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  1. Looks like a 'vaseline smear' effect almost! I like the faded high-viz red panels on the front of 184, and the overall weathering effect is great - not too heavy. 130 and 156 look great too
  2. anybody with a second one that they would part with? trade for a KD or a D class Atlantean?
  3. Were the recesses for the staff catcher on the sides of the 101 class ever actually used? I've never seen a pic with a staff catcher fitted in that space. It makes the cab side rather ugly compared to the side of a 001/201
  4. Those Markle dvds are gold! Great nights viewing in each one. I have them on both dvd and vhs - proper old school!
  5. Nice bit of 'cut & shut' work that!
  6. The show is what it is. It was never going to be targeting the railway enthusiast. It does have more railway interest than the Michael Portillo show though. What it does share with that show, is that it highlights places of interest in the areas covered, that would pique the interest of the average viewer to go and visit. I thought that the Giants Causeway episode was fine - no Pendelino footage used at any rate!
  7. I have to say, it is one good thing to come out of the lockdowns, as I had never previously attended an IRRS meeting even though I have been a member for over 10 years! Hopefully, they'll continue with them when the in-person meetings resume
  8. If anyone has ordered double, and wants to swap the second for one of these, message me here
  9. Probably use footage of a BR Class 252!
  10. Very nice! Just ordered a couple there now
  11. skinner75


  12. I'd say it'll be September before pubs are fully reopened - at the very earliest! (The ones that do reopen that is)
  13. skinner75

    Enviro 400

    I check this forum almost daily, so I won't miss them. What really, really gets me is someone selling out my favorite bus of all time on a Facebook group For what it's worth, if your 'Internet' business is built on a Facebook group, you are doing something very, very wrong
  14. skinner75

    Enviro 400

    Wonders will never cease! I'll wait and see if Marks Models, or an Irish seller stocks it - I'm not buying off Hattons
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