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  1. Same here, it was my mother's local station.
  2. I'm guessing generators and the like, there's a lot of Alstom around there
  3. You vill do as you are told, that seems to be the way it is in Ireland these days. 'How do you want me', respond various gimps.
  4. I don't but here are some redevelopment plans you should be able to get a footprint from at least http://meetings.derrycityandstrabanedistrict.com/documents/s21483/Appendix 6 - LA11 2017 0298 LBC.pdf Good luck, I remember it well.
  5. A good impression. A lot of backscenes seem to be taken too high too soon. Even in hilly areas inclination is not really that much, outside of an Alpine valley. Sea inlets too, modernist geometric shapes with lots of straight lines and acute angles, just as you have it.
  6. The buildings look a bit like Litchurch Lane, Derby - formerly British Rail Engineering then ABB then Adtranz and now Bombardier. I worked there a couple of times years ago, non-technical, and all sorts of strange things could be found in between the various shops.
  7. NIR

    Welcome back!

    During the intermission I managed to find and pick over the bones of a former incarnation of this forum, or was it the bones of a deadly rival?
  8. I expect that people who go for volume go for ready to run anyway and are just getting spoilt at the moment, it's the likes of me with just three cement bubbles that are the collateral damage to the kits and bits sector. Just remembered some of my economics, the cement bubbles, etc are a substitute not a complement. Maybe when the volume end has been satisfied the niche end will pick up again.
  9. NIR


    Graffiti is ugly, all of it. People who say 'well some of it has artistic merit' are enablers at best, more likely wannabee gangsters, or just plain dickheads.
  10. Any plans to open up the blank side windows? I'm in two minds about that with my 104 Class, the moulding is fairly thick there, maybe just darken the blank and float some varnish or something into it as 'glazing'
  11. Aha! I wondered why the 'handrails' continued onto the roof. Now I just need to work out what railcars had what.
  12. NIR

    DEMU 2019.

    I dug up a small German bomb in my back garden when I was 10, threw it against a wall to see what happened, then reburied it. It's still there! I know for sure it was a bomb as I remembered to ask some metal detectorists about it few years back. Just a small explosive to disrupt roofing so incendiaries can take hold. They asked me what I did with it and their heads rolled back and their eyes rolled back when I told them! Apparently you are supposed to ring 999 and ask for RAF Bomb Disposal but, informally, they are happy leaving things alone
  13. I'm trying to understand what might be found on the ends of a carriage, something not often photographed. MU control cables, air/vacuum hoses I can understand but why the steps and handrail? Why would you need to access the carriage roof other than in a depot with a ladder or gantry?
  14. Yes, I spent a few quid in the village shop as I continued on, just because. That whole area was basically shat upon with flooded villages and the like, look hard enough and you can still spot the FWA graffiti.
  15. I was walking along that road a few years ago and a few miles north of Bala I noticed this with fresh lillies on it and some very protective-looking workmen repairing the road nearby. 1600 Irishmen were interned here after the Easter Rising, Dublin, 1916
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