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  1. What the devil is a "soft" opening?
  2. ZR is Wexford according to the table here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_the_Republic_of_Ireland
  3. Remember the days when children didn't have trampolines to keep them amused? Whatever did they do back then?
  4. I don't see why the odd item shouldn't have no/minimal weathering applied or just the gloss toned down to represent something not long out of the paint shops.
  5. Owned by O'Keefe Oil, Rathmore. Unsure if it's one they've had all along or something they've purchased lately as an advertising gimmick. I think it has an original Irish reg, not ZV or modern county reg.
  6. You may get answers here as some guys who were in the trade follow it and stick up photos. Worth a browse through the photos for inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/groups/186452771925056/
  7. Only one C&MLR loco survived for reuse elsewhere, on the Schull & Skibbereen (ex No 6/6K "The Muskerry", renumbered 6S), another (sister loco 5/5K "Donoughmore") was supposed to go to the T&DLR section as 9T but that never happened in the end. Some goods wagons ended up on the Cavan & Leitrim, coupled together in rakes as the "hook and eye" couplings weren't compatable with "chopper" couplings, coaches were probably sold off locally and/or scrapped. Not aware any were transferred elsewhere. Edit: two open wagons went to the C&L section as their 210L, 211L in 1936 and used with ex Passage stock. Eight more C&M opens with two Clogher Valley opens arrived from the WCR section in 1957, used once for ballast work and dumped at Ballinamore until final disposal. Were to be renumbered 231L-240L in the C&L series but never carried them. A very small number of coaches survive, to this day, if you know where to look. I'm aware of a wagon somewhere else in a derelict state.
  8. A brief spell on the Google machine found this. A camera shy location on a railway that not a lot has been published about, apart from the aforementioned Oakwood books. Photo doesn't have a source or credit, sites claiming photos of others as their own are a bugbear of mine. https://www.censusconnections.ie/muskerry-light-railway/
  9. Don't like the price, don't buy it. It's that simple.
  10. Slightly ot but in light of the fact that there are "reasonable" amounts of home movies and cine film of railways here in 50s and 60s, it's a shame there's no sound film I'm aware of. We will never get to hear what lost classes of loco (or railcar) really sounded like. An rtr AEC would be a winner for me, haven't the patience, expertise or equipment for anything other than a simple wagon kit.
  11. Not quite Indian or Indonesian, but Asia and unusual. Thai railways.
  12. Snail on second pic is incorrect, it was convention that the upper "wings" should point towards the cab, a reversed mirror image snail should go here.
  13. Howth has another OB, ex Aherlow Bus Service, has a large destination box and in half restored condition. Hard to tell what it once was, probably grey and red judging by the very few pics of it online. Judging by the production run, there should have been reasonable numbers on the roads here at one time in the hands of small private operators. One appeared in that awful Irish set film High Spirits with Peter O'Toole.
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