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  1. I recently picked up some negatives/ Slides of the Tralee & Dingle. No idea how to process them or have them printed, no Chemists in my parish doing development anymore Anyone have any software to convert them o jpegs maybe? There are roughly 40 slides and look like they are coloured Drop me a line if you can help, willing to open the savings box or offer nearly out of date boxes of Jelly Beans!
  2. Britains did a nice Cart and Horse in their Lilliput World range Ref LV 606 Mine is missing the drover
  3. DOH, I watched a lot of radio back in the day G
  4. Hope to have 121 spare parts at the Show on Sunday Still waiting for a price list, but should have it by Sunday These are not warranty parts Wipers Speakers Horns Hand Rails Buffers & Springs Fuel Tanks Couplings Bogies Ariels Tablet Catchers Air Hoses Accessory packs
  5. Anybody notice this on eBay recently? A fairly hard to pick up item, dont see them that often O Gauge CIE 4 F, one for the collector
  6. If you paid via PayPal you should be able to lodge a dispute and get your money back? Sausages,
  7. This warning sign should be displayed on all UK purchases
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