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  1. Another Sr1 led train; this time a movement of empty timber wagons from Äänekoski to Pieksämäki just up to speed. The 24 wagons of this train is the usual length for longer distance timber trains. Only local movements of timber wagons that are being moved from loading sites to/from the marshaling yard are longer this. 20210415_205645.mp4
  2. They have gone a step further in most of Finland, with signalling and points changing all being done remotely. The nearest signalman (or computer) to my hometown is roughly 150km away
  3. Business first: I have only noticed red lights on the rear of passenger trains. I can't say I ever notice red lights on freight trains in this neck of the woods. As for the snow, the main winter snows are finally melting away from the ground here. Generally snow starts accumulating on the ground in November/December and melts away properly in April. However, extensive snow showers can still fall into the early summer months. I have seen a few centimetres fall on the 1st of June before and the local joke is that midsummer's day can usually have snow falling too. The majority of the
  4. Another evenings movement from the past week. This was the Ruokosuo/Siilinjärvi - Hangonsaari freight. This 500-odd km trek starts in the Yara mines complex in the east of Finland, picking up additional wagons in the nearby town of Siilinjärvi, bringing them to the port in the south-west of Finland. Since covid, the trains are not as long as they were, but they are still always double-headed. The two Sr1 in charge of this train sport the two different modern liveries that the class has had. The lead locomotive has the most recent green and white which started to be applied about 5 years ago. T
  5. I no longer live somewhere over looking a railway line so I have to bring the dog for a 'walk' to get my fix of railway reality. I thought I better start recording pictures/videos of this just in case I get notions in the future. The line between Jyväskylä and Pieksämäki, is one of the few lines I know of in the area that are still dominated by VR Sr1 class electric bo-bos. These were built in the 1970s in the Soviet Union and are now starting to be replaced in Finland by Siemens vectrons. At this stage, they are predominantly used for freight and only touch passenger trains on secondary
  6. You are all way in the south with your winter sunlight and greenery by my reckoning....
  7. Liam_Murph


  8. If I couldn't moan about my first world problem on an internet forum, would it really be a first world problem? There was no packaging around the loco box itself at all which is why I count it as lucky that there was not more damage to it. Did you just re-insert the rails into their sockets in the loco body or use a drop of glue with them to hold it in place?
  9. No packaging inside the box. Unfortunately this was bought from the lads at IRM which I wouldn't have expected
  10. It is would be annoying if they can't read, but the infuriating thing is that you know fine well they can understand it.
  11. Cheers; some minor re-assembly is in order in that case
  12. Started bricking it when I went to collect my 121 from the post office today and was presented with this box. Luckily there seems to be no major damages to the model itself. As they are not attached in the correct position on both sides, I presume the railings along the sides of the locomotive are to be attached once out of the packaging? Or is this a case of them being dislodged during a clearly uncomfortable journey?
  13. Liam_Murph


    It looked an even greater shambles after its time in Gracedieu, Waterford. Such a sorry sight when I would pass it when taking the dog for a walk there, windows boarded up and covered in graffiti....
  14. The no. 90 3D print is the work of Mark Dunlea in the Railway Modellers Ireland group on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1111393745593442 ). Of what I am aware he is printing it out himself so for people so don't think it is available on shapeways etc.
  15. Hello, as Galteemore suggested, books are a perfect way to help inform and visualise the idea you have in your mind. "Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway" by Ernie Shepherd would be a perfect resource for you with some station track plans in it if my memory serves me right, along with information on rolling stock and plenty of photos. You are on the right track with the 'C' class. A filthy silver or green C class is perfect for the final years of the CBSCR. However there are not many other ready to run models of locomotives from the line available. 00-works are bringing out a 0-6-0 sadd
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