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  1. The Railways and Britains Nuclear Industry €7.50 Direct Rail Services €7.50 Modern Locomotives Illustrated Class 37 - The New Era €7.50 Modern Locomotives Illustrated Class 68 and 88 €7.50 Modern Locomotives Illustrated Class 66 Part 2 €7.50 Irish Rail Working Timetable 1987 €10 Irish Rail Working Timetable 1993 €10 CIE Working Timetable 1978 €10 Locomotives of the GSR €30 Locomotives of the GNRI €30 Payment by Paypal only if posting or cash on collection by arrangement. Postage at cost or Parcel Motel also an option (cheaper).
  2. Interesting sentence on the 'Future Plans' section of the MM website which reads : As of September 2020 we have no plans for future models now that the Class 121 is on sale.
  3. Have a large quantity of duplicate IRRS Journals that I am looking to sell. These are duplicates that I picked up over time as I was filling the gaps in my own collection. Condition ranges from Good to Very Good in book terms. Happy to provide photos of specific issues if required. Can be collected from Dublin City Centre or Wicklow by prior arrangement or posted at cost by normal post or Parcel Motel (cheaper). Issues available are as follows : 43 June 1967 44 Oct 1967 45 Feb 1968 54 Feb 1971 56 Oct 1971 58 June 1972 60 Feb 1973 61 June 1973 6
  4. Preview of the A Class sound file in this link : https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2F1ZhEQ2fNo9M%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2hu6LFz4cEIPlRU9WV7UDWcITlm7P6u0lybP38aV5pmmcbLVCqCrinSdE&h=AT0zBDXkaG9HsgyTbJ4Ly_PSXUoqPAkQvSdsSwIlBO9RUJhpuAOTdRxxucajawgNQoh49xAj_kOkq1wy049jH7lSsL18WC7P_Pk_9NGG8IDF6tIpERwIixg6E5dseCfdUc_g&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT1v8CPXPwGE-B5rFEzvXiSm0vkldQObRSzSNngfN8JT-xb5vk-TbU-MOwUKI2ep0Uv4gmuzXTYKIYjQVf2Iiu19fho1shwPoh3oBU6H_LTAqNb4go1p4qzZrF6VxwXO6bCZWsathvmdRV1Dhlzl88rmqFVs71M_jMMoi-jezMeRAs2SMYogh2b_g9g
  5. Just curious, but would the 3D printing method used on the 20t brake vans not be a more suitable method of manufacturing for a detailed model of the tin vans? I would suspect the brass element of the tin van kits is putting some people off ordering them.
  6. Watching this with interest as I will need a few of these. Hopefully, the start of a range of detailed RTR items from that period that would never realistically be factory made by any of the mainstream manufacturers.
  7. Sounds interesting. Have always loved seeing Barry's photos in the IRRS Journal over the years. They are also mostly produced in colour from around 2000 onwards, which is also great.
  8. Hope that serious treat materialises. The 1970's period is especially fascinating where old world H wagons, Palvans, Horse Boxes and Bulleid Opens slowly gave way to the new CIE built modern wagon fleet. Freight was always the more interesting part of railway operations for me anyway, so you definitely have one book sold if it materialises.
  9. Probably means that it was test run. A lot of UK based model shops would test run locos before mailing them; doesn't mean that a new loco is then classed as used before you receive it. In any case, should only concern you if you intend to bid on the item, win the item, and then find out that it has signs of use despite being advertised as new. Still not an issue as the ebay gaurantee covers such a situation in terms of returning the item.
  10. That's an amazing piece of reference material. I was actually browsing IRFN over the last few days to try and get an understanding of what ran when and in what livery as regards the 1950-1970 period, but you have saved me the trouble now. Many thanks for your efforts. One question though, what does the numbers in some of the panels refer to e.g. 187M, 1396 - is it a paint code? Perhaps this post or thread should be stickied for future reference on the forum.
  11. Try @WRENNEIRE on this site. Pretty sure he has a few for sale or at least he did about a week ago.
  12. Think I know which one you're talking about. Potentially a commission by either IRM or Adrian at some point in the future.
  13. Love this. Surely a potential one for IRM to commission in the future?
  14. What method was used to make the AOA models; transfers or something else?
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