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  1. in the last few weeks I'm run out of time as new position at my job. I hope to come back ASAP to finish the layout. In the meantime , the new engine just arrive My absolute favorite polish classSM42. - that's a video of some test run from tonight. Enjoy
  2. Some small upgrades done while waiting for the ordered rolling stock and some new tracks and buildings. The dcc system is on the way as well. Due to brexit the delays are massive
  3. Some of you might remember my older son Adam who did attempt most of the show for the last 9 years, since he was 6 months old. As he got his first train set, he decided to build his first layout. Some first jobs done
  4. Trail ride. My kid's engine on the track VID_41531111_031420_837.mp4
  5. No worries! I did order some in Poland. I should have it just after New Year. No rush
  6. I usually order my flexes from Poland or UK, If put them together and wrap in thick carboard, they will be ok Anpost will charge 9€ for next day delivery If you have some spare, I will buy off some If you could send me the list to PM of what you can sell it would be great.
  7. 4 modules fixed together. That's my battlefield for the next 2-3 months I have small issue with the track. I cannot find PECO flex tracks (sl-100, code100) anywhere. Maybe someone have some spare to sale ? I need 4 of them.
  8. So I moved in Now waiting for the electrician and I'm fully set
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