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  1. That video shows 2 barrows that seem like they would be a home on many station platforms. Does anyone do a model of that or would there be a market in volumes similar to a buffer stop? Just thinking out loud.
  2. Nice one. Great shots and sounds. Happy New Year to you too.
  3. Some very nice photos out of Westland Row from 1926/27 that show the carriage shed, signal cabin and some single story buildings that were only known to exist from OSI maps. The down side is that the model of the signal cabin has to be revisited because the photos show that it needs a new ope. Another lockdown project. Hopefully IRRS have more to uploaded. Wonderful photographs and a joy to browse.
  4. Nice train sound and track sound too.
  5. Happy Christmas and best wishes for a good old normal 2021
  6. Dargan Day and Christmas 2020 The plan was to do an operational video but the light failed and the photos aren't great either. The railway is 186 years old today, so a simple posting of photos for the day that's in it.
  7. Aye, to be sure, to be sure, to be sure.
  8. Hi TimO, Patrick, David, Robert and others for your responses. The decorative girders were 3D printed for me. At Warley 2018 I met Andrew Morris of Leads Model Railway Society who was demonstrating 3D printing and I wondered if I could buy a bag of what might be his ‘standard panels’ that made up a water tank he had on his bench. They would have been perfect for my girders project. He offered to have a look at what I was planning to do and he very generously worked with my dimensioned sketches to create the very fine detail girders I now have. My starting point was a photocrafted gird
  9. Three photos in the NLI collection of a film crew working at Westland Row. Film company working with spectators, Westland Row Train Station, Dublin City, Co. Dublin. Film company working on platform no. 2, distant view, Westland Row, Dublin City, Co. Dublin. Film company working on platform no.1 with spectators, Westland Row, Dublin City, Co. Dublin.
  10. Station façade Lockdown wasn't all bad. Good progress made with the station façade, the footpath and the roadway. Photos show very early modelling, some middle progress then current state. Still more to do and enjoying the journey.
  11. Thanks for the nice thought lads agus Beannachtaí na Nollag oraibh.
  12. Thanks Broithe. Líne buí is embedded in my brain and I was surprised it's no longer there. Might be something to do with this. A friend was told at a security check to 'Stand behind the yellow'. The place was packed with people and there was no yellow to be seen anywhere so he stood in line behind a lady wearing a yellow jacket. He was escorted from the line by a guard with hand on open holster. Nice notices. 8118
  13. Thanks Robert for that. Good to have the dimensions and I'd forgotten about the tactile part. Have to do something to show that. I was hoping there might be some images but I've been reworking the screen grabs I have and they seem to be working out OK now and might just be the business. Slow process but will pass for weathered images. 8118
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