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  1. I picked up one of these last year on Adverts.ie - sitting proudly on my mantelpiece now.
  2. Lol! It goes to show that it pays to 'shop around' so to speak!
  3. I can't stand this releasing of news on Facebook - why is there nothing on murphymodels.com about this? From their website 'In the works' section: "As of September 2020 we have no plans for future models now that the Class 121 is on sale" Facebook is rot
  4. Could he not have ordered from Amazon.de? €60 there with free shipping, versus £50 from the UK site https://www.amazon.de/fire-tv-stick-4k-ultra-hd-mit-alexa-sprachfernbedienung/dp/B07PW9VBK5/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=C0EAU5FV8T2W&dchild=1&keywords=amazon+fire+stick+tv+4k&qid=1614606707&sprefix=amazon+%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-1
  5. I wonder how that's going to work now post-Brexit?
  6. Wasn't it Brendan Ogle & the ILDA that screwed up rail freight?
  7. Such a shame that it is only marketed/sold on Facebook...
  8. Any time I've been on an RPSI tour in their Cravens, it has been behind an 071 or 201 that is used in active duties, so there is multiple loco options available for the RPSI Cravens. I do get the point of a steam model hauling them though, to represent the steam trips the RPSI do. Personally, I have no interest in steam as steam was before my time, and wouldn't buy a steam loco model. I'll buy diesels till the cows come home though!
  9. The A class I have preordered from the .com site, will these ship from Ireland? I am living in Ireland, so this would be preferable - no duty to worry about, which would be a nice bit on the price of the locos.
  10. Capacitors C7 & C8 definetely look like they are touching, and C5 looks a bit askew too. Pretty shonky looking placement/soldering job on those three components.
  11. Not sure, but I think that Joe may have just missed out the 'not' or 'nt' in the line "This uses a Rheostat to increase/decrease the voltage which is ideal for today motors" Joe Keekan to confirm!
  12. I have pretty much just stopped buying stuff from UK sellers/companies now. If I can't get it from an EU country, then I question myself 'how badly do I need/want it?'
  13. From the mail I got back from SF, you will have to wait for the run in the summer, and there is only one option available, which would be the latest/modern van, which would go with the IRM pack
  14. So if Ebay gives the VAT to the UK Gov, then when the item hits Irish Customs, they'll be looking for the Irish VAT if the item is over €22, and duty on top of that if it is over €150
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