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  2. So I recently began a new hobby of 3D Rendering, using something called "Blender" making Irish Rail trains digitally, and I'm looking for a few more Irish Rail diagrams, mostly looking for the IE 201 Class (not to be confused with the CIE 201 Class); as I can't find anywhere online...If there's none, then that's okay!
  3. Yeah I saw that, can't wait to see them in service in the future!
  4. To be fair, you do show a good point! You could always just re-engine them or find them a different use! -Codi
  5. Since the 071 class will be reaching the age of 50 in around July 2026, would this mean that the 071s are getting closer to retirement? And crazily enough, they were built around when the UK's Class 43 were built and being put into service and they're already being retired with 70+ in storage as of 2021. Usually (depending on the country and reliability) the life span of a diesel loco would be 25-50 years, and they're already at the age of 44 years old; but there hasn't been anything said about their service coming to an end...
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