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  1. Are these not a bauxite colour under that dirt? (1993)
  2. I'm sure they'll come as people pick up on the map's existence.
  3. Yeah the Eircode is too specific for stuff like this and should not be used for security reasons. Townland or suburb is grand in Ireland. Outside Ireland I've never heard of a postcode resolving to a unique address but I guess you will know this if you live somewhere where it does. Absolutely delighted to see so many opting in. It gives a great mental picture of the community.
  4. Those are ground (shunt) signals. They are missing the actual semaphore discs, which were attached to the "spider arms" and were rotated through 45 degrees or so. A different manufacturer but similar idea (most such signals would have a red, rather than yellow bar however): http://www.railsigns.uk/photos/p_ie1/p_ie1.html#pic_iedy You can see the spectacle glasses are mostly missing (only the green one on the left still present) I'm sure somebody with encylopaedic knowledge of signals will be along to help with the details. I'm out of my depth with all that stuff.
  5. I'll never understand it but I I guess somebody is happy to pay it and will get enjoyment out of owning it. A mint one must be worth an absolute fortune.
  6. Be proud of your outpost in the middle of the Atlantic!
  7. Perfect!! That's really nice.
  8. murphaph


  9. Indeed there could and should be no compulsion to divulge ones physical location, but it would be cool for members to see who else is in their area if they do decide to divulge it. When I joined the S4 society I was surprised to get a list of "people near me". Two chaps in Berlin. I have found and visited a very nice gentleman and talented modeller (who is a non-posting member here) on a German language forum for British and Irish prototype railfans and modellers. He only lives about 30 minutes drive from me. When the pandemic is over I'm sure we'll see more of each other. I'm i
  10. I think there's too much overlap on each side of the border and then throwing NI and the Republic together adds to the confusion. What about removing the layer of abstraction (Era/Epoch) altogether and just state the approximate years an item was in service in that livery? I know it's not as elegant but I'm not convinced there is an elegant solution that encompasses even the individual parts of the island, nevermind the whole island. If I was hellbent on introducing an era system with abstraction it would be simple numbers like the German one. Epoch 1 to epoch x.
  11. Is there an assembled example in each box to help the staff orient themselves with the different variants or why do they do that?
  12. Funny. I watched a YouTube video shot in and around Cordele, GA yesterday. Seems like a cool place to see some long trains.
  13. It'd be cool if we could see a map of members (rough) locations based on their profile location.
  14. With pre-orders that high I can't see them hanging around very long at all. Some people will undoubtedly want to wait until things are actually in stock before paying.
  15. Yeah with a Lokprogrammer it's trivial to turn on full throttle. I map all mine like the Americans do as to me these are American locos, so F9 is drive hold etc. but that's personal choice. I want to have things so the same F buttons do the same job (insofar as possible) on all my locos.
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