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  1. Thankfully I rarely watch scheduled tv anymore so rarely subjected to them. Insurance and mobile service ads are the most irritating, those cute VHI ads, anything with a terrible catchphrase thought up in a boardroom brainstorming session like "let's make possible" or "bring on amazing".
  2. It's very pretty but not representative of the West Cork. Looks like she's off the road too.
  3. Greenore. According to my informant: just outside the golf course where the Greenore-Dundalk line diverged from the Greenore Newry section. "There is a similar stone out in the estuary at the place called Hamills Pier just beyond Bridge No. 24 after which the Dundalk line turned left out of Greenore at the shore (but I have no idea if it has any initials on it, and, if there were, the tide will have probably wiped them)"
  4. Just on the for-profit attraction, many years ago I happened to meet on the uk ferry two Wisht Cark honchos responsible for the Clonakilty village. It was clear they knew little to nothing about the railway and it shows in the for-profit development. Enthusiasts expecting an interpretation of the West Cork will come away disappointed. It's basically kiddies birthday party venue for jaded adults to dump their offspring for a few hours.
  5. Nmp but a stone example still in situ.
  6. From a quick Google it would appear to be a sort of brothel that operated within a concentration camp. Why the hell would anyone want to make a sign of this is beyond me.
  7. Auctioneers in the general antiques trade hide behind feigned ignorance "caveat emptor" and let bidders make up their own minds.
  8. All fake. Scrap iron from China or India that comes here by the containerload. The Southern Railway notice is a piece of rubbish with no basis in reality.
  9. Assuming they're both from Inny Junction which is a more likely scenario how they ended up together and assuming that the format is "TO (somewhere) , (somewhere) & (somewhere)" i.e. a main centre, where MGWR jurisdiction ends/main terminus and a branch terminus. One may have once read "To Cavan, Clones Junct. & Killeshandra" and the other "To Longford, Ballaghaderreen & Sligo", and going to assume there was yet another for the Dublin-bound direction. If there was a sign at Kilfree I imagine it would have simply read "Kilfree Junction - Change for Ballaghaderreen (Branch)" or such like.
  10. Pity they're mismatched, still rare survivor(s) having last guided a passenger in 1931.
  11. According to this blog, there were seven of the rail mounted Lancias completed and one allegedly survived at Inchicore until the early 50s. https://railwayprotectionrepairandmainten.blogspot.com/?m=1 I think a civil war era layout at a show would be a great idea, I think we're mature enough now not to have fist fights over it. The DSER armoured loco has a further layer of interest in that it started life as one of a batch of L&NWR tanks acquired by the DWWR and regauged for use here. It carried the name "Earl of Besborough" as DWWR/DSER No 64 prior to armour plating and lasted until 1936 as GSR 427.
  12. I think the As certainly they beat their UK and Australian MV cousins in the looks department. Nose doors and flat faced cabs, ugh.
  13. The smokebox door is hinged the wrong way round as well.
  14. I would say they would have been a rarity until Ireland had joined the then EEC and farmers got Brussels money to improve their farms and acquire fancy new breeds.
  15. Works now, just not at the outset.
  16. It was all spit and polish then. I remember reading somewhere that shed foremen on the Midland (England) felt the backs of the wheels with white gloves before they released a loco for express passenger duties.
  17. What size of a skip for all of it?
  18. Theres a certain irony in that the NYMR banned German reenactors at their wartime events.
  19. Nein F. Shame there aren't any countries that had loads of German locos and stock...
  20. Here they're having trouble harvesting here because people are objecting to cutting down all the nice trees, but also moaning they can't get timber products at their local merchant!
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