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  1. I have recently purchased a set of IRM Bell and B+I Line containers but don't have suitable flat wagons on which to run them. Do you folks have any recommendations? I have approached Chris Dyer but he is out of stock on these at the moment and our good friends at IRM don't appear to have any in stock either.
  2. I would love to get one of these as well.
  3. Just to say it was sent across to Gerry Kennedy from MM in Dublin, who not only repaired the original fault but sorted out the lights and broken guard rails for a very reasonable price, and I got it back in time before any B**x*t related restrictions on the post. Delighted with the work done.
  4. Really delighted with my Supertrain era 126 - only quibble I have is the guard rails have come away from the body in places. Does anyone have some advice on how to pop them back into place?
  5. I think I will need someone professional to repair it, I've emailed Murphy Models asking how I can get it repaired. I'm in London, is there a repair shop relatively local that would handle a Murphy Models repair?
  6. Yes I have an old Hornby loco that runs fine.
  7. I purchased a second hand 071 class loco from an ebay seller earlier this year. The loco had been running fine on my DC track, however it has now stopped working. I have a Gaugemaster Model D controller unit, the LED on the unit glows red when the loco is placed onto a powered track. Normally the LED should glow yellow. In addition I can feel heat at the top of the loco body. Any ideas what's causing the problem and is there anywhere in Britain where I can send the loco off for a repair?
  8. Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a baseboard supplier in GB. I put through an order with one particular baseboard supplier (not fair to name it here) and as yet I haven’t had any contact from them.
  9. I'm in London, so will send Chris an email. Thanks very much! Richard
  10. Hi Guys, I’m looking for a set of Cravens coaches in the original CIE livery. Anyone got some to sell? Richard
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