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  1. Fleischmann anyone? Some locos, coaches Wagons and accessories ifyou are interested Also some older Irish Lima coaches
  2. I picked up this collection from Patrick A lot of stuff in it but there were 20 of the older Lima Irish outline coaches in their correct boxes, from good condition to excellent Before I put them on Adverts or the Bay I am wondering if anyone here is interested Pics of coaches on page 10 of the Lima thread, but they are not the coaches for sale, just reference 305306 Mk 2's 305346 Green Mk 1's 305347 Black 7 Tan Mk 1's 3 x Sealink Mk 1's in incorrect box's (Provisionally sold) ☹️ Prices in the €30 - €45 range depending on condition etc Some Mk 2a & D's as well but I haven't sorted them out yet PM for pics of individual coaches if you are interested or I should have them at Bray next Sunday XXX
  3. Was away for some R&R with Granny Bracken and got home late last night I had picked up a big collection of Irish, English and German outline stuff before I went on holliers While sorting through it this afternoon I came across 2 unusual Lima boxed coaches They had been overlabelled, which I have never seen before So although the boxes are not the best I have ever seen, their rarity will insure they get a place in the collection
  4. Thought this might be more your style WaYSidE https://bid.whytes.ie/lots/view/1-1QXM9O/postcards-irish-advertising-40
  5. Fran Burke If you put an M after the IR this could be a badge for you! And only £12.50 postage Bargain!
  6. Had to come in out of the sun, says it's 22 degrees on the thermometer, too hot for me When I get home I will dig out some of my old stuff from my days in the Ordenance Survey, I had Nearly forgotten about it.
  7. Will they be done without the flats? Could use the same flat for running different wagons
  8. No idea who this is but I am sure some of the jokers here will have a handle for him!
  9. My money is on Murphy
  10. Joint project between MM & IRM for April 1st, pic smuggled from Inchicore
  11. Some info from Wexford St: 12 models, 5 liveries. 2*CIE grey,(121 & 135) 2*CIE black, 2*CIE supertrain, 3*IR and 3*IE (inc.124 & 134) Price tba. As with the other GM locos, dedicated DCC and DCC sound chips,(567 &645) At this point in time I'm looking at mid-summer delivery. As ever with China, nothing is cast in stone! All wheel pick-up and all wheel drive.
  12. Price will be similar to the IRM A's I believe, Paddy deals in the filthy "Dolla" so depending on what road our near neighbours take there could be a few Euro more on the bill, He is also doing a decoder which should also be useable in some of your 141's I believe Liveries to be decided but as they mostly double headed I reckon 3-4 in each so plenty of number differences
  13. Gone to a good home Cheers Partick
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