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  1. I'd be interested in a re-run of D Atlanteans myself
  2. It is awesome and there's a lot involved. I read through the link last night and not having any real knowledge of 3D printing there was a lot to get my head around. As you said in your post, it looks like they have adopted the technique of printing the chairs directly and sliding them onto C&L bullhead rail, them fitting the rails onto a preprinted base of sleepers with plugs under the chairs press-fitted into preformed holes in the sleepers. The seems to be a lot easier than threading the rails into an entire preformed straight (or certainly a turnout) albeit more time consuming. One limitation they are running into seems to be not having a large enough 3D printer to print larger turnouts as a single piece. Martin Wynne sells these kits commercially for N scale but it wasn't clear whether he was planning a file for 21mm although there was talk of OO. Personally I'd be much happier buying kits from him than printing and slicing chairs and trying to print larger turnouts in sections. One would needs ones own printer and slicer. Maybe someone might do a file for a coach bogies in 21mm that we could use as a drop-in replacement for the existing one on Lima & Murphy models coaching stock.
  3. If you want to sell this you're going to have to change you member signature "A fool and his money are soon..." "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"
  4. I guess I got a bit confused here also and wasn't expecting a sell out when i returned to the thread today. As long as there are more coming there's no problem in that. It's interesting how the grey 1950s are first to be sold out. It seems like the level of consumer interest in anything in 1950s- grey or BnT (A class) seem to be underestimated. As for boxes, with green and orange in use by other manufacturers, maybe Black with one yellow face and possibly a red buffer beam?
  5. @Colin R Colin, Your second poster, for identification purposes is going to be this one (which is copyrighted to all posters.com) Available from them as a 24" x18" poster which might not accurately equate to the size of the prototype which looks to be more like 3' tall. Not familiar with the one with the shamrock but will post if come across it.
  6. Hi John, Great to see this and well done. Hopefully this goes very well and expands with time. Question regarding preordering and small production batch of say 10 items required for the preorders of that particular wagon to be fulfilled. Will it be possible to see the number of preorders presently existing on a given item so that one might anticipate when the production might run to go ahead? e.g. 8 existing preorders ... if I go ahead and order 2 more wagons it would trigger a production run of that item etc Site looks well. Best of luck with this! K
  7. Maybe a chance for local modeling shops to make a comeback?
  8. NO worries, there'll be a market for them too as they are redistributed around the modeling community
  9. I'm confused, the fan doesn't actually spin? Never mind, someone had one that actually did in an A if I recall about 5 years ago, not sure that it shifted much air through the motor but very cool al the same Wait, they've done coaches for the them? 'Laminates' or PRs?
  10. And the driver's gone on a smoke break again with the Carroll's. You'll never get that A class moving ... However, joking aside, a set of appropriately attired drivers, guards, station master, signalman not all in dayglo would be very useful accessories pack at this point for everyone's locos. Maybe a 1960s, 1980s and 2000s attire would suit all modelers? Sitting and standing passengers too for that matter ......
  11. Best to remember management and governmental attitudes to perfectly good MK3s that don't require any refurbishment (unless they're ready to reintroduce sleepers) and work from there - copyright of @skinner75
  12. OMG! standards are dropping if you don't now. Must be the summer heat ..... Happy to see these ( @connollystn has reached collaborator status from this thread alone )
  13. (excerpt) ...... no longer able to facilitate trains in the area, as ship working must be given priority. Dublin Port said the rail spur will be ripped up in two or three years anyway to facilitate construction work. Read between the rails, so to speak. If Dublin Port is at a pinch point, are there no other ports to use? ........ on an island, like?
  14. I'm tempted to say 2 of each but I forgot what you said the price point was so I'll say at least one of each. Maybe an extra grey. Thinking logically about this for anyone who is purchasing any black A class or earlier the greys are a must, anything with a hint of 'orange', the red oxide and maybe the grey with roundel for that matter
  15. Just purchased a copy from Michael McMahon, should be on this side of the larger pond in a few weeks ....
  16. Good point!. These look like demountable fertilizer wagons on 4w flats, only that demountable section being a 'red oxide'
  17. This is what they appeared like when originally put into traffic. If I recall correctly this was posted by @Mayner who makes the point that the sides in particular were haphazardly maintained as long as they held the fertilizer pallets in position. We discussed this on one of the fertilizer threads a couple of years ago.
  18. A couple of thoughts to get the ball rolling although I'm sure you'll get a lot of insight from other modelers here. Bigger things to decide on might be what is your preferred gauge in the longer term. You're young now but in a few years you'll likely be employed with an improved income to expand your collection/layout, resite your layout or expand your shed. Will you be in your present location or likely to move a lot for work i.e. will portability of the layout be important to you? Do you prefer to scratch build everything or prefer mostly ready to run? Do/will you have the skills, eyesight, dexterity, time and motivation to do so? Chances are there is a lot less available in 2mm than 4mm depending on what your modeling interest is. If you decide to change will you be able to recoup some/most of your present investment by selling off your present stock? Irish stock might sell pretty well on here, rest on here on on eBay. Adverts.ie etc depending on where you're based
  19. Is the calculation for the 8 sets correct? Should the SKU for Pack H be IRM1032BX-H? Been waiting on these so just about to order. But even more interested to see if the new announcements will provide any additional variety. Well done! Those of us who purchased the original ballast wagons but did not use the redemption code yet, will IRM still honor that? Those modelers in the US have noticed that while almost any purchase in Ireland has free shipping and minimal cost in the entire EU, the standard shipping rate to all our various zip codes has increased. @BosKonay
  20. Quick lookthru Flickr seems to indicate that the color spring detail seems to show up on many things from 62' flat to bogie cement wagon anywhere from 2011-2014 but it's harder to make out for certain if the bogies themselves are black under the grime. Specifically referring to 42' flats at least as early as 2015
  21. The color detail on the springs etc. is definitely a more modern thing. When is that photo from ? @Rob So just from the point of view of IRM who certainly do some research on their models, they're only used on the spoil wagons, but also the red oxide Taras (no sign of blue yet) so I guess these are being depicted in a much more modern era.
  22. This is a great watch! While listening to the commentary on the main subject matter is what is in the ensuing train or background. Equally interesting when you get near the 45 min mark are the sheer number of laminate such as composites, converted brake seconds, side corridor seconds running summer specials on the Cork-Youghal line. While I appreciate these are secondary stock the still operating in some volume in BnT in this video c. 1974 per the presenter Ciaran Cooney. What I didn't really expect to see was several GSR stock with running boards in BnT livery in that decade! Some other oddities of interest might be the gas tank drawn by a green A Class at 12:49. One of these has been modeled by a site member for use behind model steam traction but interesting to see it in in several places behind a prototypical diesel A class
  23. Agree plus pallet vans and a whole host of other stuff, but there is a serious lack of appropriate coaching stock from 1950s that lasted right thru into the 1980s
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