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  1. There is what looks like a green painted H van at Inchicore in Irish Railways in Colour II, can't see numbers or logo. Internal user van?
  2. Named after Newcomen Bridge, wasn't it? Not directly after Newcomen. Nesbitt Junction specifically named after a landowner, Miss Downey Nesbitt who largely paid for the Edenderry branch.
  3. Oddball ones were Inny Junction/Liffey Junction after rivers. Nesbitt Junction is the only one I'm aware of here named after a person.
  4. Former and current junction stations never getting the suffix Junction; Mallow, Banteer, Streamstown, Gortatlea, Roscrea, Sallins, etc. was there criteria for being called Junction or just historical accident or local or official preference?
  5. Salmon pink ends? Was that day glo panels before that concept was even thought of?
  6. I think it may be more to do with the GSR being dominated in almost every way by the former GS&WR, hence everything had to fall into line with Inchicore practice. Inchicore was never all that fond of colourful liveries, brass and copper fripperies and evocative loco names.
  7. The GSR went to great pains to remove traces of past ownership, name plates, number plates/numerals and works plates went into the melting pot. Only a very few locos, those that rarely or never got called to Inchicore for attention escaped.
  8. They were used on most if not all of the short branches, Athboy, Killeshandra, Edenderry. Achill and Clifden branches as well, although think they were banned in later years, both of those would be a bit of a strain on a small tank with limited fuel and water. After amalgamation, DSE section, Tramore as you say, Courtmac, Cork City and quays, Fenit branch.
  9. Voices on it are daft, like a pirate!
  10. I really don't know what it is with companies getting makeovers. Take CIE, the first two logos had a decent run and then it's a rehash every few years. Imo the original of the species wouldn't look out of place on modern stock even now, like BR double arrows you could tell what it was without explanatory text used for the current origami tricolour / "confused bat". DB has had a few tweaks but still near identical logo but same house colours for decades.
  11. I have seen GS&WR and GSR tickets date stamped well into the 1950s. No throwaway culture then. Rather than order new sets of tickets, just use up older stock.
  12. Purchased from the GSWR, ex Waterford & Wexford Railway "Cambria", built by Hunslet in 1894, withdrawn 1928. The DSER purchase was the engine bit of a steam railmotor, proven to be unsuitable and had a short career with the D&BST.
  13. As CIÉs pioneer diesels they had historical interest but save for Whitehead shunting, of limited use to the RPSI.
  14. I think all bets are off with a looming recession on the way.
  15. What is protruding from the cab roof? A whistle? Some economy with the single wiper too.
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