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  1. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/de-havilland-dh84-dragon-ei-abi-iolar-72dg003
  2. The LNER Galtee More was named after a racehorse, which in turn was named after the mountain.
  3. Omit the insulation and then it would be a Dublin home.
  4. Bog standard CIE "H" van. Steel looks solid, could be restored with minimum difficulty. ( As a shed rather than a runner)
  5. A British one, but they all looked similar. Not a lot of them left as most of them were phased out with gas and electricity and casualties by being dropped in the lighting up process.
  6. The oil lamps were loaded with one man throwing them up to another man walking along the roofs catching them and opening each lid and putting it in. There was just a tamper proof glass globe in the coach interior. Colza oil was the fuel used. The lamp itself was called a pot lamp, had a smaller sized glass globe with burner inside, a central flue and a doughnut shaped fuel tank. Oil lighting was still used up to the 50s and 60s in the groom's compartments of horse boxes.
  7. Brief glimpse of "Royal Daylight" on tanker wagon on second YouTube movie, probably carrying paraffin, a brand of Anglo American Oil Co, later Esso.
  8. No. Not by a long shot, there were far, far worse car crash (or is that train wreck?) posts and series of posts.
  9. A number of the lots still have estimate and not hammer prices, suggesting they're unsold. Not that many physically turned up on the day, most everything done by internet.
  10. Not a tablet, no configuration holes to fit into a tablet machine, more like a plate once attached to the end of a staff. As just part of something and not a whole item, it's overpriced for what it is. A few surprises in the results, overly high and low prices for some things, but low overall compared to what it would make in the UK.
  11. Had a look, it's the broken off label of the castlecomer jct - Castlecomer branch manual staff, normally held in a subsidiary instrument.
  12. Think it's an oddball one like a miniature staff label or key token with the key bit broken off as it looks very small.
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