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  1. I have 12 pots which I probably only need 3 to do 9 bogies Cements so If you want a few pots send me your address and I can post them off to you as I wont be using all 12 any time soon Cheers George.
  2. I might have some Phoenix spare Ivory pots if you Fancy them. I'll check the shed there now.
  3. Looking for undersea internet cables this side of the Pond apparently hence the circular tracks of the south west of Ireland last week.
  4. Hi StevieB http://www.studio-scale-models.com/TLocos.shtml Railtec also do them. https://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=1147
  5. Nice one, New Layout for Exhibitions Noel?
  6. Not Great on Slighty slight curves from my own recent testing which is a PITH as most of my sidings / bays are curved out of necessity. What do you use to dampen the Magnetic attraction of the wheel sets to the track magnet.I find some of my stock shoot towards the Magnet and make uncoupling impossible without a bit of sponge on top of the axle. Good vids Noel in all fariness. Theshunting is pretty infectious too!
  7. You're not the buddy of Ray Canole in Cork per chance, Can be to many modellers up that Direction? When I was in Marks Models a few years there was a Familty from Ferbane that used to come into the shop picking up the odd railway bits?
  8. Its like something from an Arthur C Clarke book
  9. Jesus, I've seen some of these so called electricians wiring layouts and managing to short the whole thing, I have to re do it for the chap, the leccy still charged him too... dunno if I would of done that myself. Since Jim is gone to the Model Railway Club in the sky not too sure who looks after these now? I take it you are overseas?
  10. IR, 44-063 was marketed simply as a stone station building and appears to be identical to 44-252, or is it? : it is the Same Building - Maybe Different colour doors but sure thats easily changed with a pot of Humbrol.
  11. If you are doing Frog Switching on electro frog points Sean then you will need insulators mate. if you have insulfrogs then no need to worry bout it, As Noel says you will just be powering the point motors. Cobalt Classic Ω has THREE on-board SPDT switches - one linked to the two power input wires is "diode controlled" and is perfect for panel lights or switching of signals, low current relay control or feedback/computer IO. The other two are tough 5 amp SPDT switches that you can use for frog power or any other form of switching/interlocking around the layout.
  12. That Link is asking me for Money for some code it to Work Noel. Not sure if that is correct or not!
  13. Hold Onto it there Dave, We have enough problems down here!
  14. The Shipping cost have massively increased from China so this will be reflected in the prices now for anything coming from China , some cutomers are now Railing thier stuff from China to Europe. Is only gonna get worse price wise for the next while yet.
  15. Aargh, Went into the Long Valley for a Few Beamish, Walked into Marks and came out with a Rocket in the Triang Packaging. I must admit it Looks Lovely and I hope it works as there is a few that don't on RMWEB it seems! Appartently Marks got 3!
  16. Georgeconna

    IRRS Journal 201

    Sorry to divert the thread but I'll Raise ya Noel, Cottesmore 2001 in the glory days! I was in the 4 o clock postion during this. Notice 1 burner did not come on so it sat there longer than normal. Ambulances were called for fellas with severe burns and inhalation. Cameras were strewn about the place, Fellas tumbling along the ground and driving to the floor to avoid the intesen hear. I managed to get some excellent shots that day of it though and came out unscathed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVdUi-8F8P0
  17. Marks showing all packs in stock if people are stuck
  18. Fine Work indeed, I do envy you lads with this knowledge on CAD etc...
  19. Georgeconna

    IRRS Journal 201

    Plenty of oppostion if you take a gander on the net. Frankly it will be a bit of a boring run down there anyhow. 15-20 million for a Tarmac track, Nuts. The 'Ethnic Minority' could do it for a Fraction of that cost plus a few gutters along the way fixed. Win Win. No doubt others have vested interests in other things hapening too which enabled this to go through, With Youghal Councillors backing the plan there was never any train gonna come down that way any time soon, anyway it would probably be a bus shelter for a Station. Committee Chairwoman, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley, backing Cllr Twomey’s Motion, said “there is definitely an opening for a campervan facility in Youghal, where you can go in, get your water and plug in.” Cllr McCarthy, who sits on the Youghal Socio Economic Development Group, said Council needs to support the provision of a campervan park at some location. She said “It would be remiss of us not to be looking for a site for campervan parking because Youghal badly needs one for tourism and the Ironman. Ms McCarty added “the impending Greenway should be yet another incentive for us to look at it.” With all this extra money coming in for the large wallets the bike riders will carry down from Midleton lets hope they just might be able to fix the viewing area by the lighthouse. I heard there will be an airport there now anyhow....
  20. Georgeconna


    Well despite that they sold by the bucket loads Noel whilst I was working for Marks so the gamble paid off. Most people buying these would not know anyhow or even care. It only took me 25 years to realise that the Hornby Mark III's were much shorter than the real thing. Did I care as a 12 year old. Not a jot! I enjoyed playing with em and most likely had LNER Teaks in the 125 set to make up the numbers!
  21. Eh? Course they would. Have a Gawk at the online Videos from the numerous influencers. Mind you they could do most Vids in 3 mins, not 30.
  22. Heres one example: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4963360/blue-planet-ii-28000-rubber-ducks-lost-sea-25-years-ago-still-washing-ashore/
  23. SS Ballygarvey - Thats a lovely ship! Samuel Kelly set up business on Queen's Quay Belfast in 1840 - initially as a "grocer and commission coal merchant". By 1861 Kelly owned his first ship, and from then until the 1980s, the Kelly Fleet carried the names of Kelly and Belfast around Europe with "Kelly's Coal Boats" becoming part of language in Coastal towns around Britain. The ships serving with distinction during two world wars. When Samuel Kelly died in 1877 aged 57, control of the business passed to his 37 year old son John Kelly after whom the present day parent company John Kelly Limited is named. In 1911 the firm became a limited company and, a few weeks later, took over the rival company Wm. Barkley and Sons Limited. This was the beginning of a process of growth and acquisition which resulted in the company becoming the most prominent solid fuel importer and distributor in Northern Ireland. The business prospered under John Kelly who built a substantial trade using the fleet to bring coal to Northern Ireland. The company diversified to take account of trends in domestic heating and entered the oil business with their first road tanker in 1983. Steady growth followed with the oil business being introduced to other coal depots until Kelly Fuels became one of the largest oil distributors in the province. In 1993 Kelly’s merged with Lanes Group Limited, another significant player in the oil and solid fuel markets and used the name "Kelly Fuels". In 1997 the acquisition of Bruce Lindsay Coal, based in Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland made Kelly Fuels the second largest solid fuel distributor in the U.K. The company continues to grow. Ships
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