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  1. I told him not to paint it, but he did sort out the valve gear.
  2. I reckon the price will be nearer €200 people Hattons cannot know the price yet as MM has not got his final invoice from China
  3. I just quit my job in the Helium Factory, I will not be spoken to in that tone of voice!
  4. 141's still making good money Works out at around €200 when postage is added https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Murphy-Models-Bachmann-Irish-Class-141-CIE-Black-Orange-MM0165-B165-New/333598109271?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Bit of Soldering done last night
  6. Got these pics last night Roughly assembled to check clearances etc Terrible pity our friends in China could not work this fast.
  7. A little bit about it here, scroll down to the middle of the page
  8. I used a Flux Capacitor Joe, but when the loco hit 88 MPH WHOOSH
  9. If you paid via PayPal you should be able to recover your money https://www.paypal.com/ie/smarthelp/article/how-can-i-make-a-formal-complaint-to-paypal-faq2016
  10. An old ad from Monck Place GWR O-6-2 Tank
  11. Troops McGowan brothers who owned and operated The Model Railway Shop in Monck Place manufactured their O Gauge kits under the name of Leinster Models, McGowan kits were a UK based company that did white metal kits, from reading some reviews over the years they were rough with several modellers stating that they were unmakeable , wrong parts etc They were taken over by a company called SEF Car Kits who did white metal and brass kits Possibly now owned by Scale Link Ltd in Dorset
  12. Welcome to the site Yoda My info on John is mostly hearsay, although I did meet with him a couple of times Some info here:
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