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  1. Anyone else get one of the rarer Gray ones?
  2. Sorry about the pics, the world just went dark as I was taking them
  3. Some Bus pics, don't know where to display them CZA 670, around 1960 Another CZA jobbie AZD 155, 1962 HZD 580, another 1962 issue, this one is one of the CIE Coach Tour ones.
  4. Is it new or second hand?
  5. Picked these up this morning Came from a very reputable source
  6. Should be there with a few bargains!
  7. Only one that comes to mind here is Tory, unless you are coming the cute hoor that you rebels are and its something like The Lake Isle of Innishfree or The Arran Islands........
  8. Check this guy out on ebay.ie In Limerick, I have sold him some tin plate O Gauge in the past and would recommend him mgh12340
  9. Not mad about the purple buffers..........
  10. Page 9 & 10 on the Lima Murphy Models thread have some snail coaches I also think I may have some for sale, must check the vaults.
  11. Speaking of Radio, this little gem turned up during the week, Looking for an empty 10 pack if anyone has one lying around?
  12. No Noel for a whole week, you wouldn't go back for another week Bosko?
  13. Those Ford Avengers were a very rare breed! Ah none of you grew up on a farm so if 10-10-20 doesn’t ring any bell On the subject of cars the Goulding family had a Gold coloured Merc, reg was IO 1020 I kid you not IO was a Kildare reg if memory serves me
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