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  1. I was going through the color schemes on the IRModels site and noticed the white from band on the rebuilt BnT locoa seem to be missing the band above the headlight. Admittedly the band is pretty filthy in most shots with grime from the roof or the lamp itself maybe. I'm sure that just a fine tuning item. Does anyone know if the flying snail was applied to A1 before going into service and when the sandboxes were finally removed? When was the tan CIE roundel applied to the black livery in general? When did the pale CIE super train roundel come into being? Thanks
  2. John, @Mayner What's your reference for older pre-CIE or pre-GSR stock I have a few books on the GSWR etc but very hard to find a reference for rolling stock as opposed to the locos themselves? Thanks
  3. Excellent shots as always Ernie but have the say that the TPO is fantastic with the collecting apparatus still in use/in place!😍 Would anyone happen to know the origin of that 6w? TPO, maybe GSWR? TIA
  4. Amazing rake of 2 dozen bubbles! This is post 1994 IE era with the bubbles sporting ivory tanks and black chassis (all of which are completed obscured by cement!)
  5. Can you post a link to that video, would be interested to see... ?
  6. Whats the origin of the last 4w XP wagon?
  7. HI Richie, Gunsmoke is the word I was searching for and I certainly remember getting old photos processed myself decades ago and varying degree of variability from reality as determined by the camera, film and processor.
  8. Thanks for that, Fran. It's not easy to make out the chassis color in old photos and I had to brighten mine significantly also and came to the same conclusion. Thanks for that photo of the unloading though. I would have to say that the grey in all the photos seem to have a 'blue steel' (pardon the pun) appearance which I also see in the CADs on the IRModels site. Is the photo at the top of the thread the finished grey as this seems different to most photos I've seen (which are few)
  9. Grey for me but didn't the slate grey have a grey chassis or that's just for the mockup? They look nice thought, really crisp. Really happy to see these coming
  10. The plough being modeled very closely to prototype, surely the question should be whether 16mm track would foul the inside of the plough particularly on unconventionally tight non-prototypical curves?😏
  11. I too was hoping for some CIE before re-runs ....☹️
  12. Would be interested in the complete kit as not at the level of other with regards to that skillset 😞
  13. Not everyone has the ability to attend swap meets and find niche Irish products with facility, hence eBay exists and certainly cheaper than hopping a boat to reach Stillorgan if you reside in the UK for example.
  14. In that case, I'd like to commit voter fraud and belatedly vote for the slate grey again😁
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