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    Retired now, after 40 years working in IT. My nearest boyhood station was Tandragee on the GNRI and I spent many happy hours there as a schoolboy. The GNRI was always my main interest, but after living in Belfast for 40 years (for work convenience), we have now moved to Larne for peace and quiet. I have never had any available space, or time, to model, but now have a small area, 6ft x 2ft, and after long consideration of a location I have now settled on Larne Harbour, as I have found that I can get a realistically scaled model into the space available. I am aiming for as realistic a model as possible, 1970's era.


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  1. Thanks, @MikeO, brilliantly detailed reply. That gives me everything I need to know. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply in such detail. David, (LARNE CABIN).
  2. Thanks, @airfixfan. I just looked up that photo of 621 in '35 Years of NIR' and I was aware of these ex AEC parcel vans, but the one I am interested in is of much older vintage and definitely ex GNR(I).
  3. I am still researching and collecting information for my Larne Harbour Station project, (late 60's/early 70's). A number of photo captions mention the 'important' 5:30pm ex York Road to Larne Harbour and the shunting of Brown Vans to the Quayside Siding for unloading. There is a photo on page 72 of Derek Young 's 'The Ulster Transport Authority in colour' showing the 5:30 ex York Road at Downshire, with a former Great Northern 'P' van carrying mail from Londonderry en route to Stranraer. I am interested in finding out about the 'P' van. Desmond Coakham's 'Irish Broad Guage Carriages' has a pic
  4. I can only reiterate the above sentiments. I have been interested in Irish Railways and Irish Model Railways since I was in Primary School. My interest has always been GNRI and more recently NCC/UTA with my Larne Harbour Project, but I have a fair collection of Murphy Models including a 141, 181, NIR 111, Cravens and Mk 2's. Why? I know they will never be part of my layout, but I couldn't resist buying them because they are so brilliant, the standard is so high and they are a joy to own and look at. Thank you Paddy Murphy for having the foresight and initiative to take on such a project. It ha
  5. Thanks again @Old Blarney, as @Galteemore says, "What a brilliant photo"! Very, very useful to gain perspective for my project. Lots of Narrow Gauge wagons and the Aluminium Works, so probably 1930's/40's! Yes, @Galteemore, the tank farm is now a P & O Ferries Car Park and the site of the Olderfleet Hotel is now the Olderfleet Bar and Lounge and a lot of work has been done on it over the past number of months to upgrade it. The signal, just before the crossing barrier is actually a Somersault Signal, as opposed to the main signals being Upper Quadrant, (l have a few photos that show it cl
  6. Thanks for your info @Old Blarney. I'm really kicking myself now because at one time I had the "Trackside in Ireland" set of vehicles which included a Holmes, Mullin & Dunn Tanker. Unfortunately, I sold it on eBay a number of years ago. Nonetheless, that information 're distribution is very interesting.
  7. Hi @NIR, yes, I agree, it was behind a fence and I didn't expect any link to the railway. In the photo of the jeep that @Irishswissernie posted on my Larne Harbour Station thread it shows at least three storage tanks and a couple are very close to the railway, close enough to include as another unique identifying landmark to Larne Harbour! It just seems strange that there is hardly any information available about Lobitos and it must have been quite an important business at that time!
  8. Hi there, all you very knowledgeable people. As some of you will know, I am working on a model of Larne Harbour Station, late 60's, early 70's. In some of the photos I have had the privilege to view, LOBITOS Storage Tanks are prominent and I think I will have sufficient space in one corner of my layout to include at least one tank! Despite extensive searching of the internet etc., I have been unable to find out anything about these tanks. It is natural to assume that petrol/oil was delivered to Larne by oil tanker and stored for onward distribution. Can anyone through any light on this?, in p
  9. Hi Nelson, @Dunluce Castle, I have been following your workbench thread, some absolutely brilliant work! Just Love your GNRI Passenger Van from Leslie,, great job. Just wondered if you ever build the 70 class kit mentioned at the beginning of this thread? I am working on one myself and trying to pick up on other people's ideas and approaches!
  10. Thanks @BSGSV, that's another little piece of information I didn't know! You have been very helpful in supplying valuable information and I appreciate your help!
  11. Thanks @Galteemore, I have been working on the Upper Quadrant Semaphone Signals, as well as the cabin, the track layout etc., and I have purchased the 70 Class etches from Worsley Works and doner coaches and started to work on those. I have also got two Brown Van kits from Leslie, so hopefully as time goes by you will recognise a lot of sights from this unique and nostalgic 70's era. Thanks for the encouragement.
  12. Work on the scratch build of the Signal Cabin continues, albeit at a very slow pace! The pictures below are the result of many, many hours work. The brick base has had numerous coats of acrylic from rust red to brown to orange to get the correct effect, which I am now happy with. The wooden (removable) floor has been inserted (although not visible in the pictures), ready for the lever frame which I am working on. The back wall will not be inserted until the interior of the cabin is complete. The extension under the steps (not sure if this was a WC or a coal store) has bee
  13. Thanks, DiveController, yes have searched C-Rail, but didn't come across anything I thought looked close enough! I hadn't realised it was an older type, as you say with recesses for forklift, so thanks for that info.
  14. Thinking ahead on my Larne Harbour Project, way ahead, as I have lots of projects I am currently working on (Track Layout weathering etc., Signal Cabin, Upper Quadrant Signals, Leslie's Brown Vans and recently I have bought the 70 Class etchs from Worsley Works, so lots to occupy me!), but I have been looking around for a good match for the Red Star Parcels Containers used between York Road and Larne Harbour. Can anyone suggest a good match for the container, that I can work with?
  15. Recalling photographs I have seen, Leslie, Richhill looks very accurate and realistic.
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