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  1. I think I will need someone professional to repair it, I've emailed Murphy Models asking how I can get it repaired. I'm in London, is there a repair shop relatively local that would handle a Murphy Models repair?
  2. Yes I have an old Hornby loco that runs fine.
  3. I purchased a second hand 071 class loco from an ebay seller earlier this year. The loco had been running fine on my DC track, however it has now stopped working. I have a Gaugemaster Model D controller unit, the LED on the unit glows red when the loco is placed onto a powered track. Normally the LED should glow yellow. In addition I can feel heat at the top of the loco body. Any ideas what's causing the problem and is there anywhere in Britain where I can send the loco off for a repair?
  4. Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a baseboard supplier in GB. I put through an order with one particular baseboard supplier (not fair to name it here) and as yet I haven’t had any contact from them.
  5. I'm in London, so will send Chris an email. Thanks very much! Richard
  6. Hi Guys, I’m looking for a set of Cravens coaches in the original CIE livery. Anyone got some to sell? Richard
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