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  1. So a class 37 is been turned into a Class 23, a class 58 is been made into LMS 10000 and a few washing machines are been turned into kettles Is this a waste of time and money as these "new" locos have no history or is it good to recreate past memories?
  2. I haven't received my CIE Fertiliser Wagons yet and someone is already selling them on ebay 133329721869
  3. Where did the steam crane that was in Mallow eventually go?
  4. would love to see a photo of that!
  5. https://www.corkbeo.ie/news/local-news/passenger-confusion-irish-rail-driver-17595523 How can something like this happen on a modern network?
  6. done. Ballast plow vans are sure to be a winner
  7. Nice but I'll wait for IRMs
  8. K801

    Project 42 Update

    Would love to see a Norfolk Line RTR container (photo from You Tube)
  9. K801

    H & W loco?

    Hello anybody know if this is a H & W loco or what is it?
  10. Just guessing but I think the GSV was just extra capacity for carrying mail and I nearly bet the rest of the train was two Mk2 sets combined. Definitely was a 14 piece train thou!
  11. Thanks. it was the early 90s, used to go out late on a Sunday evening, around 6pm
  12. Hi Josefstadt, great stuff, any idea what the Sunday evening Waterford to Dublin Houston 14 piece would of been made up of? If I remember right, it was an 071 class + GSV + MK2D EGV + 11 MK2Ds + MK2D EGV You could hear the 071 all the way to nearly Thomastown or a clear night!
  13. when is the A class now due? sorry if I missed a date
  14. Nice catch. Are the class 50s back in commercial ownership or are they just rented from a preservation group?
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