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  1. Noel, My choice for an Irish Oil Wagon would be MEX. This brand name really does represent an Irish Company; Mc Mullan Bros. They celebrating their Centenary as a Limited Company during 2020. Now, branded as MAXOL their locations are found throughout Ireland. "The formal registration of McMullan Bros Ltd on 12th April,1920 came as a direct consequence of a brilliant scoop by William McMullan when he persuaded the Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Company to give his company the exclusive agency to sell MEX Petroleum in Ireland." (Text in quotes taken from - MAXOL - Celebrating 100 Years -Turtle Bu
  2. Find find The Elephant? 2018 - A bit of my Model Railway Old Blarney . My stock- all this runs at my home as well as on Old Blarney. Hope you enjoy this wee clip and my thanks to Perth and District Model Railway Club and David Hennessy for his photography.
  3. Model Railways Documentary for 2021 Model Railways Documentary on Amazon Prime TV: - Including excellent footage of - OLD BLARNEY. A fictitious location somewhere in Ireland Lots of cameo scenes Asingle platform with two faces A racecourse location on the Border. GNR Buses, Locomotives and a three coach 600 series Railcar CIE Woolwich, Cattle Wagons by Provincial Wagons , Bandon Tank and Much more to enjoy. “Model Railways - A comprehensive look into this wonderful hobby” – is the latest production from Studio Scotland
  4. Wrenneire and Noel, Thank you for your replies. I assumed the situation was, that which you describe in your reply to my post. I made my suggestion on this basis The decoder could have been reprogrammed prior to its installation in the offending locomotive. If so, then perhaps F6 may have been selected in error. Were the locomotive with its decoder to be placed on a DCC Layout the setting could be accesses and appropriate changes made. My very best wished to everyone. I do hope a solution is reached for Michael's sake. I certainly know how disappointing it is when your expectati
  5. Slow Running I wonder if the cause may be this? The Murphy Models Decoder has a Slow Speed Function setting. When selected this function (F6) significantly slows the speed of a locomotive. The Slow Speed Function (F6) is used to reduce locomotive speeds, and thus, allow shunting movements to appear realistic , as well as allow excellent slow speed running, especially within restricted track areas. If selected, the F6 button, will reduce the fastest speed of a locomotive to something just faster than a slow crawl. I hope this may assist you. White..
  6. GSI345, You may be aware the buses you have modelled had two identification plates on their fronts and one on the bonnet. Corcoran and Managhan, CIE BUSES 1945-1987 has excellent photographs of these and many other classes. A small metal plate with a white background and black Lettering and number AR1, DR1, etc would be attached to a bus of these classes. This plate was was normally positioned above the headlight of the driver's front window and positioned in line with the Eau-de-nil lining on the side of the bus. An identical plate was also affixed to the side of the bonnet at headlig
  7. Gosh! Lovely models. My memory has been revived by these two model buses. I well remember these two classes of Bus. Generally the ARs ran on the 23 to Ballybough, and the DRs on the 72 to Oxmantown Road. Periodically each class ran on other routes, the AR on 9 or 10 to Donnybrook, the DR on 77?, but in general, they were assigned to the two routes mentioned. My recollection of the Daimler Radiator - colour was Brass. AR1 was follow by a further ten Regent IIIs (AR2-11) placed in service in 1947. I would love to have models of these buses but, my lack of skills would ensure I made
  8. This mornings post delivered my Christmas Card from Irish Railway Models. How very thoughtful, and what a considerate touch from the owners of this business to send their customers a card wishing them "Merry Christmas &Happy New Year". Through this Forum, may I too wish them Seasons Greetings, and to every member and reader Happy Christmas and best wishes to you too. Please stay safe in this most difficult of time for us all. David White Old Blarney.
  9. Murder in Eden is a 1961 British mystery film directed by Max Varnel and starring Ray McAnally, Catherine Feller and Yvonne Buckingham.[1] The screenplay involves the murder of an art critic and subsequent hunt for the killer. Railway connection. There is a brief scene with a Brand New Class 121. How appropriate. Loads of shots of Dublin, Irish vehicle registrations, and believe it or not, the film is supposed to be about Scotland Yard and London. Lots of Irish interest and Actors and Actresses. Enjoy.
  10. Old Blarney. I recently had the pleasure of having Old Blarney filmed by Studio Scotland Ltd, an award winning film & video Production Company. They have produced:- Building a Model Railway - From Start to Finish (Part 1). Director Stewart Menelaws gets the opportunity to turn one of the studio offices into a railway room. Building a Model Railway - Detail & Technology (Part 2). Takes the viewer into greater detailing and technologies. Building a Model Railway – The World of Modelling (Part 3). Filming around the country; with interviews from le
  11. The Film - I see a Dark Stranger -includes the following clip of a train arriving at Kingsbridge. Would I be correct in believing the locomotive to be one of our 800 Class? Comments are welcome - One for Mt Beaumont's collection? Please keep safe and enjoy. White.
  12. What about the LNWR carriages running as Dundalk Newry and Greenore stock? Well, I'm going for the LNWR. Their coaches were used on both the GNR(I) and LMS if my memory serves me correctly! Two foot rule, and, It's my Railway. Perhaps, it may also be possible to purchase the correct transfers for this situation? LMS too! Where? - NCC Lines and my imaginary line between Londonderry - Manorhamilton and Sligo (LMS). A joint line shared by three railway companies to prevent the LMS from their proposed outright purchase of the Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties from the Receiver. CIE, GNR and
  13. Gang, I too have been experimenting this evening with the functions on the "Murphy Models 121 Sound Decoder" The information printed on/in the Decoder Packaging is somewhat misleading. It does not cover any of the additional functions to be found on this Decoder. I use Digitrax equipment to control; my model railways - Using the additional function switches 13 to 19 and 20Plus will allow you access to many more features embedded in this decoder. For example F14 will allow you to control the increase in throttle revs, whilst F15 controls the reduction in throttle revs. There are ot
  14. Airfix, Oh! Silly me. Motto:- Check and recheck before one posts! My apologies for having posted inaccurate information.
  15. John, My apologies for the confusion I have created. I cut and pasted from this information on Wikipedia - see below** Another Cut and Paste job - History of Donegal --https://historyofdonegal.com/2012/03/06/lough-swilly-steamboat-company-3-2/ John McFarland was the business brain behind the operation but he ran into difficulties in the early 1900s. First, the occupation of Lough Swilly by the British fleet seriously disrupted trade and destroyed his dream of building up the Buncrana pier to rival Greencastle. Second, a long drawn out High Court case over a relatively smal
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