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  1. DC Kits are not into stocking bits and pieces these days, more along the lines of if it's gone it's gone.
  2. NIR

    Class 121

    Biden will know...
  3. You still occasionally hear of 'Southern Ireland', like that ever happened
  4. Some of those plastic ruins for fish in aquariums are not a million miles away... ...maybe some pruning and a bit of filler scraped across the stonework... ...semi-relief in the background these would work.
  5. Great cover, happy and sad!
  6. For me it was all about the front end, a design classic
  7. I never realised NCC somersault arms were 5 feet long!
  8. Some photos from this morning showing track and signalling From the Belfast direction the single line becomes a bidirectional double line ...then a crossover leads to a turnout to the main platform road and completes a runaround loop Now back in England
  9. NIR


    How many people walking along Carlow Main Street, how many into trains, how many looking to buy. Less than 1 times less than 1 times less than 1 is quickly tending to zero. At this point even €zero rent is probably too much.
  10. Standing alone, the structure at the rear would make an excellent Victorian folly https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folly
  11. Doesn't look Irish, I'm not sure it looks anything really, and more 19th century than medieval, just look at all those windows. Ireland was more a Tower House sort of place, think the structure at the rear standing alone without the curtain wall or gatehouse, but even that looks wrong. (castles are one of my interests from years ago)
  12. What it looks like http://www.railsigns.uk/info/nstr1/nstr_f1.gif Would seem to have been the obvious solution for a three trains a day railway. (the 'ground signals' are point indicators confirming the lay of the points, the blank board says 'end of section - proceed if platform line clear')
  13. I'm just wondering if something as basic as the Heart of Wales line exists in Ireland. No signals just stop boards 'start of section - obtain permission to proceed', no point motors just trains trailing through loops, no automatic barriers just drivers stopping and pressing plungers to operate level crossings.
  14. The instanter looks like a long reach coupling I've seen on wagons with long Oleo buffers, the hook being held by a collar not a mounting plate. The screw link coupling has no mounting so looks fairly generic for locomotives, railcars and coaches. Would be good to hear what they actually are though.
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