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  1. Nenagh is interesting, single through line with a siding to recess PW trains that itself contains a loop. Three points, but instead of the usual passing loop and siding we have the goods loop that was once so characteristic of an Irish track layout. Thanks to @thewanderer
  2. Looks like three points though, one visible, one semi-visible and one implied. Profligate!
  3. Exactly, the whole basis of VAT is that it stops once it reaches the consumer. That's why there are the VAT margin schemes on second hand goods, goods that have been sold by a consumer to a business. VAT is just a massive list of exceptions anyway, no one really knows it all, not even VATmen.
  4. Does that ever happen? Yes it does, 01:32
  5. I thought there would be, even if only to recess PW trains, but it seems there's nothing like that on the network now, just loops. Manulla is perhaps the closest, the newer layout now recesses the Ballina shuttle and allows it be passed to/from Ballina, but does that ever happen?
  6. NIR


    The axis has tilted from east to southeast. I notice the South Wexford line is still receiving maintenance, so who knows.
  7. Cobh, a trailing crossover, two points Manulla, a reversed Z, two points Midleton, just a fork, one point and the winner... Grand Canal Dock, one terminating line yet..., zero points The small print - Ireland only, excludes plain single and double track and also simple loops
  8. That's more or less what happened at Wingham Canterbury Road on the East Kent Light Railway http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/w/wingham_canterbury_road/1946map.gif
  9. There is more than a touch of the Continent in that trackplan.
  10. Six points, that's more than Derry or Sligo!
  11. Trackplan? I guess they wouldn't have to reverse the horse but otherwise it sounds a bit loop and sidings, at least three points.
  12. Manulla, two points in a reversed Z, now that's interesting.
  13. That's just boring though. I did think of Howth but that has trailing *and* facing crossovers, four points.
  14. Not the loop and one siding places, that's three points! But Midleton, just a fork, and Cobh, just a trailing crossover. Any others?
  15. It's just a weird perspective with the smokebox door open between the toolboxes
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