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  1. Looks disturbingly like a headstone!
  2. If anyone was interested in running a Woolwich in oil burning form, the following were converted. 372/4-9, 382, 386-91 (381 & 385 converted but never ran as oil burners)
  3. Allman's had their own locomotive, the first one known as Allman's Coffee Pot from its archaic appearance and its replacement, a Peckett, ended up in GSR hands after the closure of the distillery. That's not to say a loco could have been borrowed or leased from the CB&SC if their own was out of traffic, six coupled may have been a bit big for a poky distillery, the Peckett was like a toy, size-wise.
  4. Inchicore smokebox and Inchicore type chimney on that, its lost its original flush rivetted sloping smokebox and plain chimney. Think some of that BP design ended up on Swedish Railways, but being 00 not much use to that market.
  5. I'm attempting to learn Spanish, building a card kit and growing a batch of trees from nuts. After that maybe arrange my collection of cast iron rail chairs, not sure should I display them alphabetically or chronologically.
  6. Vot time does der nächst train kommt?
  7. There's no shortage of small native locos to suit Downpatrick's needs.
  8. The "big wheel" was very much a feature of MGWR cabins, where sited to overlook the road to keep an eye on road traffic. Think a few GN cabins had them too, Poyntzpass(?) I'm not aware of WL&WR/GS&WR cabins having them.
  9. I doubt it. I think they may have been all replaced by or before early CIE days. First pic was K1 376, still carrying MGWR headlamps date unknown but noted as GSR days, 2nd is K1a 393 in 1947, 3rd is 383 in 1956. Nothing for it but to trawl through photos.
  10. In the early years, they sported the original flat SECR wheel-less door. Gradually as doors got burnt or worn out, they got replaced with the Inchicore dished door with dart handles or the more widespread wheel. Note CIE budget numberplate, numerals simply painted on sheet steel and welded to door. The supplied wheel with the model would not be correct for the flat door, strictly speaking.
  11. All the B Na M steam fleet survived, 1 albeit in heavily rebuilt form.
  12. Happy worst St Patrick's Day ever.
  13. I wonder if Britain has it better, it seems their company colour schemes were recorded in minute detail. Possibly more uniform application of liveries, less variation?
  14. ALL the GSR/CIE number plates on display at IRRS hq are red numerals/border and black background and a few of the lamps/other plates plastered in one or the other, or both colours. Possibly where the artist got the notion they were to be red/black. There must have been a special on red and black tins of paint.
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