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Community Answers

  1. Nearly as long as Mirolo takes to do a bit of weathering and Eoin to make a DART
  2. What was the timeline JB, from concept to design to arriving at Chez JB?
  3. Good find there Ironroad, and I see its OO gauge as well.
  4. Found in the end of a box of recently bought models GSWR Form of Examination for Flagmen Some very interesting questions and answers 14 pages of pure nostalgia.
  5. I know a man........ Will check in the morning
  6. Now if the Salesroom one had its original box.........
  7. I have never seen any for sale at the fair, sorry
  8. WTT/TT's? Please explain Cheers
  9. Pick a window Galteemore ...... Anyone using "May I" in Cabra West would have been kneecapped on the spot!
  10. Wont get far with no coal!
  11. Did theJ15's have oil burners? Would live to see a pic
  12. Theres a lad on ebay.ie that makes some 4mm signs, might be worth a call https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/iavoca?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  13. I picked up some old Hornby locos over the weekend On checking them I found this inside one Anyone ever see or use one, I have never seen one before Airfix Locomotive Receiving Module Also picked up some Peco Flexi Track Anyone remember the shop? Postmark says 1975! Peco label on the track a tad different from the current label, when you can get it!
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