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  1. I'd say commuters who use the line would take a 1 in 100 year flood risk to the current 1 in 1 year flood risk!
  2. You would think raising the embankment, with a few large culverts to allow water to pass from one side to another would sort it out?
  3. My brother picked up a couple of packs of modelling clay in Mr. Price for the kids to make stuff with - it could be pressed into service on a model railway I reckon
  4. ^^Exactly this^^ China don't see IP as a thing from what I have heard before.
  5. Yep, I get the IP thing. Legally going after anyone but the factory selling these unofficial models is a waste of time
  6. Except it is a copy - Paddy still has the full order he placed with the manufacturer. Press charges against the factory owner, not the people buying locos from Ebay - sure how are they to know anyway? Same as going after the drug dealers instead of the users/addicts I get the whole Intellectual Property (IP) thing - the factory are the ones running off extra copies to sell themselves, taking all the profit. This is who should be charged. Example - One of your relations knows you are into modelling Irish railways. As a present, they want to get you a model loco. Seeing them sold out on the Irish shops, they go to Ebay, and lo and behold, there's Irish locos for sale. They purchase one from the Chinese seller - should they be charged with handling stolen property? Should you if you received it from your aunt/uncle whatever? Daft...
  7. Prosecuting someone for 'handling stolen property' is a bit of a dick move on his part IMO
  8. Different gauge? Sure they might as well make it a bloody monorail in that case... SMH
  9. One in the original grey livery on Adverts at the mo: https://www.adverts.ie/models/murphy-models-class-121-oo-gauge-model-mint-condition/32723266
  10. You're not the only fan of a checkerboard pattern! https://www.rockarchive.com/prints/s/specials-the-spec001jf
  11. I must get the finger out & do something like that myself, as I have no layout & a small shelf one would be good for practicing scenery techniques, etc...
  12. I was going to say 'wheels'
  13. Works are scheduled to take 12 weeks as far as I know, so yes, I'd say so!
  14. I really enjoyed that! Great to see shots from locations you wouldn't normally see, being taken by the driver when held at a signal. Also, the background detail behind the pics gave it that extra too. I asked whether the recording was going to be uploaded to the IRRS youtube channel, for those that missed it, and it looks like it will be. I'd rewatch the show myself, as I did get called away from the show during the first half, and want to see what I missed!
  15. Here's an update from November last year that ITV did: https://youtu.be/OUbZrXcMMqY?si=k-8vWn5Uak_4qPh-
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