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  1. Man, I thought you were living on the beach! Dez-rez an all that If that's all that's troubling the lads (something to pull stuff), there will be scope for many many things that silver thru black A class hauled
  2. Oh, please no! The AEC would suit everything 50s-80s Foresight is a wonderful thing, surprisingly uncommon, like sense!
  3. At Clara, presumably on a Dublin to Galway service by John Phillips on Flickr CBSCR to Bantry wasn't a quick trip either. @jhb171achill had the timetables on here at some point c. 2hours
  4. Lovely job with a bit of weathering on there😍
  5. DiveController

    NIR 621

    Late to this thread but recognized that photo and thought it was from Flickr initially until I saw your post. Interesting that it is on eBay it is has been copyrighted to a publication...
  6. These threads don't serve any purpose and make this site look bad. IRM and every other retailer on here have sufficient wit to know what will sell and the economics of their business. I'm pretty sure they neither need to capitulate to any 'demands' nor need any proxy CFOs defending their business models.
  7. Is there away the vouchers can be loaded onto a payment card or paid into a balance on your account so you have that credit to use? Nice line of credit for the lads to get stock in and members like mphoey can set that money aside as able
  8. Personally, I'd probably prefer to see IRM produce something that his not available somewhere else, although a move to an earlier timeframe would also be welcomed
  9. Brown case, possibly not THE brown case?
  10. Question is, Dave, were you just browsing or you found nothing from a saved search?
  11. Ah yes! lol, I meant pass them on to someone who'd appreciate that modern era more
  12. The manufacturer can label it what he wants but if so much effort that been taken to model a prototype I do not understand why it would not be labelled using the terms that have been in common usage for decades. There was a black livery for certain locos that probably served to evolve into the BnT livery and maybe subsequently the ST and newer liveries but the 121 never had a black livery in the sense that the As, Bs etc. had. the difference between the 071 and 141 would not be as marked as the difference in heights between the heights of the cabs of the 121 and 141 when running in multiple together
  13. To warn users at level crossings and stations of the vehicles approach like government mandated noise from electric cars
  14. That's the O Dea collection, a great resource if a little difficult to navigate based on the title often having little information on the content of the actual photo itself. All B&W but fantastic once you find what you're actually looking for
  15. Ballast or Dolomites? @Warbonnet I'd swap mine out for a CIE rake too
  16. P class: Length 24' 1", wheel base of 11', 3' 9' drivers, weight 28T 10cwt, 12" x 18" cyclinders
  17. EDIT:Length 22' 3.5" Wheelbase 5' 0" & 5' 11" Weight 23T 8cwt, 10" x18" cylinders and 12" x 18" cylinders at one point, 3' 8.5" drivers
  18. Nice view of the H vans, Uniload & Bulk Freight Containers and double slip approaching Cork Kent in Vid 1.
  19. I'm not sure about the blue either but I love that birdcage and the crane!
  20. The seemingly ubiquitous Hyster. That jig/attachment attaches over the forks and it attached to the hydraulics of the forklift lifting 5x6 kegs at a time for a total of 90 in the triple height container. It fits neatly inside the cage for the bottom row. I presume it has 1, 2, or 3 fixed sides with the remaining paddles clamping the kegs hydraulically?
  21. Isn't the model indoors? Sounds like the model (which might pull a fair few amps especially on DCC) just needs a quality surge protector and and ARC protected circuit breaker. The house need a lightning conductor with a large ground pad if anything. Even then it won't stop a lightning strike hitting your roof and setting fire to that (happened to a lovely property near me) but there is only so much you can do. Not an electrician so maybe you might ask some advice there unless there is a duly qualified master electrician on the forum (which there might)
  22. I thought there might have been a run of dolomites which are very similar iirc
  23. Sorry to be late to this thread as I have been busy. I'm glad that in the 2 months since my initial post on the coronavirus thread the realization has finally hit that this is not just some foreign problem that can be ignored. The economic impacts are hitting everyone including you and me but the human cost of losing your own life, your parent or grandparents is all too real for many, again something that can be put out of mind until it comes to your own door. More than HALF of those affected by COVID19 are under 45-50 years old (the seniors seems to have figured out how to wash their hands and don't feel as invincible as the young?) and some young adults and children have died from this. I have to agree with Noel that airlines have done little to maintain any sort of hygienic environment aboard their aircraft and have contributed substantially to this pandemic and that they will be bailed out once again after all this is done (which is some ways off) Yes, we do have a duty to protect everyone and respect those that have contracted the virus.
  24. By accident you say? And then the wife came, you say? What was that URL again (for educational and investigational purposes, of course)
  25. I cannot believe how narrow minded some of the comments on this thread are. You don't have to wear anything from China and just take your chances if you prefer. Just please stay away from us until reason returns. There are plenty of front line personnel worldwide who are very short of PPE and feel obliged to treat the sick risking their own health and even self isolating from their own families while doing so . The whiners on the soapbox still EXPECT to be treated so please be grateful for what you have, be respectful and grateful to those helping you and those you love, give it a rest and let us get on with it please! Thanks in advance
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