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  1. FWIW, In IRRS Journal June 2016, No 190, p101 there's a photo of A39R just like the IRM model pulling a goods of cattle wagons, covered wagons, flats with motor cars and more. To finish out the modelling it needs an E413 to provide banking. Meanwhile, the next Compatibility Chart might be for some of these. I've used Provincial Wagons kits for this listing and if someone would like to confirm what A-Class liveries pulled them that would be great and I'll do up a chart. CIE Bulleid Open CIE Bulleid Covered H Van CIE Sunderies Double Height Beet CIE Gunpowder Van CIE 20ft Skeleton Flat Guinness Beer Tanks UTA Brown Van UTA Van No. 2459 GNR 9T Van GNR 10T Van GNR 15T Coal Wagon SLNCR 7T Van Spoil Wagon CIE Cattle Wagon SLNCR Cattle Wagon GNR Cattle Wagon GNR(I) 20T Brake Van GSWR 10T Brake Van
  2. The second Compatibility Chart, this time for the 121-Class loco from Murphy Models. The period spanned by these charts includes 5 modelled liveries. Murphy Model's 121-Class locos covers 4 of them and IRM's A-Class loco also covers 4 of them but the companies don't model the same 4 liveries. This is now indicated in the charts. Livery descriptions are not consistent across manufacturers, so on these charts 'Black' and 'Black and Tan' are the same livery and 'IR Orange' and 'IR' are the same livery. The grey and orange bubbles have been shuffled so that the grey ones come first in the listing. That now applies on both charts. In the background of this little project there has been great cooperation with details and permissions coming from a number of modeller's and contributors of this parish. If I name them I'll surely forget someone. So, you know who you are and the ease with which you cooperated made my job that much simpler, so many thanks for that. As with the last chart, any comments, suggestions or correction edits that enhance the charts are welcome and I'll happily make them A-Class Liveries 12 May 2021.pdf.121-Class Liveries 12 May 2021.pdf
  3. Lads, Can we stay with the programme. What's the chances of a Irish Guinness lorry as part of the road vehicles portfolio?
  4. I remember the barrels being made at the 'Home of the black stuff' in Pim Street and the 'Ladies' berthed at Tara Street. This is from Railway Modeller, January 2021. Might be of interest to UK modellers.
  5. WREENERIE, looking back through the thread last night reminded me that I have this and wondered if you have any information about it? Was it for the Irish or UK market.
  6. Indeed JB, have to hand it to MM and IRM for the great range of liveries they cover. So many modellers' preferences catered for. Creating a 121 chart is not a major issue. There are 3 columns in the chart and 2 are already in place, so provided I'm not breaching anyone's copyright in the loco images, it's just a matter of assigning the different liveries to the rolling stock - deleting a livery if it doesn't apply. For example, I guess 'IE Livery' would not have pulled Single-stripe Cravens. That kind of thing. And then I guess some of the liveries might never have been associated with certain duties. I'm totally reliant on folks on here to share that kind of information and I'm happy to share the graphics. Getting there.
  7. Thanks for your reply JB and for reminding me about the IE Livery. I should have mentioned in this post that for the 121s I plan to work with 4 of the Murphy Models locos. That is, Black, Supertrain, IR Orange and IE Livery.
  8. 'Red Bogies' added. Thanks for that.
  9. DJ, The image of the liner is from the IFM website and I take it that it has the red oxide bogies. Should I have used a different image from the website? JB mentions that the black bogies are more recent. Do I need another row in the chart and if so what liveries would apply? That's the plan for a future chart Noel. But I wanted to see if folks on here thought it worthwhile and I also wanted to sort out any correction edits on the previous chart. If anyone has any suggestions or comments along the lines of what DJ Dangerous mentions send them along. And now, to kick start the next chart which is for the 121s. The images of the coach and freight rolling stock are already in place, so I now need a similar listing of the 121 locomotive liveries to go with them (will probably need help with some 121 images). For now, the question is, Which 121-Class locomotive liveries apply to the following (same list + the Ammonias)? Single-stripe Cravens... Twin-stripe cravens... ST Mk2D's... IR Mk2D's... CIE Ballast wagons... IR Ballast Wagons... Gypsums... Blue Tara's... Red Tara's... Orange Bubbles... Grey Bubbles... Ivory Bubbles with CIE... Irish Cement Ivory Bubbles... 42' Container Liners... Fertilizer Liners... Guinness Keg Liners... Ammonia NET Ammonia IFI
  10. Thanks to DJ Dangerous for listing the passenger & freight stock and to Blaine for listing the liveries I've been able put together a page that helps me to relate the A-Class locos to rolling stock. Some modellers on here might find it helpful too. Not sure if I've got everything right, so if anyone wants to suggest correction edits I'm happy to make them. A-Class Liveries.pdf
  11. A nice second important consideration JB. First price and now authenticity and I guess that's authenticity of the vehicle and of its livery. All manner of Irish vehicles star in the various videos and photos posted on this forum and they certainly look the business, add so much to the modelled scene and all for very little cost. The vehicles come from a number of stables and perhaps some of the modellers on here could comment on their authenticity.
  12. On the rails you have modelled the 42ft liners and the Guinness kegs so, would trucks for Bell, B&I and Guinness fit the bill? Then Jacob's Biscuits and Clery's. Would price be key in this? I would happily by something like a VW Polo or a Ford Escort or a Nissan Qashqai with an Irish registration number but it would have to compete at €6.99.
  13. Thanks Guys. Appreciated.
  14. Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but was Lisduff, Co. Laois a station or a halt?
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