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  1. If "Bishop Brennan's" train broke down, all hell would surely break loose. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Cork, Bandon, Bantry, Baltimore, Skibbereen and Schull. (Cork and Macroom, see Omnibus Time Table for Road Motor Services) 12th Sept 1938 until further notice.
  3. I gather that. In order to have these things online for all to see, resources have to be funded for storage, materials, maintenance, web hosting etc. be that by subscription and/or from the public purse. So if people are interested and have the means, join the IRRS if you want this archive to keep going.
  4. For what it's worth, any filing, sorting, scanning, putting things online the IRRS does is done by someone on a voluntary basis, the state pays someone to do the same function in the NLI. In an ideal world, a branch of the National Museum would cover industrial heritage and railways. But since there is little interest there in such things it's up to regional museums that may actually take an interest (Limerick and Waterford city museums have an online presence with heaps of rail images) and the IRRS.
  5. Jhb, pretty sure Shannonvale was off limits to locos, even teeny things like 90 hence the horse. If the Sentinels had hung around longer, doing things the Deutz would have done, hired out to CSE in the sugar factories, Newmarket, Loughrea perhaps?
  6. Standard Sentinel products, albeit the GSR may have made alterations. Built 1927. Initially allocated to Cork and Tralee, one was tried on Castleisland branch. By summer 1931 both were at Tralee, moved to Limerick in 32, but still used in Tralee area on occasion. (Fenit branch?) Worked Markets branch in Limerick until that closed in 1940 and lay out of service until withdrawal. It's a wonder that two fairly modern units couldn't have other work found for them.
  7. People are free to do whatever they like with their time and money.
  8. Corgi Trackside have the same type van in their range, a transfer from Royal Mail to P 7 T service is all that's needed.
  9. The GSR list of "locomotive travelling steam and hand cranes." Athlone. 20T steam crane. Cork Glanmire. 7T 18cwts hand crane and *10T steam crane. Cork Albert Qy. * **15T steam crane (not self travelling) Dublin Broadstone. 20T steam crane. Dublin Inchicore. 20T steam crane. Limerick. 20T steam crane and 20T hand crane. Thurles. 10T hand crane. Waterford. 15T steam crane. * Not to run on Macroom section nor between Ballinascarthy and Courtmacsherry. ** For use on CB&SC Section.
  10. It's all wrong. Wrong livery. Should have a black face and black running gear.
  11. Mullingar would have been an excellent site for a transport museum if Mammy O'Rourke hadn't shot it down.
  12. Interestingly, it was the reason why the Titanic wasn't fully booked out on its maiden voyage, many passengers had postponed their passages until the strike was over. The strike finished a few days before sailing date but too late to have much of an effect.
  13. That's the wheelbase, so yes 1:54. I would think that would be one reason, or to keep their casting set up all the same size. Nice model but their use of oddball scaling is frustrating from a railway modelling point of view. You can see straight off in the set the Anglia looks huge compared to the horse drawing the post vehicle. Most their range is cheap and cheerful and not that sought after by collectors.
  14. 47mm. In the meantime I uncovered the An Post set, having trawled through Lledo discussions it seems they used an eye watering variety of scales. Some of their buses (not the one in this set) look roughly 00. To be honest, they're a bit primitive, not finely detailed, like diecasts turned out in the 1960s.
  15. Have that model. Far too big for 00. I don't think there's a scale printed on the box, but going by UK forums on these Lledo and Lledo derived diecasts, many are an odd scale of 1:60.
  16. I don't know about copied, it's generic looking, like all the variations of winged wheels used by numerous (usually European) transport companies.
  17. The logo of REFER, the former Portuguese rail infrastructure company obsolete since 2015.
  18. A number of systems had double cabbed steam trams or locos. The only other Irish example I can think of was on the T&DR, but that didn't last long in that state and had a short innings anyhow.
  19. O scale I think, but 00 gauge as a compromise for 3'.
  20. Might have potential as templates for building in another material or customisation. I dislike the blotchy watercolour appearance and painted-on street lighting.
  21. Cork. Site to be occupied by a hotel that looks a bit like the monolith from 2001 A Space Odessey.
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