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  1. It's crazy to think but the 2600 Class is in it's 27th year of service already. Plenty of livery choices. Some day. I'd certainly take a few sets in Arrow livery.
  2. It's a real pity the 201 wasn't ever given the tippex treatment. Would have looked great.
  3. I guess they became the property of Irish Continental Group. Maybe some were repainted into Eucon livery. Eucon containers would be cool if @Arran was so inclined at some stage I have a couple of the 45 footers from Bachmann but 40 footers would be great. A typically Irish container.
  4. The seller looks for that sort of money for all their stuff. That coach or one like it has been on sale at that price for ages. No takers thus far. Seller is happy to wait until someone comes along who just has to have that coach and is prepared to pay for it. I picked up two of them last year for normal money from other sellers.
  5. B&I went bust in 92 I believe. How long after that were these fallen flag B&I containers to be seen and was there ever a liner full of them?
  6. The Lokprogrammer has a basic throttle that can run a loco to test it. Mine is connected to a rolling road but you could hook it up to a small test oval. It has enough power to run a couple of locos.
  7. Modellbahn Union in Dortmund sells GB outline stuff. I hope someday they will stock Irish stuff too.
  8. A MK3 suburban set would make a lovely short train for many smaller layouts. Plenty of 121s out there waiting for such a set now.
  9. Did they in fact go to Galway or just Sligo?
  10. I'd take a few Bell tanks as well if they appeared I would also like to see the plain green Consent Leasing 40 foots that were very often mixed in with Bell liners in the 90's. I guess these would have wider appeal as well as they must have popped up everywhere being a leased container.
  11. Great stuff. Order on the way from me for a few 40' Bells for sure. Did the bulk Bells run on Irish rails?
  12. Animal feed maybe?
  13. Some great thoughts there folks. Indeed I have been reconsidering what I can realistically fit into the available space and also what I can realistically accomplish alone. I would really like a mainline/branch line setup and I really want it largely based on a real location. The plan is eventually to run a real timetable from the 90s. I've been thinking a more realistic approach might be Kildare-Cherryville-Athy. This has other advantages, more colour light signals and fewer semaphores (but still some for interest). I could include the Tegral factory in low relief (it would lend itse
  14. Me neither. In summary, many eBay UK sellers simply don't and never did offer shipping outside the UK. I feel that the eBay GSP is largely responsible for this. Some sellers would ship to Ireland if asked nicely but for those that wouldn't, parcel motel type redirection services were fantastic. I used parcelwizard. It was a very reasonable €3.75 per redirected item. They've left the market because of Brexit. Only An Post are still offering such a service currently, at almost twice the price. And who knows how well it's working. I reckon a lot of people are getting nasty surprises whe
  15. I think 2f is actually closer but externally I'm not sure if there was much of a difference.
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