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  1. Wow they look really good i have one on order , the detail in the cab is great
  2. I think Paddy Murphy has brought model railways to a whole new level with accuracy and finishing detail and may I also say I think other model railway producers would have a very hard time in competing with the fine detailing well done to Paddy Murphy and all his staff who have brought a new lease of life to model railways
  3. @Billycan they look really great well done, can I order them from the Facebook page ?
  4. Hello Billycan can I ask where you got the Ammonia wagons ?
  5. Hello Noel To be honest I never thought of that idea will definitely go down that route instead of a repaint , will have to find somebody who would do it
  6. Hello Georgeconna Thank you for the reply was thinking it would cost a few Euro to get it resprayed , I have also been keeping an eye on eBay to see if one popped up but no luck as of yet
  7. Hello WRENNEIRE Thank you for your reply what I am trying to get done is my class 201 with a new lick of paint in the same colours as it is as it’s looking a bit worse for wear ( I bought it second hand ) and would like to give it a new lease of life , also with new decals also
  8. Good Evening all Just a quick question to ask where I would be able to get a Model of the 201 class of the intercity resprayed and new decals put on Thank you
  9. Just to show how the cardboard Bell Containers look when made up , bought them off eBay they look well on the irm 40 ft flatbeds
  10. Hello all just a quick question can anybody tell me what the little black beads are for in the detailing packs with the Tara mines bogies and the rest of the flatbed bogies thank you
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