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  1. John, I've forwarded your question to my DCC and wiring expert. Hopefully, he can provide an answer and/or options? David White.
  2. OO works announce GNRI U Class By Warbonnet, January 1, 2016 in Irish Models Lots of information on this thread. I hope it assists you.
  3. GNRi1959. Somewhere in these pages - there is information - on resolving problems with the OO Works U Class. I had the most fearful problems with mine when it was delivered. Stalled on points and crossovers, nodded back and forth like a demented animal in captivity. A most disappointing purchase. From negative to positive. Nodding was resolved, (in my locomotive) by placing a tyre weight in the underside of the cab roof. Stalling was resolved by installing a Stay-Alive decoder. Additional weight was also placed in the leading wheels. Hope this helps - I'll search for the thread - and post it if, I find it.
  4. Sayhall27, It may be worth your time contacting "OO" Works. They produced a GNR(I) UG as UTA No 49. Members on this forum are doing their best to persuade this manufacturer to instigate a second run of this model. Were you to place an order - for one or more locomotives - you wold be increasing your chances of acquiring a genuine Irish Model. I have committed to two locomotives should they decide to proceed with this second batch. They, OO Works, are also producing two versions of the GSWR 0-6-0 Class 101 - CIE J15 for delivery towards the end of 2018. For you, everything will depend on what you can afford to spend, and when you can spend your money. There are a number of alternatives - OO Works is just one of them. GNR -VS. A certain Mr Flanagan produced one for me from a SR Schools as well as No4 from a Fowler. Oh, he also built UTA No 15 for me. i also have locomotives that are built from Studio Scale Models Kits - unfortunately I cannot recommend these kits - GNR T2 nor the Bandon Tank. Des, if you wish to discuss this - please contact me. David White
  5. Troops, It was a pleasure to have each of you join us in Perth. I look forward to the possibility of this being the first in a long series of visits to our annual festival of Model Railways in the Fair City of Perth. The "Flying Snail" used on Old Blarney is featured in your photograph. a truly Irish picture! Was this intentional? Anyway, it was great to meet each of you. David White' Perth and District Model Railway Club.
  6. I cast my vote at 17.40, or thereabouts this evening, on the poll for how we wish - Irish Model Railways Ltd - to announce their product release information. I must say I am astonished at the number of responses to this poll. I shan't disclose the figures that was shown at the time I voted, it will become appear after you vote. May I encourage each reader of these posts to participate in this very important exercise. We, the modellers of Railways Irish, constantly bemoan the lack of items available to us, and then, when they are produced, we tend to complain about the costs. The point I am endeavouring to address is this - The larger we make our Market Place, the less expensive the product should be for us to purchase. An increased market and market potential should also encourage our Manufacturers to produce an increased product range for us too. Please cast your VOTE. I purchased my Ballast Wagons and Cement Bubbles from Marks Models whilst I was exhibiting Old Blarney at Warley, 2017. Hopefully, I can purchase some more when they are at Glasgow this Month. Do the decent thing - get voting - We all need to let our suppliers know what we want,. Don't vote, then don't complain when a product comes to market and it is not what you wished for or wanted!!
  7. Glover, "A question: were the 4 wheel luggage vans ever painted green?' I hope they were painted so, I have one. It is a superb model that was made for me by John Mayne. One of three, he kindly made for me, one Silver, one Green and one in Golden Brown and Black with the white line below the roof and top of the windows. John made a number of coaches for me too.I doubt a Gentleman of his experience and knowledge of the Railways of Ireland would have supplied me with a four wheel heating and luggage Van in an incorrect colour. DJW.
  8. David, As far as I'm aware the G Class were never paints in Grey, as per the 121 Class. The first deliveries, G601/603 were delivered from Germany between September and October, 1955. G602 was overhauled in July, 1960, repainted green and returned to the Clara Branch. G603, in CIE light Green was photographed in Limerick Station,26th, August, 1962. G611 Class. All seven were delivered in February,1962, in green livery but like the rest of this class of locomotives (G611) it would shortly be repainted in the new CIE Black and Tan colours prior to entering service. Information taken from - Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society, February, 2016, Vol 27, No189. Author. Author, Dan Renehan. "Deutz G Class Locomotives of CIE.
  9. Richard, What a beauty! That coach would be a prize on Old Blarney. A yes from me. JB. Can you provide information on the liveries this coach ran in? GSWR, GSR and then into CIE Green i suppose? Did this coach run in various CIE Greens? David White.
  10. Attachments are not opening.
  11. Oh no! Your not out Flashing again John? A we flashing story. My Aunt was Flashed at one day whilst returning to her home on Military Road from Killiney Station. She had decided to take the lane-way, the one opposite the Station and return home that way. On her way along the lane, a Man opened his coat and exposed himself. Her response. "Oh dear, were I you, I should be ashamed to point that little thing at anyone." Whilst relating this story to me, her explanation was -"Well David, I should know about these things and what they look look like. I have, after all, borne seven children and I know what a proper one should looks like." With that, she insisted I pour her a very large Whisky, and a Gin for you Dear. Hope to see you John! David.
  12. I'm coming over from Scotland on Thursday weather permitting. Hoping to meet-up with some of our fellow travellers on Friday and looking forward to Saturdays tour. Hope to see you on the train on Saturday John.
  13. Bantree, The photograph shows a CIE 2600 Series Railcar (DMU) to those in the UK. Bodywork - Park Royal - Chassis and engines AEC of Southall, London. The exhaust system has been altered, if my eyes are seeing properly, so that the exhaust gases are being emitted to the atmosphere via the vertical exhaust pipes to the right of the railcar. The original railcars exhausted at ground level thus, the exhaust re-enter the coach when trains were stationary The Bus is a CIE P Class Leyland OPS Tiger.
  14. I vaguely remember seeing some coaches that retained their Great Southern, Crimson Lake livery at Foxrock Station, however, I cannot be certain of the location! Were it Foxrock, then the date has to be before November, 1947. I was surprised to see coaches in this colour as all railway coaches were either green or brown as far as I was concerned at that stage of my life! For me the original CIE coaching colours of dark green, eau-de-nile with white and black lining is my preferred livery. Why? Quite simply it was the only livery that I saw on a regular basis, I liked it and I liked the trains on which I saw it. For me, that livery also offers realistic variety in the model trains trains that I can run. I can intermingle GSR coaches with CIE Coaches to represent the early years of CIE, alternatively I can run mixed CIE livery sets with their later variations of lighter greens. It is also worth remembering the first AEC railcars and Park Royal Coaches carried a darker shade of green and they too ran with the earliest CIE livery – so variety – or perhaps – many shades of green!
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