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  1. Love the pallet vans at Inchicore, always interesting to see photos the erstwhile 'new vans' or 'new coaches'
  2. There are several different tank wagons in this tread. Which Dublo tanks are you referring to? is there a link photo? The weed spray train provide you with a 42 flat triple pack and 5 tanks that need a chassis, maybe a Dapol which they could be mounted on but depends what you're trying to model
  3. I think this highlights the need for a few extra lugs to become available at some point although we don't have 10' containers yet. The third container belongs to Ceimicí Teoranta a semi-state company involved in production of natural sweeteners e.g. Glucose bottom of the signage, like Comhlucht Siúicre Éireann Teoranta. Obviously beet and sugar had a much larger market share. I'd wager the last container is a reefer or insulated as alluded to above. Some seen here in this thread few 2013, maybe at Cork Yard but not 100% on that
  4. Just to add that I did not realize that the Shale wagons also started life in blue. I saw a photo somewhere (maybe IRRS site) so no point in posting a link really. So that's Taras, containers and shales, not to mention the dropside and curtain side cements
  5. I actually put 2 packs in my basket, then rethought it, and exchanged one for a weed spray set. No need to bother renumbering, I can display it occasionally if the flats have no other use than to be in the display, or repurpose the tanks and container unless we see some on a short chassis, Just a thought
  6. Even though my preferred modeling era for Irish outline is 50-80s, I have always had an interest in modern high volume (civilian) aircraft and high speed train transport. Sadly that is never going to existing in Ireland even between centre with doubled line. Watched the episode on the Shinkansen 700S and began to wonder if I should have one of these to go with my APT-E...... oh, the temptation. Really enjoyed that. Thanks @skinner75and @snapperfor the link
  7. Surprised that someone is fed up of it already It's a model store in Manchester that has an online eBay store. You'd have to be buying these as trade rather than retail to turn a profit by the time you're done on eBay
  8. To be fair, other than a few discussion posts all of the DCC, CV tuning, lighting, sound, operational aspects etc is all very relevant unless it need to go on a separate thread in the DCC section (with a link here so that relevant content can be linked back to the 121)
  9. With the announcement that Project 42 has now completed does this mean that the original blue Taras has been shelved? I didn't get any of the later ones and still have that original promo code from the ballasts to use.
  10. Are you talking about B134? The modern LEDS on the 121s and 141 etc would have used diodes above 3000K color, maybe a lot more. The older 121s (121, 135 and many more) should have the yellower hue 2700Kelvin like an incandescent (as that's what they were I believe)
  11. Haven't seen a 10' in blue/grey? before still with CIEU owner markings. Must be matching the odd blue color being used by CIE on many stations during the 80s or the Blue Taras!
  12. SO when I stick in a MM DCC non-sound chip (just to simplify things). I cannot use the standard F functions on my ESU to control marker lights and headlights Like I do on a 071 for example? The solution is that I have to do some remapping of functions, I presume. So, can I do that using my ESU DCC control unit alone? Do I need to have an Lokprogrammer in addition to my control unit or that just makes it simpler to do?
  13. So the marker lights/headlights are not independent with the MM standard DCC or DCC sound chip without a Lokprogrammer?
  14. Yes, a 30' would look odd on a 42' flat. Nothing wrong with that. Variety is the spice. I don't know if the lugs on an IRM 42' flat would be appropriately placed to accept a 30' container centred to minimize the axle loading (some of them may be removable and might be repositioned, I'd have to look at mine)
  15. Never liked the bombardiers per se (especially in green) but this is a lovely model in the CIE tours livery.
  16. OOOOh! Class! (E) Love it! These were classics. If it ever comes rtr, YES (many of them)
  17. Many thanks for that link, Fran. I like your last idea best of all insofar as I feel that someone who models Irish outline might do the best job. Would it create some export problems for IRM sending to a EU address prior to definitive export? Maybe I'll chat or email you guys
  18. It's not just a matter of choosing someone to weather for the members who live overseas in continental Europe, USA, etc. There are the additional difficulties of 're-importing' the model even though it's for 're-export' later plus 2 sets of postage and there's always the risk of damage/loss in transit. As well packed as B134 is it still arrive missing all the side rails. Easy enough to fit everything back with a tweezers. I got ten of the 20' CIE accessory containers and had to reassemble 7 as the packaging had slid apart (again easy to do) I'm kinda nervous about sending m
  19. Well Murphy Models is the commonest search bait term on eBay for many years now. Rumor was that that PM wished to retire after the 121s but if he's considering rolling stock to go with the 121s I won't complain though
  20. It seems difficult to disagree with that in this case. The whole idea of NMRA standards was to try to avoid incompatibility.
  21. Lots of companies used 'proprietary' hardware and software essentially to ensure they maximize their bottom line, that's nothing new. If you use something else, then that may invalidate any warranty provided as part of the purchase agreement. This may be contingent on local statutes in the country of purchase. If you go off label because it's cheaper or you want a different sound is up to the purchaser but if you do have a problem you're likely to find that the vendor will likely not be very accommodating of your request for a replacement (if available!) or a refund. You could litiga
  22. Lovely shots. I love the signage! So it looks like we have the beginnings of broad gauge now! I presume that is in the Galway direction? How much track is there now? What's he story with that road? Are you going to have track either side while waiting for a constitutional referendum to cross a national highway?
  23. There's hot box on those Bells! I received B134 today. Seems like it went through Chicago on route so probably others on this side of the Atlantic have already got their hands on it. The model is extremely fragile and I see this being a little bit of a problem for modelers as time passes. I hope there are spares! Even my respectful 8 yr old who has special privileges to handle 'dad's trains' under supervision was not allowed. But boy does it run smoothly even on a crappy Bachmann EZ Track test track with a few dodgy rail connections. Smooth over express and regular points at a
  24. I have Lima 201 Shannon somwhere that I haven't run in years for the same reason. Might be nearly as cheap and easier to buy a 201 (if there are any left) than mount the shell on a completely new chassis (which would of course run much better) unless you had done some mods to the models that you'd prefer to keep. I though the CD motor had been used to re-engine a 125HST but it did run very well if the intention is to keep your model as a Lima 201 class. I think it was on Graham's Workbench. In the meantime from Dhu Varren EDIT: Found it but the link to the original instruction may b
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