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  1. I would imagine around the €200 mark can’t be far off nowadays. Look at the prices of Uk and North American models, these markets are massive compared to the Irish one yet the prices have been rising well above inflation for the last few years. We can’t expect Paddy to be produce models at 2014 prices. I for one will buy what I can afford and support this fantastic effort by a one man band.
  2. And now for something completely wrong but the sound brings back memories!😁 IRM might bring us an Irish thumper someday!
  3. Noel I have carried out a modification to the bogies on the Liner wagons and so far I am pleased with the results. If they behave ok for a couple of months I will get a detail description together.
  4. I have had the single 141’s and 181’s pulling18 bogies! Without a slip!😂
  5. 143 on a heavy liner after a 071 failure
  6. Sorry my ballast rake is social distancing!😂😂😂
  7. I really like your 112 without the Irish Rail extras and original lights. Very nice.
  8. Baby GM Sunday at Ballyercall!
  9. "Bubbles" still one of my favourites
  10. Fantastic layout. Thanks for sharing so many images over the years
  11. Yes I would imagine cool white would work well. I have cool white spotlights in the rest of the room. It’s very much trial and error for the location.
  12. Very sad. Sympathy to all his family and friends at this time.
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