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  1. Correct, but 100 years on and it's still the Brits fault. Let's face it, all the bright people left long ago.
  2. Would be interesting to know what permissions, if any, were obtained for model ambulances bearing the red cross. Unauthorised use of that symbol is a criminal offence I think, following on from the Geneva Convention or similar.
  3. Take it up with the Revenue Commissioners and your MEP.
  4. It's something coincident with Brexit. If European governments had not already decided to introduce a new customs regime in 2020 then the effect of Brexit would have been less.
  5. JIT is all about small shipments made regularly, something that road haulage deals with better than rail freight.
  6. Why the hell would anyone do that. Two lots of VAT are inevitable if you get something delivered in the UK and then get it redelivered to Ireland. It's nuts. Addresspal and the like were just dodges to make a piddling few quid on delivery charges. There was never a real business case for it.
  7. The only yellow machines at that time seem to have been: Unilok A2500 works tractor (1965) (now RPSI) Plasser 05 tamper (1967) Plasser AL203 lining machine (by 1968) https://www.ontrackplant.com/forum/on-track-machines/old-nir-machines https://steamtrainsireland.com/stocklist-diesel-locomotives
  8. What was the purpose of the channel left along the ballast in the top photo. What was it called and when did the practice stop.
  9. I don't think I've seen another photo of them. I expect they got a fair bit of use fettling track during the spoil contract.
  10. Built 1971 so two years too late for the photo https://www.downrail.co.uk/rolling-stock/nir-hedgecutter-hc1/ The other yellow stuff at Downpatrick is 1978 or later. It's a mystery...
  11. I don't think I have ever seen a tamper on NIR. Something to do with the spoil trains maybe?
  12. No answer but a question: Anyone know what the yellow vehicle on the leftmost track is? It has a very modern track maintenance look about it.
  13. All pointless at this stage. I should have went skiing last year for all the difference it made
  14. Yes, of late I've been stuck in the standards doldrums
  15. Latest thinking - same track layout, different shape, no reverse curves A micro of two large radius points, I like that contradiction
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