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  1. 962 was withdrawn in 1906 and broken up at Inchicore in 1908, so can't be that coach if the photo is from 1960. 562 possibly.
  2. Those drawings are actually class. Don't suppose that you have the same for 548? Curious what the interior of that looked like.
  3. Never thought of that. Takes some of the sting out of such a project as at least you can still end up with two prototypical locos with just a few minor modifications required.
  4. The ebay listing is offering a choice of either 112 or 113, but neither of these are suitable for hauling the NIR Mk.2's as they depict a mid-2000's livery variation for 112 and 113. The correct 1990's livery was never released by MM and can only be achieved either by a repaint or merging the top of MM0112, the bottom and glazing from MM8113 together to depict a 1990's version, which makes for a very expensive project at current prices.
  5. Currently one on ebay for £300GBP with 6 days remaining in the auction.
  6. Thanks Fran. I like what you did with the different numbers in each pack. Would be the Corporate livery that I'm after, so will research a bit more to see which packs are best donors for renumbering.
  7. I thinking as Railtec already produce the numbers for these carriages, that they could shrink or enlarge their transfers, if required, to match what will arrive from IRM. Harder problem is finding photos of these carriages online as they are proving quite elusive.
  8. @WarbonnetFran, would you lads know from your research if it is possible to renumber any of the coaches in the Corporate packs to form additional protypical NIR coaches? I suspect Pack 3 will give additional standard class coaches by simply renumbering some, but curious about any of the other variants, as would purchase additional packs if this was the case. Thanks
  9. Some interesting haulage on the NIR Mk.2's.
  10. The fact that IRM are releasing 547 and the Driving Trailer alone is amazing, particularly with 547 as it's such an oddball carriage. Hopefully, sales are encouraging enough to enable further NIR carriages once the Mk. 2C is released as a more mainstream range by IRM/Accurascale. One Mk.2C already crept into one of the NIR packs, so I would imagine Mk.2C's will be in the next tranche of Mk.2's from IRM/Accurascale.
  11. Put it together to try and get my head around NIR Mk.2 stock. For such a small fleet, there was some amount of different versions and changes over the years. Dates for conversions and seating numbers seem to differ depending on where you look, but broadly speaking, should be accurate enough to allow an overview of NIR stock for anyone purchasing the latest goodies from IRM.
  12. Question for the IRM lads or any NIR Mk.2 guru's out there. Is it possible to create additional protoypical NIR coaches by simple renumbering from any of the three corporate livery packs? I suspect Corporate Pack 3 is a good candidate at least.
  13. Was that MM0112 and MM0113 merged together to form that particular type in the photo or how did you achieve it? A release of this livery variant by MM would be epic right about now.
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