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  1. Arriving at a port near you. 10000 containers are lost each year apparently. https://ship.nridigital.com/ship_jul19/lost_at_sea_how_shipping_container_pollution_affects_the_environment
  2. I must admit I was chuffed when I got my lima 201's back in the day and also an MIR 141!
  3. This Link is probably the best one to view, same wiring set up (from memory) except for the lights as the Lima 201's Ian. Are you able to solder this decoder in yourself? Lima Class 47 Loco Upgrade: Wiring a DCC Decoder to a Ringfield Motor (Part 1)
  4. Mine arrived today much to the chagrin of the Ladies in the office as they got SFA on Valentines day!! Great timing, Very impressed with the faded CIE wheel too. Having made a good few MIR Ferts the difference in additional detail is astonishing and would of taken hours and hours of extra work to try to get somewhat close so I can really appreciate these masterpieces in their RTR Glory!
  5. Next week no doubt he will be up for Harressment....
  6. "Dont think you need to have your Club Orange posted man Available in most shops?" Not where he lives it aint.
  7. Re customs and Brexit, I was thinking that myself Especially when I saw the invoice in the form of a sticker on the box of the container wagons. What will the impact be as you will have to declare each shipment sent from outside the UK into Europe and have it cleared through customs, and Irish Vat paid on same, dss. Of course the UK Vat won't apply so will be discounted but defo a cost to the end user. Luckily I will be able to customs clear my own!!
  8. Dont forget the white streaks of the Fertisiler below the doors after the fork blades split the odd bag or 2!
  9. Edit : My own Stock Find - Packs of orange bubbles in store so I did order the beggers!! Well pleased!!
  10. Any orange bubbles behind any cupbaords? Totally forgot to order them!!
  11. Electrifying!! Got 2 lengths of 3rd rail in. Thought it would be a lot worse than I expected. Used super glue to cement the pots in and slid the track into the pot and dabbed a bit of accelorator to grab the pot into the sleeper and did one pot each time the same way.
  12. Crikey you want your wits about out doing this Loco. Great work Eoin.
  13. That looks really sweet john, Veyr nicely assembled and flawless.
  14. Nice ol Channel that Talking Picture is to, Some fab films on it too.
  15. Work on something with Dunnes one too there lads, I get them for Xmas from Work....
  16. And there was much rejoicing from my wallet!!. These will be worth the wait I'm sure.
  17. Bit of railway content at 2mins and 4mins. The days when it was healthy to smoke. https://www.rte.ie/archives/2019/1212/1098728-images-of-cork/ Serious prices in what is now Jim Cashmans.
  18. Rigging on. One Life boat to go on and its done.
  19. finished now and my 2020 1/24 scale disaster....christ I hate modelling sometimes
  20. Pity the old gates have been replaced at Tubbercurry. Sad to see it in that state and overgrown again since my last visit.
  21. Think the orginal Box is there for sure...I'll check at the weekend 😉
  22. Ta. It might be easier to sell off the three kids, also less Emotional. Now you got me looking at bargains on done deal!! Arrgh.
  23. Is there couplings on that wagon?, Cant make it out.....😒
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