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  1. The inevitable greenway to be opened on what was the DNGR is to be called the Great Eastern Greenway as an obvious rip off of the so-called Great Western Greenway, thus both obliterating reference to the DNGR and sowing confusion. "The Great Eastern Railway used run here, yeah?"
  2. There was some nice LSR footage but yes, I found myself reaching for my phone during the boring bits or when a random with a trad instrument rocked up. It should be called Endas Greenways or whatever that translates to as theres precious little railway content.
  3. By some miracle, all the archive footage for the West Clare episode was indeed West Clare. Not metre gauge Indian Pacifics.
  4. Glorified security guards. I don't think they had powers of arrest like proper transport police.
  5. Did Cultra paint anything in the right colours?!
  6. If we did new builds and turntables here, ideally you would need a decent go most places 4-6-0 or Woolworth, that can be trusted not to hold up services for the normals on the modern network and haul plenty bums on seats. A new build MGWR loco or one of those crimson WLWR yokes slathered in copper and brass would be a fine sight, but without any kind of a decent distance go-somewhere-to-somewhere-else private preserved line, theres not much call for things like that.
  7. Shinty. It's all a bit the same. Lads chasing a ball around a field.
  8. Even a simple "who built this railway?" and not even get this half right. How do you even do this? Alright I'm off to watch that Liverpool United play sportsball with Celtic Rangers.
  9. Why bother asking experts, poor Jhb and others to contribute material, wasting their time, just make up stuff?
  10. That old chestnut just HAD to be wheeled out. I couldn't see them not using it.
  11. How on earth did RTE manage documentaries in the past without dropping such clangers? I don't remember Ironing the Land or Off the Beaten Track being like this.
  12. And a background of 'Great Western Railway' posters. The still photos look correct, which is something i guess.
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