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  1. Flower beds is my guess. What embossed stone styrene did you use for the buildings Noel?
  2. Yes the Dutch van, the ex BR mark1 steam heating van, the tin van and four wheel steam heating van are all Silver Fox.
  3. Here are the two passenger consists currently running on the South Waterford Line made up of Silver Fox, IFM coaches and van's and a single MM Craven. One reason I chose to model a secondary line was the short passenger consists which dont overpower the layout. Future plans are to acquire a few green liveries coaches and a silver tin van in order to run a mid sixties operating session, blame it in the gray MM 121 which was irresistible! Meanwhile if anyone has a few surplus IFM laminates I would be very interested.
  4. My level crossing beet train memories involve watching the loaded train on cold winter evenings while stopped with my bicycle at the Edward Street crossing in Tralee. As I remember it an empty train of about 40 wagons would arrive in Tralee in the early hours of the morning and run into the North Kerry yard. A morning run would be made to Abbeydorney then a run to Fenit about mid day then another return trip to Abbeydorney in the afternoon. Occasionally wagons of beet pulp would be in the train. I was fortunate enough that the train crews knew me and allowed me to travel with them on the Fenit
  5. Cork Waterford goods passes through Glen More. 20210214_202949.mp4
  6. Although it's been a few years since I completed the 12 Bulleid opens the weathering didnt get finished until today. I couldn't resist stringing all of them togeather and admiring them on the layout. Next step is to load half of them and stage them on the layout for operation. 20210212_155217.mp4
  7. The first photo shows a finished model, the second has yet to have rust applied.
  8. Thanks Leslie, now that I'm back on my feet, literally, but will not be ready to return to work for a while yet I'm spending some time on the layout. Speaking of the beet wagons I am currently engaged in weathering a bunch of them. The method I use is first to paint them using a medium grey automotive spray primer. Allowing time for the paint to dry the model is then liberally sprayed all over with a mixture of very dilute black poster paint with a few drops of dish washing liquid. A soft brush is used to work the "grime" into the crevices. The model is then allowed to dry placed upside down s
  9. Agreed Noel Silver Fox have raised their game with these models. Of course they don't have the level of detail of recent RTR Irish models but they are well finished and look the part. My approach to the hobby is as a layout builder concerned about the big picture rather than the detail on individual models. A prototypical consist of well finished models which look the part and pass the two foot rule is far more preferable than a unlikely consist of finely detailed models. I'm sure a touch of weathering would work wonders on the models. I spoke with John at Silver Fox recently and he ment
  10. New arrivals from Silver Fox this morning, a CIE open third and corridor composite. They will provide much needed variety in the passenger fleet and it will now be possible to run two passenger trains on the layout with no two vehicles alike which was so typical of CIE in the sixties and early seventies.
  11. Empty beet special on the South Waterford Line. 20210206_110706.mp4
  12. Gulf Oil Refinery Branch Line - YouTube Wonderful two part documentary about the construction of a branch to a South Wales oil refinery in the late sixties.
  13. Does anybody know if the Irish palvans were larger than the BR version? With a bit of work the Parkside kit can be converted into a reasonable representation of the CIE version but to my eyes they look under size when seen alongside the provincial wagons H van. In prototype photos the palvans seem larger.
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