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  1. "Yes but LJ seems nigh impossible to model unless one had the space for a 50ft long layout, LJ was just a long piece of string. The operation of the Waterford trains used to be interesting in the days before all the track was ripped up and they used to run behind the station building to the Waterford platform. Visually rather boring with only one very long platform, and that scissors did my head in. " I have a nice OO track plan that fits all the track work of LJ ( the original ) into 20 feet , there was a full scissors there originally , but in latter years it was only a half
  2. until
    Visit the sunny south east and our Easter model railway exhibition , bigger and better , with 35 layouts , and significant trade support. Drop in to the “ station cafe “ for the best home cooked foods and snacks
  3. Finally cie have destroyed LJ . They tried several times before , but it’s now the same boring minimalistic concrete nonsense how this benefits travelers is beyond me , the whole idea of LJ was a common platform to facilitate interchange Dave
  4. Advance discounted ticket sales are now live , these are limited . Come and visit the best show in the country https://billetto.ie/e/wexford-model-railway-club-easter-exhibition-tickets-347160 you can contact the exhibition manager wmrcexhibitionmanager@gmail.com you have any questions
  5. Goodness me , it was labour intensive
  6. Ive been asked this several times , so heres a longer description The foam is extruded Polystrene underfloor insulation , XPS300 , typically known as "XPS" insulation and is available in typically three densities XPS100, 200,300 , 300 is capable of withstanding concrete walls being built on top of it , so is a "bit" overkill here , XPS100 would be fine Its a good bit dearer then expanded polystyrene ( which is the nasty white crumbly stuff) XPS is cut with a " Knife saw " a handsaw shaped like a wood saw but with a form of knife blade . It can be cut with a conventional saw.
  7. I engage in a hobby called model railways , the key is in the name , I try ( and often fail ) to represent railways in model form . Toy trains are entirely different , things like giraffes popping their heads at bridges etc. to suggest that a beautiful hard crafted model , or an exquisite hand built track layout is a “ toy “ is completely wrong and would most likely annoy the builder significantly this is different to say RC Model aircraft , which , while there is a “ scale” section of that hobby , most RC units are merely crude approximations to any actual aircraft , the purpos
  8. I would suggest you consider extruded polystyrene rather then expanded Also I would be interested to see how the torsional rigidity works out . I found that without diagonal cross bracing , the ply construction was rigid both across and along the horizontal axis , but exhibited considerable diagonal movement , now this isnt such an issue where boards are levelled before the layout is used , but we did add diagonals to our O gauge boards ( which are a good bit bigger the 1000x 500) and to all other ply and tape boards we have subsequently made up ( Over 40 at the last count ) The lay
  9. Noel. The most problematic construction, in my experience , is dissimilar woods , In far too many cases Ive seen the 2"x1" being stabilised by the ply and not the other way round. Then to compensate for what is a fundamentally bad approach , the thickness of everything is beefed up, ( and gets corresponding heavy ) While this " solves " the issue , its really a poor way to go about it . This is even truer today , as commonly available deal is often forced growth, poorly dried and inaccurate. Th timber and ply commonly available in local builders providers is invariably rubbish and is the
  10. I would say however that the method is not suitable for cheap Malaysian ply , my experience with it suggests the layers are not well bonded , and the surface tends to be more dense and less absorbent then birch ply.
  11. As the person who designed the O gauge ply and glue construction , it’s true the method works best with fibreglass resin and fibreglass tape However our experience with the O gauge is that while the main baseboards are resin and are effectively bomb proof , the pva baseboards are surviving the rough and tumble more then adequately the sides are not designed for lateral loading, their primary purpose is to stress the top and keep it flat the end cheeks are 15mm ply ( all ply is high grade birch ply , either MR glue or WBP glue , I would reccomend staying well away from cheap
  12. pity its not O gauge
  13. chaps , I just realised that I have to reactivate my IrishRailModels account , but the link from 15/5 fails with " password reset error " ? dave WMRC
  14. well done lads , the missing link with some plough on order, just about to reserve some flats and a several A's , 2019, is going to be expensive ......, digging another well ... Dave WMRC
  15. is there a solution to acquiring the older bogie for the 42 foot container flat ? dave
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