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  1. In the meantime - Old School public toilet - under construction
  2. It's not nececery. The beauty of that is that you can build whatever you want and put that together whatever you want. For example I have a space 5x3 meters. I will fix there 2 end stations + nice peace of curved and straight tracks. if you have enough space you can make it as a round layout, if you are limited in space, you can do end to end one. The most important is that you do not need a massive space to build it. You can see on my photos, that I'm usually work on single module at the time. They are easy to store and you can put them together when you want. Imagine the track from the
  3. Correct. I got price confirmation. The one you can see on my photos are 29 euro each. Legs not included. I'm preparing a full list of modules available. There is approx 25 different one right now.
  4. - you can add a siding if you wish. It all depends on used boards. - the prices, again, depends on boards. The range is from 25 to 45 Euro. I will have a full pricelist within few days. You have to add a delivery cost - 25 Euro. - As per locos - I'm waiting for a Santa 2 ordered so far
  5. Thanks to covid, the track and points delivery is late. I can't do to much so I tested grass seeder.
  6. Ready mixed filler mixed with wood glue as a top layer. Some sanding tomorrow and It's ready to seed some grass.
  7. Terrain ready. Kitchen towel soaked with white glue. Needs to dry overnight and another layer tomorrow.
  8. That's completely different stuff. Styro in, tomorrow I will be carving the terrain.
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