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  1. and they're all gone
  2. Free for some … been discussed previously. But I do have some points. How do I access their value at checkout? IRM ordering process for ex-EU is much simpler than having to email Marks to refund the VAT which should not have been charged to begin with
  3. Don’t seem to be many pictures of the grain loading process unlike the beet haulage
  4. I thought the was gonna be an update around the time of the Wexford show and thought I had missed out on that. Thanks for info
  5. Any update on these?
  6. FREe MOney, you use it for new IRM models!
  7. Is the IRM product being shipped even in possession of a single courier company from pickup to delivery? This seems possible only if they operate their own road vehicles and planes. Are the products handled by the courier solely when loading and unloading at airports/containerized and secured prior to handling by a third party? and what is the situation at customs?
  8. Arse! Previously, we had a countdown to a countdown! Which one is this? And where is the countdown , not visible on the site? Arse…, Feck! …., Fran is coming again
  9. Ok, figured out you guys all left early for the Wexford Show. Patrick helped me get it all sorted and paid
  10. OMG! I knew someone would recreate this in model form one day @derek near the end of their lives some of the GSWR (I think) 6wheelers were used to transport turf after the roofs were removed . This may have been during the Great Emergency @jhb171achill
  11. I have an issue with a method of payment but have ben unable to contact IRM by Live Chat or telephone. What going on ? @BosKonay
  12. Wait until Jan 2025 to see things really go down the tubes
  13. I think you’re breaking your own rules here, with In Stock and PreOrder items, demonstrating our problem in essence, I suppose. Don’t think you’d have to be concerned about shipping at that zip code though
  14. I have to agree with this assessment. Effectively the more we order the more we’re charged as I understand @BosKonay ‘s comment on dynamic charging. Within the EU reverse dynamic charging exists (the more that’s ordered the less is paid including free). I ordered a ton of stuff from Hatton's based on their trunk service. I’m don’t think anyone is asking IRM to house the stock indefinitely, we do want to see our models but some accommodation on combining adjacent deliveries would be extremely helpful. Guess where those additional postal savings are gonna be ‘reinvested’?
  15. I haven’t seen these yet. What errors did you spot?
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