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  1. At a guess, I'd say there's more As than Cs in circulation and with the new A, lads more likely to move their SF A on.
  2. You can pick up a Silver Fox A for buttons and butcher that instead.
  3. I know of the locations of roadside water pumps, but the pumps themselves sprouted legs and walked off years before. I do notice the wrought iron gates but also see similar gates after being unsentimentally driven over by tractors. With machinery increasing in size, these gates will sadly disappear also. Kilns have been demolished with gusto by "progressive" farmers over the years. I'd say remaining features are only there because they haven't been stolen or they're not in anyone's way yet rather than any great love for them.
  4. To add to that, I firmly believe there is an anti heritage mindset in the general population. Old things and old buildings are not looked fondly upon, just reminders of bad old days and poverty, a general unwillingness to reuse and repurpose old structures as it's thought to be too expensive.
  5. Re transport museums in general, even being located in a major league tourist town is no guarantee of survival. Blarney once had a veteran car museum back in the 70s and more recently Killarney up to the early 00s. In the case of Killarney it was family owned and it was decided to auction off the exhibits, a hotel stands on the site now. Not a peep out of anyone in the town wanting to retain it there. Official Ireland and Bórd Failte or whatever they're called now have a set idea what interests tourists (The Craic (TM), ancestry hunting, Book Of Kells, surfing in freezing water) A transport or any sort of technical museum isn't in there.
  6. Even so, an item of national importance like armoured car Sliabh na mBan was not officially preserved by the State, just a handful of interested people who literally hid it around the Curragh, concealed it off the books saved it from the scrapman. Now it is priceless. Re 1916 and all that, I believe there's an ongoing tug of war about the buildings on Moore Street, whether they are to be developed into a commercial premises or in the form of museum. If it was any other country, a site linked to its Independence would be preserved and cherished. Here it's the fingers "in a greasy till"...
  7. Back in the 50s, he hadn't foreseen the rise of the middle classes, the so-called "people who get up early in the morning" with the cash and leisure time to put bums on seats plus the active retired living longer and again, with money to spend. Back in 1950-squat, if you made it to retirement, you *might* have at best a decade before you shuffled off the stage. I don't think anyone could grasp back then that a set of children's books about talking engines would spawn a multi million animation and merch industry thus bringing younger enthusiasts in the door!
  8. By and large kick started by a hodge podge of the public schoolboy set, clergy, assorted middle class with time on their hands and wealthy folk. We did not have such a mix in critical numbers.
  9. Just for comparison, an industrial theme attraction in the same region (Belfast) about some ship that came a cropper netted some 624,000 odd visitors in 2022, pre Plague they had a high of nearly 837,000 coming through their doors in 2018!
  10. Again, they have the interest in the uk to see these things realised, we don't.
  11. I think it's regarded in some quarters as a glorified fairground ride, but it does have to conform to the fairly serious rail safety regulations just like the 'real' railway. Personally, as it has no old interesting (to me) stock or recreate an atmosphere like the olden days I'd only have marginal interest in it. Likewise I'd gravitate towards a NYMR or a SVR before I'd visit a line with industrial loco haulage, that's not to denigrate the hard work put in by the people involved that's just my preference. To be fair, the WSVR doesn't appear to suffer from the one man band nature of much of Irish Preservation, ie what happens when that one man isn't around to manage things anymore, and the tendency for disaffection: volunteers leaving and/or picking up their ball and going home.
  12. Indian. They are appearing at antique shops lately at inflated prices. A lot of them crudely constructed or repaired.
  13. Just that some letters look a bit odd, like a repair over damaged enamel.
  14. What's going on here? They were usually enamelled, not painted timber? Or is it painted over enamel mounted on a timber backing?
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