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  1. Please be assured the RECALL NOTICE issued by DAPOL has been issued for a very good reason. DO NOT INSTALL THE "WATER TOWER" on your Model Railway. Please return any of these products to the retailer from whom you purchased this product.
  2. I looked through "youtube", but cannot find anything there on our Sultzer locomotives. Lots of still images on various sites. Somewhere at the back-of-my-mind there is an image of a 101 travelling between Waterford and Dungarvan. I'll continue my hunt for moving images.
  3. The Drumm as I remember them! Batteries removed and driving windows plated over. Returning to the Drumm Trains and their carrying The Flying Snail, I believe I'm correct in stating C or D did so. I have seen a colour photograph of one of these two sets stabled in Foxrock sidings. A certain individual, may read this, and post his picture of the set! Here's hoping! Who might the young lad be? For a second or two, I believed it is I!
  4. Where is this location?
  5. Might there be a Beaumont amongst these? Multiple photographs of Drumm Train A. Images from Gettyimages. https://www.gettyimages.ae/photos/archival-photos-drumm-train?family=editorial&phrase=archival photos Drumm Train&sort=best#license
  6. Many thanks for this information. I was basing my remarks on the PRONI Maps and something that was at the back-of-my-mind which related to single line working from Scarva for special trains travelling in the down direction. Again, my apology for having provided inaccurate information.
  7. I apologise. Can you scan the layout please! Thank you.
  8. "The tank engine having brought this special from say Newry is running around to take the now empty stock back to Goraghwood(?) for berthing until the return evening working?" There were no cross-over facilities to the immediate South of Scarva Station. The engines exhaust and smoke direction is a puzzle too. It would appear to indicate the light engine is travelling toward the photographer, yet the up signal is clear! I'm off to search for the nearest crossover to the South of Scarva Station. Poyntz Pass?
  9. Scarva. PRONI Map - OSNI Historical Third Edition (1900 - 1907) - This map image gives every indication the train in the picture is at Scarva. Why, Bridge, signal posts, footbridge, track curvature, bay platform in relation to footbridge and waiting shelter on up-platform and, yes and King Billy. His hat is viable - Third carriage from left, and to immediate left of telegraph pole at the end of said carriage.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMD_GL8 http://www.trainweb.org/emdloco/gl8.htm Additional information on this subject with photographs. Text includes our fifteen Class 121.
  11. John, Thank you for clarifying this situation. I have re-read my post, on doing so, I apologise if my tone appeared to be somewhat discourteous. It was not intended to be so." The "headline" issue was the idea of taking livestock by PLANE! I suspect it may have been conducted as an experiment of some sort." Just as well it was Cattle and not Pigs then! I would dearly like to know the make of the Tractor Unit? Was this the one designed by your Father? Hope you and your Team are keeping safe in these times which are extremely challenging for many people. Thank you for Fishing out the Magazine, David.
  12. SECOND PICTURE - I very much doubt this picture was taken at the RDS! If my ageing old eyed are functioning , there is an aircraft in this picture and it is behind the lorry! To my knowledge no aircraft landing facilities existed anywhere close to the RDS Sidings, Ballsbridge.
  13. All information is copied from "The Story of the Drumm Battery Train" Technical specifications for the Drumm cells were: all MS steel construction except that, apart from the early models, the containers were made from Firths ' Staybrite' steel sheet; Positive plates: as described for the Edison cell, nickel oxide (NO), Negative plates: prior to the first charge , MS frame or grids supporting thin sheets of pure nickel. After charge, metallic zinc deposit (ZN) covering the nickel sheet; Eloctrolyte: potassium hydroxide solution containing zinc forming a soluble potassium zincate. During the first charge given to the cells, the action of the current caused the zinc to be deposited on the negative plates to form the solid metallic zinc coating. Subsequent discharge reversed the reaction, with the zinc returning to liquid state in the electrolyte. ' The high-rate direct current required for activating the Edison positive plates was obtained from a large motor generator set especially installed for the purpose. It was capable of charging twelve groups at a time, at a rate of 400 amps for about four hours. The amount of hard work that went into these operations can be judged from the fact that well over 1000 gallons of the Drumm special electrolyte was required for the 272 cells comprising the train battery, each of them something over one hundred pounds in weight. 'After creating and installation on the train the cells were connected together in electrical "series" to form the 500 volts plus 13.5 tons battery which was to provide the motive power for Drumm Battery Train A' (Looking at photographs of the four sets, A,B, C,D, it is my assumption that each set had four, 13.5 ton batteries) The two separate coaches were articulated together over the central bogie which was also the power unit, with its two 300hp 600V DC motors, and the battery instrument panel, with its ampere hour and voltmeter providing information about the battery condition, was situated in a small guards compartment. It also contained a switch which caused a conductor 'trolley' on the coach roof to elevate into contact with recharging points at the terminus platforms, allowing current to flow from electrical sub-station to battery. I hope this helps to answer your question - Did they run on massive banks of lead acid batteries?
  14. Apologies but I don't see what is 'belittling' about the above post. I suggest you re-read your post. It is, in my opinion, a matter of tone as much as comment. It's a simple observation, the game has moved on, the bar has been raised, what modellers were content with 10-20 years ago doesn't quite cut the mustard these days. With the exception of the words,"It's a simple observation", and the way in which you expressed your opinion, in your original post, I cannot disagree with these sentiments. Yes I get all that about the old days when Irish rolling stock was not available, but it is now. BY way of illustration, SF resin A classes have been superseded by IRM A class, MIR 121/141/071 resin kits were superseded by Murphy Models, IFM Ballast wagons and bubbles were superseded by vastly superior IRM wagons. There was a lot of resin in the old days, but things have moved on. The 'cottage industry' manufacturers were of their time and had their day fulfilling a niche demand back then. Some fab stuff was built by very skilled modellers, even bags of white metal Q-kits. Had you expressed you original opinion in this way, and thus, made clear your point, I would not have raised any objection to your tone or its content. Why is it some sort of modellers blasphemy to dare to suggest or request IRM start to produce stuff that was previously the preserve of only cottage kits suppliers? Might this, in hindsight be your opinion of your wording! Most in the market don't want kits anymore, many don't have the time to skill up or interest, they want to open a box and run a quality model that both looks stunningly detailed and runs prototypically like a swiss watch. Surely your argument fails on this very point as there are those who are prepared to invest their capital, their time, and their efforts in providing that which is as yet unavailable, from a Factory producing Ready to Run products! Open beet wagons and CIE vans seem a gaping hole in to days RTR market, just expressing a wish to see an RTR version of same from IRM. That's not a slight on kit vendors, just a customer request for obvious reasons. People used to make their own cloths in the old days, now everything is off the peg and higher quality. As one who was spent many years in a Family Textile Business, I strongly disagree with you on this point. We now live in a throw-away society. I have suits that are in excess of thirty years of age in my wardrobe That's not belittling people who used to knit their own stuff many decades ago. Many people are knitting in 2020. Time has moved on. Indeed it has, and I hope it shall continue to do so for both our sakes. Unfortunately, consideration, good manners, discipline, and the respect for others stated opinion, presented in a coherent and polite manner have been lost by many inarticulate individuals. Thank you for clarifying your opinion, and taking the time and trouble to express it in the manner you chose. Kindest regards, David White.
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