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  1. Can IRM & Accurascale model website orders be combined for shipping?
  2. anybody got a photo of a IR 141 shunting the BR blue/white Mk2s around Inchicore or between the carriage shops?
  3. Thank you ttc0169, well done to Jim Deegan and everybody involved
  4. Very nice. Who owns that little loco and two coaches?
  5. I believe a Mk2D EGV can power up to 13 MK2D coaches?
  6. I wish I knew JHB, could of been a Knock special, can't remember but it was a noise lovely to hear leaving Sallypark
  7. remember a 14 piece (13 x Mk2 Supertrain coaches and 1 x GSV van tagged on the rear) leaving Waterford around 9pm on Sunday evenings, could hear the 071 nearly all the way to Thomastown!
  8. Where did you see info for IRM MK4s?
  9. The folks at the New Jersey Museum of Transportation when i visited told me people often remark 3T should be sent back to Ireland. Not a chance!
  10. Thank you Aaron Do you think at some stage a BELL tank might be released RTR?
  11. I wonder how the top left door opens?
  12. Looks like another 401 on the right. Didn't see many Seddon Atkinsons in Ireland, always reminded me of the old style Volvo F10
  13. there was also a 40ft reefer
  14. Only missing a BELL ISO tank and an all purple BELL 20ft now John ( Mayner) photo
  15. K801

    071 class

    What improvements in technology would you expect to see if a new 071 was re-released over the old MM one?
  16. I think Jouef HDI is more of a general collectors item now having been made in Ireland, rather than it been a model train
  17. Wow, new record for HDI?
  18. I wonder if the Mk3s could be hired for a railtour
  19. K801


  20. what is the update with this train, I read on another forum its no longer running?
  21. K801

    Enviro 400

    I believe next month DJ
  22. K801

    Enviro 400

    One of Adrian's new releases
  23. I was going to try model that coach years ago but gave up and just painted the donor and lived with the 20ft rule lol
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