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  1. Mine arrived today too and I was really pleased to see no prices on the outside No major surprises as I already have other P42 items but still lovely to open them up and see the fine detail and feel the weight of these wagons. Looking forward to many more years of IRM triumphs!
  2. Indeed but it's easier to just ask in advance before bidding on something. I was recently disappointed with an eBay purchase that was described used but as being in excellent condition. When I opened it up I saw that somebody had pinched the factory fitted speaker and for some reason had removed the main PCB and lost a retaining screw in the process. The detailing on the loco was also broken off in several places. The dark underside of the loco means the pictures are not particularly useful unless very high res, which invariably they are not. In my case it transpired that the seller had himsel
  3. Any idea of a suitable era for these tanktainers on Irish rails?
  4. Thx. The description says new for all of them, which on eBay should mean, brand new, unopened in box. But the description for at least one of those locomotives says "running perfect". It should be listed as used if it's been opened and run, even if for a few minutes to test it. I've asked the seller to clarify if the locos have been run or not. Awaiting a response.
  5. I already bought a weedspray for the tanks and container for use on 20' flats someday and to repurpose the flats I am considering the spoils too, but don't tell the missus!
  6. Great stuff. Already looking forward to a re-run with the red oxide bogies! I honestly think if two or three packs with different running numbers had been produced they'd have sold out almost as quickly this time, at least if I am anything to go by (and I realise a sample size of one doesn't provide statistically significant results lol). I "restricted" myself to two packs because they are duplicates. If a rake of uniquely numbered ones had been available as a bundle I'd have ordered it. I'm not moaning by the way. Just giving a bit of feedback on my purchasing motivations We
  7. Was it a mistake by someone or were there complaints by the public?
  8. Everyone enjoys different aspects to a greater or lesser extent. Why do you ask?
  9. I'll have to have a 121 in my hands before I can say if the switches can influence anything under DCC. Noel are you using a MM decoder?
  10. What sort of part would you have in mind? I'm no expert to be honest. My electronic days in uni are long behind me! I happened to have all the parts except the spdt relay so just went with it.
  11. Ah that's good to know about the 071. I've fitted a sub miniature relay to a 201 but I haven't had a chance to test it yet. It requires a couple of additional components, even when using a v5 decoder. The aux 5 output is used to energise the relay coil but as per the nmra spec for the mtc21 connection, aux 5 is at TTL power level which can't do that energising and the signal therefore needs a small transistor (capable of switching 150mA or so) and associated resistor to amplify this TTL to a usable level. I'm not entirely sure if it's required with the ESU decoders but I put in a clamp diode a
  12. I would really like to be able to buy a bag of those.
  13. I'm assuming that you can certainly use the mm decoder out of the box to control the headlights, marker lights (cab lights?) as with the 071 and 201 but it was noticed on those locos that the complementary marker lights are always on or off, meaning when one end's white lights are on, the other end's red lights are also on. This is not prototypical when the loco is actually hauling something. The red marker lights should typically be off when hauling a train, with the red marker lights being on the last coach/wagon instead. A hardware change is required in the 201 (not yet sure about the 071)
  14. Good post. There will be plenty of time for a more in-depth discussion of mods or small improvements people may wish to embark upon (I may well replace the speakers for example for a double iPhone 6s job, for example). I'm looking forward to hearing the sound belt out of the open vents. Where is the factory speaker located within the body actually?
  15. Great to see the marker lights can be controlled independently.
  16. I'm almost never successful on eBay for MM stuff. The price I set the bid sniper to is almost always too low. A handful of people on there have more money than sense. Or just more money than me lol. As for the £275 buy it nows... I don't think a single one has sold yet and they've been up a few weeks.
  17. It's fine like that IMO. Better to use a high quality ESU recording of the same prime mover in a very similar body (the recordings are from little US road switchers, which is basically what the 121 is), rather than use a less than optimal 121 recording. @irishthump can you clarify if the full throttle features are not or are enabled by default? I think there's a small typo in your post which makes it unclear.
  18. Fantastic news about the tippex ones. Can't wait.
  19. Plenty of images of a long ballast train topped and tailed with a plough, ploughs facing inwards on both ends to be fair. Short ballast trains often had just one plough. It's pretty difficult for the likes of IRM to predict the ratio of sales of the ballasts to the ploughs. Different people will build up rakes of different lengths. Many will have bought the ballasts to use as Gypsum wagons. How could anyone know this in advance? The ballasts are due to be re-released in the coming months according to IRM emails. The market is growing but it's still small. For now it's going to b
  20. The prime mover in the sound file sounds very similar to the 8-645E available on the ESU website: http://projects.esu.eu/projectoverviews/search?q=8-645 (ESU bizarrely have no SSL)
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