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  1. I like to use Tony Mirolo's air brush
  2. Gauge 1 111 Turned up last night in the MRSI Built by Brendan Kelly, I want to have his babies!!!!! He also displayed this Gauge 1 loco which is currently for sale 9P "Valour" Lord Farrington Class €2000 will prize it away from the owner Stunning model PM me if there is any interest
  3. I was told these "were for my eyes only" but you know me, cant keep a secret Dont tell anyone!!! I wont be sending out Christmas cards, these should do.
  4. He did mention it alright but to be honest I can't remember As he is using ESU chips I expect the speaker to be of similar quality
  5. Some minor problems with the size of the sound chip have meant that they have lost their production slot and are now pushed back into the new year, the Roaring Twenties
  6. Both received money from M15?
  7. Are we talking Kanye West here man? 😵
  8. This is the jinnet that had the coach pack for £395 but has now reduced it to £297 after I told him it will struggle to make £250
  9. Lord Works out around €470 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lima-L149439-1-1E-7135-7141-1E-5228-orange-black-Irish-liverys-mint-boxed/264559258640?hash=item3d98f5ec10:g:2SkAAOSwEy1d0DVq
  10. Got a few minutes in the loft while taking the Christmas stuff down for she who must be obeyed It was done in a hurry 20191207_133809.mp4
  11. NO I am showing that when the loco is running in with ploughs and ballasts in tow the red lights will show to the rear amd the plough behind the loco will not be showing any I thought the video would explain?
  12. No Listen to the post I was complimenting them because of the way the lights worked in different directions
  13. Struggling with the question Paul, no issues as far as I remember


    Life gets in the way man


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