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  1. Derek was releasing a different model or two each year for the last few years, but Covid has delayed the last models (announced Oct 2019) which are still being produced at present. If you are not on Facebook, the models by Derek are normally mentioned on the britishmodelbuses website when first announced. However, the quantities are normally small, so you need to get your order in fast. I think this is because he has to stump most or all of the cost up front himself. Adrian has released a number of Britbus Dublin Bus related buses over the last few years.
  2. The first Bombardier models were a joint project by Derek Farrelly and Adrian Richards. I think the Atlanteans (and any subsequent high spec resin models from that stable) were a solo project by Derek Farrelly. No brand as such, as it is a bus enthusiast releasing highly detailed models that would have never seen the light of day otherwise. The models are manufactured for Derek/Adrian by one of the Hong Kong based manufacturers that specialise in such commissions.
  3. Actually viewing these latest IR liveried model photos on a full sized computer screen, and it's actually hard to tell from certain angles that it isn't a real loco. How good is that? Absolutely amazing offering from the IRM lads.
  4. Unsure if this has been asked already or not, but will the A Class be available from the likes of Marks Models and/or other retailers or is it just exclusively available from IRM?
  5. The IRM A Class looks to be the most detailed and highly accurate Irish loco released so far. I can't spot one error here among any livery variant. When the only issue is that they look too clean, I think the IRM lads are onto a winner. I would seriously love the IRM lads to release similarly detailed versions of all the main Irish diesels over time. The bar has been set seriously high with these models. After the 121's turned up plagued with detail and livery errors, the A class models are like a breath of fresh air.
  6. Nice effort on the NIR coach btw. Railtec transfers are excellent quality, so would imagine transfers would be the easier option than trying to mask off the correct width stripes, especially if you are planning quite a few coaches. Phoenix paints used to do the paints for MIR back in the day, but unsure if any of the Irish colours are still available in that range.
  7. Those stripes are available as transfers from Railtec.
  8. Wasn't the whole loco from memory. Other side still had IR livery.
  9. They also advertise some items on the donedeal website.
  10. Unsure if MM has any plans to do another run of 141/181/071's at any point in the future, but failing that, we can only hope that the IRM lads might do their own models of these locos at some point. The prices for these locos are only getting higher as time goes on, which clearly shows a demand for them.
  11. I would hazard a guess that photo on the traverser is from shortly after introduction to traffic in 1977 judging by the fairly mint condition of that wagon. Here is how one wagon looked in 1978, about a year into traffic. https://www.facebook.com/groups/171953576291342/permalink/702896649863696
  12. How long did those ribbed lids last in service? There are photos on the IRRS Flickr site that seem to indicate that the wagons were changed to a different style of lid from mid 1980's. One thing for certain from studying photos of the wagons is that the blue livery had disappeared under a thick layer of dust and grime after about two years in service (1979).
  13. Looks like one of the old fert wagons that the newer type in the photo replaced.
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