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  1. K801

    SLIP coaches

    Short piece on Irelands SLIP operations about 3/4 of the way through the video
  2. K801

    Irish buses.

    DB Green Van Hool D class i believe up first, hopefully before Christmas
  3. Read this on wiki;- Bord na Móna has an extensive network and is larger than the main network (passenger and freight) operated by Iarnród Éireann.[citation needed] Bord na Móna has one of the largest industrial railways in Europe I wonder is there much 3ft rolling stock still in service?
  4. K801


    could it not be loaned to the Waterford Suir Valley for use?
  5. would there be a new passenger train station?
  6. The chassis appears to have cracked under the #2(?) end of the engine above the battery box?
  7. Pity its a duplicate number as we already have IE 134
  8. K801

    rpsi B134 loco

    would look great Preserved B134 + 6 RPSI cravens + orange steam van
  9. Love the C class, was the engine room windows plated over when NIR re powered it with a motor out of an MED dmu? lol
  10. K801

    IE starter sets

    If an IE starter set was available, there would than be a market for " add on's" like more stock to add etc.
  11. K801

    rpsi B134 loco

    very nice, i'll be getting one if some more RPSI Cravens are released for it to haul
  12. Just curious, would a run of a current IE train, like the 22000 class ( or even a DART) in a box with oval track and transformer bring a lot more newbies into the hobby? right now, if someone wanted a starter set, it would be a UK train
  13. I wish the IRRS would post more of there old diesel videos on YouTube, probably had to get volunteers to convert the film
  14. I don't know much about setting up contracts between a manufacturer and a purchaser but maybe a line can be inserted to say ( for example) 9000 units now with a future option of another 2000 units within the next 5 years not exceeding a 15% rise in costing So, if there was a demand in the year 2025 for 121s or As like there is now for the 141/181s , another run could be done
  15. Please provide information that Exxon and Boeing funded it?
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