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  1. Hi Bill. I sent you a PM
  2. It was supposed to be late steam early diesel, I got a bit carried away buying kits and locos from all eras! I am thinking late 60's
  3. After using my small N gauge layout at shows I have always wanted a large HO layout. So taking so much needed time out I started to build one. It's 5mtr x 1.5mtr or 16' 5" x 5' Its not based on anywhere, has lots of shunting potential. It will have a saw mill on one end with a paper mill in the middle and a loco maintenance depot at the other end.
  4. Excellent! This is what I use. I use the small 9g servo all controlled by the megapoints system.
  5. Truly shocked and saddened to hear of Anthony's passing. Such a nice guy. He will be greatly missed.
  6. Well it's moved on considerably since August. It is now on site and the track is down and now I have to sort out the computer control. The build has now been split between 2 companies to speed it up. We are doing the boards, track, point and computer control. It should be open to the public for Christmas.
  7. Here's a few sneeky shots I took today. The scenery is still at a basic level as we have to add lots of weeds and bushes.
  8. Also remember with curves on gradient, the tighter the curve is, it will have an affect on the gradient.
  9. Very nice Jason! Very like the one in Tullamore
  10. Hi Brian, Dawson Hall in Belfast do custom made laser cut card buildings. Eddie is the guy and his email address is dawsonhallsales@jecdesign.com
  11. Hi John, Open frame boards don't have a top on them. They need more bracing on the frame to add strength. The advantage of open frame is you can have the track work raised as the landscape rises and falls around it.
  12. We have been appointed to build the new layout for the Fry model railway museum. The new museum is not far off finished in the old casino building in Malahide. The new layout is 11mtr long x 4mtr wide and will be OO gauge. The reasons for OO was space as O gauge in that size would look like a train set and budget. Replacing O gauge Irish rolling stock was also an issue. The cost in replacing a loco being in excess of 2 grand they quickly realised OO was the way to go. The Cyril Fry original collection is currently off for conservation and will be on display in the museum. The m
  13. No problem, just take your time and you can always reset the decoder if you run into problems. Start with one loco, play around with the settings and watch the effect it has.
  14. Looks great Eoin! Nice and neat, wanna job?
  15. The 2 locos need to be speed matched. The first step is to get the CV values for acceleration, start voltage and top speed matched. Then you run them one at a time and time them over a set distance, you fine tune the CVs to get them travelling over the same distance in the same time. This means they both run at exactly the same speed. For double heading speed matching is important, it means one loco won't be pulling the other and therefore both pull equally across the acceleration curve. After I speed match 2 locos I set up the consist and then keep the 2 locos about 50mm apart, I r
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