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  1. If anybody has multi-pack 3 they are willing to swap or sell, I can purchase or replace it with one of the new sets A, B, C, D, E, F (ballast or gypsum) Please PM me , thank you
  2. 3 more blue Cravens from MM/RPSI would be nice
  3. Due in January, all are sold out since the announcement months ago
  4. Can't wait for the release of this!!
  5. several US states charge no tax and the rest charge under 10%
  6. anybody got a pic of 131 out of the box?
  7. excellent book, £4 is given to support Dromod if purchased from the Cavan & Leitrim museum shop
  8. seen this on the RTE news earlier, always sad to see lines been lifted but when did this station last see a train?
  9. K801


    A tribunal will also be held as to how the cobweb got there with the findings made public in 2028
  10. very nice, are the other Airlinks hand painted or just decals added?
  11. K801

    Irish buses.

    No news yet. As the entire run is already sold out, there is a waiting list to get on the waiting list for anyone that drops out I believe
  12. Has a C class ever been observed/documented hauling Mk2 a/c stock, even a transfer move of stock?
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