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  1. The Waterford & Kilkenny did. "Even in the 1890s the passenger stock was four wheeled, of antiquated design, and regarded as among the worst in Ireland; but a few vehicles lasted a fair time, and one survived, in departmental service, until the 1960s" The Great Southern &Western Railway (McNeil/Murray)
  2. Extending to Youghal apres the Midleton reopening was an open goal. But then we have to consider; A current government that are pro road, anti rail, in spite of making climate change noises. Lack of local interest reinstating the rail link, contrasting with Midleton. Once a greenway, always a greenway. You can't give someone a leisure facility and take it off them again and expect them to be fine with it. Anyone who has heard of Sustrans in the UK will know this. I'm not agin' greenways per se, I have cycled a few and they're perfectly fine for an alignment that will never have a snowball's chance in hell of seeing a train ever again, Westport Achill and North Kerry etc. I'm sceptical as to how "green" they are and how many cars, if any, they take off the roads.
  3. https://www.accucraft.uk.com/products/kathleen-lady-edith-cavan-leitrim-4-4-0t/
  4. Looks like an active rail line, hope they got IE permission.
  5. https://ifiplayer.ie/monsignor-reid-collection-castlerea-train-station/ Have a watch. Early CIE days (1947) but chances are it hadn't been painted since GSR days given shortages were still an issue even by then.
  6. No this is fake, a 'replica' of a sign that more than likely never existed. It shares features with other known fakes, tellingly they only show up at car boot sales, garden centres and general antique auctions (always minefields for the uninitiated); never at a specialist auction.
  7. Enniskillen, Bundoran & Sligo Railway. Again, another piece of rubbish.
  8. Did they hang around that long to get into a Barry Scrapyard state?
  9. One man bands and private 'train sets' are doomed to eventual failure without a hardcore of helpers and the backing of the community. T&DR 5T would have been better off going to the UFTM, the public could at least view it there.
  10. At the risk of derailing(!) the thread title, I think there is an interest in railways in this country but not so much as to support a heritage line with elbow grease or funding as an armchair supporter. Heritage railways are great, provided 'someone else' does the work, that's why greenways are an easy win, 'someone else', the council or whoever, does all the work.
  11. Not aware of any Land Rovers with CIE, although the ESB were (and still are) big users of those vehicles. Many years ago I came across what looked like a furniture removal truck in a scrap yard, still had faded Orange paint and CIE LOCO DEPT writ large on it. The make I did not take notice of but looked 50s or 60s in origin.
  12. Light rust and marks from a few years outdoors fixed to something. Still a fake.
  13. Not at all, named after a sandwich innit?
  14. The urinal was still on the site 2 or 3 years ago, but in pieces, perhaps a tree had fallen and hit it.
  15. Hopefully the new owners will take care of it and not gut and modernise the place out of all recognition.
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