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  1. Might be something of interest here but to be honest I couldn't be arsed to read it https://www.ebay.ie/pages/help/policies/seller-tax.html
  2. On the subject of 121 spare parts they are available but in limited quantities, so contact MM if you are in trouble
  3. I'll take a half dozen Ken, weathered!
  4. Who was your retailer, Hattons? Spare parts are available as I have picked up some recently If you buy a Bachmann loco you send it back to your retailer not Bachmann
  5. I see Murphy has gone into the UK market! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265186955635?hash=item3dbe5fd173:g:TkoAAOSwGwVgrjnj
  6. Maybe try reducing their size?
  7. PM sent man Love your handle! Have about 120 buses here looking for a new garage! Bus Eireann etc
  8. Hope you dont mind me sticking these here Ernie? C&L Bogie Brake Van, Ballinamore 1954 Some Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway Box vans 1937 Small Guinness GN Van Bessbrook & Newry tram Just liked this one, on a GN Engineers rake
  9. Although not prototypical there is a small, and expensive, amount of Irish RTR stock available, but it is very hard to pick up.
  10. Troops, if you are attending the fair and there are any specific items you are looking for stick a post on this thread and we will do our best to help you
  11. Fuzzy pics not helping man Spit on the lens maybe?
  12. All modern stuff George, sorry and 2 rail Hi Connollystn, 2 x 5239 P & 0 2 Axle 1 x 5242 Hapag-Lloyd 2 Axle 1 x 5250 Evergreen 20' & OOCL 40' Bogie 1 x 5251 ECS European Containers 40' Bogie 1 x 5284 8701 Timber 1 x 5284 8702 Timber 525402 Bogie Stake wagon
  13. Saw a new logo on the current Taras Do you think you might be able to add it to the new oxide ones?
  14. Heres more of it C Rail container is £7 and postage is around £5 Look at this muppet Same container is £14.95 and postage is £13.37 Jesus wept! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144042838058?hash=item21899f482a:g:erkAAOSwb4Vgt2RE
  15. Just heard there is a mad rush for weddings in Cavan before the guest numbers go up!
  16. Just in case anyone missed out on their favourite loco I have a few of these bad boys knocking about!
  17. Just wondering if there is much of an interest in HO Continental modelling on the forum? I recently picked up a large collection of new/unused HO stock and I was wondering would it be worth my while to advertise it here for sale I dont recall seeing any advertised on the For Sale thread There are Fleischmann, Rivarossi Lilliput Roco Marklin Hamo models, coaches wagons & Locos Answers on a postcard.......
  18. Jasus........................ Love this mixed livery
  19. Is this the most expensive RTR OO Gauge Irish coach yet? And remember it is a standard, there were 6 different numbered ones manufactured over the 2 runs of the Supertrains whereas only 2 1sts, 2 Comps, 3 Diners 7 3 EGV's €202 landed!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353512990142?hash=item524f0425be:g:3A0AAOSwXQJgT4xp
  20. Its an OO scale set, originally sold by Bachmann USA who labelled it as OO/HO but they are OO models, same as the ones Murphy brought out in '99 but with different running numbers. There are no numbers on the loco and it came without the pack that is in the Green N Class
  21. Great turn out today, we would like to thank all those who attended for observing social distancing, wearing masks and using the provided hand sanitizer Hope to be there again on Sunday June 27th
  22. Have this one in the loft if its of any use to you man
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