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  1. And Fran from IRM dropped in with it's little sister and a few other forthcoming models 😵😵😵 Bound to secrecy.......
  2. Some sad news this evening people The MRSI's planned 3 day show over the October weekend in Raheny has been cancelled We are hoping to stage a show early in the New Year depending on how things go virus wise, but should it happen we will keep you all informed Stay Safe.
  3. Dont know what happened there, seems to just download
  4. Stay with the programme Leslie Sorry about the quality, sun was very bright on the 26th of May. Just the first minute or so P1120423.MOV

    rpsi B134 loco

    Thats the worst begging letter I have ever seen man!!!!
  6. This turns up fairly frequently
  7. Saw these last night, there are 5 unfortunately
  8. I still see this set knocking about, usually in the €250 - €300 range for the one with traffo & track slightly cheaper without. Again this one turns up from time to time and is generally in the €200 bracket
  9. Remember these bad boys from my days keeping the country safe from foreign invaders I think we were supposed to throw red hot turf at them The Pot Belly Stove!
  10. "Larceny of a Stove from CIE Brake Van" This was the last crime on my desk before I retired Galtee and I would love to solve it before I depart from Platform 1 So could I have your dads address please, and has anyone a lend of a trailer?
  11. Handrails in the post Rob!
  12. Robert I have a couple of sets of MM Handrails, any use to you?
  13. As handy as a small pot!!!
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