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  1. Is that image of ballast in a gypsum wagon from after the gypsum traffic ceased? I assume so but would be nice to know for sure.
  2. Just be careful with the isolation of the programming track if it is contiguous with the main track. If you are not careful and park a loco so that the loco's wheels bridge the isolation between programming and main track, you can inadvertently program all your locos on the main track. If doing this it would be very good practice to isolate the two sections with a short completely dead section that's as least as long as needs be to ensure a loco can't bridge the two sections under any circumstances.
  3. Id'd love a bit of background. I have no idea what these are but they look interesting.
  4. I feel DJ has praised me well beyond my abilities deserve but here's my $0.02 nevertheless: Personally I would advise anyone building from scratch to use a bus of appropriate wire gauge, to divide the track up into signalling blocks just in case later you do decide to add some automation and to run droppers to each block, soldering the fishplates within blocks to have no potential points of failure. This doesn't cost anything except a bit of wire and some time. This isn't "complicated". It's still just two wires but it's going to be more reliable and future proof. In DCC you the
  5. The magnetic roof is really nice looking.
  6. I'd be amazed if there wasn't a long crossover period.
  7. There's an article in the Observer today about the boom experienced this year by the UK model rail sector as people have been forced to stay at home and their attention has turned to that old childhood dream. Even the more established firms are facing big problems due to unprecedented demand coupled with manufacturing constraints.
  8. I'm happy with the business model if it continues like the ballasts. Enough for one complete rake, more or less, per release, safe in the knowledge that next time there will be new running numbers. That'll do me.
  9. If anyone doesn't believe how tricky it is to catch up once you miss the initial release, all you have to do is look on eBay for IRM stuff. You generally won't find any and if you do it'll likely go for 50% more than the RRP. I've been lucky in meeting (virtually at least) some really decent people (away from eBay) who aren't price gougers. Otherwise I'd still be scratching around looking for the first few items at highly inflated eBay rates. By the way I'm still looking for that elusive bubbles pack A if anyone is willing to part with one lol
  10. It helps a lot as always I was missing the crucial aspect of the air being forced into the passenger space via the train's movement.
  11. Gotta make hay while the sun shines George! Just don't tell the missus!!! As DJ said to me, sure they're an investment.
  12. Can somebody explain what pressure ventilation means in this context. I tried googling but the term is not specific enough I reckon. How did it work in a railway context?
  13. These aren't the worst wagons to have an issue on the NEM pocket heights luckily enough. They ran in fixed rakes more or less. You wouldn't be (prototypically anyway) shunting these things individually I would have thought. They were all going from point A to point B. Either unit train gypsums from Kingscourt to a cement factory or ballasts that were loaded together at one point and brought together to the works site. That's the case for me anyway. I'll modify the end wagons in the rakes a la Noel's Kadee fix and use fixed couplings on the intermediates, using the NEM pockets as they are.
  14. Great stuff and fair prices. The effective 75 for the ploughs in the bundle is particularly fair. I wasn't originally going to buy the IE ploughs as I have the IR ones but at that price it would be rude not to lol.
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know of a source for decals for the MB 709 imp (as used by Bus Eireann on local services). Cheers! Phil
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