I'm not sure if I misunderstood you, Leslie. You're saying the Metrovick A class were poor pullers with a tractive effort of 55,000 lb/f? I believe that was with the original Crossley HSTV8 (reliability aside) but open to correction if that that was subsequently with the EMD re-engine.
  5. Conclusion may be flawed: surely to stop the hand from slipping and spilling any adjacent pints of Guinness! (I can just imagine some of the replies now...... , like this poor guy whose hand has slipped)
  6. Wouldn't be so bad if the CBSCR 'model' railway was still outside your window, but alas!
  7. Turns out you don't have to been one of the larger companies to have used a double slip. I just spotted one in the middle of the CBSCR's terminus Albert Quay in a photo in Rails around Cork, sitting right in the middle of the three roads leading to the terminus! Amazing what you can see what you didn't before....
  8. Some very interesting older stock, Bandon tanks locos, green AEC railcars on the CBSCR, a double slip (not as uncommon as one would have believed), I think it was at Albert Quay about 8:41, old motor vehicles, trucks and a GN closed wagon on the CBSCR! Nostalgic little collection of video and photographs Thanks for posting that.
  9. Some nice, clever and wacky modules on there! Excellent stuff
  10. Ah yes, the 1415 'Special' 😁
  11. And despite criticism of the lining (whether completely accurate or close enough to do in an otherwise very decent loco) it made STG420 which is 100 pounds over the original retail price !! Build them and the punters will come
  12. Link deleted for clarity as it's not the correct Railcar Colin's looking for unless it's this which looks like a bus but actually they sort of all do on the CDRJC https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/6180277095/in/photolist-aqbeh5-aq8x4D-2fLCaGz-aqbbt9-aq8vtR-aq8ubH-aqbdi1-aq8vBZ-aq8vQB-aq8vSV-aq8uvx-aq8vmt-aq8x6a-aqbd8q-23Mzmxm-aq8uUx-aqbbJ1-aq8vJX-aq8wKk-aq8wg8
  13. I suspect Richie & Jim are correct. The obvious issue is that the extra resistance created as each additional coach enters the curve especially with longer coaches versus 4w wagons. If extra weight fails to resolve for the 5 coaches you could flatten/eliminate the gradient within the curve, increase the gradient to more than 1:60 on the straight if you need the achieve a minimum rise over the total distance, increase the radius of the curve starting it earlier if necessary, consider a Cork tunnel style banking engine! as shorter rolling stock probably not an option in this scenario. I don't know if there is a rule of thumb for how much to add except that if you add enough balanced weight you should have greater traction. Adding more than necessary will add some strain to the gearing especially f the loco is running longer circuits. Let us know how much weight you had to add when you can. TIA
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