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  1. DOH, I watched a lot of radio back in the day G
  2. Hope to have 121 spare parts at the Show on Sunday Still waiting for a price list, but should have it by Sunday These are not warranty parts Wipers Speakers Horns Hand Rails Buffers & Springs Fuel Tanks Couplings Bogies Ariels Tablet Catchers Air Hoses Accessory packs
  3. Anybody notice this on eBay recently? A fairly hard to pick up item, dont see them that often O Gauge CIE 4 F, one for the collector
  4. If you paid via PayPal you should be able to lodge a dispute and get your money back? Sausages,
  5. This warning sign should be displayed on all UK purchases

    Customs & VAT

    Why don't you ask members here if they have anything for sale that you might be interested in?

    Customs & VAT

    Found this old label on some track that was posted from the UK back in the day
  8. I spoke with PM this afternoon and I will be stocking spare parts for the 121's, probably in early September I will have them at the Bray Wheelers gig for anyone local and should otherwise be contactable via DM here Spares are also available from PM for warranty work, but bear with him its a one man show and things move a tad slower that expected The issue with the vac pipes is that he went for scale pipes and obviously it wasnt his best decision, Any chance of a pic showing the white metal versus the MM ones? Spare motors are available not sure about the boards, I will let you know when I hook up with PM.
  9. I was usually contacted around June/July with dates etc No contact so far, so I reckon its another victim of Covid And with the higher rate of Delta in the North I dont imagine the turnout would be great
  10. Mop up, aisle 3 ...
  11. 1549 First Class Right or wrong? Askin for a friend....
  12. Interesting drawings of some Irish tankers Never heard of Munster Simms but I believe they were from Bangor.
  13. Some pre production JM wagons running today 20210801_154148.mp4
  14. Agreed JB, we did some Explosive Escorts to Kingscourt during the Troubles, Army Gardai and an Aer Corps Cesna overhead, and we always came out of the quarry covered in red dust, great memories.
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