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  1. Got my pack the other day, all ive to say is 👌. Is there any chance you'll do another run of them? 🙏
  2. Order placed, looking forward to their arrival and got a few ferts to keep me occupied in the meantime.
  3. 20 years of retail management tells me different, there is a market there. Theres a large amount of kit builders in the area, plenty of rail modellers in the area and thats before looking into other model markets. If you add crafts to the product offering then all the better. Nir Waterford may seem like a small place but it has a large catchment area. The key for success in Waterford is location the cbd isnt the best place to be due to access and parking problems.
  4. Theres definetly a market for it in the city and county, plus theres a lot of potential business coming from the surrounding counties. Railway models and model kits would definetly be a viable business.
  5. Just a few little bits left to do 😁, really enjoyed the build the only downside was trying to find decent photos of the wagon.
  6. Mir cement bogie approaching the end of its build, built mostly out of the box but changed the bogies and added a few extra details. Used the Phoenix paint for the main body and the rest is humbrol acrylics.
  7. Cheeky bump 8208 still available
  8. Actually there's still a few in use between Waterford and Belview
  9. Yes I ve used them a few times, the 201 is terrible but some of the wagons turn out OK with a bit of work. The surfaces need a lot of work as they come pretty rough.
  10. Never heard of it happening, I've sprayed everything from acrylic to car paint and I've never had an issue with this.
  11. It was part of a train set from the early 2000's, there was also an oil and coal wagon with the loco being a 0-4-0 tank.
  12. Buy an athearn sd 9 chassis they re a pot cheaper than using a 071 chassis
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