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  1. Personally I just hope they have a chat at MM and say "fuck it we will do a re run off everything" Followed by the best reasonable explanation ever "for the craic" In all seriousness though if they do decide to continue what sort of timeline would you expect for something new. Mrk2ds etc obviously wouldn't take very long.
  2. This thread reminds me of this photo I seen earlier
  3. There still there not unless I'm seeing a different set
  4. Is it possible for one seller to have a second account or more and possibly putting up the price ?
  5. How do I get it to him .. does he have shop or anything
  6. Seemingly this is why loco isn't running on dc it was as you can see from the messages above and then whatever I did it just stopped no power nothing and am completely lost to what is wrong I give it to this guy who is running am electrical shop in athlone called I be fix it he is the one who told me this is what's wrong fisrt he sent me photo of blanking chip then I got my mate to talk to him (because he recommended him) I couldn't get answer of him and he told him this is what is wrong and sent the above photo and now wants €10 for nothing
  7. No couldn't say I do there is non that I'm aware off anyway only that one guy in endenderry and I don't even know him. I have it back now and the guy who thought he could fix it wants a €10 for diagnosis im still no further informed if what's wrong......anybody know thae process off sending it to Mark's models not unless thiers anybody around about offaly willing to have a look
  8. This is the part what's gone could somebody explain what it is and where I'd get another one
  9. No I'm in Ireland.. Ferbane Co.Offaly I'd say I'm only one in entire county west side if it anyway that's interested in model railway. I know there is dave linfield think that's his name in endenderry that's only person I can see that's anywhere near me. The guy repairs phones and electronics so a mate mine recommended him so I'm holding him half responsible to try sort the mess.
  10. I gave it to a guy in a electrical shop and he did try meter on pick ups nd motor and now I'm not sure what's up waiting for him to get back to me. Kinda regret giving it now but didnt know what to do was considering giving it to Mark's models but changed my mind after I emailed them looking to buy products they had in thier shop and online and they never responded after I requested a invoice so decided not to.
  11. It was running on dc and I was just testing it but I noticed there was another loco on the track so I pulled it up and it hadn't been working since that. So I gave it to a guy who has a electrical shop he was checking it over with volt meter trying to fault find he thought it might have been a short circuit and he came back with the decoder socket isnt working from what I understood. I have asked him again what was wrong to get better idea. That's photo he sent me
  12. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement or what to do now as I have a non runner. Can I just bypass this and wire a decoder to the motor?
  13. I actually dont see them that much and I live in heart of all things bord na mona. How will you make them 3d printing or find something simular and modify them ?
  14. Looking for something simular to these in 00 gauge
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