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  1. Have this one in the loft if its of any use to you man
  2. Lima "Irish" models in different box's Trying to determine early from late Red box on the bottom is the earliest as it only has a 4 digit prefix, same as the HO Models, the 30 before the 4 numbers came later as did the W letter which stands for OO Gauge couplings 5 Plank wagon has plastic wheels, as do most of the wagons in any of the Lima "Irish" sets. The 2 boxes above the red one have me flummoxed Lima logo on the left seems to be a more common box, and on checking the Sundries box, which was a late production I find the logo is on the right similar to the second box All 3 of th
  3. Please explain how you know what Antelope poo tastes like!
  4. Fantasy , shipped in barrels up until the early 60's and then bulk in the "Ladies" over to Liverpool & Manchester and later in 40' steel tankers Never heard of it shipped in rail tankers
  5. Give these lads a bell BTB https://www.ageaction.ie/how-we-can-help/getting-started-computer-training
  6. No, it was a run of the mill Wrenn wagon, they had a series of 6 wheeled tankers, Milk Marketing Board, St Ivel, Skol, Co Op Milk, United Daries But the one to have was the Tampo printed Guinness, only 80 made during the final stages of Wrenn production.
  7. Janey Mack! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133756451134?hash=item1f2481793e:g:TIUAAOSw-ThgmQf4
  8. Cadet truck, the Lima wagon is one of the rarer "Irish" models they produced
  9. Just noticed this detail on the Bulk Bells
  10. I reckon a few Hino's would go down well , in a little IRM green box?
  11. Nobody using Sniper bids? My only method of bidding on eBay
  12. Its a kosher coach, never had running numbers on these, its a pre Murphy model
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