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  1. Cant understand why MM are not doing another run of 071's, even a shorter run, as there is clearly a demand for them.
  2. Just learned yesterday on another site that seemingly quite a few of the model bus manufacturers are thinking of leaving Hong Kong (diecast bus capital of the world) which might mean less diecast buses in the near future. One well known diecast bus business has already closed its doors. Possibly another reason for IRM/Accurascale to investigate buses as an additional sideline to the main railway products.
  3. That's an interesting one, as pretty sure no one can tell you what to do as a company assuming that you are not breaking any commercial, competition or copyright laws. Would presume its someone trying to protect their own patch in this case. As regards vehicles being designed from scratch, plenty of scope in bus models, which would also have some crossover with the UK market, and allow sufficient models to be made to enable a profitable return on any investment. Take the Gemini 3 for example - largest member of DB fleet (over 600 of them) and used by many operators in UK, but no model cur
  4. From the article, CIE re-introduced railway police in 1946 with all the powers of a police force on railway property. They existed into the 1960's, by which time, their role was little more than security officers or watchmen. Seems their main role was to protect Inchicore Works, but they also undertook other duties at depots, stations and elsewhere. The reference to full police powers is a quote from Cuisle na Tire, the CIE staff magazine, so may have been a bit exaggerated, as I suspect they operated similar to harbour or airport police in policing the company's by-laws on company property.
  5. They were basically Inchicore Works security for the most part as far as I know, but may have performed other duties outside of the Works. Pretty sure there was an article in the IRRS Journal a few issues back about them. EDIT : just checked and journal 201 had an article on the CIE police.
  6. 5 packs of IRM fertiliser pallets. €30. Postage extra.
  7. All Irish railway related books €10 each except the following : British Railways Mark 1 Coaches €20 Other British Railways books €5 Postage extra.
  8. The AD Class would also be another good model for the lads to release. Multiple liveries. Not my photos - just copied the links from Flickr to illustrate the point.
  9. All UK railway items €10 each. IR Working Timetable €15. Locomotives of the GNRI €20. Locomotives and Rolling Stock of Irish Rail and NIR €20. Open to reasonable offers. Collection preferred but can post either by An Post or Parcel Motel. Postage extra. Will only post to ROI addresses.
  10. What area does the next book cover?
  11. Thanks Stephen. Jan 1st is the definition of uncertainty for sure.
  12. Any plans for the Dublin warehouse to also stock Accurascale items?
  13. Has anyone attempted to remove the CAWS/radio pods from the bonnet of either of the CIE Supertrain locos? Just curious if these are glued on or if there is a hole remaining if removed.
  14. Thanks. I meant transfers for the hi-vis panels on each end. The lights would be an interesting modification to make. Paddy includes the red lights as a part in the accessories bag, as some locos had these higher up on the body. Who would have thought a class of 15 locos could have so many differences?
  15. 126 was the only loco that I have so far found photographic evidence of with the four marker lights on each end. Any link to a photo of 130 in this configuration? As for the dayglo, it could in theory be possible to approach Railtec and get them to do a dayglo panel transfer for the 121's.
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