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  1. Very interesting thread indeed. Thanks @heirflick. So regarding the color of the signal themselves does this sound correct? Initially home signals were Red-White Red (RWR) (from post outwards). Distants were chevroned Yellow-Black-Yellow (YBY). When paint was replaced by reflective surfaces, was this a paint or plastic and was the red replaced by Orange at that point (OWO) or did it remain RWR? Was the Orange a replacement color or did the original red paint or reflective material fade (sorry to revive memories of debates on shades of orange and weathering again) ? At what point did the signal become 'tipped' in Red (OWR) Apologies in advance for the alphabet soup
  2. Such an oddity so different from the standard BR version in all these respects would surely be an essential component for anyone modeling 60s and 70s era especially if there an array of appropriate traction about to be released ....😁
  3. Not ideal as you'd have to add the solid portions by hand but just in case you don't find an alternative? Bachmann 44-562 - 5 x Model Plastic Metal Fencing Grey 00 Gauge
  4. I don't 'need' them (but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be buying one of each especially BnT 😉)
  5. Actually I need the bonnet end for the shed so if you need the cab that'll work out ...🙄 The grey livery frequently ran singly but in later years with more need for faster acceleration and train speeds or on freight they paired to each other or the 141s which always looked odd because of the height mismatch (love it!)...... and I'lll still be getting both of course 🥰
  6. I'm not sure if it would be Alphagrafix which I believe does a lot of Irish outline in card and does not have a website but has a catalogue. They advertise in Railway Magazine. Contact address: 23 Darris Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7QY, UK
  7. I believe that these are probably 638A &639A converted from 2962-2971 4w TPOs/sorting vans. Spray control coach would probably still be at the back. At times there seem to have been 2 tool vans and (more recently?) just one. Open to correction as weedsprayer not my particular forte
  8. I'll have the Greys followed by the CIE Black livery for Christmas, please! Not available yet? .... Just a curry chips from the Garda station, Wrenn
  9. Lovely F-14. Probably the heaviest 'fixed'-wing to land on a carrier
  10. Sorry, I was looking at IRM wagons and freight sneaked in there. Close enough to get you to show your wares though! lovely little thing in N really.
  11. You finally found a CIE Fowler Freight in N? Probably no-one else has one (now)
  12. Deleted (read question twice, answer once.... like the leaving cert advice, I suppose) EDIT: I presume that the underbody of the DVT would be very similar to other MK3s which would be available in BR colors from a number of manufacturers, Hornby, Bachmann?, Oxford etc, possibly all slightly different lengths etc. I think the Oxford one is lit etc and could be adapted for a DVT?
  13. OMG! Some of the morons tweet-arguing with IE about a time stamp on the video. I do think there should be substantial penalties for this behavior
  14. There's no other model of the cattle wagon. I'll take some, Leslie (but I don't want any dead cows .....)
  15. Better the bluebottle .....
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