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  1. Any update on the Oxford Mk3's? Set just sold on ebay for £260 + post
  2. K801

    121 per-order

    Is it cheaper to buy the 121s in the UK or Ireland? just curious thanks
  3. Hello, requesting good photos showing the difference between the mainline and suburban Park Royals, especially the vestibule window areas. Thanks
  4. K801

    Class 121

    Is there a release date for the 121, sorry if I missed it thanks
  5. Beautiful models, how many ran in a full rake?
  6. K801

    IRM Fert 1st Sample!

    How many ran in a typical rake?
  7. I'd take a couple of each if IRM did a limited run
  8. Maybe the railway line ran from Waterford to Yorkshire and is now a cycleway, oh sorry, a boatway
  9. Is this still in use or close to scrapping?
  10. K801

    irm bubbles

    i'm looking for a single orange bubble if anybody has an extra one on its own
  11. K801

    Class 121

    I got an email from Hattons now available for pre order
  12. Hello, I am still looking for a few ballast hoppers or my plow train is going to look like this 😞 if anybody has a few spare thanks
  13. hello, do you still have some spare IRM ballast hoppers I could buy thanks?

  14. that's awesome Fran, they flew off the shelf first time around, thanks for the update
  15. Hi all, looking for a few IRM Ballast Hoppers if anybody would have a few spare until the next run, please PM me thanks
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