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  1. Noel, Thank you. I'll have a go as per your instructions. Loads of options in train consists thanks to the latest release - Fertiliser+Flats+ Bubbles as seen between Belfast and Dublin. Guinness+ Ferts+ Cement - Etc, etc, etc.
  2. Troops, Would someone be kind enough to explain how one removes the - Two Bars in Bays three and four - The ones that were there to restrict the load height. Thank you.
  3. Noel, Thank you for your correction and explanation.
  4. Noel, Ah, come on now! MIR was run from someones home. The people involved held-down full time jobs and one also cared for his family too. Of their time they were a quality product, and many of us were extremely grateful for these kits. Their efforts and models: Locomotive bodies, Ammonia Wagons flats, as well as their brass sides, assisted many of us in creating realistic rolling stock for our model railways. It is unfair to compare one with the other. If one is going to draw comparisons between these two manufacturers, that comparison has to be fair and favourably measured. To state "The MIR is not on the same Planet" is, in my opinion, unjustified, shows a complete lack of understanding, and very much - lacking in good-taste.
  5. Ah, the memories of The Water Closet! The Houses of Parliament (my Grandfathers expression) a wonderful place of sanctuary, magazines, books, memories and pungent aromas. A wholly different place nowadays - from a cleansing paper perspective! Were you a user of ISAL or BRONCO toilet protects? ISAL - A wonderful Toilet Paper with interlaced sheets. If not, perhaps your household is a BRONCO House? "BRONCO is the best buy, The best buy, The best buy in Bumph, Best buy BRONCO." Both of these products were, if you were unfortunate enough to use them -made of a hard shining paper. They would put a glow on your rear-end and clean nothing. A quality News Paper was likely to provide better results followed by a good scrum with VIM or AJAX. Must dash to Westland Row for the last evening train to Kingstown. Or, possibly, a Tram? Home and then, my HORLICKS, off to my bed and a listen to Dick Barton, Special Agent. Oh, Radio Luxenburg is broadcasting Dan Dare. Wonder how the Mekon is? Perhaps, The Kennedys of Castlerock will be on Radio Eireann? Followed! By The School around the Corner. Memories. Happy New Year to each and everyone.
  6. My apologies if this content has been posted - There are interesting photographs and text relating to our abandoned railways in this link :- http://nigreenways.com/u/0/ Too much Christmas pudding! Plan a walk over these lines to loose weight, broaden the mind, and fill your lungs with fresh air.
  7. It saddens me to read remarks on these forums critical of those who have invested, are investing, and continue to invest in projects from which we benefit. We enjoy our hobby at no risk to ourselves, our families or our homes. We cannot complain when an item is no longer available. We may perhaps be unfortunate due to our lack of available funds - other important financial commitments, etc, at the time of a products launch. These are not reasons for our blaming the manufacturer, or re seller, for our having missed-the-boat. Perhaps the rapid emptying of the shelf will encourage the production of further items, or a re-run of the model we are unable to purchase! Commissioning a model railway product, be it a wagon, coach, locomotive or any other item related to our hobby is extremely expensive. Years ago, I discussed at length, the commissioning of accurate CIE cattle wagons with DAPOL. Before anything would happen, I was required to outlay £10,000. Yes £10,000. This was for the design of the moulds. Not the production of them. Needless to say - I decided not to proceed. The financial risk, for me, was too great. So, please think, before you write criticising the individuals and businesses who service our needs and pleasures in our hobby. May I thank each business and business individual for supporting us and our hobby, whether-or-not, I have missed the opportunity to purchase their product/s.
  8. MURPHY MODELS Class 121 - - - LATEST NEWS from a UK retailer. Murphy Models have confirmed the recommended retail price of the forthcoming CIE Class 121, resulting in a confirmed discounted sales price of £149.50. As this is cheaper than our estimated price, your order has been automatically amended to this new, lower price as per our pre-order policy, and no payment has been taken from you at this stage. We have been advised that decorated samples are expected soon with release anticipated between late November 2019 and early 2020. If you have any further queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 733 3655 or info@hattons.co.uk.
  9. John, A wee question? The picture you posted shows the engine in a lovely, slightly weathered condition. Would you consider producing your planned model in such a condition? Oh, I have also sent you a Private Message. Kindest regards, David White.
  10. Was it actually used to lay track or more for replacement of sections after a derailment, accident, or for maintenance? The years of neglect from 1914 onward saw the permanent way in in dire need of replacement. The methods then in use were no longer practical, partially due to the large increases in wages, and so the Chief Engineer, Arthur Bretland turned his attention to the design of a mechanical track-laying system. The basis of this design was the prior assembly of new track in lengths and their transportation to the relaying site where the old lengths would be lifted out complete to be returned to the central depot for dismantling. Mullingar was chosen as the location for the central prefabrication of track lengths, a portion of the extensive storage sidings being allocated to this purpose. An overhead 65 foot span gantry was erected with a total travelling length of 500 feet. This allowed long trains of flats to be handled. Electricity was the method used to power the operation, which was capable of unloading 240 tons of rails, or 1,500 sleepers per hour. A new mechanical track laying train was constructed, central to which was the relaying train supported on two bogies, one four wheels, and one six wheels, the latter under the main load. The track-layer was to see little use after the amalgamation of the MGWR into the Great Southern Railways (GSR). Most of its use was to be for the singling of it former masters lines by the GSR. According to Ernie Sheperd's book -Midland Great Wester Railway of Ireland, from which this text is compiled, the relaying crane ended its days as a chassis for Wagon 3408. Was it used on the MGWR as minister suggests and did they other companies have them? A variation to the design of the Bretland was used on the London and North Western Railway. I assumed that war meant WW2 but they ages Mayner linked are from the 1920s so this was cobbled together after WW1? World War I The "Bretland Tracklayer" train was capable of laying 900 Yards in an eight hour shift.Train" the train consisted of a Locomotive, power van, a series of flat bogie trucksunder the cantilever, plus break van. The main drawback was it could not deal with staggered rail joints. The Power Van was an integral part of the tracklaying train train. Steam was supplied by means of a special take-off from the train engine which thus had to be modified to work with this train. The Power van provided electric current at 100 Volts, thus enabling work to be carried out when it was dark. I hope this information is of help on this matter?
  11. Front Cover Page - Irish Meteo-Vick Diesels. Barry Carse. Publisher Colourpoint Books - Colourpoint Transport 6 Hazelhatch c1973-74 There is a mixture of Grey and Bauxite Cattle Wagons show in this photograph. The Locomotive A20R in Black, white and Gold.
  12. Please excuse me using your post in this way? On Facebook, there were enquiries regarding Sound Decoders that are suitable for our Hunslet Locomotives. For anyone who is interested in this matter, there is a Video of an Irish Model Railway, - Old Blarney - with two of my Hunslets running as a Top and Tail. Sound is produced from Paul Chater's Class 20 Decoders. The Hunslets appear at approximately 1minute 31 seconds. The link is as follows:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB7L7cJyWmQ Love your work Ray, keep it up.
  13. Noel, Please don't insult Apes. They live in family Groups, care for one-and-other, look after their offspring and discipline them for wrongdoing. The perpetrators who illegally entered the premises where this Model Railway Exhibition was being held, and then set about destroying the exhibition totally lack any intelligence, intellect, respect or understanding. If any of them have anything, that they hold dear to them, perhaps, it should be taken from them and destroyed in their presence. Perhaps, that would shoe them the damage they have caused!
  14. I wish you success in your New Office - World Head-Quarters - Europe, North East and Africa. No matter what name you decide upon, I wish you everything, that you wish for. To each of you, and Paddy Murphy, my heartfelt thanks. We modellers are in a privileged position when running our Model Railway. We have your accurate, miniature rolling-stock, hauled by Mr Murphy's superb locomotives. I look forward to receiving your A Class, and Paddy's 121s. Kindest regards, David White.
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