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  1. The letter of apology will be sent in the next couple of days........ Jasus wept
  2. That's €380 a pop people and he has not given postage! 111 & 112 available at Bray tomorrow for €200 each. don't say I dont look after yous! Also an unusual one 112 renumbered into 111 so in the darker livery, as it ran later in life Lightly weathered, can be chipped if required and Kaydee fitted

    murphy mk2s

    First & second page has Lima Mk 2D's Page 4 has Galway's & NIR's Page 5 has Mk2A's Page 8 has FIRST 5 MM Mk2d's Page 9 has next 5 MM Mk 2D's Page 17 has Supertrain Mk2D's Page 30 refurbed Supertrain Mk 2D's
  4. Maybe Alan Gilzean? Although I think I heard that he joined Sky Rovers last year?
  5. This Sunday people Will have some weathered and renumbered 141's and 071's, also a couple of NIR 111 & 112 Can be chipped if required and fitted with Kaydees if needed Also Mk2A's lightly weathered and fitted with passengers Rake of Mk 2D's lightly weathered passengers and internal lighting Come early girls......
  6. After Spurs result on Weds I went on to several sites looking for a flight anywhere in Spain, Portugal or France Nothing under €400 single! The wait will be waiting a long time before I shell out me hard earned for them prices ☹️🤬☹️
  7. I dreamt I was at an IRRS meeting last night When I woke up I found that I was!!!
  8. Nice little tool that turns up regularly from this store https://www.lidl.ie/en/special-offers.htm?articleId=19091
  9. I must try and recover them, some lovely pics
  10. Every time you see the price of petrol going up your 121's will be also going up Euro v Dollar is in the shitter at the moment with no sign of any recovery soon Expect it to be in the €200 range and if it is any cheaper, happy days
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