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  1. I wasn't going to bother with fertilisers but I'm glad I did, a nice addition to my two containers and three bubbles, and quite enough to be running on a 4' layout!
  2. Looks like something in Parting Shot pages 83 and 84. Portadown 1968, spoked wheels, wooden solebar/headstock, grey... but dropside like the second drawing. Number 8067.
  3. Pack A out of stock already. Some nice age related variation in the remaining packs including a 48 tonner, strengthened to carry peat briquettes I think.
  4. Maybe experiment with it in the foreground for forced perspective when taking photos? A sort of bystanders view.
  5. NIR

    The GHCJR

    Limerick to Clones via nowhere in particular...
  6. NIR

    Malahide opening

    That looks good, an interesting building too.
  7. Happened once or twice that I noticed, including one setting back, but I doubt it's dangerous in itself, just inconvenient. Variable stopping patterns must be a real pain to drive.
  8. 5 plank, interesting... I thought they were 4 plank, or were they built (or rebuilt) as 4 plank? The Cambrian C58 kit comes very close with a 5 plank body 70mm long, 32mm wide and 14mm high on a wooden solebar/drawbar. The wheelbase is 36mm but looks extendable to 40mm as the solebar and W irons come on two different layers. The end stanchions can be trimmed to a taper with some cutters and 1mm x 1mm brass L section used to make the stanchions either side of the door. The two door springs can be formed from staples. With sides cut down to 2 plank the diagonal strapping stops just in the right place too.
  9. NIR

    Project 42 Update

    Appreciate the card, Merry Christmas everyone.
  10. There were also Pandoro containers* from the P&O Irish Sea operation though I'm not sure they were ever rail-borne. (* or were they just trailers?)
  11. Depends what you mean by commuter. Liverpool and Manchester doesn't sound very commuter, Stockton and Darlington even less so, but London and Greenwich or London and Blackwall do and they're later.
  12. NIR

    Project 42 Update

    Just one question. The container protection device, was that fitted from new or was it a later addition? Wouldn't have been much use for the side opening CIE containers.
  13. NIR

    Project 42 Update

    Got mine, just the one box, they're nice.
  14. Funnily enough that's one of my bittersweet memories of the old 'new' station, on our way back to England being dropped there in a Free State taxi while the Apprentice Boys were marshalling up...
  15. Seems that the old 'new station' has now been knocked down. I will miss it, strangely enough.
  16. I traveled on something called 'Avanti West Coast' today, the Branson personality cult has been eradicated! Though back in the 90s they were a definite improvement on BR and were cheaper too for a good few years.
  17. So Virgin have lost their franchise? If it means an end to all that tiresome 'jokey' stuff like those girly announcements in the toilets it will be worth it. I lose braincells every time I hear that nonsense.
  18. The only relevant component I can find is the fan grille, so at least there's that
  19. For anyone contemplating a 70 Class or 80 Class build, parts for the BR Class 205/207 underframe (on which these were based) seem no longer available. The closest I can find are various bits from Replica Railways, correct in size/shape but not in detail. (clockwise from top left) B5 bogie kit, Mk1 coach components, PCV chassis components, Class 419 (MLV) chassis components I even know the names of most of these things now - regulator box/cradle, vacuum cylinder, reserve vacuum cylinder... and maybe a compressor?
  20. The long headshunt with the wrongway crossover at 13 and kickback siding at 6, that looks a bit of a shunting puzzle.
  21. When 35 Years of NIR is no longer enough... https://www.flickr.com/photos/152343870@N07/albums/72157690221607481/page1 Favourite NIR livery period? - mid-80s light grey with maroon stripe 80 Class plus light grey with blue stripe Mark 2.
  22. With the 70 Class you can have mixed liveries and compartments too!
  23. It's on the wrong side of the river and the railway goes to the wrong places. For all my fondness for the NCC that's kind of hard to fix. Foyle Road GNR would have been the more natural rationalisation for Derry with the NCC cut back to Coleraine or Ballymena, more reflective of the actual flows and centres of gravity.
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