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  1. Nice work. I learned a lot from looking at @Noel 's Paintshop thread and @Georgeconna gave me valuable pointers on this livery too. I'll try to pass on some of what I've learned in the past few weeks as a total newcomer to this painting lark. It looks like you're spraying the white on last. I suggest you spray a white pigmented primer over the whole body first, then use good quality (eg Tamiya) 1mm masking tape to mask off the white stripes, then spray the orange, then mask off the rest. Leave the 1mm tape on, lay the lower and upper edges respectively if your upper and lower masking for the black band directly over the centre line of the 1mm tape. It's easier than it sounds. Then spray your black band and start removing masking tape asap in reverse order The last thing to come off will be the white stripe tape. Burnish the edges of your masking tape with the tip of a cocktail stick. If you take time doing this, you can eliminate bleed. Work the tape well into door shuts etc. What orange did you use? It looks well. Are you spraying with an airbrush or rattle cans?
  2. Quick question about the Bachmann mk2a FK... The corridor side (only) glazing has a silver horizontal stripe painted along the full length of the inside of the glazing. Is this supposed to represent a handrail or something inside the coach? If so I'll need to try to remove it I suppose as I am sure this would have been removed by IR: Are there any appropriate window transfers available for these coaches from Railtec etc? (No smoking etc)
  3. Googling through German seemed to help find this more detailed drawing, which might be of use to others: http://www.nlms.info/images/drawings/de3.jpg http://www.nlms.info/images/drawings/64Tloop.jpg The unpowered bogie seems to be very close. I believe it's a Plan U draaistel. This looks almost German. Loopdraaistel looks like "Laufdrehgestell" which is an unpowered bogie.
  4. Oh wow that was quick. I guess I will be able to extrapolate most of the side on dimensions using a combination of the skeleton drawing and the pics. Much appreciated I'll probably end up with something that looks like it was made by Fisher Price but we have to start somewhere.
  5. Hi all, I have decided to learn a bit of CAD in advance of getting a 3d printer a bit later this year. I fancy having a go at creating a simplified version of a Werkspoor bogie as found on the Dutch vans. To this end I'd really appreciate any good clear (preferably side on) pics or even better drawings of the things you might have. Thanks a lot, Phil
  6. The Bachmann mk2a's were fairly priced and seem to have sold. A few of these up on UK eBay now too at £50 but UK only postage. Might be of interest to anyone with that facility.
  7. The bleakness is magnificent. You can almost feel the blast of the north Atlantic wind.
  8. Thx Robert. I have a feeling the postman is delayed a bit because of the flooding in Western Germany.
  9. Thx guys. There are a few masking errors but weathering will cover them. I can learn to weather on these resprays rather than on a factory finish coach. There's a bit of waviness but it's mostly the coach itself. I hadn't realised how irregular the sides are on these coaches. The roof/side interface is actually far better on a Lima! Anyway the finish is largely thanks to these paints. They cover very well so I didn't need to apply as many coats so there is noticeably less of a step between masked areas. The coats are so thin the outline of the original warning flashes which are tampo printed can still be seen under the white, orange and black coats! So next time I'll actually strip the paint off these. I think I'll do both numbers in both IR and IE.
  10. So this is the Bachmann mk2a FK body after spraying with the Oesling paints mentioned above. I think I'm going to stick with this combination for IR resprays. The paint is very nice to spray with. Just thin to skimmed milk consistency with plain tap water (as recommended by the manufacturer). I added a few drops of Vallejo flow improver but Herr Oesling says you can use the tiniest bit of washing up liquid to do the same. I didn't have tip dry once using this paint, painting at 22 degrees and about 55% rh. Unmodified side: Blanked centre door side:
  11. I love the backscenes. Where are they from? Have you considered putting stone walls/hedges directly along the interface between horizontal and vertical to create the illusion of looking over the wall/hedge into the distance?
  12. Lovely bit of atmosphere in that scene.
  13. Nice weathering too, especially that GSV.
  14. Yeah I have been considering the bogies as a major use case for a resin printer actually. It would be easy to print off several at a time even in a small desktop printer. Almost no work compared to making up brass bogies and fitting with cosmetic sides. There are decent 00 scale designs available on the web for small money (€3 or so) for non-commercial use (mk1, mk2, mk3 all covered). I think these designs could "easily" be widened out to 21mm and printed off (they are for Hornby coaches so the hub part might need modification for say Bachmann or MM coaches). The more I read about 3d printing the more I like what I see.
  15. Lol I also just received this odd badge of honour. I spent yesterday cursing (to put it very mildly) at the car while changing the passenger side drive shaft! I was not reacting well.
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