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    Retired now, after 40 years working in IT. My nearest boyhood station was Tandragee on the GNRI and I spent many happy hours there as a schoolboy. The GNRI was always my main interest, but after living in Belfast for 40 years (for work convenience), we have now moved to Larne for peace and quiet. I have never had any available space, or time, to model, but now have a small area, 6ft x 2ft, and after long consideration of a location I have now settled on Larne Harbour, as I have found that I can get a realistically scaled model into the space available. I am aiming for as realistic a model as possible, 1970's era.


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  1. Done, best of luck to IRM, (and Murphy Models with the 121). An NCC/UTA WT 2-6-4 Tank Engine in the Steam Engine category in the next few years please, please, please!
  2. That's terrific, Patrick. Love the Signal Box and Station Master's House. Very atmospheric! I see you have a GNR(I) Home Signal and point rodding. Very interested to see someone else attempt point rodding (I am working on it with Larne Harbour at the moment). Looking forward to seeing your progress with Brookhall Mill.


    There is a lot of straight talking, common sense and good advice given in the above comments, especially the financial aspect from Irishswissernie. My tuppence worth would be to suggest that over the past while I have noticed a big increase in the number of general retail shops now stocking craft items, such as artist materials, canvass, acrylic paint, balsa strips etc., (and embroidery and knitting for the ladies). I know nothing about the Carlow area, but given the correct setting and financial outlay, a craft shop may be the way to go! I have read that the coming Christmas may bring a retur
  4. Almost there, with the cabin! Hipped roof with leading now complete. Just guttering and lighting to add, and steps to be attached to the cabin door. View below of cabin in position on layout. The cabin sits on a base from which it can be easily be lifted off! The base also raises the cabin, as I intend to put in point rodding and signal pulleys and wires, (before ballasting). Have made a few changes to the track layout. Firstly, in some 1969/1970 photos the turnout, just in front of the signal cabin leading to the goods yard
  5. To anyone out there, but maybe @Robert Shrives in particular! Robert, I looked at Darius's build of the 70 Class using the Worsley Works Brass Etch. It is overy informative and thank you for recommending it! I am working on a 70 Class build and intend to follow Darius's method and I would like advice on the best product to glue the brass etch to the cut down doner coach.
  6. Have completed your survey Mayner, and like a few replies above, although the price quoted would be at my absolute upper limit, I would be prepared to pay that as a one off for a top class model of a GNR(I) S Class. As Ironroad mentioned above, a WT Class 2-6-4T would be irresistible! I am just waiting on the first brave manufacturer to produce one (maybe IRM, hint, hint!). I know Bill Bedford did start down that road at one time, but it didn't seem to go anywhere! Anyway, I have watched carefully your previous endeavours and wish you every success in this venture.
  7. Thanks @Patrick Davey for your kind comments. Yes, I know you are a big fan of Signal Cabin models and in fact (as I mentioned previously in this thread), I caught the bug and gained inspiration from your GNR(I) Cabin and Waiting Shed. Both reminded me so much of my childhood days at Tandragee, where my best friend's father, Mr Morton, was the Station Master (and Signalman and Porter). The clang, clang, clang of those levers never leaves you! I have also caught the bug of trying to be as authentic as possible, and because I have a limited space, my aim is to achieve as accurate a model o
  8. The Signal and Telegraph Gang have been busy over the last few weeks, installing the Lever Frame and the Block Instruments! The Lever Frame is a Westinghouse A2, 32 lever frame. Testing is underway. Levers 5 (shunt signal for Up Quayside Siding) and levers 19 and 21 (associated points) are pulled to allow for some of Leslie's Brown Vans, just arrived on the 5:30 ex York Road, to be shunted to the siding for unloading.
  9. Thanks, @MikeO, brilliantly detailed reply. That gives me everything I need to know. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply in such detail. David, (LARNE CABIN).
  10. Thanks, @airfixfan. I just looked up that photo of 621 in '35 Years of NIR' and I was aware of these ex AEC parcel vans, but the one I am interested in is of much older vintage and definitely ex GNR(I).
  11. I am still researching and collecting information for my Larne Harbour Station project, (late 60's/early 70's). A number of photo captions mention the 'important' 5:30pm ex York Road to Larne Harbour and the shunting of Brown Vans to the Quayside Siding for unloading. There is a photo on page 72 of Derek Young 's 'The Ulster Transport Authority in colour' showing the 5:30 ex York Road at Downshire, with a former Great Northern 'P' van carrying mail from Londonderry en route to Stranraer. I am interested in finding out about the 'P' van. Desmond Coakham's 'Irish Broad Guage Carriages' has a pic
  12. I can only reiterate the above sentiments. I have been interested in Irish Railways and Irish Model Railways since I was in Primary School. My interest has always been GNRI and more recently NCC/UTA with my Larne Harbour Project, but I have a fair collection of Murphy Models including a 141, 181, NIR 111, Cravens and Mk 2's. Why? I know they will never be part of my layout, but I couldn't resist buying them because they are so brilliant, the standard is so high and they are a joy to own and look at. Thank you Paddy Murphy for having the foresight and initiative to take on such a project. It ha
  13. Thanks again @Old Blarney, as @Galteemore says, "What a brilliant photo"! Very, very useful to gain perspective for my project. Lots of Narrow Gauge wagons and the Aluminium Works, so probably 1930's/40's! Yes, @Galteemore, the tank farm is now a P & O Ferries Car Park and the site of the Olderfleet Hotel is now the Olderfleet Bar and Lounge and a lot of work has been done on it over the past number of months to upgrade it. The signal, just before the crossing barrier is actually a Somersault Signal, as opposed to the main signals being Upper Quadrant, (l have a few photos that show it cl
  14. Thanks for your info @Old Blarney. I'm really kicking myself now because at one time I had the "Trackside in Ireland" set of vehicles which included a Holmes, Mullin & Dunn Tanker. Unfortunately, I sold it on eBay a number of years ago. Nonetheless, that information 're distribution is very interesting.
  15. Hi @NIR, yes, I agree, it was behind a fence and I didn't expect any link to the railway. In the photo of the jeep that @Irishswissernie posted on my Larne Harbour Station thread it shows at least three storage tanks and a couple are very close to the railway, close enough to include as another unique identifying landmark to Larne Harbour! It just seems strange that there is hardly any information available about Lobitos and it must have been quite an important business at that time!
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