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  1. An Post also charge a 'handling fee' if your item gets stopped for duty by Customs: "A fee of 1% of the value, with a minimum charge of €10 per packet or parcel, is charged by An Post for customs clearance of parcels imported from countries outside the EU. This fee is in addition to any duty or VAT payable." The thing that really annoys me is that Customs will base the duty they charge you on the price of the item plus postage costs, which I don't think is fair. "If your goods have: a customs value (including cost, transport, insurance and handling charges) of €22 or less you will not have to pay Customs Duty or VAT a customs value of more than €22 you will have to pay VAT an intrinsic value (the value of the goods alone excluding transport, insurance and handling charges) of more than €150 you will have to pay Customs Duty."
  2. Don't you mean that the bedroom had an ensuite kitchen? 😉
  3. My order, 2808, ordered May 2019, is showing up blank - email sent. Also, orders 2029 (Oct 2108) and 2225 (Nov 2018) showing up blank. I know the order is for the Project 42 conflats, but it'd be nice to be able to see the order details under my order list in my profile
  4. All my orders - even from 2019 - do not list any details. I have emailed support about this previously, but they all still show no detail. Emailed again this morning after seeing this post, that I am not the only one with the issue
  5. I love the blue & cream on the RPSI Cravens set, but wasn't a fan of the blue with yellow stripe they carried previously. The dark green of the MK2 set looks great too
  6. You never know - if the UK leave with No Deal in October, the value of Sterling vs the Euro may plummet, and £200 could work out to be €150! 😉 (I suppose Hattons would just pump the price up to £300 if that was the case though)
  7. Hi all, For anyone that still uses a vhs player, I have the entire collection of Markle tapes covering railways in Ireland. All free - collection from Athlone, or can post at cost. -Andy
  8. Absolutely stunning (as we all knew it was going to be!)
  9. skinner75


    They should cover the whole of Paris with this film so! Only time I was there ('90s), I thought it a filthy graffiti cover cesspit of a place
  10. Got a reply from Marks after successfully filling out the Notification option on their site - they will be in touch with pricing etc when they know themselves. At least my name is in the pot now!
  11. I had a look at Marks Models site, but I don't seem to be able to add to cart, it just gives the option to be notified or to contact them. I filled in my contact details, but haven't heard anything back from them yet. EDIT: I filled in the contact section again, as I just remembered that yesterday when I tried, my work pc was giving trouble with the 'captcha' bit, and I couldn't submit the request - it worked fine for me today, so I'll wait to hear back from them now.
  12. Who/where (in Ireland) is taking preorders?
  13. Trump cares even less about the environment methinks
  14. I always liked the quirky look of the 'Dutch' van. I've an order in for a RTR one myself
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