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  1. As someone in production and logistics I'll attempt to try explain this a different way. Normally when a large run of an item is manufactured, a good 10% or more extra can be made as "attic stock" for a ton of legit reasons from first runs to try a new mold to tweaks and adjustments on the assembly line. Now, this attic stock costs money in labor, materials, transport, utilities and storage. It is possible after a certain amount of time, these items are sold off to recoup these costs. Now, in this case weather they were first offered to MM, or if its in a contract or if the factory does what it likes who knows, but the best customers are always returning customers and if the factory went rogue, they would loose repeat business. I suspect there is a middle man in here somewhere who probably purchased the excess stock and sold it off. Unless there is a statement from MM ( whos website is rarely updated) its just drama, rumour and gossip, but I honestly would not buy a model from a shady source.
  2. Buy your models thru IRM, support the lads and get great service
  3. Do the fake models happen to have different running numbers? ONLY JOKING Seriously, when the models hit Paddy Murphys warehouse, maybe he can put an official seal sticker on it that its genuine.
  4. Is there a way to tell they are fake?
  5. Pity the 1st class Mk4 doesn't have 7 windows and 56 seats
  6. Not sure whats to the left, the old station? What will happen to this area, a new freight yard?
  7. My apologies for not paying attention and keeping up on the news, will we still get our pre ordered Irish coaches?
  8. Lovely models but I can't see them a fast seller. Because of the price, the market if already flooded with locos, the pending IRM C Class, its a previous issued model available cheaper on ebay and the coming ICRs We need more coaching stock not locos me thinks
  9. When a handful of old coaches was painted from Orange to Green for the film Echos, they looked great!
  10. K801

    Big Boy 2023 on tour

    Yes in the past but not these days. A diesel is always kept in the consist now for the brake compressor
  11. i'm looking forward to the new Waterford Transport hub, that will be finished in 2099
  12. How many people is employed in the Iarnrod Eireann heritage office ?
  13. K801

    IRM "

    If you have the same log in for IRM & Accura Thankyou If you have the same log in for IRM & Accurascale, does it combine the rewards, points etc. or are both websites separate? I wonder how many Platinum (lottery winners) there are lol
  14. K801

    IRM "

    Hi all, I see I have reached "IRM Gold level" in the shop Is there a link somewhere to what all the levels mean?
  15. Very interesting and very sad, thanks for sharing
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