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  1. I remember a few years back on Donedeal seeing a Honda XR 250 for sale that was an ex-BnM bike
  2. Thanks for the update - please post here again with details of who/where they can be ordered from when orders are being taken
  3. Cracking job Noel! Certainly a cautionary tale for anyone having a go at painting a resin body for the first time. The transfers for the white 'tippex' lines sure do work great for giving a nice crisp line alright
  4. I heard about this on RTE Radio1 - amazing to see the progress, and what scenery!
  5. It's off to the poor house for me!
  6. Just a lot of extra form filling at a guess
  7. Excellent shots! No luck for tonight I'd say with the clouds
  8. skinner75

    rpsi B134 loco

    Just looking at B134 page on the RPSI site there, and it looks like they could be fitting staff catchers to it too as part of the restoration/repaint in Inchicore (see the second pic - colour scheme guide draft sheet) https://www.steamtrainsireland.com/rpsi-collection/14/b134
  9. Looks like wheel slip is still a problem for the 071 class, as seen in the two vids below. Credit to Irish Rail Trains user on Youtube for the vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh7ZZru5yIQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FShskcVZe4U
  10. From a post on page 15 of the Murphys Models 121 Class thread: MM0567 Class 121 DCC sound chip SRP €125.00 EMD 8-567CR NT (Sound Decoder representing the Sound for these Locomotives when delivered with their *GM 567 CA 8-Cylinder, twin bank, blower scavenged, developing 950 hp gross at 835 rpm, 875 hp traction. - Prior to engine transplants) MM0645 Class 121 DCC sound chip SRP €125.00 EMD 8-645E NT (Sound Decoder representing the Sound of these Locomotives from Transplanted Engines. Engines from from withdrawn C Class (201) Locomotives were installed in Class 121 Class Locomotives as and when it became necessary to replace engine power packs. *GM B-645 E 8 cylinder. twin bank, blower scavenged, developing 1,100 hp gross at 900 rpm, 1,040 hp traction. *Information taken from Irish Locomotives and Rolling Stock of Coras Iompair Eireann and Northern Ireland Railways - O.Doyle ans S. Hirsch I'd reckon the 567 sound chip would be applicable to the older livery you have ordered, but I stand to be corrected on that
  11. I don't trust horses - they are just like cattle, only smarter. Sneaky kicks out at people etc. I had horse burgers in France many years ago, and they were nice though. Good in a lasagne too 😉
  12. Looks like the crane is using a load spreader bar to unload the prototype: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nlireland/6633962763/ For the model, bottom of page 16 of this thread has an unboxing vid 😉
  13. My favorite too - I went for 054 in this livery, as well as 027 in Supertrain
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