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    Customs & VAT

    On a slight tangent, but still regarding delivery charges, we had an incident with a crucial server and needed parts asap. We were given the option of getting the parts from London, as none were in Ireland. The option was there to have a guy pick up the parts, hop on a plane across, then taxi to site - eliminating any customs delays. The cost? 3 grand!! Turns out the parts weren't that critical in the end There'll be 'model mules' soon! "Did you pack your suitcase yourself sir?"
  2. " Pelletstown Station opens on September 26th The 145th station on our network will open to the communities of Ashington and Royal Canal Park in Dublin on Sunday 26th September. Pelletstown Station funded by the National Transport Authority is situated between Ashtown and Broombridge Stations on the Dublin / Maynooth/M3 Parkway line. The Station will comprise of two platforms, a footbridge and accessible ramp access between platforms and to the railway, as well as a second footbridge and accessible ramp over the canal. It will promote greater public transport options for residents in the area, reducing reliance on the private car and giving a more sustainable commuting option for the community. The Pelletstown footbridges provide a new pedestrian and cycle access to the Canal Greenway, promoting multi modal transport. Both bridges will also include ramps for the mobility impaired and those travelling with small children and heavy luggage. Bicycle parking will be provided, as well as dedicated accessible car park spaces, adjacent to Ashington Park. The opening of Pelletstown Station brings timetable amendments for Intercity services operating on the Dublin / Sligo route as well as the Dublin / Longford / Maynooth & M3 Parkway Commuter services. Regular commuters on this route should check if their departure times will change with the introduction of the new timetable. You can get more information on Pelletstown or view the timetables coming into effect from the 26th of September at: https://www.irishrail.ie/en-ie/station/pelletstown?mkt_tok=MDc3LUxFQy05MDMAAAF_kizD8NHii9KnVNeVgf6TTa2fgPn39hX_8yme7e9KgOOBQEvErNpuEh7hzd_hPVxuohBaRbxny0NqE7qgLobqmDvpi64IWvsxsVwdVXQ
  3. Just passed them today, and noted that the rails across the road have been tarmaced over. Also, the opening of the stretch of Greenway from the White Gates to Montree has been pushed back till the end of the month
  4. I've only done the Athlone-Moate section of the Athlone-Mullingar greenway, but that is handy to do, as there are only very very slight gradients on that section. It took me around 45 mins, with a stop for a water break, and that was on a non-electric downhill mountainbike (approx 18kg!)
  5. Electric bikes are the business - takes all the effort out of climbing hills!
  6. Looks like there is one of the West Clare diesels in the shot - just above the row of terraced houses in the bottom righthand side of the pic
  7. The newest section of the Athlone-Mullingar greenway is set to open next week. It goes from the 'White Gates' level crossing down towards the old junction just before the White Bridge crossing the Shannon. I'm hoping that it will make a great photo spot, with hopefully a nice view of the end of the white bridge, or the curve leading up to it. There's a ramp up to the greenway at the side of Dunnes Stores, so no problem parking a car to go get some shots. I'll keep an eye on it, and pop up to check it out when it is open, and stick up a pic here
  8. Thanks for the heads up - I just preordered a copy there now
  9. What days / times would the liner pass through Athlone? I do hear the odd 071 in the distance when the wind is right - around 5ish I think, but I don't know which way it is heading
  10. The use of the magnets for holding on the roof is a great idea - so easy to remove to add the decoder!
  11. "raising of the curtain" - could this be a reference to curtain-sided cement wagons perhaps?
  12. skinner75

    Customs & VAT

    Details on the Revenue site, with a few examples given: https://revenue.ie/en/importing-vehicles-duty-free-allowances/buying-of-goods-online-for-personal-use/buying-goods-from-outside-the-eu.aspx
  13. 32C? Lucky you! Temp in my attic the last week was around 45C!!
  14. This guy has some Irish stock listed: https://www.adverts.ie/member/1685025/ads/page-1/ 4x Bachmann 2A coaches (2x IR / 2x IE) €240 3x Lima flying snail coaches €80 Lima NIR 201 class, 209 €120 May be of interest to somebody here. Based in Dundrum, Dublin
  15. I reckon so too - definitely in tan, as this was the livery they ran with for most of their life.
  16. Such a pity - Facebook is rotten - I had to leave it
  17. I have never been to the Blackrock show, and where online were the orders taken?
  18. I had an Action Man in a Wehrmacht uniform back in the day
  19. On a kind of similar theme, on Netflix there's a show called The Toys That Made Us. Each episode focuses on a different toy, and goes into the history of it, with interviews with the creators/designers etc. None are railway related though, but the likes of Barbie, GI Joe, etc
  20. Is there anybody with a second one that would be willing to swap for a 141/181? This is how bad I want one!
  21. skinner75

    Customs & VAT

    Brexit has hit UK trade big time. Apparently, Ireland are now a net exporter to the UK, instead of being a net importer as they were a couple of years ago, so well done Brexit!
  22. skinner75

    Customs & VAT

    From July 1st 2021, VAT and customs charges will apply when you shop online outside of the EU. We’re here to help you understand these changes and continue to invest in new technology to make online shopping easy. What does this mean? VAT and customs charges already apply to AddressPal purchases from Great Britain and USA with a value greater than €22. From July 1st the VAT exemption of €22 will be removed. VAT and customs charges will now apply to all applicable items. How will I know if I have to pay a charge? If Irish Revenue have applied VAT and customs charges to your AddressPal order, An Post will send you an email and text message providing a unique reference number specific to your order detailing the charges that have been applied. How can I pay a customs charge? The charges can be paid simply at anpost.com/PayCustoms or at any post office using your unique reference number before we deliver your parcel. Brexit = UK now a Third Country, so no different to any other non-EU country
  23. I've seen some pretty cool pallets arrive into work with new servers being delivered. The corner blocks are made from a tough plastic, and are round - very sturdy build!
  24. Looks like a 'vaseline smear' effect almost! I like the faded high-viz red panels on the front of 184, and the overall weathering effect is great - not too heavy. 130 and 156 look great too
  25. anybody with a second one that they would part with? trade for a KD or a D class Atlantean?
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