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  1. The hedging looks very well.
  2. Very much looking for to ordering a few Bell Bulks when they become available. I'd like to see those plain light green consent leasing 40 foots to mix in with the bells next though.
  3. Some great information in this thread. It seems the push pulls made at least sporadic trips on scheduled services to Waterford by the mid 90s but likely not with a solitary 121 as they were run out of Connolly. I feel it likely that if they were filmed on the Waterford with a 121/141 pair that it's highly likely a 201 would have been used for this role soon after they started arriving as they were push pull equipped from the start. I think modelling a 201 and a rake of push pulls on the Waterford line ca. 1995 would pass the plausibility test, even if it wasn't a common occurrence.
  4. I forgot about the LHB bogies. That's going to be an interesting decision for MM to make. Most people probably want to run them in the earlier configuration with 121s.
  5. You have two photos Keano. The first pic behind the loco is of mk2d stock. The second pic is a mk3 You may have seen the thread in the News section, that Murphy Models will be releasing both of these coach types later in this year, early in next year. Some mk2d coaches are still available retail (eg Mark's Models) in their original super train livery (golden brown and black, no white stripe).
  6. When did they get moved over to Heuston IC duties? Already around 1995 maybe?
  7. Yeah that's what I suspect too. Push pull suburbans mainly on Connolly services and the short LJ shuttle and Newbridge & Kildare only receiving intercity services.
  8. In the period immediately before the introduction of the 2600 class Arrow services out of Heuston, were the push pulls used along this corridor much? Was Kildare an outer suburban station or intercity only?
  9. If any of them are MM0143 or MM0187 I would be interested in purchasing if you're interested in selling when the time comes (a shot in the dark I know lol)
  10. Do you still have the original bodyshells?
  11. The various BR bogies were widened for use in Ireland as I'm sure you're aware. The MM Cravens and Mk2d stock previously released have under scale width bogies that sit too far in under the tumblehome. The IRM P42 bogies look right. They still work fine for 00 gauge because the wheels are barely visible from the side anyway, concealed largely by the bogie side frames. I haven't heard any complaints about the IRM method (for me it'll be a godsend), which is all I'm advocating. Indeed MM diesels DO have scale width bogies and have done since the babies were released, allowing straight
  12. Assuming no spares are available after all these years, it would be relatively straightforward (if you can solder) to replace the original Bachmann PCB with an aftermarket one. For example: http://www.esu.eu/en/products/accessories/adapterplatinen/21mtc-adapter-board-2/
  13. I really hope the mk3's come with scale width bogies that allow for an easy conversion to 21mm like the IRM bogie stock.
  14. They look cracking but to be honest I thought they looked cracking the first time round lol. You kind of have to pinch yourself to be sure it's all real. Cannot wait to see these in the flesh. I was not much of a fan of the prototype but I love the model.
  15. nope, just a cradle for one.
  16. Definitely. I'd love to see class leader 201 released in delivery livery. I'd buy any available 201s in the delivery livery, I think there were only two (203, 220) released previously in delivery livery and I have these. Also suit the Galway liveried mk2s which were actually designed to match.
  17. With PM doing more reruns of the mk2d's and 201s, perhaps all is not lost on this front, especially when you cast a glimpse at the prices being asked on fleabay. If 201s are viable to rerun then surely these are too, no?
  18. Bit of a necropost but I camme across this post while googling so may as well continue with it. In my 1992 WT there are two cement paths to Athy listed. One is named "Dublin/Athy" Cement Path, arriving in Athy at 06.15. The other is the Limerick/Athy Bulk Cement Path, arriving into Athy at 08.00. What is the first one? The train originated in the Holyhead yard at 04.25. Did such trains actually ever run and if so, were they bulk cement or perhaps bagged? (bagged is normally indicated in the WT however) Interestingly I see no return working for this mysterious Dublin train, just the Limeri
  19. Hopefully we'll see a new release of babies to put an end to such prices.
  20. I managed to scratch together a single rake of IE mk2ds last summer including an EGV but then they started being advertised for absolutely silly money at which point I said "I'm out" so this news (while not entirely unexpected following some hints from a certain member here lol) is really more than welcome. IR is a bit better for me too as I'm modelling 1994-1995. I'm glad I made a conscious decision not to start collecting BR mk3's for respraying in the hope that mk3's would be released RTR over the coming years!
  21. With Hattons the pre-order is only charged to the card once the item is in stock and is being shipped or placed in the trunk, but of course you have no idea what you're agreeing to placing a pre-order for a product that far in advance. I think it's really more than a bit premature to be sticking up vague placeholders for products that are possibly over a year away, but it's their business I suppose.
  22. Yeah in fairness they responded there and said the charges would be refunded to my card. They say they are waiting for Royal Mail to enable the DDP service.
  23. The big question for me is, will the bogies on the mk3s be 21mm friendly like all recent IRM releases....
  24. Yeah I very much appreciate the flat rate shipping which kicks in more or less straight away if I buy "railway stuff" but for the new stuff you lads have added (Oxford diecast especially) I'd love to be able to throw this or that little item into a trunk until I hit the hundred quid before pulling the trigger on shipping the lot. Anyway it's just a thought. I understand if it's not feasible for whatever reason also
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