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  1. I still have me slide rule, I dont think I was in school the day they did Auto Cad But I passed Latin......
  2. Same seller for both Think he may be a member here?
  3. Just noticed a new(ish) logo on the side of the Taras, going through Howth Junction Couldn't get the phone out in time Anyone have any pics of it? Askin for a friend.......
  4. Back in the Lima days I kept records of prices achieved but I do remember getting £405 stg for a River Shannon and at the time I think it was €1.45 - €150 to the £stg, unfortunately the records seem to have disappeared
  5. As a matter of interest is anyone experiencing any problems either posting to the UK or receiving from the UK? Askin for a friend....
  6. There you go Flange https://www.ralcolorchart.com/ral-classic/red-hues
  7. Some pics might help Also the body on these locos are glued to the chassis, check that it is still glued correctly and has not loosened .
  8. You need a girlfriend Murrayer..........
  9. Cheers Ken, I think the Central Bank will convert your old money into Euro.....
  10. Have a few of each of these original crests for sale The ruler is 330mm for scale GSR are €30 & GNRB are €25 P&P extra Both sides of the GNRB sign
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