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  1. I'm not too sure that the passengers are pleased Robert since many of the Cravens have been replaced with older stock! A couple of MM 121's, one each in B&T and Supertrain livery will hopefully be running before the end of the year. Three IRM A class are also on order. These are great days for Irish railway modellers.
  2. With the delivery of two Park Royals and a laminate brake from Irish Freight Models we can now finally run a passenger train where no two vehicles are alike!
  3. patrick

    A Gaggle of J15s

    Now you just need a layout to run them on John!
  4. patrick

    Class 121

    I believe the 121's were not fitted for multiple unit working when delivered but they were during the black and tan era. The long side handrails were also a later addition. Pairs of 121's 141's and 181's were relatively common on the Tralee line during the seventies on heavier passaenger trains.
  5. Waterford Cork pickup goods works Glen More dropping off two wagons of bitumen and fertilizer and picking up a H van from the goods store siding. (The goods store has yet to be built).
  6. The third and sixth look to me like they are the same location and date.
  7. Here's a better shot of the same train.
  8. Where? Maybe before the pier was rebuilt in the fifties?
  9. 045 arrives in Glen More with a short beet special. The two H vans at the head or the train are carrying beet pulp, a byproduct of the sugar refining process which was sold as animal feed to beet farmers. In the background behind the signal cabin is a mock up of what will be Glen More coop/creamery who's products will be shipped in insulated containers which will be loaded on to flat wagons using the gantry crane in the yard.
  10. Our six month adventure as foster parents to two girls, one two years old, the other six has ended. As you can imagine not much modelling got done during this time especially considering both Maureen and I work full time and we are both pushing sixty, twenty years too old for to start parenting again! Having said that we are very glad we took up the challange and although we are happy to have our lives back again we still miss the girls terribily. Steve mentioned Dungarvin, and indeed it served as an inspiration for Glen More. Had the South Waterford line been built as I envision it instead of the Mallow Waterford line Dungarvin could have been a junction for a branch to Fermoy. This could be a interesting idea for a layout for someone. Finally here's a shot of a loaded dolomite train approaching Keilys Cross, one of my favourite train watching spots on the layout. The A class is a stock Silver Fox model with a Hornby Railroad mechanism. DCC has definitely improved the performance of these models.
  11. The long curving beet loading bank was not working out as I hoped it would so I shortened both sidings which gave a short section of open country before the road bridge. The end result is much more pleasing to me. Track still needs to be ballasted and more scenery work done.
  12. Regarding the GA brake vans, I recall seeing one in Tralee about 1966 or 1967. It came in on the afternoon Cork Tralee goods which at the time I recall was often powered by a Sulzer.
  13. The upgrade to DCC didn't prove too painful but of course it would have been much easier if it had been done when layout construction started. The previous DC control system had one wirless throttle which provided so much freedom running trains that I felt that a wireless DCC system was the only way to go, especially with a walk around layout. I found the MRC system on e bay, "as is" and won it with a really low offer. There were a few issues with it but MRC provided phenomenal customer service and I still came out way ahead on the deal. We don't have any sound equiped locos yet and have not started exploring cv values but I still feel a sense of wonder calling up a loco on the keypad and running it without having to set a bunch of switches. The catch point is still there on the beet loading siding although I'm questioning the length of the bank thinking it may be so long as to overwhelm the scene.
  14. Does A23r have the high or low band?
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