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  1. Probably means that it was test run. A lot of UK based model shops would test run locos before mailing them; doesn't mean that a new loco is then classed as used before you receive it. In any case, should only concern you if you intend to bid on the item, win the item, and then find out that it has signs of use despite being advertised as new. Still not an issue as the ebay gaurantee covers such a situation in terms of returning the item.
  2. That's an amazing piece of reference material. I was actually browsing IRFN over the last few days to try and get an understanding of what ran when and in what livery as regards the 1950-1970 period, but you have saved me the trouble now. Many thanks for your efforts. One question though, what does the numbers in some of the panels refer to e.g. 187M, 1396 - is it a paint code? Perhaps this post or thread should be stickied for future reference on the forum.
  3. Try @WRENNEIRE on this site. Pretty sure he has a few for sale or at least he did about a week ago.
  4. Think I know which one you're talking about. Potentially a commission by either IRM or Adrian at some point in the future.
  5. Love this. Surely a potential one for IRM to commission in the future?
  6. What method was used to make the AOA models; transfers or something else?
  7. That's brilliant news. I suspect these will be sold out before they even arrive in stock. Hopefully, a positive sign for further Irish based vehicles/buses from IRM.
  8. Heljan already produce these tank wagons in 4mm scale. Same as the tanks used on ESSO North Wall-Sligo & (Oranmore) Claremorris oil trains. https://www.hattons.co.uk/203086/heljan_1154_4_wheel_a_tank_44290_in_esso_grey_with_1980s_hazchem_symbols_weathered/stockdetail.aspx The Class B wagons are the correct size for the Irish wagons if I remember correctly; the Class A wagons were longer in length so unprototypical for the Irish wagons. Previous IRM thread here :
  9. The F5 function on a MM 201 sound chip is for the compressor. The manuals are available as downloads on the MM website. Dynamic braking is not a feature on either the 071 or 201 Class locos. As already eluded to in an earlier reply, the 201's did have a form of dynamic braking, but this was disabled shortly after they entered service.
  10. Each to their own, I suppose. If you are happy with your Silver Fox purchases and they meet your needs, that's great. However, the concensus of many other modellers is that they are inaccurate. The cab shape on their A and C Class locos has the totally wrong profile. Their weedspray van gives a very general appearance when viewed from a distance of the real thing, but on closer inspection, doesn't really pass the accuracy test, and would appear rather insufficient alongside the highly detailed weedspray wagons that IRM have released.
  11. It's probably best that the picture is fuzzy.
  12. Maybe get people to put their money where their mouths is and set up a pay in advance order scheme for the van. If the required number of orders is not reached, then people either get their money back or can transfer the money to pay for another IRM item or items. Weedspray wagons look excellent, and is a very niche item also for the IRM guys to release.
  13. This layout never ceases to amaze me. Simply stunning.
  14. It was. Forgot about that one.
  15. Loco no. 071 only ever released in black/silver livery by MM.
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