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  1. So the good news is mine are back in Peterborough, no idea why but they're not lost! Don't ask me ....
  2. Yes, I've seen this before. Pretty impressive. Imagine dealing with a wheel off the rail in the middle of that!
  3. The cab of the preserved A55 at hell's Kitchen which ic can't say hasn't;t be altered in the preservation but supports @jhb171achill's recollection
  4. Were either of these the one that Fry made for Drew Donaldson, would that explain the color discrepancy? They look well either way
  5. I haven't been on anything since yesterday due to a family emergency. I'll look . Thanks for the heads up @Warbonnet Email received in the Inbox. Thank for the info
  6. I ordered 2 also, should be shipping next week Going to have to stagger the As and 121s, potentially looking at all the As up to ST livery and then 121s from the same time period so I hope they don't all sell out in a couple of weeks like the wagons A few transfers for the fertilizer loads might not go astray if someone were to do a sheet, Albatros, Goulding etc as an alternative for the loads
  7. @mmie353No sign of my 'Delivered' item (Royal Mail). My kegs are in it and some of the MM coaches and a few other things. USPS don't know where it is. My local mailman knows me as the guy who get fairly regular shipment of railway models from abroad and is familiar with Royal Mail packaging. The only hope right now is that he doesn't remember delivering it to me or elsewhere so I'm hoping that the RM tracking is just plain wrong and the item is stuck in customs for the last three weeks or more. Usually he'd drop it to my door rather than leaving it in the mail locker. He says that the USPS tracking is better than is has been in the past and if they haven't received it, they really haven't and its still in customs. I don't know where the RM get their 'delivered' tracking info from but its freaking everyone out and causing a lot of friction. Just have to wait it out and see if I get keg liner. How did you find out your item was in CT customs?
  8. 245 seems to be very similar to this one which still retained its retrieval/delivery apparatus in Athenry c. 1961. I think this is 2954 from this site before, different roof vents etc
  9. The Fantuzzi reach stack is a pretty impressive piece of equipment but the body alone is almost 30 feet long and close to 50ft if you drop the boom
  10. Maybe take the prototype through security at the airport (whenever that will happen again!) and get your hands on that backscatter image for your CAD guy?
  11. DiveController

    rpsi B134 loco

    @Georgeconna The original post indicates that some of the production run was given over to this model (so just another variant) rather than an extension of the run
  12. Some very interesting stuff Jon, thanks for posting!
  13. Sounds like it would be an Irish livery version of something from the bigger companies then. @WRENNEIRE showed a very passable IE liveried version of a eurostar, maybe a 201 and a single/double coach and a 2nd radius track and a few straights?
  14. They seem more heavily built than the 22000s, you get the impression there's a pretty heavy engine in the front rather than some hamsters being overworked the underfloor
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