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  1. So you will not be buying any Flats, Ferts or A's?
  2. The name is Bracken, not Murphy! Lights will be as per period, another detail that has added to the delay
  3. Murphy Models do sound for the 071 & 201 The new 121 sound can also be used on some of the 141's but it is not available As Owen said previously Wheeltappers or maybe try Mr Soundguy. http://www.mrsoundguy.co.uk/
  4. Hopefully all going well the release will be Grey 121 & 135 IE 124, 129 & 134 Before Christmas Then CIE Black 125 & 131 Supertrain 126 & 132 Possibly late Feb Finally IR 127, 130 & 133 Bangor in April?
  5. Couple of things Some painted examples have arrived and He Who Must Be Canonised is happy with them The finished models wont be here for the 3 day show but there will be some running/painted ones on display Hopefully they should be available before Christmas One thing that surfaced is that there will need to be 6 switches for DC running, double heading being the ball breaker So no stupid replies please, it will be here when its here
  6. NI Blue 141? 071 maybe 2 locos running at the same time should not have been a problem unless you shorted your transformer/controller Turn off all power and try to run 1 loco and see what happens
  7. Romantics? Sacred heart of Jesus.....................
  8. A voucher for Dunnes Stores sometimes helps?
  9. This may be of some use to some of the more skilled modellers here, I am sure something could be made from them for your 141/071 etc https://www.ebay.com/b/athearn-handrails/bn_7114591779
  10. Where are you based man, might be able to help?
  11. Is there any value on old Airfix kits men? Raiding an attic this afternoon and I found around 50 - 60 unopened kits Worth a punt?
  12. Murphy has no spares for the 141's, 10 years old now and all his spares are used up What handrails are you looking for, I may have some odd ones in the spares box?
  13. No definite one, hopefully there will be some news at the 3 day show in Blackrock, either fully painted models or with a bit of luck some for sale! If there is any more news I will post it here

    David Boyle.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam
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