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  1. It's a part easily lost so smart to have a few spares. There are two running around in one of my boxes but I don't know if they're the spares or from the wagons
  2. And only a 20' container at that
  3. Unfortunately in traditional Brexit fashion it is 'currently ' only available to audiences in the UK
  4. Fantastic they'll have the AEC railcars to top and tail those laminates then too @ArranOriginal 20ft B&I and some CIE insulated if you can find any decent pictures, And the Guinness and Harp Tanktainers but sure, throw in the Asahi to keep the lads happy, (I'll take a rake too) nag nag nag Now about that 20" early wagon ...
  5. A run of standards by Marks even without generator would probably satisfy most people and might even bring some generator 'extras' back onto the secondary market but the thought that Bachmann may not do the commission is disappointing. @DJ Dangerous I have some things (not quite my era) in support of IRM; ballast wagons, IR and IE ploughs, weedsprayer set and two turn of the millennium Rail Link buses though I'd prefer to some oldies from CIE days
  6. That's the same video posted on the thread by NIR on Aug 17 but no harm seeing it again. Lots of great prototypical coaching stock on there, 1950s built CIE coaches that lasted thro' BnT livery to the 1980s, Park royals, 4w Luggage vans etc. I have looked for and not found any additional photos or video of the Amiens street turntable using vacuum (or any additional turntables for that matter). Most photos I have seen, seem to have the device removed in favor of a release lever to be powered around manually. Apart from the 121s, the end of steam and introduction of double cabbed diese
  7. @DJ Dangerous Kinda like Noel having a flippin’ MkIV rake, I must have had a extra bottle of wine that morning with my toast. Truth is that over time my interest has expanded to an earlier modeling timeframe but I still have full set of 141/181s and most 071s including the IE livery
  8. Should have been sold as the twin pack and twin of standard IMO, much better ratio to prototypical rake. You'll likely pay dearly for this on the 'Bay unless you purchase privately without all the fees, shipping, tax, tax on shipping, Global shipping, etc
  9. It is an interesting that there is pretty much one way traffic on shipping containers that are manufactured in China, ship goods to Europe and the US and then are not shipped back in sufficient quantities.
  10. Any seen the cover of IRRS journal October 2020 #203 with a liner train full of old B&I 20Ft containers and an article
  11. LMAO You can hear him accelerate to gun the red light. Literacy might be a problem for him too. The guy turning right decided to take another route with less debris. Only comment would be to have the I-beam much further from the under bridge in suitable locations (not here), may 200 feet. We've see seen a lot artics/big rigs pass quite a long distance under the bridge before coming to the halt if the clearance is marginal and the trail deformable. Better to hit an I-beam than the the bridge. Agree with @Broithe probably better place on a section of straight road before the bridge it
  12. There are over 3000 bridges with over 400 under bridges being less than 16'6" and at risk for excess strikes. Maybe he has shares in a company with a tender in to do the work on the additional 2600 under bridges ?
  13. ..... or horses that are far away?
  14. I don't know for sure but I suspect that a 9'6" high cube might need a lowered floor such as a pocket wagon to stay within the Irish loading gauge
  15. I just arrived in from a long day at work and priorities being what they are I decided to forego non-essential items like food and in preference constructed an email to Dave Mylett on behalf of the modelers on this side of the pond principally in the Chicago and Dallas metro areas plus myself. THEN I returned to see if there had been any discussion on this subject at all and was pleased to see that several members had actually taken the time to put pen to paper to Hattons. Thank you all. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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