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  1. Here is a comparison in size between a Provincial Wagons H van, a Parkside Palvan conversion, and a Parkside 12 ton van. To my eye the palvan looks undersized. Maybe too narrow? Has a anyone got the dimensions of the CIE version?
  2. I have been busy the last few months with my first acting role with a local community theater during which time the layout was ignored. The show went very well im glad to report and now that it's done the layout is receiving attention again. Here we see a Waterfor bound goods passing Keilys Cross
  3. Goods train passing Keilys Cross.
  4. The contrast seems less noticeable on the layout. The photo shows a heating van in a consist with a Murphy Models Craven and a Silvet Fox open composite.
  5. Poached salmon is my guess!
  6. Did any of the 30 ton brake vans wear the yellow and black stripes on the duckets and the CIE roundal before being painted brown? I have found several photos from the mid sixties showing them in grey with the flying snail but none with the stripes. Also it seems that brake vans were repainted brown fairly quickly after 1970. How late could you see a grey one still in service? Thanks.
  7. I'm curious to know if the models shipped with only one coupler fitted as shown in the photos?
  8. Did many of the Super train A's have the roof panels painted black like 001 in the publicity photo?
  9. Me too. Fast service and very reasonable postage rates to the US.
  10. After the passenger train leaves Glen More the goods finished its work and heads towards Cork reaching the tunnel at Keilys Cross as the evening light starts to fade.
  11. While 142 shunts at Glen More the Cork Waterford passenger makes it's way through Grange and Keilys Cross.
  12. 142 arrives at Glen More and engages in some shunting.
  13. Thanks David. My modelling mojo ebbs and flows and has been absent for the last few months. Expect some more photos from a short operating session, the first in a while in the next few days.
  14. 142 emerges from the tunnel at Keilys Cross in the fading evening light.
  15. Having the same issue here in the US and can't sort it out.
  16. Regarding the danger of link and pin couplers in the US it is said that the experience of a brake man could be evaluated by the number of fingers he had lost.
  17. Potomac Division Virtual Clinic 11 Update on the Nickel Plate Tony Koester 4 18 21 edited final - YouTube Tony Koester who writes the Trains Of Thought column in Model Railroader and edits Model Railroad Planning discusses his HO scale NKP layout. Well worth viewing.
  18. Thanks to everyone who responded here, all my questions were answered. My reason for asking is A plan to aquire enough appropriate stock to run a mid sixties operating session on the South Waterford Line which will allow me to run a few green coaches and a silver tin van. A grey and a black and tan 121 and a MM 141 (without the CIE roundal) are already at hand and a black A class is on order so a light green A class will join them. Unfortunatly the yellow panels came after the green coaches dissapeared. Now if only someone would produce a nice 101 class Sulzer I may be able to put off completing that SSM kit which has lived in a drawer for years!
  19. Great information here! One more question, how long did the green livery survive?
  20. Trying to decide which IRM unrebuilt A class to order as raised some questions regarding what liveries they wore and when in the sixties. Specifically when was the black and tan with the high waist band introduced and did many of the class receive it and how long did it last before the all black livery was introduced. Also which green livery was more common, the light or darker green with the white band and how long did this livery last and were some repainted black not ever receiving black and tan with the high waist band before being rebuilt. Thanks.
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    I'm in Madison Ohio, 40 miles East of Cleveland. CSX's former New York Central double track New York Chicago main line and Norfolk Southern's single track ex Nickel Plate Chicago Buffalo line both run through town. Both very busy railroads.
  23. Thanks for posting this photo though I can't bring myself to click the like button. My first foot plate ride was from Tralee station to the North Kerry yard in the early seventies and I must have explored every inch of it back in the day you could still do such things without getting arrested! By 1989 I had been living in Berlin for five years and was spared the heartbreak of seeing the yard in this state. The next time I returned was to buy socks in the Dunnes Stores which now occupies the site!
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