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  1. New and unused Dapol Class 68 68008 in DRS livery. DCC Ready version. €140 Bachmann FNA wagon 38-345. Used but mint condition. €30 Can meet in Dublin or Wicklow area or postage available at cost.
  2. Thanks Mayner. I think Herbert still volunteers in the IRRS archives on Tues nights.
  3. Is this drawing from a publication or what's the origin of it?
  4. iarnrod

    Class 121

    So about €173 per 121 from Hattons at today's currency rates.
  5. Paint shade looks a lot better in your adjusted photo of the containers, Fran. Always hard to tell from a photo, as you guys probably well know. Have no doubt that IRM have researched this to the full extent possible in any case. Thanks for the reply.
  6. There would have been numerous batches of CIE 20' containers built over the years, all with slight detail differences and paint colour finishes. It depends on the specific type of container that IRM are modelling, but from memory, the colour looks too bright. Pretty sure that while some batches of these containers had the brighter colour, the majority of the 20' containers carried a darker orange during their service, which would have only got darker over time through weathering, as the majority would have never seen a repaint. I have checked back through the many photos that I saved over the years, and well lets just say, there might be forty shades of green, but most likely 80 shades of orange, so no easy task for the IRM lads here. I will upload a few photos that I found, but I should state that these are not my own personal photos, but ones that I have saved for reference material over the years.
  7. Second fire in 24 hours at North Wall. Various machinery had windows smashed and a roll of fibre optic cable set on fire there also at 11.00PM on Thurs night.
  8. Excellent and very valuable information for protoypical running. Some drawings/guides for stock produced by IRM would be a very nice touch.
  9. Looks pretty spot on to me. Here is a screenshot of the real thing from the Railfreight Today DVD from Telerail. Any plans to sell the fert loads as a seperate item? Detail on the wagons is impressive to say the least. Definitely on my shopping list.
  10. Will the fertiliser bag loads have printed bags as per the prototype or what's the plan for them? Actually have one of these bags lying around somehwere if you need it for detailing the load.
  11. iarnrod


    Trains with graffiti seems to have caught the media's attention over the last day or two, when the photos posted by Marks Models went a bit viral. If you ever wondered how these lads get away with it, it seems like you only have to throw on an orange hi-viz and you can pretty much paint any trains to your heart's content without being disturbed in any IE depot, station or stabling point. Check out this video and you will see what I mean. IE need to up their game on security big time if this video is anything to go by.
  12. Apart from the spoil wagons, are the 42' wagons still used on any other trains these days?
  13. iarnrod

    Class 121

    A retooled 071 to reflect the new handbrake arrangement and lack of grab irons on the cabs would be very welcome too. Three possible liveries already, plus multiple versions of the grey when you consider the various cab numbering differences that currently exist, both in numeral sizing and spacing. Current model only allows you to accurately model up until the end of 2015 for the black and silver locos, as the refurbished grey 071's started appearing from April 2013. New handbrake arrangement applied to all 071's in 2016, with the first locos being fitted with the new handbrake in January of that year. Would a retooled 071 sell? I think multiple livery and numeral options released in batches of around 250 would, but whether that is commercially viable is another question. Grey 071's currently selling for record prices on ebay, so obviously a demand for them.
  14. Looks absolutely stunning lads. Congratulations on another fine release. As an aside, have IRM made a decision on whether they will be tooling the weedspray coach to accompany the wagons?
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