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  1. K801

    irm bubbles

    i'm looking for a single orange bubble if anybody has an extra one on its own
  2. K801

    Class 121

    I got an email from Hattons now available for pre order
  3. Hello, I am still looking for a few ballast hoppers or my plow train is going to look like this 😞 if anybody has a few spare thanks
  4. hello, do you still have some spare IRM ballast hoppers I could buy thanks?

  5. that's awesome Fran, they flew off the shelf first time around, thanks for the update
  6. Hi all, looking for a few IRM Ballast Hoppers if anybody would have a few spare until the next run, please PM me thanks
  7. I just wouldn't have the time or experience to built those beautiful kits On 6/22/2018 at 4:25 PM, K801 said: will IRM offer RTR beet wagons at some stage?
  8. will IRM offer RTR beet wagons at some stage?
  9. if 111+113 failed, did 112 come to the rescue?
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