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  1. That's pretty worn alright! I'd say it's done quite a few hundred thousand scale miles! The amount of shows that has run all day without missing a beat has been incredible!
  2. Thanks Bos! We can make cassettes for you, one issue with cassettes is holding them steady while taking them on and off the layout. We can make them with foam lined sides to stop the stock tipping over but it won't stop them derailing when moving them. You can email me directly david@modelrailbaseboards.com if you want a quote.
  3. Hey lads, I'm looking for 4 Dapol pocket wagons. Has anyone got some they want to sell? Must be pristine!
  4. Dave

    Fry Model Railway

    Also a massive thanks to Richie for the design work
  5. Dave

    Fry Model Railway

    Bit of news on the Fry Model Railway. Model Rail Baseboards have been commissioned to build the new layout for the Cyril Fry Model Railway Museum. The new layout will be 11mtr long x 4mtr wide in OO gauge.
  6. Hi Ryan, I'm afraid I can't help. I'm fully booked up to Christmas. I don't do rental setups.
  7. Due to an ever increasing workload and with the business growing in the UK market, Model Rail Baseboards will no longer be attending the Train and Model Fair in Bray. I would like to wish the lads the very best of luck and success in the future.
  8. Hi Ryan, I am a professional layout builder. What are you looking to do?
  9. Not necessarily, the trick is to push them down into the baseboard. I have successfully done this, I drill through the baseboard and then push the magnets in. I then adjust by pushing them in further until they work perfectly!
  10. Hi Noel, If you use more magnets to create a bigger magnetic field they work better than the kadee magnet. I use 3mm dia neodymium magnets and they sit nicely between the sleepers. I find 6 or 8 in a row works well.
  11. Dave

    Torri Laser

    Nice find Paul, they do some nice stuff
  12. A lift up section is well worth doing. Yes it's a bit of a pain soldering track but once it's done you will be happy you did it. Most of the layouts I do that go around a room have a hinged lift up section. I wouldn't use copper clad sleepers, they can come away from the baseboard over time. I use brass screws, once soldered I trim them down to the width of the rail with a dremel then fill in the gap with sleepers. The best thing about using screws is once they are soldered to the rail they can't unscrew and come back out. Iv'e seen people use nails but they just come back out with expansion and contraction. Here's some pics of how I solder track across a baseboard joint, same principal applies for a lift up section. (There is a joint there, it's perfectly joined together!)
  13. Hi Guys, I have now developed a range of birch ply baseboards. They are incredibly strong and won't twist warp or sag. Ideal for exhibition use. The frame is 12mm and the cross braces are 9mm with a 6mm top. They are much more expensive than the standard MDF boards due to the cost of the birch ply and the additional time that goes into making them. I found that they are slightly heavier than the MDF boards, as birch ply is quite heavy!
  14. Hi Guys, I have been working on the Fry Model Railway with Fingal county council. As part of the museum they would like information and photos of the Fry Model Railway. They would like to hear personal stories and possibly use these with photos to tell the story of the Fry Model Railway. So if you don't mind sharing your memories and pictures please comment below!
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