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  1. Like the DVT on the PP Mk3s. An A class will look even more at home on those Taras soon
  2. Thanks for the reminder. Couple of bundles ordered.
  3. Actually I just realized that AbeBooks is also sold out now (although they're still advertising more than 10 available). It's a good sign for the book. I'm sure more will become available in due course if anyone has missed out
  4. Not sure how prevalent Bedford S types actually were (wasn't around) but this preserved one still bore Wexford plates in 2016
  5. There are some in this album which I'm sure you've seen. It might be worthwhile to search other light rail systems to which the CMLR locos were subsequently transferred such as the Schull & Skibbereen. I have the same book but don't recall what happened to the coaching stock, in there somewhere I'm sure. https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/IRISH-RAILWAYS/NARROW-GAUGE-LOCOMOTIVES/i-rWDjGjR
  6. That's the way to do it (.....if you're actually interested in building a railway infrastructure). Just look at the freight traffic running at night at up to 100mph.
  7. No invoices, no playthings I suspect (as happened to me with container flats, however Marks Models is going get me sorted, phew)
  8. I saw that and honestly it's not even worth posting this. Shame on Andy. Must be hoping to get some estate cash for Christmas 2020 (if he's lucky) Correct! it would apparently be shipped back to Coventry or somewhere and then shipped back to Ireland again. Insane!!
  9. I think you'd want the lights to the rear but not in the direction of travel where the from plough is coupled to the loco. All seems correct unless i'm missing something? Not sure why it's posted here, maybe plough thread would be better?
  10. Unfortunately no! In a nutshell it has been scrapped due to a 'lack of suitable space to do it justice' and the OO new 'Fry model Railway' is being constructed in the space available. I have to say that I like the new layout but agree that it is not like the old. As there are always several interested parties with vigorous opinions, so better to reread some of the previous thread and form your own I suspect.
  11. Been getting my outstanding IRM invoices from Accurascale too. Since Accurascale is an entity that has to stand alone from IRM (and I have no particular interest in British outline whatsoever) I was wondering why we are seeing a merging to these 'separate' entities?
  12. Also available on AbeBooks at the same price after conversion and free shipping to the USA!
  13. While browsing through some of Jonathon Allen's photos I noticed some pigeon carriers at Lisburn. I know that rail was used to convey the birds to the starting location in GB but I was wondering how prevalent a practice this was in Ireland? Was it was confined to fanciers in NI or was this traffic carried by the GSR or by early CIE? https://www.flickr.com/photos/152343870@N07/38788790435/in/photolist-SLx6zf-iy2TBc-bYEe8G-oSwRY8-eejVB5-cc3gqj-PN2n8V-ee1gLn-eddXTi-edB6aL-e6hGxX-mNfk1z-edLsnP-faLz5h-Fk8xKw-dREQaM-6FJ6WT-226CG1T-hxbFZZ-7L1G2j-8g4PkM-pLn8L2-dsz7nN-2hE2sVU-9RB9pM-aLuB58-cwJuQY-bY5gML-bY5kTN-apx8yq-moRmF2-8pMCft-nAJ2Z6-7Vuqsb-83DDWB-RJS46i-9zjz3m-7i54P6-K3piHh-bY5S5E-BDgzfe-24wLgqr-bXZ9dN-d9iRqY-8bCWWT-amXKm5-bkDGZH-2fH22J9-2bMLWZb-cc8Le7/
  14. Nice click bait! I'm thinking 'poor lad, maybe the curves are too tight etc. etc.' LOL Nice start!
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