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  1. Finally the last of the locos UTA ex NCC Class W Mogul "Earl of Ulster" #97 There were 15 in the class and were named after British Nobility and Northern rivers, with the last 4 having not been named.
  2. Picked this up recently from a real railway man, worked in Inchicore for over 40 years Any info on it? These were obtained from another source Are they Irish?
  3. John Brian's wife passed some years back and he took it very hard, hasn't been seen in the club since As stated earlier I hope to resurrect Loughrea after our 3 day show in October I managed to pick up a few bits from Brian from the layout and will post some pics when the current 21mm stuff is all posted
  4. This mornings offering is GNR 86 Peregrine One of the V Class compounds called after birds of prey, 83 Eagle, 84 Falcon, 85 Merlin, 86 Peregrine & 87 Kestrel.
  5. I was always fond of the "C" Class. Fits in on nearly any layout
  6. Studio Scale Models 6 Wheelers Came in a set of Five 1st Comp All 3rd Brake 3rd Undercarriage detail
  7. Jasus there will be no living with him now!
  8. Back to motive power this morning troops GNR S Class? 4-4-0 Galtymore Nice cab detail
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