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  1. Finally some good news troops Date for your calendar Sunday 20th December Bray Wheelers Club House Boghall Road Open for business Please adhere to COVID regulations
  2. My last comments on this Murphy owns the moulds for the 141/181's not Bachmann He made sure of that after his involvement with Lima and his 201's Any alterations to the existing mould will add cost and in some cases a new mould may have to be made Not going to happen The A class are not retailing at €400 each, and there are more than 100 units being produced. What does this mean. makes no sense to me? There are 17 A class's being produced, I reckon 400 of each at least so 6,800 locos which will cover the cost of tooling and allow them to be sold at €190 a pop
  3. In my parish we dont mention Hattons Murph, selling below RRP of a brand new model is not cricket as the Brexiteers say Not aware of their work practice but I know that the models have been shipped to them.
  4. Still, time for IRM to get the 141's, 181's and 071's onto their roadmap, if Murphy Models are not in a position to re-run them over the next few years. For the last time people, re runs are not going to happen unless you fancy paying €400+ for the privilege The initial runs were produced with the minimum amount of models produced 504 of 12 different liveries which is just over 6000 models. So the moulds are still there and that cost can be subtracted from the next run but it would mean making 3500+ models which means 290+ of each livery. So I reckon 100 of each livery might sell, wha
  5. There were 21 bids on this loco from 9 bidders Final price works out at around €310 Weld on another €25 for p&p and you have one expensive loco
  6. Sad to hear of the passing of David Prowse, best known for his portrayal of Darth Vader in the Star War series Many believe that James Earl Jones played Vader but he was the voice, and Prowse was the actor Also known to some of us of a certain age who would remember him as The Green Cross Code actor Was also the British heavyweight weightlifting champion a number of times May the force be with you David
  7. Just for the record: MM 125 MM 131 MM 127 MM 130 MM 133
  8. Small fridge in the mancave, half full of Andrex.....
  9. Page 16 of the Lima/MM thread Any use?
  10. It might take a day or two but I will trawl through the vaults and check, I have some of the kits but not sure if the instructions are present
  11. I've been on to his mammy.......
  12. This really gets my goat up PM slogging away on his own working from detailed drawings and talking with people who worked on the locos. Then he lands out a 6 figure sum , eventually gets the locos delivered, then distributed and a keyboard warrior comes along and complains about boxes being silver not white! Jesus wept man admire the models for what they are and praise what has been done correctly, give the man a brake! And play with them
  13. What part of yes do you not understand Or I could put it in your favourite font, YES!
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