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  1. Yep https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uerdingen_railbus After a deep dive I'm imagining a Lebanese commuter/cement micro layout in HO with those peculiar French sleepers
  2. More info here https://almashriq.hiof.no/lebanon/300/380/385/railways/branches/beirut/20020224-beirut-furn-el-shebbak-stockyards/html/20020224-beirut-furn-el-shebbak-stockyards-pan08.html
  3. The ones that look like caravans, wtf?
  4. If you mean the early 80s grey with blue stripe then on a family photo the seats and partitions look dark blue and the tables and walls wood-effect brown.
  5. I know I would go straight to 21mm if flexi straights and two turnouts were available, that's just enough to create a prototypically Irish track layout of standard parts.
  6. NIR

    Greenway mania!

    and a megapub for them all to get pissed up in after an all you can eat carvery and greenway experience
  7. NIR

    Greenway mania!

    This is exactly the sort of thing I find hard to believe - these are the sort of numbers you might expect from a McDonalds! I hear the same sort of thing from people going on about surfing in Donegal...
  8. NIR

    Greenway mania!

    Greenways, do they really produce €€€€ of revenue for local economies, I find that hard to believe. And let's not forget the last lot of unpleasantness with people fond of wearing too tight shorts.
  9. Railwayana of a sort. A turntable/roundhouse arrangement uncovered at the old Birmingham Curzon Street station, could be nearly 200 years old
  10. Main spares aren't going to fix something like that!
  11. I'd have some of those for the to do pile.
  12. Those early railcars look completely nuts.
  13. Lots of photos of NIR 104 Class
  14. The top and side grilles would be for the cooler group, the radiator basically, and the vents would be air intakes.
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