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  1. Same here. I'll stick with the models so.
  2. I would imagine like any railway related modification, that the modification happened over a number of months/years, rather than overnight. Sure at the very least, it is another variation to add to future batches of A Class models.
  3. Thanks. So looks like definitely two locos on my shopping list, but will be multiples of each for renumbering.
  4. When did the CAWS and toughened windscreens get fitted to the locos?
  5. Amazing to see four lads from Dublin taking the UK railway modelling world by storm and showing the established players in the market how it should be done. Massive congratulations lads. However, you have now left me with a conundrum with the Mk5 announcement.....do I start modelling the dark side, aka the UK scene, and buy some Dapol TPE 68's before they totally disappear from shelves on foot of your Mk5 announcement, or wait and see what you announce for IRM, and continue with the Irish scene.
  6. Yeah, results from Stage 1 are automated to a degree, so I'd say that accounts for fast turn around time. I know someone else that applied and didn't get past Stage 1, so was nice to get to Stage 2. Don't know if SCAAT is designed that it's impossible to complete all the lines in the time allowed or what, as haven't seen anyone say they completed all the lines in the SCAAT yet.
  7. iarnrod

    News on Hornby?

    Still a different door setup to the Irish Mk3's though. Only the Wessex Electic Mk3's had similar plug type doors as found on the Irish fleet.
  8. Anyone on here actually apply for these jobs? Completed the Stage 2 tests this afternoon, so now the long wait begins.
  9. Irish Railway Record Society Journals - have most from No.55 - No. 197 €1.50 each. Irish Railway Rambler €6.00 SOLD Practical Model Railways with article on Mullingar €1.00 SOLD Fishguard & Rosslare Railways and Harbour Company €6.00 SOLD Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway €7.50 Midland Great Western Railway €7.50 SOLD Cork, Brandon and South Coast €7.50 SOLD Diesel Dawn €10.00 Irish Railways Traction and Travel €2.00 each SOLD Irish Railways since 1916 €5.00 Rails Through North Kerry €6.00 SOLD Dublin and Kingstown Railway €10.00 Dublin and South Eastern Railway €7.50 Irish Broad Gauge Carriages €6.00 Locomotives and Rolling Stock of CIE and NIR €10.00 each SOLD Trains, Coal and Turf €5.00 Irish Railways in 1950's and 1960's €7.50 Lost Railways of Co. Dublin and South East €3.00 SOLD Payment by PayPal only. Postage at cost but cheapest method would be Parcel Motel for Irish addresses. Can possibly do a discount for multiple purchases. PM me if interested.
  10. @Warbonnet Is there a fixed quantity of each loco/variant to be produced or will that be decided when it's closer to the time to squirt plastic based on pre-sales of each loco/variant?
  11. Fauvet Girel was the company, Dave. Leased to CIE by UK wagon leasing company, STS. Was some strange maintenance split on these wagons where CIE maintained the running gear and underframe but tank was maintained by Fauvet Girel I think.
  12. Anyone know when the CAWS, both unprotected and the later protected versions and toughened windscreens were fitted to these locos?
  13. Thanks Fran. This is like the Irish equivalent of the Hattons Class 66 announcement with so many liveries and detail variations. Simply amazing, but a long overdue model for any Irish modeller, so glad to see it will get the high specs treatment that IRM are now renowned for. I'm looking at six of the CIE Supertrain ones to start with, but I know that once the liveried examples become available that other examples will more than likely find their way into my collection. And to think this is only the first run of the models......2019 will be an expensive year for the Irish railway modeller community. Not complaining personally but my bank account will be.
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