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  1. Thanks, that makes sense of most of what's there.
  2. This is what is there. Probably 1 (complete?) kit and three quarters of another. The single cage with kegs that came with it have been located.
  3. Would anyone have a set of instructions for this they could scan or take a pic of please? Unearthed a kit and some oddments but the instructions sheet missing and would like to get it done while things are leisurely. Thanks.
  4. I don't know about millions, maybe a few more cups of takeaway coffee at the cafes and garages. Bike hire places on the Waterford Greenway are experiencing trouble getting insurance cover with current compo culture. Seasonal businesses not exactly a licence for printing money and of course taking the CV19 hit now.
  5. The rear section is not unlike Wynn's Folly aka Glenbeigh towers near Glenbeigh. A cut down modified gatehouse would resemble so many dotted around the countryside as the entrance to former "demenses". Mock Tudor/Tudor Revival was a popular style with the Ascendancy.
  6. Platforms, concrete footings of booking office and brick base of cabin are there.
  7. I do have a very early unmarked chair recovered a number of years ago in a disused tunnel, and appears to be intended for double headed rail, a short lived type. Unlike bullhead rail, double headed was symmetrical and designed to be flipped over when one surface wore down. The downside was it made for a very rough road.
  8. From the CIE publicity; silver Metrovicks, unpainted "silver" rolling stock and a brief flirtation with the Silver Princess coach it looks like they were attempting to make a break from dowdy green and have (at least superficially) modern space-age rolling stock, only for the oil and smoke sputtering Crossley power plants putting paid to that.
  9. Common foundry marks are: P&P Pease & Partners Darlington WP&Co Wilsons, Pease & Co Middlesbrough HW&Co Henry Williams & Co Glasgow AFCoLd Anderston Foundry Co Glasgow and Middlesbrough GKN Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Birmingham I don't know if there was a native chair casting industry. Due to the volumes required I doubt it.
  10. It's gone to a private site, but not before local kids and the elements had a go at it. C227 I think. No idea what the fake C202 number business was about.
  11. What lighting fixtures were used on these in CIE days? I'm assuming they were still oil lit by then? If so, would the GWR ones on the Dart Castings site suit? I'm assuming they didn't have ventilators?
  12. The middle picture has what look like 1960s or 70s cars on the street. I'm assuming it was taken after closure to passengers but before the large goods store was demolished. The chairs may have been laid and relaid with sleeper and rail renewals over the years.
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