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  1. Haven't a clue what you guys are talking about but there are 6 switches in the body of the loco that can control different light formations Would these help solve the problem?
  2. Some pics of the new flats on the Lima/MM thread Emjoy!
  3. Hot off the press this morning IRM 1050-UN CIE/Irish Rail bogie flats 30142 30161 30169
  4. Thats €85 a pop + €15 postage Thats even dearer than me!
  5. Trouble at Chateau Foxfield Troops! Last night over my beans on toast Granny Bracken announced that she would be hanging up her broom next year and to this effect she would like one of her bedrooms back for herself, the cheek of her! To this effect I will be reducing my pile over the next few months. Most of the pieces I will be offloading are mint, most have never been unboxed and as can be seen some are still in the box that they were delivered to me in. First things to go will be items that there are 3 of, so the early Lima sets some 141's and some 201's I would suggest that thes
  6. From a conversation some time back with PM, I seem to recall that the cylindrical thingy is a speedometer that fits to the rotational part of the axel on the left hand side of the loco, cab forward, you will need to prise out the cover off the axel . The speedo does not rotate , the bag of extras is a generic bag that will have some bits for the various models being issued, not all the bits will go on every loco
  7. If you want authentic weathering Tonto, Flying Scotsman and lately Noel Von of this parish are your men
  8. Thats all good and fine, but what about the yellow handrails on the 121's?
  9. Courtesy of Brendan Kelly Dave
  10. If you are running them, God forbid, they look fine, or you could always paint them?
  11. Coloured plastic was the best option because of the diameter of the rails, painted ones might have lost their paint due to handling etc. Dont think they take away from the model?
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