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  1. The second Kingscourt signal is a rare bird now, manufactured by Courtney and Stephens iirc, likely made under licence from the Railway Signal Co. and missing its spiky ball final, similar examples were to be seen on former GSWR, CBSCR and Macroom lines up to the Fifties.
  2. Yellow armed distant on former GN turf, 1964.
  3. "Sí Gaoithe" (sp.?) was the name of a very early C&BR well tank supplied by Adams of Bow, the 4-6-0T Bandon tanks never carried names.
  4. According to Shepherd's MGWR book, it saw very little use post 1925, it was said to have been unsuitable for dealing with staggered rail joints which predominated on the former GSWR. Ended its days as chassis for wagon no. 3408.
  5. At a guess, part of the MGWR track laying set?
  6. According to the GSR appendix... Special Trains with Shipping Stock must have precedence over all trains other than Passenger trains. Horses must as far as possible be loaded in roofed cattle trucks. Live stock on slow goods trains should, as far as practicable, be attached next rear van in order to avoid injury to stock during shunting movements at stations. Calves, sheep, goats and swine, if carried in the same railway truck or other railway vehicle with any head of cattle (other than a calf), or a horse, ass, or mule, shall be separated therefrom by a suitable partition; but this provision shall not apply to the conveyance of a cow with its unweaned calf, if they are separated from other animals. Between each first day of November and the next following thirteenth day of April (both days inclusive) every railway truck or other railway vehicle in which shorn sheep are carried shall be covered and inclosed (sic.) so as to protect the sheep from the weather, without obstruction to proper ventilation; but this article shall not apply to sheep last shorn more than sixty days before being so carried.
  7. There were diagrams in the GSR appendix to the wtt of examples of loading long timber baulks, as opposed to unprocessed tree trunks, onto multiple wagons.
  8. Only had the privilege of travelling the South Wexford on the 'big' railway, most of the closures having predated me or I happened to be in short pants at the time. Went on the short stretch of railway at Upton many moons ago, a ramshackle thing made of timber and chicken wire that would fail to reach modern h&s standards and more recently (and depressingly) the Tralee & Blennerville. Just happened to spot recent pics of the latter this morning, the locals were more concerned about wild flowers and making a walkway than reviving the railway. Just goes to show the complete lack of interest and the waste of time and money it was.
  9. 00 Works might? The prototype shared some parts in common with the 101 I had thought.
  10. The IE driver's despair! AEC railcar set for me, had been toying with purchasing the SF version, but the funding has dried up with the buying of other things.
  11. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/de-havilland-dh84-dragon-ei-abi-iolar-72dg003
  12. The LNER Galtee More was named after a racehorse, which in turn was named after the mountain.
  13. Omit the insulation and then it would be a Dublin home.
  14. Bog standard CIE "H" van. Steel looks solid, could be restored with minimum difficulty. ( As a shed rather than a runner)
  15. A British one, but they all looked similar. Not a lot of them left as most of them were phased out with gas and electricity and casualties by being dropped in the lighting up process.
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