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  1. The entire train is 1950s stock including the converted brake genie if I'm not mistaken, seen here late 70s. They persisted in BnT for quite some time
  2. You'd think it would be a little bigger than Z scale....
  3. Thanks for the info on the cars. Before my time, maybe more my parents era but used to hear my dad talk about them. I often wish there was a forum on Irish cars so that we could find appropriate vehicles to go with older layouts in particular (even if most of them will have British plate on.
  4. True, the only difference being that stops had to be requested at a Halt iirc. Hopefully you don't need to hitch a ride from the approaching train. A lot of platform looks almost enough for a 12 car set as I cannot see the near side. Tweets don't seem to universally support it (even longer journey times)
  5. Well it's a Void Meter of course (slight typo in the post)
  6. Used by PW to detect a 'void' under the rail in need of ballast, amount depending on the amount of deflection of the needle as the traffic passes over the rail. Would have no use now with such heavily ballasted track and more modern electronic assessment of rail/ballast integrity I would think.
  7. That has been said repeatedly about the models and I'd say IRM's success has more than once proven that point. However, it's not going to happen with an assessment of there being 'handful' of interested 21mm gauge modelers that are seemingly those more adept at modeling. In that train of thought, they rest of us would benefit having rtr 21mm track. It's a shame really that Irish modeling will for the majority remain stuck on British outline track but I suppose that's life.
  8. Noel, is there a series of these intended on different lines and if so which ones and over the same time period?
  9. 1972.... Incontrovertible evidence of red springs in Mk2s in as delivered condition https://www.flickr.com/photos/152343870@N07/49629548148/in/faves-77496544@N07/ @Lough Erne If you have any photos of the Cravens plea share and thanks for your post above
  10. and the signage on the warehouse advertising asbestos slates!... another time
  11. Normally not prowling this section of the forum too much but the Royal Scot is a smashing machine. Superb video!
  12. You never know! Maybe a little IRM person pops out at stops to take loco measurements (but only on preserved As)
  13. You're right and I had been looking for that to check and definitely yellow springs. SO do we dare say that there were some components on CIE coaching stock like NIR that did not specifically fit into the single under frame and bogies color rule as seemed to be the case with freight? I do love that livery and we do need at least more more example as that's 7140 again, but I expect that they did exist like this and it was lost in pictures in service tbh. The coach washes covered the area above the platform pretty well but I'm not certain how well they cleaned off the under frame areas with a mix of grease brake dust and God know what else.
  14. Full disclosure, 7140 is 'on trial' with 188 and 7602 from Inchicore to Ballybrophy before entering service but is specially captioned as" the last of the first batch" and "the finished article" by the author Michael McMahon. All that said, it is hard to find examples of Mk3 with any colors showing on the bogies in service (if anyone has some, please post). Likewise if you look at the NIR Mk2 stock in the 1970s the known colored details are substantially muted in color within a few months of entering service When IRM first did their models I have to say that I like seeing the CADs highlighting with different colors the component feature of the wagons, sadly all gone now with no end user input wanted (or needed I suspect)
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