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  1. Would love to be ordering some of these but still waiting for NIR ones!
  2. Has anyone in the UK received them yet? I know I ordered and paid them early on but I have heard nothing
  3. We’re these not due by the end of January?
  4. I think in the case of the Murphy Models Mk2”s the price increase has been minimal since the last run and Paddy should actually be congratulated on keeping the price very competitive during a time of world wide inflation. If things are so bad do a bit of modelling and fix it!
  5. Thanks for this IRM. As models get more expensive it’s reassuring to deal with a company who stands by their products.
  6. That’s slightly harsh. Over the last ten weeks actual train problems have decreased significantly. But the weather and other external factors have contributed to far more problems. Also if you take Scotrail and many other operators in the UK now just announce a blanket closure from a certain time due to adverse weather conditions perhaps that’s the easy route and just leave people stranded. NIR and IE staff continue to try to deliver a service in what can only be described as challenging conditions.
  7. I think the Mk2’s are the first IRM coaches. You’re correct the Irish Mk2 by IRM were announced first but I would think the Accurascale ones were well in the planning by that point.
  8. I think we have to take into account that IRM Mk2’s are produced on the back of the mass UK market product which helps make the Irish models viable. Also if I recall correctly IRM sell the vast majority of their products directly to help make them viable. Paddy Murphy sells all products through retailers as far as I’m aware, so all credit to him for maintaining a very competitive price. I think Fran, Patrick and the team would be the first to admit that Accurascale tandem products help them justify the IRM products.
  9. No lighting. Never has been in these coaches and I certainly think the typical UK retail prices begin quoted for these no one could expect them to be lit.
  10. I would imagine IRM will judge this on how the 22000 sell and if they are viable. I would buy a couple of 2900’s.
  11. Thursday one of those days that trains running become a very minor issue.
  12. Plus the fall out with Bachmann over the Class 66 must have had a big effect on turnover. Like or loathe Bachmann, they are a big player in the UK model railway market
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