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  1. K801

    1970's CIE videos.

    do any videos exist of the 1100/1101 diesels in action with sound?
  2. K801

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    Hi Fran, Last question, can the Guinness flats carry the Bell containers and can the Bell container flats carry the keys?
  3. K801

    Class 121

    Beautiful, front looks fraction to tall? Would like to see cab to cab with a 141 model
  4. K801

    Guinness Keg Wagons

    excellent model, do the keg cages clip on and off the wagon?
  5. Are the ferts still used or are they stored/gone?
  6. K801

    IRRS Journal 201

    jhb171achill, in a perfect world, back in the day, could the Youghal and Dungarvan lines be linked? if not, is that why the Dungarvan line went to Mallow?
  7. K801

    Nostalgia Gold

    Is that a Sulzer or A class hauling a dead C class or are the two locos powered towards the end of the video?
  8. K801

    IRRS Journal 201

    the turn table is still in place? RPSI steam from Connolly station to Youghal would be a great day trip!
  9. Yes, I think its terrible lorna2388 is trying to profit from modellers that missed out or couldn't afford the models first time around.
  10. So a class 37 is been turned into a Class 23, a class 58 is been made into LMS 10000 and a few washing machines are been turned into kettles Is this a waste of time and money as these "new" locos have no history or is it good to recreate past memories?
  11. I haven't received my CIE Fertiliser Wagons yet and someone is already selling them on ebay 133329721869
  12. Where did the steam crane that was in Mallow eventually go?
  13. would love to see a photo of that!
  14. https://www.corkbeo.ie/news/local-news/passenger-confusion-irish-rail-driver-17595523 How can something like this happen on a modern network?
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