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  1. They are all MDF. 9mm MDF frame and 9mm MDF tops. We do make birch ply baseboards to order, I will also be making the flat pack available in birch ply soon.
  2. We have just launched our new range of flat pack baseboards at very competitive prices. See the website for more information. https://www.modelrailbaseboards.com/category/all-products
  3. The legs were the original legs that were orderd with the layout. these were on the original specification. Only on the day of delivery that you wanted them higher, I did say they would be an additonal cost and that the layout would have to be taken apart again. I didnt hear from you after that. you had new sheleving put in and then wanted the layout to match that height. Happy to come back and put new legs on the layout for you, but it will be at an additional cost.
  4. Last year I invested in a CNC router for the workshop. We now make all of our basebaords on the CNC machine. We also offer a bespoke CNC service, we design to your specifications and CNC the components and ship them out to you. Anything is possible, even engraving signs and control panels.
  5. Unfortunately I havent been able to work on it due to ill health and the business growing into new markets. I am hoping to get back to it soon and bring it home.
  6. What a stuuning layout. The attention to detail is superb.
  7. I have quite a mix, from Big Boy, Challanger to Dash-9's, SD-45, NW-2's and the list goes on...
  8. Take the flanges off the centre wheels.
  9. Excellent layout. The hardstanding is very realistic. Well done.
  10. And covid!!! Layouts like these with scenery with that detail take a lot of time to build. Also its hard to work on one layout day in day out, it needs an artistic eye and time to plan the next stage. Kevin that worked for me did wonders with ths layout.
  11. Dave


  12. Such a lovely layout, the scenery is fantastic and you blended it in very well with the backscene boards. Great work
  13. Hi Bill. I sent you a PM
  14. It was supposed to be late steam early diesel, I got a bit carried away buying kits and locos from all eras! I am thinking late 60's
  15. After using my small N gauge layout at shows I have always wanted a large HO layout. So taking so much needed time out I started to build one. It's 5mtr x 1.5mtr or 16' 5" x 5' Its not based on anywhere, has lots of shunting potential. It will have a saw mill on one end with a paper mill in the middle and a loco maintenance depot at the other end.
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