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  1. Big GM 084 departs with the fertiliser working which will soon be in the hands of the A class!!
  2. Will the modified bogies be available to buy separately at some point in the future?
  3. Thanks. Did you specialise in managing debt collection agencies in a previous career?
  4. Some Friday evening action from Ballyercall. It’s great to be running again after the summer break.
  5. North of the 49. Thanks for the positive feedback. Big Blue is supplying the power today with this GE brute!
  6. Peco at Beer is a real delight to visit. The business has a really professional look and the site is a credit to all the staff and it’s owners. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Plus enjoy a cream tea in the Pullman!
  7. After previous encouragement earlier in the thread I contacted Railway Modeller about an article on my layout. They were very interested and I submitted everything requested. Haven’t heard from them since, that’s 5 months. I made them aware of this forum back then.
  8. 126 works the bubbles although an A Class would be handed for the load tonight!
  9. Fitted a backscene just to help finish the layout off.
  10. Mk2B Driving trailer leads an eighty set into Ballymena past a MV. Now there’s an idea for the IRM lads!
  11. Here's one of the Mk2b's converted to a 80 Class trailer in 2001 in Portrush. Also included a photo of a typical 80 Class Easter in Portrush. Seen as many as 11 power cars in the Port at once during the early to mid 1990's. Ballymoney just to finish
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