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  1. One I picked up recently and although its an enamel sign it shows the correct logo, no ampersand
  2. Absolutely, its the earlier version of the motor
  3. Good man Ken, read this twice and I still haven't a bleedin clue what you are talking about! Might have a natter about it on Sunday at Bray?
  4. Did you get my message? Give me a bell 0868798330 anytime (after 11am!!)
  5. It may be possible to have 21mm sleepers commissioned and then just thread your rail through them, saw some packs of sleepers down in the MRSI, think they were for EM gauge (18mm as opposed to 16.5mm)
  6. They were originally numbered 141 to 177 MM modelled 141, 165 in the 141 range in Black, but your 141A preserved is a non prototypical loco because basically it was a 181 Class repainted by the RPSI So it would have more modern lights and in a different formation than the original locos Maybe see if anyone here might swap for a 165?
  7. Just heard on the grapevine that the Greys will ship in Mid August, so hopefully available from early September
  8. Picked these up over the last couple of weeks BCDR Fence Notice And this: Belfast Tramway Department
  9. So the IR & IE coaching stock would originally have been similar to the Supertrain stock, Ist Class, Composite, Standards Restaurant & EGV As there were only 4 of each IE with Orange & Black roofs modelled by MM would there be a demand for 1sts & Comps, although most of the Comps were converted to Standards at some stage? Also some more running numbers in the Standards
  10. I can see you coming over to the dark side Murrayer, Box, packaging, Display Case..............
  11. Couple of questions: The Mk 2d's as delivered would have been in Supertrain livery When CIE turned their railway operation over to Irish Rail (IR) in 87 did they just add the 2 3" stripes to the coaches or was there a new orange colour added? Inter City logos were added but not to the Genny Then the IE ones were painted in the Ral 2011 and given the IE logo but the InterCity logo remained the same So what do we know about black and orange roofs? Supertrain only seemed to have orange roofs, been looking for an IR coach with a black roof but have been unable to make one out due to most photos being of the coach side, roofs did not seem important back in the day. Various pics of IE's with black roofs, someone suggested to me that the black roofs were mineral felt applied over the existing roof due to leakage? Any truth in this men?
  12. No news Edo ( is no news good news?) There was an issue, not 121 related, that may put the project back by a couple of weeks but still hoping for late August, early September
  13. Its the only show in town folks
  14. IR people, stay with the programme
  15. I was talking about the Sound chip, I presume a standard chip might be OK but as I said because the PCB board and the chip were designed to work together there may be some warranty issues by using non MM chips,
  16. On the subject of coaches, would there be much interest in Mk2d's in IR livery? Asking for a friend!!!!!
  17. MM's chips are also programmed for the other functions of the 121. So I reckon buying the MM regular or sound chip would make best sense His chip and PCB were designed in conjunction with each other and also with the 6 switches that are used for the various light functions on these locos Any faults that arise from the use of non MM chips may also void your warranty them?
  18. News to me Noel Rakes of the standards were bought when they arrived, dont see any for sale anywhere at the moment except resprays
  19. Started this at 2am this morning, the few bottles of Bulmers must not have worn off, DOH
  20. "Kind soul?" I think a few on here would argue that point with you Murph First page on the thread, Lima/MM Mk 2d's, 5201,5102, 5223 & 5228 Page 4, Lima/MM Galway Mk2d's, 5216, 5225 & 5235 Also the Lima/MM NIR Mk2a set, 911, 924 & 933 And the later Lima/MM Galway Mk2d's, 5209. 5232 & 5233 Page 5 has the Bachmann/MM Mk2a's Set MM4101 IR 4101 & 4108 Set MM4102 IR 4102 & 4110 Set MM4108 IE 4101 & 4108 Set MM4110 IE 4102 & 4110 Page 8 has the first of the MM Mk2d's in InterCity Livery MM5401 Restaurant, Black Roof MM5407 Restaurant, Orange Roof MM5602 EGV Black Roof MM5609 EGV, Orange Roof MM5236 Standard Orange Roof Page 9 has the rest of the Mk2d's in InterCity livery MM5411 Restaurant, Galway Livery MM5601 EGV Galway Livery MM5210 Standard Black Roof MM5217 Standard Black Roof MM5219 Standard Orange Roof Page 10 has Lima, non Murphy Mk 2 coaches 305304S Mk2d InterCity, unnumbered 305306 Mk2a Standard Both Orange 7 Black roofed came in the same numbered box, unnumbered Set L106300X2 CAME WITH 2 Mk2d InterCity coaches, unnumbered Page 11 has Hornby Mk 2 coaches Set R383 Slainte Express set, 2 Mk 2a coaches, unnumbered R720 Mk 2a open, unnumbered R721 Brake end, unnumbered Page 17 Mk2d Supertrain coaches, first issue MM5101 Is Class MM5151 Composite MM5201 Standard MM5215 Standard MM5223 Standard MM5403 Diner MM5604 EGV MM5608 EGV Page 27 MM/RPSI Mk2d's MM1701 Standard #180 MM1702 Standard #301 MM1703 Brake End #460 Page 30 MM Second issue Supertrain Mk2d's MM5102 First Class MM5152 Composite MM5202 Standard MM5214 Standard MM5224 Standard MM5402 Diner MM5408 Diner MM5605 EGV
  21. I think you just need approval as a partner and then you can give it as an option to pay?
  22. Thought so, very noticeable on 122 . Nice paint job, by the way 121 looks a lot better body wise, stratification not as noticeable
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