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  1. Fair points, Fran. Think it's fair to say there is a more than sufficient supply of new Irish railway models due between now and the end of the year, and a great thing it is too. We are really spolit for choice these days. And we have the forthcoming IRM announcement that you mentioned recently to look forward to aswell.
  2. There would be a certain commonality of parts between the 121 and 141/181's, such as bogies, motor etc., so would assume that PM has factored that into any future plans for a new run of 141/181's. Would imagine that this would reduce developement costs a bit for a new 141/181 model. PM did go to great lengths after all to fit the motor and sound chip into the 121, so a similar setup could be used in the 141/181's. I did hear from a reliable source that PM has another project or two lined up after the 121's. Personally, would love to see the 141/181's released with a similar spec and detail level as the 121's and the A Class. 5,000 units would be divided up into about 10 different models, so not beyond the realms of possibility.
  3. iarnrod

    rpsi B134 loco

    Exactly. Currently progressing nicely in Inchicore.
  4. iarnrod

    rpsi B134 loco

    It will have the side handrails and the rear cab windows which were plated over in IE service are being re-instated. It is basically the original grey livery but in current spec as regards LED lights etc.
  5. Whats the three due this year? I think this method is the only commercially viable way to create authentic models for the early CIE era. Best of luck and hopefully these models can proceed to production stage. Would love to see some of the early CIE built carriages produced via this method.
  6. All the more reason for either a re-run by MM or a newer updated model released by either MM or IRM. Lots more Irish railway modellers exist these days since these locos were first released back in 2007/8. They were excellent models when they were released and still are good models, but most of the MM 141/181's are displaying an unsightly gap between the cab fronts and the underframe at this stage and there is also the strange expanding cab sides issue where the cab protrudes over the underframe on either one or both sides of the cab(s). Not sure what causes these issues, but from experience, once you removed the cabs and main body to insert sound etc., the cabs never really sat back into place correctly. However, these issues also exist on models that have never been used and stored in their boxes since purchased, so could be a design flaw of sorts as similar issues do not exist on the 071 Class locos which have a similar cab design, albeit made by a different factory.
  7. That's probably a very accurate reflection of the size of the Irish model railway market in 2020. Not big by any means, but a lot bigger now than it used to be. Just look at the demand for sold out MM and IRM items on ebay these days for evidence of this. When I see such evidence of the Irish market size, it makes me feel very thankful indeed for the brave decision by both MM, many years ago, and IRM, in more recent years, to supply this market with top of the range models. With the models that have been released, that are due to be released imminently and that will be future realeases, we really are in the golden age of Irish railway modelling as Irish railway modellers have never had it so good. Long may it continue.
  8. And there was me thinking all along that it was an urban myth 🙈
  9. Get most of my models from Dave B, known in this parish as Wrenneire. Absolutely sound to deal with. He has sourced many long sold out MM models for me over the years, and keeps my wants list in his little black book should he come across a collection for sale. Rumour has it that he may well have a second black book, but that's for people on his hit list 😎.
  10. Thanks Fran. One of the models on my list. Looks amazing.
  11. Just noticed one thing. In the photos of the real locos in the IR livery that JHB posted, the top white line on the bodyside extends across the top of the large bodyside grill, but on the model it doesn't.
  12. James Bond is looking the dog's dangly bits.
  13. Best detailed MM locos to be released thus far. Both these and the A Class are seriously stunning models. Delighted to see an IE version with the earlier light setup.
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