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  1. Probably a lot of other things hanging around on CIE steam too ...
  2. Destructive and stupid. I don't hold out much hope for mankind not destroying the planet entirely every time I see something like this 😒
  3. Actually, I did and noticed that spelling which is usually more prevalent in the US than in England. I assumed that Rodrick wanted to reassure that the correct product had been received. I suppose if we're the only two then yours is much less valuable to the collector than before?😁
  4. You can display the E Class anywhere, anytime, Dave. Thanks for posting
  5. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/remembering-the-new-year-s-eve-train-crash-of-1975-1.2480479
  6. Shame it's not a sorting van but there is the green bogie TPO, ... I can see that the brake van might have greater utility
  7. I agree. She's about 7 containers long, very compatible with a layout. The Bell Amazone, NO. 8703256, there are some other pictures of her available. I'llpost a link as soon as I find them EDIT: by Paddy Roche http://www.irishships.com/images/Bell Lines/Paddy Roche/AMAZONE 1.jpg The Bell Resolve is also a good looking vessel https://www.flickr.com/photos/48073612@N04/28195891429/in/photolist-JXzjc8 https://www.flickr.com/photos/winship2019/45304588695/in/photolist-2c2pRQc-eAvQyp-a1zgGq-octRfV-saai9w-rKHjzu-inYH9K-otXGnC-9M2DUT-sGwSH7-p7V2sj-ouWybr-qCCXMQ-sGwQW1-otXTUt-pLbiua-sGJaMP-rQ2xsD-mY5iqS-qUsmVr-RgoNXD-sGHpY2-sq8PQm-e3E7sy-e2rFD4-7SyQqH-7LQxM9-iyLtVt-jsuzNG-rKUPEa-8neEvu-sGwK7L-74a1x6-sq8H6E-dnGcPh-74aWRK-p7gE6n-74eymh-ca2E29-mAAif2-pywyGJ-sGwKuQ-9JUL7s-sGHjye-f2LzJG-6gvLvJ-ca3anm-q49ydy-q3dv8x-mAzYsH
  8. What chassis is the Hunslet on, class 20?
  9. That's just the basic trestle there. You'll also need a steel toed shoes, harness, high visibility vest, ground anchors for the trestle for use on grass, spirit level, hilti-gun/masonry bolts, anemometer, uplink to Met Eireann, lightning rod and insulators, reflective cones, warning signs for passengers and the public, use certification, permit, wheelbarrow, and a back support for yourself should get your started. If you're serious you'll ensure you have spares for everything. PS Don't forget to pack your camera😁
  10. Obviously, you'll need to have some space for a cassette or some way to load new rolling stock on the left. How is coupling/uncoupling being achieved? The camera seems to wander off while the great shunting hand from the sky seems to sneak in off camera. Magnets under the track might be useful? ... and I think the milk went sour during that coal delivery😁
  11. Are they identical sets? I think there was talk of a potentially a second set of three if/when the first sold out, which they obviously haven't yet? I have a set somewhere.....
  12. very informative John. Do you have a link to that CIE/GSR road rail tanker please?
  13. I didn't see this until now. So it looks like that GS flat wagon is equipped with some sore of roller system to allow the trailer to be slid (sideways) over the platform before being drawn down the ramp? I'm just looking at the pulley behind the trailer and I'm not sure of that is compatible with end loading the flat? MK3 International Set?
  14. Shame about not being the Galapagos, a chance missed to try out the Kevlar gloves
  15. There may be some lurking where you got that image. They come in bulk (composites and thirds) This one's on Long island but they turn up on the eastern side of the Atlantic with correct voltage if you need all that https://www.ebay.com/itm/SU-7BHO-Bachmann-00651-Irish-Railway-Complete-Train-Set-Factory-Sealed/362685564071?epid=1309895157&hash=item5471be84a7:g:rjAAAOSwSvVdEBWb#shpCntId
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