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  1. Personally I appreciated being able to pay in advance when funds are available rather than having to come up with a payment last minute before items are sold out which has a habit of happening immediately after the washing machine has bit the dust. I'm thinking that stocking up on gift cards is the answer.
  2. Check out the other videos on the channel, this is just the 70's stuff.
  3. . Just found this treasure trove of 1970's CIE videos on You Tube. I somehow managed to put in 2 links twice and cant find a way of fixing it. Can a moderator fix it?
  4. Tralee had one operating the level crossing between the passenger station and the North Kerry yard.
  5. With fertilizer plants in Cork, New Ross and Arklow fertilizer moves both East and West across the South Waterford Line. Here a Waterford bound fertilizer train meets a Cork bound passenger train at Grange.
  6. My job as a night shift nurse can be stressful, however coming home at 8am putting Horslips Celtic Symphony on the stereo, cracking open a draught Guiness and looking for new photo angles on the layout.make everything just fine.
  7. That's how I remember them, behind an A class in Supertrain livery. The last time I saw an A or ferts for that matter was during a visit back to Ireland in 1992. While visiting friends in Farranfore I wandered down to the station in time to see the arrival of a fertilizer train behind a decrepit A class in IE colours, The A ran around its train and shoved it into the Kerry Co Op siding before continuing light engine to Tralee. The condition of the A saddened me and in my opinion the Tipped stripe did nothing for them.
  8. The IRM ferts finally arrived after seemingly getting lost on the way. We lost no time putting them into service. Once again another incredible model from IRM.
  9. I got to agree with Leslie here Noel. I greatly admire your skill modelling CIE passenger stock, you should have no problem achieving incredible results with Leslie's kits. It is truly amazing what has become available to Irish modelers in the last few years but IRM and Paddy Murphy can't be expected to produce everything for what is after all a very small, but thankfully growing market. Duplicating an already good an easily assembled kit can only drive small manufacturers out of the market which is detrimental to all of us. I for one don't want to see this forum dominated by cookie cutter layouts all populated by the same high quality off the shelf models.
  10. I recall seeing one hauled by a Deutz ( without a brake van) dropping off sleepers on the Fenit line sometime around 1970.
  11. There were also drawings for a GM 141, a 20 ton brake van and an article on a station on the West Cork. Tim Cramer wrote the series. I can't help with the publication dates, my copies have long since went missing.
  12. Ardfert and Abbeydorney on the North Kerry line as well as various sheds on the Mallow Waterford line were the inspirations. I never got around to finishing the roof which is a piece of folded cardboard covered with printed slate downloaded from somewhere online.
  13. Thanks for posting these photos again John, I believe you put them up previously on the old site. The insulated container is of particular interest to me. They were frequently seen in Tralee in the seventies and I believed they were used to ship product from the Dennys factory in town. Does anyone know of a suitable container to model them? They appear to be 8 foot tall. The photo below shows my version of a keg swap body on a container flat. It was built from styrene and the kegs are short lengths of wooden down glued together and pained silver. The flat is adapted from a Dapol Prestwin chassis. The buffers are from Dart Castings and some styrene rectangles were applied to the solebar to better represent the prototype.
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