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  1. Airfix, Oh! Silly me. Motto:- Check and recheck before one posts! My apologies for having posted inaccurate information.
  2. John, My apologies for the confusion I have created. I cut and pasted from this information on Wikipedia - see below** Another Cut and Paste job - History of Donegal --https://historyofdonegal.com/2012/03/06/lough-swilly-steamboat-company-3-2/ John McFarland was the business brain behind the operation but he ran into difficulties in the early 1900s. First, the occupation of Lough Swilly by the British fleet seriously disrupted trade and destroyed his dream of building up the Buncrana pier to rival Greencastle. Second, a long drawn out High Court case over a relatively smal
  3. Today's Irish Times -14/09/20 For those who have an interest in the longevity of our Transport Companies. McFARLAND, Sir John Talbot Bt; 11th September 2020, peacefully, at his home Glenburn Cottage Ballougry Road, Londonderry. Chairman of Mulhollands, drapers, and owner of the Lough Swilly Steamship Company.
  4. Interesting, informative, history. I read this topic with a great deal of gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives for us. Furthermore, as an Irishman and a former pupil of St Andrews College, Dublin I am extremely proud of John Hemingway and his connection with Andrews. My Uncle, Jack (Ginger) Powell, flew, and trained pilots during the war whilst serving in The Canadian Air Force. He was also a well respected Vet from Nenagh, who, at the age of 95 was still in practice. Long may we remember those who have served on our behalf.
  5. McAllister, Is that you Back-seat driving yet again? Do I hear an indicator clicking incessantly? You really do need to keep your eye on the road! No masks in that Film! Our Nicola won't allow anything up here. Rumor has it, she will announce Farting is to be banned as of Tuesday? Look after yourself and those railway assets you hold too. Fearful registration on that truck - EU - Are those numbers relevant to the year we shall finally leave this institution? Joke Lads - no offence intended to those opposing BREXIT. White.
  6. If you like, you can afford it, you buy it. It is your railway. I have written this in the past - It is your railway and thus, you run that which you you wish to run on it. I have two Irish Layouts. I have LMS Locomotives and Rolling Stock - In my World these are not London Midland and Scottish - they are - Londonderry Manorhamilton and Sligo (LMS) on my railway. South Eastern and Chatham stock - on my railway - Sligo Enniskillen and Colloney or anything else one can think of! Happy modelling. Old Blarney.
  7. Today, 12/09/20, two days after my 78th Birthday, our Postman delivered a wee parcel. To my delight it is my 121 from The Paddy Murphy Stable. This delivery made me thing a wee bit. I thought of my age, my model railway, the locomotives I am running; as I prepare for a professional Filming Session of Old Blarney this Thursday. Most importantly, my thoughts turned to the man who made it possible for me to have models of Irish Locomotives, and rolling stock, Paddy Murphy. His production of accurate models of the 141 and 181 Locomotives as used on our Railway System, and each of the
  8. Become a member of this site- It allows you access to their Library and - You can explode the images too.
  9. Lobitos -Larne - Holmes Mullin and Dunn Ltd. Excellent aerial photographs on this site - Drag this image down. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/XAW040442
  10. The Distributor for "Lobitos" Petroleum Product in Ireland was Holmes Mullin and Dunn Ltd. Flicker Image below - I'm afraid my searches thus far have produced this image only. I can assist with MEX, Maxol, McMullan Bros and through them I may be able to discover whether or not HMD also used rail for the transportation and direct access to Depots.
  11. I wholly agree with Noels remarks. I look forward to hearing of your making a full recovery and viewing the alterations to your inspiring railway. My best wishes to you. Old Blarney.
  12. Ah, now, don't be pouring Oil on that!
  13. McA, Good to know you are alive. Any comment on the "Silver Princess"?
  14. Strange Coaches - "Silver Princess" By accident - I found this image in The Father Brown Collection. Have I found a photograph of The Budd Car in use with CIÉ? This unusual coach (by UK standards) was built in 1947 by the Budd Company of America, and took to the rails in Britian, and for a time Ireland, to demonstrate constructional features new to British practice. Named "Silver Princess", it was 63ft long. 9ft 2ins wide and weighed 29 tons, was of all-steel construction and distinguished by corrugated side and roof panels. The outer skin was of stainless steel and the
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