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  1. I was on that trip from Tralee to Fenit and back, all of 12 years old! My father did know Gleasure's in Tralee but then again between his job and the Tralee Development Association he seemed to know half the county.
  2. A few did separate for me also but making a new one was no problem. I happen to have several lifetimes supply of oo scale brake protector raw material in a drawer at home!
  3. This tool very useful for shaping brake protectors. It's from Kadee for adjusting the height of their coupler trip pins although I have seen similar tools from other suppliers. Several posts here have commented on the unsuitability of the staples in Leslies kits but I have never had an issue with them, and have built 12 Bulleid opens and 5 cattle wagons.
  4. I remember them used along with open wagons in the late sixties and early seventies on timber traffic from Fenit pier to McCowns siding in Tralee. Due to weight restrictions on the causeway a Deutz was used to transfer wagons from the pier to the Fenit station. The ships were unloaded by the rail mounted steam cranes on the pier directly onto the wagons. The trains were handled by a mainline locomotive between Tralee and Fenit. My father worked for the Department of Agriculture visiting farms in North Kerry from the 60's to the 80's and during the summer months he would often drop the family off for a day at the beach at Fenit where I got to see the rail activity first hand. His job also required him to spend time at Mc Cowns who were a large agricultural supplier in Tralee and on many occasions when I accompanied him to work during the school holidays I got to see the shunting and unloading of the timber trains there.
  5. Due to my talent for sticking my fingers together or to kit parts or anything else that happens to be nearby when using superglue I too have used epoxy to good effect on Leslie's kits. Another advantage is having time to correctly align parts before the adhesive sets.
  6. The lighting is done with fluorescent light bulbs in cheap holders about 2 foot apart. The layout is located in an area of our condo the previous owner converted from a storage room to what was described as a media room with a multitude of electrical outlets. The bulb holders were wired in parallel using cheap extension chords which provided the wire and plug when I discovered this method was cheaper than buying wire and a plug separately. There are three such circuits covering the layout, each with it's own on/off switch so the entire layout doesn't have to be illuminated when I'm working on it. This assembly is fixed to the pelmet framing and plugged in to one of the many electrical outlets.
  7. Close enough for me. In any case Leslie's cattle wagons will get all the attention.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if a downloadable copy could be made available from the publisher. I do have a copy acquired a few years ago. It wasn't exactly cheap and I'm fearful it will start coming apart.
  9. The cattle pens were painted using a Woodland Scenics rail tie brown weathering pen and dry brushed with white poster paint. The cattle are rubber figures I found at the checkout of a local Hobby shop. I dont know if their livery is correct for the geographic location or era.
  10. patrick

    EMD EX?

    Looks like a six axel version of a BL2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMD_BL2
  11. I never got to see the Dead when Jerry was still with us and Maureen and I were were really disappointed when the Dead and Company show in Cleveland was cancelled due to the Corona virus. A consolation was these two box sets.
  12. Amazing what can be achieved with a fistful of coffee stirrers and a tube of glue! It was painted/weathered with Woodland Scenics rail tie the marker. Inspired by the Scalescenes downloads I found a picture of a factory online, printed up two copies spliced them togeather to extend the length and glued them to a piece of foam board. I will add some roof and sides to give it depth. It may get replaced some day with a more detailed structure. Meanwhile well worth the effort for an hours work!
  13. A farmer waits the arrival of empty beet wagons at Glen More. The platform surface is downloaded Scalescenes concrete ground.
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