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  1. Grand for a full rake, but they wouldn't allow for remote decoupling the way the kadees can. A simple way around this would be to use a kadee coupler on both outermost ends of the rake. Very clever product though - I had only watched that Hornby vid the other night too
  2. Phew! I thought I'd missed out on the chance to pick these up, after just checking the IRM site
  3. Is that the same Tommy Tighe that runs Sound Cellar at the bottom of Grafton St.?!?!
  4. Excellent! Here's a vid of the layout, as the embedded one in the story doesn't appear to work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP8qxofTqsE
  5. Does anyone remember the '70s BBC series "Survivors"? Scary stuff. The difference between the Spanish Flu after WW1, and the coronavirus today, is the ability for the virus to spread thanks to international flights. The fact it can be passed on to someone from somebody who isn't showing symptoms makes it even worse.
  6. Proper order - the bloody gobshite! I blame Musk for calling it 'autopilot' in the first place Autopilot fails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPMvQphJQiE
  7. I just hope to god that the Teslas sold over here don't have that 'autopilot' system in them, as the amount of clowns over is US-land having accidents with them is mad. Last one I read of, the car ploughed into two police cars, and another car they had pulled over. The police had put out flares on the lane to warn drivers too. The guy's excuse was that he had turned around to check on his dog in the backseat!
  8. I wonder how much a Nissan Leaf will be worth secondhand in 10 years time, and also what the condition of the batteries would be like after 10 years of use. It is one thing for the govt to say no more diesels after 2030, but a lot of people won't be able to afford to switch over to EV, although by that time hopefully there would be plenty of used EV about. Again, what the batteries are like remains to be seen. For anyone commuting into a city from the suburbs, the EV is ideal. My dad reckons that he'll go EV for his next car - he is currently driving a 1.6L diesel Skoda Yeti. I myself only drive motorbikes - I never learned to drive a 'cage', and I'm 44. I've come to thinking that I will never drive either a diesel or petrol car. I've been keeping an eye on the electric bikes though, and would have no problems switching over to one once the prices come down, and more choice is available from more manufacturers.
  9. While it may have a seller selling HO kit, wish.com is just a load of different sellers in China selling any & all sorts - expect long delivery times!
  10. Packs of empty flats, with different numbers to those already released, would sell well in the future.
  11. Yeah, the finance dept here is breathing a sigh of relief, that's for sure!
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