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  1. Billycan


  2. A great idea. Eras or Periods? Is Contemporary applicable to all eras? Is there value in using the terms like Pioneering Steam and Pioneering Diesel?
  3. Enjoyed that. I don't suppose you'd have something similar for Westland Row? Would enjoy reading that.
  4. Enjoyed watching that video. Nice and informative with good insight into a very sophisticated engineering process that employs humans in preference to robots. Seems to lift the expression handmade to a higher level. Would enjoy watching similar for the 121 and the A-Class. Thanks for the link ShaneC
  5. I get the impression it is about 15" dia. Noel, I had to have a second look to see the 'guy stretched out laying across the wheel'. I hadn't noticed that before and then wondered if the wheel was forming a halo. However, when you look again you see that the stretched guy is in fact the thigh of the person holding the wheel on the right. His knee is at the axle hole and if you follow on down through the calf you see he is wearing a boot. An optical illusion? A trial piece with two good logos?
  6. None at all. Was given a photo and asked, Would any of your friends know what that is? I was told it is very heavy and I got the impression from hand gestures that it's about 15" dia.
  7. Anyone identify this?
  8. Don't have any of Dargan's working drawings, plans or maps. Might be worth checking to see if there is anything with the folks at Trinity College's Glucksman Map Library Glucksman Map Library - The Library of Trinity College Dublin - Trinity College Dublin (tcd.ie) For images and references K A Murray wrote Ireland's First Railway and on page 114 there's a view of the front Facade and on page 225 there is a plan diagram of the two span building. You can also see the facade at 1834 – Westland Row Station, Dublin – Archiseek – Irish Architecture
  9. Looking back to the first photo on the thread, this latest say it all. Superb Eoin.
  10. Great news. Just visited Murphy Models website which reads This page was last updated: March 1, 2021 and tells it all.
  11. Billycan

    Gort workbench

    Noel, did you ever considered using Photoshop or similar to photocraft a replica image of the board shown in this photo?
  12. If you are planning to have points on the upper deck you will need to make allowance for any point motors that you need underneath - min 80mm for DCC Concepts motors. Higher might be necessary if boards are permanent.
  13. Would the 'other ranges to follow' include trams and perhaps some platform accessories like barrows and trolleys?
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